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86 Best Money Making Apps: Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash

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Best Money Making Apps

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys logo

$0.50 – $5 on average per survey with bonus points ($1 sign up bonus)

Average survey length is 10-20 minutes and minimum payout is $5

Collect rewards in PayPal, Direct Deposit or gift cards (100+ brands)

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie logo

$1 – $3 per survey + extra ways to earn up to $100 with focus groups

Each survey time varies, but on average it takes 15 minutes to complete

Redeem rewards using PayPal, e-giftcards or bank transfer ($5 min)


Swagbucks logo

$0.50 to $1.50 per survey – earn up to $100 each month using Swagbucks

18 unique ways to earn money and free gift cards, plus $5 sign up bonus

Redeem e-gift cards from $1 or withdraw $5 minimum payment from PayPal

86 Money Making Apps for Android & iOS

Survey Junkie

(Earn Up to $75 per Survey)

Survey Junkie Summary

  • $1-$3 average earnings per survey
  • Extra points if you screened out of survey
  • Additional ways to earn up to $100
  • Install Survey Junkie extension for bonus

Survey Junkie is a great way to make some cash in your spare time. You can earn between $1 and $75 per survey. But, the higher paying surveys are less readily available. What makes Survey Junkie a good choice is that you can start to earn some cash immediately. 

During sign up, you’ll need to provide some personal details. This demographic information is necessary to match you with appropriate surveys. You can see the points on offer and an estimate of the necessary time before you begin any survey.

This is a great feature to help maximize your earnings. You will earn $1 for each 100 points you earn. You can redeem your earnings via PayPal or gift card. The Survey Junkie app is available for Android and iOS devices.


(Earn $100+ or More With Micro Tasks)

Swagbucks Summary

  • 18 ways to earn money and e-gift cards
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Up to 10% cashback when shopping online
  • $1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal

Swagbucks is a popular Get Paid To (GPT) site. You’ll earn SBs or points for a variety of tasks. The list of tasks include particpating in surveys, watching videos, browsing the internet and online shopping. 

SBs have a value of 1 SB is 1 cent. The platform has a minimum cashout of $5 or 500 SBs. You can then redeem your earnings with a PayPal payment or a gift card from an extensive list of options. With consistent work of a couple of hours per day, it is possible that you can earn $100 or more a month. Swagbucks is available for Android or iOS devices.


(Earn $100+ Per Month Completing Micro Tasks)

InboxDollars Summary

  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Referral program – 30% that referral makes
  • Most of the surveys pay $0.50 to $1
  • 13 different ways to earn money

InboxDollars is another GPT platform, where you can earn points for a variety of tasks. This includes accepting free offers, watching videos, downloading apps and participating in surveys. Tasks typically pay $2 or less, but there are some offers that pay more. 

The InboxDollars app will allow you to explore all the available tasks, making the platform easy to use. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. 

InboxDollars will tailor all the tasks to your demographics. So, you’ll need to provide some personal details to set up your profile. 

Once you reach $30, you can redeem your InboxDollars earnings via PayPal, gift card or check. 


(Earn $100+ or More Completing Micro Tasks)

MyPoints Summary

  • $10 sign-up bonus with your first purchase
  • Earn $1 on average per survey you complete
  • Over 10 different ways to earn money
  • Pays by gift cards, PayPal & travel miles

MyPoints is another GPT site. This company has paid out over $200 million to its members since it began operations 25 years ago.

While MyPoints is primarily a survey site, you can also earn points watching videos, and playing games. You can also earn cashback on your online shopping with popular retailers such as eBay, Walmart and Amazon. 

The amount of cashback varies due to the specific retailer. For example, Amazon purchases will earn you 15 points for every dollar you spend. 

You’ll need approximately 700 points to earn $5. You can redeem your earnings as a PayPal payment, gift card or prepaid Visa card. 

The MyPoints app is available for both Android and iOS


($1 bonus for referring friends to download Shopkick app)

Shopkick Summary

  • Sign up with promo code: DOLLARBREAK5
  • Get a $5 bonus by earning 25 kicks
  • Earn more than $1 from each store visit
  • Low minimum cash out amount of $2

Shopkick is one of the best shopping rewards apps that lets you earn points for completing simple tasks daily. Once you collect 500 points ($2) you can redeem them for gift cards or PayPal cash.

You can earn Shopkick points by:

  • Watching videos – 3 points per video
  • Walking into stores – between 30 and 100 points
  • Scanning items in stores – 10 points per scan
  • Submitting receipts of in-store or in-app purchases – earnings vary
  • Shopping online or in-store – e.g. 3 points for each $1 spent on eBay
  • Inviting friends – 250 points when a friend joins the app


(up to 7% annual return on your spare change)

Acorns Summary

  • Low account fees from just $3 per month
  • Get $5 in your account for referrals
  • Low minimum starting investment amount
  • High average return on investments of 7.5%

Acorns is an interesting app that blends micro investing with micro savings. The app uses “round ups” dealing in very small amounts that you are not likely to notice in your day to day spending.

You’ll need to link accounts to the Acorns app. When you make a purchase, it will “round up” the amount and use the difference for investing. 

For example, when you make a purchase for $3.65, this will round up to $4. The $3.65 will still go to the retailer, but the additional $0.35 is moved across to your Acorns account. When your Acorns balance reaches $5, the funds are invested and managed for you by the Acorns rob advisors. 


(Earn $11+ per Hour Grocery Shopping)

Instacart Summary

  • 2 different types of work available
  • Earn up to $10 per full-service order
  • Get $10 for each friend you refer
  • Work as much or as little as you want

Instacart is a grocery delivery service. You can make money in two ways. Firstly, you can become a “full service shopper.” This requires carrying out shops for customer orders and delivering the products. The second choice is “in store shoppers,” which requires shopping for goods, but someone else will deliver them. 

You can expect to earn at least $11 per hour, but some workers have reported earnings of hundreds of dollars per week. You can manage the customer orders and deliveries through the app. The Instacart app is available for Android and iOS

To become a shopper, you need to be 18+, pass a background check and have a smartphone compatible with the app. You also need to have access to an insurd vehicle, if you choose to be a full service shopper. 


(Earn $12 per delivery plus tips delivering food)

Doordash Summary

  • Choose your own flexible working hours
  • Earn up to $25 per hour during peaks
  • Get $150 when you refer a friend to join
  • You get to keep 100% of all customer tips

DoorDash is an app that offers food delivery from local restaurants. As a DoorDash driver, you can expect to earn up to $12 per delivery plus customer tips.

There is a delay of up to two weeks to get started. You’ll need to complete the online application process and pass a background check. You also need to confirm that you’re over the age of 18, own a vehicle and have had no more than three accidents in the last three years. 

Once the company accepts your application, DoorDash will provide an activation kit. This includes an insulated bag and a “red card” or prepaid debit card, so you can pay for the food orders. You can then use the app to manage your customer deliveries and check your earnings. The DoorDash app is available for iOS and Android devices.


(Turn Your Unwanted Electronics Into Cash)

Decluttr Summary

  • Next-day payment upon delivery of goods
  • Get the best prices for your used tech
  • 2 different payment options available
  • Get extra cash if you are a student

Decluttr is an app that makes selling your old electronics easy. The platform is a marketplace for games, DVDs, CDs, phones and mobile devices. The app is available for Android and iOS and essentially turns your camera into a barcode scanner. 

When you scan your items, you can get offers for your items. You can receive payment via PayPal, check or direct deposit. Once the order is complete you can ship the items to your buyer using the free Decluttr shipping label.


(Earn Cash Playing Games)

Mistplay Summary

  • Redeem rewards from as little as $5
  • Gift cards are processed within 48 hours
  • 5 different ways you can earn money
  • Get 100 points by inviting your friends

If you enjoy playing games in your spare time, Mistplay could be one of the best money making apps for you. This app aims to help game developers, testing the user experience and functionality of their software. You get to play games and provide feedback that helps the developers, and you get rewarded you for your time with points. 

Once you download the app and register as a user, you can look through the available games. Each game has achievements or play periods to receive your points. After you complete them, Mistplay will send you a short questionnaire for your feedback. 

You can earn up to 200 points for playing each game. Once you reach 1,500 points, you can redeem your earnings as a $5 PayPal credit or gift card. 


(Win Up to $10,000 To Lose Weight)

Healthy Wage Summary

  • Meet your weight loss goal and win cash
  • Win up to $10,000 from challenges
  • Low minimum wager amount of just $100
  • Join up to 10 challenges at once

HealthyWage is an app for iOS and Android devices. It offers financial incentives to meet your weight loss goals.

You begin with the free prize calculator. This will help you to pick your weight loss goals and check how much you could win. You need to have a goal of at least 10% of your body weight. The goal will also consider how many months you have to lose the pounds. 

There are various challenges including a $10,000 Team Challenge. This involves teams of five competing to lose the largest percentage of weight.


(Earn $50 Per Year Passively)

Nielsen is thought to be the household name for market research. This company has a fantastic reputation with an A+ BBB rating. While Nielsen is often associated with television monitoring, the company has an app which is available for both Android and iOS.

After you install the app, it runs silently in the background of your smartphone or tablet. It measures how you use your device, measuring website usage, apps, messaging, and other utilities. It does not interfere with any of your personal communications. 

Providing the app continues to be active on your device, you’ll earn up to $50 per year. You can redeem these earnings with gift cards from a long list of popular retailers including Amazon, Target and Starbucks. 


(Share Your Internet Access and Earn a Passive Income)

Honeygain Summary

  • Earn $1 for every 10GB of data shared
  • Get $5 for each person you refer
  • Maximize earnings with more IP addresses
  • 2 payment options – PayPal and Bitcoin

While there are a number of platforms that allow you to rent out stuff, Honeygain is a little different. This app for Android and iOS allows you to “rent” out your internet access to earn a passive income. 

Honeygain shares your unused internet bandwidth. Data scientists use this to gather market research and other intelligence. 

Signing up is simple. All you need is a valid email address and a password. You’ll then see a prompt to install the app on your device. When your devices are connected to the internet, Honeygain uses its network to also connect. 

Your earning potential varies according to how many gigs you share with the network. Generally, you’ll get 1 credit for each 10 MB. This works out as $1 for every 10 GB. This isn’t a massive amount, but, after setting up your devices, it offers a totally passive income. 


(Trade for Free)

Robinhood Summary

  • $0 commission on all stock trades
  • Invest in fractional shares from just $1
  • 3 different trading options to choose from
  • Get 0.3% APY on your uninvested cash

Robinhood is an investment app designed to help average Americans get access to the correct tools to set up an investment portfolio. 

For many newbie investors, the concept of brokerage fees or large minimum investments can quickly discourage them. However, Robinbood has a basic app that costs nothing with no account minimums. 

You can use this platform to invest in ETFs, cryptocurrencies and stocks. It is easy to use and there are tools to help you learn more about investment strategies. 

Your earning potential will vary according to your investments. However, there are traders making hundreds of dollars a week on the platform. 


(Earn $2+ Playing Games)

PlaySpot is currently only available for Android devices. However, it provides an opportunity to earn cash playing games. 

As you play games, you’ll receive coins or points, so you can monitor your earnings. As you play you’ll see ads that help the platform to make money. However, you don’t need to do anything as you play. 

You can browse the available games to play those that appeal to you. You’ll receive points for every minute you play. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t display the earnings rate before you play. Additionally, the rate changes if you play for more than 30 minutes, dropping drastically. 

Once you reach 20,000 points, you can cash out and receive a $20 PayPal payment or claim a gift card. 


(Earn Up to $100 with Micro Tasks)

BidCash is a GPT app where you can earn cash in your spare time completing surveys, playing games and other micro tasks. The app is available on Android and is free to download. 

The main advantage of this BidCash is that it that it offers an avenue to quick cash. 

Once you collect sufficient “tickets” from your activities you can exchange them for PayPal cash or gift cards. 

Make Money Fast by FL Labs

(Cash Rewards for Participating in Surveys)

Make Money Fast claims to offer big cash rewards for participating in surveys. You can complete surveys, play free games and download free apps to earn tickets. 

The app is simple to use. After you download the app, you can scroll through the available offer list. Each offer has a description detailing what it requires you to do.

You can then choose the tasks that appeal to you.Realistically, you’ll receive $1 or less for these tasks, but they do take very little time. You can then redeem your earnings via PayPal payments.

Make Money App by TV-TWO GmbH

(Earn Cyptocurrency Watching Videos)

If you are interested in earning Cyptocurrency, the Make Money App by TV-Two could be just what you’re looking for. This app allows you to earn currency just by watching videos from your favorite creators. You can also boost your income potential with small tasks. 

You can earn up to 500 points per video. But, this is where it gets a little complicated. You’ll need 1,0000 points to earn 1 TTV token. These have a value of $0.00069. 

This does work out as quite a low rate. However, you’re getting paid to watch videos that you’re likely to be watching anyway. 

Cash Rewards & Gift Cards App by Tech2Cash

(Earn up to $15 in a few days completing simple tasks)

As the name suggests, Cash Rewards & Gift Cards app is a GPT site. You can earn coins with simple tasks completing surveys, playing games, downloading apps and referring friends. You can then trade you coins for gift cards or PayPal cash. 

The list of gift card options is extensiv. It includes Amazon, Xbox, Steam, Walmart, Google Play and more. If you can’t find your favorite brand, you can contact the company who will do their best to add it. Tech2Cash claims that you can earn $15 within a few days by accumulating 2,500 coins.


(Earn $10 or More Completing Missions)

BeMyEye is available on Android and iOS devices. It allows you to earn money completing missions within your local area. 

You may be visiting a local store to check if they have a specific brand of bottled water or take pictures of an item in a grocery store. Once you reserve a mission, you check in through the app. The app will list all you need to do, from taking pictures to recording notes. BeMyEye will then review your job and approve it within 24 hours. 

Most missions pay $1 or $2, but there are higher paying missions. Once you accumulate $10, you can redeem your earnings into your PayPal account. 


(Earn up to $150 Completing Online Tasks)

Zareklamy is available on Android or web browsers to earn money wherever you are. You can choose the tasks you would like to work on. This includes browsing websites, watching videos, engaging on social media platforms, writing reviews and participating in surveys. 

The platform provides instructions for each task. It claims that you can earn up to $150 in just one month. 

There is no limit to how many tasks you complete and you can set your own work hours.

Big Time Cash App by WINR Games Inc

(Play Games to Win Cash Prizes)

Big Time Cash is an app where you can play games and collect tickets. You can use your tickets to enter cash prize draws. Big Cash claims that the more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning a prize. 

You need to check back to see if you have a winning ticket and if you’re lucky, you’ll receive a PayPal transfer. 

What makes Big Time Cash a little different than other apps is that there are no in app purchases. The company makes money by sharing ad revenue to create the cash prizes. 

Big Time Cash is available for iOS and Android devices. 


(Earn Up to $20 Per Secret Shopper Gig)

Observa is a secret shopper platform that allows you to earn $4 to $20 per gig. The gigs vary. You could be taking photos in a store or answering some questions about products and services. You may even need to speak to a store associate. 

The gigs take up to 20 minutes and there are gigs throughout the USA and Canada. You’ll usually receive your payment within 72 hours of completing your gig. Observa is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Make Money App by Butterfly Soft World

(Earn Rewards for Simple Online Games)

The Make Money app has simple online games. Whether you’re spinning the wheel, taking part in the lucky spin or doing a scratch card, there are chances to win cash prizes. This is an easy way to win points that can be converted into PayPal cash. 

Earn Extra Income App by SunOneApps

(Find Online Earning Opportunities in One App)

The Earn Extra Income app is a fantastic resource to access the best money making apps. This app can help you to make money online, creating a passive income or new freelancing gig. The app is available for Android devices and details over 170 opportunities. 

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a new career, Earn Extra Income can help you to work from home, monetize social media or access microjobs online. 


(Make Investments With as Little as $1)

CashApp is a handy tool that can not only help you to manage money transfers, but also organize your banking needs. However, where you can use CashApp to make money is through investments. 

The minimum investment level is just $1. So, you can start small and develop your investment skills without risking a large sum. You can invest in stocks and Bitcoin, but fees may apply. Cashapp will display any fees on the transaction screen before you confirm the trade. 

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

bitcoin survey sites

Bubble Burst 2

(Win Money Playing Video Games)

Bubble Burst 2 has already given away tens of thousands of dollars to players. When you play games, you’ll earn tickets to provide entries into cash prize draws. The more tickets you collect, the greater the chance of winning a PayPal cash prize. 

The company uses ad revenue to create the prizes. So you don’t need to worry about in app purchases or paying anything to win. 

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. 

Piggy Cash

(Earn Up to 20% Cash back on Your Shopping)

The Piggy Cash app allows you to earn cash back on your shopping around the world. The platform works with over 5,000 retailers, hotel sites and restaurants. This includes popular brands such as Macy’s, Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

You can shop as normal and Piggy will automatically apply coupons to pay you up to 20% cash back. 

Once you reach a balance of $25, Piggy Cash will automatically send you a check. 

Words Words Words

(Win Cash Prizes Playing Word Games)

Words, Words, Words is an app where you can win cash prizes playing word games. Every time you play a game, you’ll collect tickets. You can use these tickets to enter cash prize draws. The more tickets you have, the greater the chances of you have of winning a prize. 

This is a great way to play challenging word games and potentially win PayPal cash. Words, Words, Words is available as an Android app and for iOS devices. 

Lucky Day

(Play Games for Your Chance to Win Up to $100,000)

Lucky Day is a sweepstakes app, where you can play games to win cash prizes. There are raffle games, free scratcheres and a lotto. The app is available for Android and iOS users. 

The top prize is an impressive $100,000 in cash. There are daily $10,000 scratch cards, in addition to raffle giveaways and sweepstakes contests. 

This app is free to download with no in app purchases. 


(Earn Cash Playing Games)

The FunTap app is available for Android and iOS users. It allows you to play games and earn cash. The app recommends games which you can download and play. The more you play, the more you’ll earn. You can also watch videos and complete surveys. 

You’ll earn coins for each game you play. Once you collect 20,000 coins, you can claim $20 via PayPal or Amazon gift card. 

Puzzle Ball

(Play Games for Chances to Win Cash Prizes)

Puzzle Ball is another app from WINR Games. Like Words, Words, Words and Bubble Burst 2, you’ll earn tickets for playing games. The more tickets you have, the greater the chances of winning a cash prize in regular draws. 

The app is available for Android and iOS users. There are no in app purchases or payments required to enter the prize draws. 

Surveys On The Go

(Earn up to $2 for 10 to 15 Minutes Work)

As its name suggests, Surveys On The Go is a surrey platform, where you can earn up to $2 per survey. However, you can also earn cash testing products or testing and rating television shows. All of these tasks relate to market research, but the variety can make it a little more interesting. 

You can complete the tasks using your smartphone. The Surveys on the Go app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

Once you reach $10, you can cash out your earnings as a PayPal payment. Surveys on the Go processes payments immediately, so you’ll have your funds in approximately 24 hours. 


(Earn Instant Cash From Surveys)

Qmee is another survey platform, where you can earn cash instantly. The platform pays up to $0.50 per survey. But, there are other tasks to increase your earnings. 

One of the simplest ways to earn some cash with Qmee is by using its search tool. This involves downloading a free browser extension. However, this will allow Qmee searches to appear in your browser. You’ll receive inconsistent rewards for your internet searching. But, you are effectively earning some cash just for doing your regular internet browsing. 

Another area where Qmee stands apart is that there is no minimum cash out. So, if you only earn $0.20, you’re still able to cash out. So, it really does provide instant cash.

Google Opinion Rewards

(Earn Google Credits for Your Opinions)

Google is probably the most well known search engine. However, it needs help to continually improve its services. This is where you can help and earn yourself some rewards. 

The Google Opinion Rewards app involves associating your Google profile with the app. You’ll then receive Google Play credits as a reward for every survey you complete. 

When you want to redeem your credits, just tap “Spend” on the app home screen. You can then use your rewards for anything in the Google store. So, you can purchase books, music, games or movies. Just be sure to spend your credits within a year or they will expire. 

For iOS users, you can still participate, but you’ll claim your rewards as PayPal credit. 


(Earn up to $25 per Hour Walking Dogs)

Rover Summary

  • 6 different ways to earn money available
  • Get up to $25,000 pet care coverage
  • You get to decide how much to charge
  • 24/7 support, Including vet assistance

The Rover platform is available in over 10,000 cities. This app allows you to set your own prices and hours for walking dogs in your local area. 

Rover takes up to 40% commission from your earnings. However, don’t be tempted to set your prices to high. The app is highly competitive, so if you have sky high rates, you may struggle to get customers. 

The app is available for Android and iOS and has a user friendly interface. This allows you to manage your clients, and update owners on the status of their furry friend. Rover also provides a liability insurance package for its dog walkers. 


(Earn up to $17 per hour Dog Walking)

Another popular dog walking platform is Wag. Your potential income is determined by your location, competition and reputation. But, it is possible to earn as much as $17 per hour. 

Where Wag stands apart is that you can not obtain a dog training certificate through the platform. Certificate holders receive liability insurance as a reward for completing this training. 

Wag clients require Pup Reports. These detail the distance and walk time, and even a poop update. The information reassures the owner the dog is in good hands, making it easier to find more clients. 

The Wag app is available for iOS and Android

Surveys Panda

(Access Genuine Paid Survey Platforms From One App)

Survey Panda takes a lot of the legwork out of completing online surveys. Once you join, you can access surveys from popular platforms such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, MyOpinions and more in one convenient location. 

The Survey Panda app allows access to thousands of surveys that match with your demographics. This can be an invaluable timesaver, as you don’t need to keep searching multiple different platforms to find surveys. 


(Earn Up to $15 for Missions)

iPoll is another legit survey site where you can earn money for your opinions on products and services. However, you can boost your earnings by taking on “missions”. 

Missions are location dependent, so they are more readily available in some areas rather than others. You’ll receive points for each mission you complete. For example, you may be tasked to take a photograph of an item at Walmart. You can earn $5 to $15 per mission. 

You can complete surveys and log missions directly from the app. The iPoll app is available for both Android and iOS users. 

Once you reach $25, you can redeem your earnings for a gift card. However, if you prefer a PayPal payment, you’ll need to reach $50. 

Poll Pay

(Earn up to $3 Per Survey)

Poll Pay is a survey platform where you can earn money completing simple polls and basic surveys. The Poll Pay app is available for Android and iOS devices, making it easy to participate from your phone. 

Most surveys are worth less than $1 and take a minute or two. However, there are longer surveys that pay up to $3. There are new surveys each day. 

Once you accumulate $10, you can withdraw your earnings via gift card or PayPal. 


(Earn $20+ Per Hour Delivering Food)

Postmates Summary

  • Earn at least $4 per order plus bonuses
  • Get extra cash incentives of up to $1000
  • Flexible working hours that are up to you
  • Generous tips of 20% per order on average

Postmates is a food delivery platform. You can use the app to deliver groceries, restaurant meals and other items to earn $20 per hour, plus tips.

You’ll receive pay for the miles you drive, the time you wait for orders and how many orders you can complete within an hour. The app encourages customers to tip their drivers and you get to keep 100% of your tips.

The app is available for Android and iOS users. You can set up delivery alerts or auto accept assignments. 

Postmates requires drivers pass a background check. You need to be 18+ and have access to a smartphone and vehicle. Once you pass, Postmates will provide a welcome kit including prepaid credit card and delivery bag. 


(Earn Up to $22 Per Hour Deliverying Groceries)

Shipt Summary

  • High earnings potential in some areas
  • Get a paycheck on a weekly basis
  • Start shopping within 5 days of approval
  • Easy to apply to become a shopper

Shipt is another grocery delivery app, but it works a little differently to Instacart. Rather than being paid an hourly rate, you’ll receive commission and customer tips. This does mean that you don’t have guaranteed income from certain shifts, but there is the potential to earn up to $22 per hour. 

As with Instacart, there are some requirements to become a Shipt driver. You need to be 18 or older, pass a background check, have a valid US driver’s license with at least a year of driving and an insured vehicle model year 1997 or younger. 

Shipt has an app for both Android and iOS users. 


(Earn an Hourly Rate & Tips Delivering Food)

Wolt is another food delivery service. As a driver, you can manage your orders through the Wolt app for Android and iOS.

You can schedule your hours and earn a guaranteed hourly rate, or log in as and when you’re available to earn per delivery. You’ll earn more if you do deliveries exceeding 1.5 miles with bonuses. 

Wolt doesn’t require drivers to handle cash. You just deliver the food to the customer and you’ll get to keep 100% of your tips. 


(Earn Up to $100 Selling Your Photos)

Foap Summary

  • Earn $5 for every photo that you sell
  • Earn up to $200 from Foap Missions
  • No need to be a professional photographer
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $5

The Foap app is a great way for keen amateur photographers to make some extra cash selling photos and videos. 

You’ll need to download the app on your Android or iOS device. You can then create a profile and start to upload your content. When someone buys one of your photos, you will share the profits with Foap. 

Foap is easy to use and you can upload photos you have already taken. Another option is to take new ones for the higher paying client “missions.” Some photos only sell for $5, but it is possible to sell photos for up to $100.


(Get Paid to Walk)

Sweatcoin Summary

  • Earn up to $20 per month once you reach highest membership tier
  • Get $0.25 per referred friend
  • You can transfer Sweatcoins between users
  • Accurate step counting

If you need a little financial motivation to get fitter, consider the Sweatcoin app. After you install the app on your Android or iOS device, you simply need to carry your phone with you as you walk. The app automatically tracks your steps, whether you’re walking inside or outdoors. You’ll receive 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps. 

You can’t withdraw your Sweatcoins as cash. However, you can exchange them for goods and services such as athletic wear. There are also some people who will buy Sweatcoins for PayPal cash. 


(Earn Up to $15 Per Month Swiping Ads)

Slidejoy makes it possible to get paid to see ads. This Android app puts ads on your phone’s lock screen. Each time you check your smartphone, you’ll see a new promotion or ad. 

You can slide left to learn more information about the product or service or just slide right to access your phone as normal. 

Slidejoy estimates that with normal phone activity, you can earn $10 to $15 per month. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal. Alternatively, you can donate your Slidejoy earnings to charity. 


(Earn Cash Selling Your Unwanted Items)

OfferUp Summary

  • List and sell your items for free
  • Promote your listing from just $1.99
  • Low service fee of just 12.9% or $1.99
  • You have up to 3 days to ship your item

OfferUp is an app for Android and iOS users. It is almost like a hybrid of eBay and Craigslist. The app makes it easy to sell your unwanted items.

You can sell practically anything from clothing to home appliances and even cars. All you need to do is upload a description and photos and then set your price. You can even pay to promote your listing to get more views. 

There are no listing fees. However, when you sell an item, the fee is 12.9% or $1.99, whichever is larger.

Although in the past, you need to meet a buyer in person, OfferUp now has a shipping feature. So, you can sell your items nationwide. 


(Earn Points for Secret Shopper Missions)

Mobee Summary

  • The app is free to download and register
  • Earn $3 for each person that joins with your referral
  • On average, missions take 15 minutes to complete
  • Payout through PayPal or gift cards

Mobee is a secret shopper app for Android and iOS. You can earn points for completing “missions” at stores in your local area. 

After you download the app, you can browse the available missions in your local area. Each mission has tasks to complete. You could be answering a survey about Macy’s or taking photographs in your local Walmart store. 

Once you reach 500 points or $5, you can redeem your Mobee earnings for gift cards from popular brands including Amazon. 


(Earn an Average of $110 per Month as a Tasker)

The TaskRabbit app allows Android and iOS users to connect with tasks in their local area. To become a Tasker, you need to be located in a covered city, age 18+ and be able to pass background and ID checks. You also need a valid US checking account and credit card to get paid. 

The tasks on TaskRabbit can vary. There are cleaning and errand running tasks through to skilled work such as electrical or carpentry projects.

Obviously, the rate of pay will vary according to the specific task. However, TaskRabbit claims that average Taskers earn approximately $110 per month.


(Earn $100+ Per Day Driving Rideshares)

Uber is the original ride sharing app and is available for Android and iOS devices. You can set your own hours and offer rides around your other commitments. There is the potential to make $100 or more per day after your Uber commissions and fuel cost.

The process of becoming a driver is quite stringent. You need to be over 21 with a minimum of one year’s driving experience and a relatively clean driving record. 

You also need to have a vehicle less than 15 years old with at least four doors. Each city and state has its own requirements. So, you’ll need to check that your vehicle meets with the requirements in your area. 


(Earn up to $35 per Hour Driving)

Lyft is the main Uber competitor in the USA. Where it differs from Uber is that app tipping is customary. This creates the potential to earn an average of $25 to $35 per hour. 

The requirements for Lyft drivers are similar to Uber. Like Uber, you need to be 21+ with a relatively clean driving record and valid US driver’s license. Your vehicle also needs to be less than 15 years old. 

As with Uber, you need to double check the state and city requirements in your area to ensure you comply. 

Lyft is available for both Android and iOS users. 

how to make money with lyft


(Earn Cashback on Your Shopping)

Ibotta Summary

  • 2 ways to earn – app or browser extension
  • Earn up to 30% cash back on purchases
  • Get a $5 bonus by referring friends
  • Over 1500 stores you can earn cash back at

Ibotta is a shopping app for iOS and Android, allowing you to earn cash back on your shopping. This platform has a list of over 750 retailers including Lowe’s, Dominos and Petco. 

You can use the app to earn cash back when you shop online. However, you can also click “Find Offers” when you visit a store in the Ibotta network. You may see short surveys, suggested recipes or additional money saving offers. 

All you need to do is make your purchases as normal. You will then need to upload a picture of your receipt to claim your cash back. Keep your receipt until you see the cash back as a credit on your Ibotta account. 

Average users can earn $20 a month on Ibotta. However, if you typically buy a lot online, you could earn more.


(Turn Unwanted Items into Cash)

Mercari Summary

  • Listing your items on the platform is free
  • Mercari has a low commission of 10% on every item you sell
  • Mercari provides a prepaid shipping label with insurance worth up to $200
  • You’ll get paid quickly – within 3 days after the buyer has received your item

The Mercari app provides access to a marketplace to sell your unwanted items. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

Once you download the app, you can start listing items immediately. You can upload pictures, add a description, set prices and complete your listings directly in the app. There are no listing fees on Mercari. However, you will need to pay a 10% commission when you make a sale. Mercari also provides the option to use its printable shipping labels, via email. 

The most popular items on Mercari are clothing, accessories, and audio gear. However, you can sell practically anything with this app.


(Get Refunds for Reduced Items)

If you’ve ever bought something only to notice it drops in price a few days later, you’ll know how frustrating this can be. However, this is where the Paribus app can help. The app monitors the purchases you make as it syncs with your email. If the price of an item drops, it will automatically try to obtain a refund. You can also scan your receipts directly using your iOS or Android device. 

The earning potential for this app will vary according to your spending habits. However, if you frequently get caught out by sales events after you’ve bought things, this could be one of the best money making apps for you. 


(Earn Rewards for Your Everyday Shopping)

Drop App Summary

  • Earn $10 from Drop Flash Deal offers
  • Get your reward within 3 days of redeeming
  • Earn up to $50 from referring friends
  • 5 different ways to earn rewards

Drop is a free app for iOS and Android devices. You can earn rewards and cash back when shopping at your favorite stores and online retailers. There are rewards for practically all your purchases from an early morning coffee to a take away food order. 

When you shop through the app, you’ll accumulate reward points instantly. You can then redeem your points for gift cards. 

This is a superb way to get cash back on regular shopping, travel and food, including Uber, Starbucks, Amazon and Netflix.

Fluid Market

(Share Your Truck to Earn Up to $10 Per Day)

Fluid Market is a truck sharing service that allows you to share your vehicle with your neighbors. The platform has an app for Android and iOS making it easy to coordinate lending. 

You can list any vehicle from a basic box truck to sports cars. You can also hire your vehicle out at an hourly, daily or weekly rate. 

Most vehicles can command up to $10 per hour or $49 per day. There is also an additional per mile fee for trucks. 


(Turn Your Old Reading List Books Into Cash)

BookScouter Summary

  • Use the platform on mobile or computer
  • Choose from over 30+ buyback vendors
  • 5 star rating system for buyback vendors
  • Quick processing time for payments

If you’re a student, you’re likely to have a massive book collection. Buying a full course reading list can be very costly. However, Bookscouter can help you to recoup some cash. This platform facilitates the buy back prices of over 30 vendors. So, you can get the best prices for your no longer needed books.

Bookscouter has an Android and iOS app. So, you can list your books and compare prices right on your smartphone or mobile device. 

The basic service is free. However, if you want to turn this into a more indepth side gig, flipping books, you can sign up for a pro membership for $29.99 per month. 


(Earn Points for Micro Tasks)

Toluna Summary

  • Get paid from $0.01 to $15 per survey
  • Receive up to 7 surveys in a single day
  • Complete surveys on iOS or Android
  • Earn extra money by playing games

The Toluna platform has been around for over 20 years and has milions of members. With the Toluna app, you can participate in polls, complete surveys and test products. As a Toluna app user, you can also enter sweepstake draws to win prizes. 

Toluna also has a referral scheme. You can earn 500 points for each friend or family member you refer. 

Once you accumulate 95,000 points, you can redeem your earnings for a $30 PayPal payment.


(Earn $10 for Testing Websites and Apps)

Userfeel is a testing tool that allows you to earn $10 testing websites and apps. The tests last up to 20 minutes. Userfeel will provide a scenario and tasks. You need to speak your thoughts aloud through the app

When you complete the task, there are follow up questions and your test is uploaded using the app. 

After each test, you’ll receive a rating. The higher your rating, the better the testing opportunities you’ll receive.


(Earn up to $800 Per Month Lending Out Your Car)

Getaround Summary

  • Earn up to $6000 passive income per year
  • Regular payment on the 15th of the month
  • Get 24/7 host support from the platform
  • Insurance coverage of up to $1 million

The GetAround app allows you to lend out your vehicle when you are not using it. There are some vehicle restrictions to become a lender on the app. This includes having a 2005 model year vehicle or younger with 125,000 miles or less on the odometer. 

Where GetAround differs from other vehicle lending apps is that you need a remote locking and unlocking device. This eliminates the need to meet with people face to face for the drop off and pick up of your vehicle. 

The platform does take a hefty 40% commission on rentals, but it is possible to earn as much as $800 per month. 


(Lend Out Your Vehicle as a Side Gig)

Another personal vehicle lending platform is Turo. The Turo app for Android and iOS is available in many cities in the USA. 

The App makes it easy to list your car for free. The process is straightforward. You just need to upload some photos and describe your vehicle. There is even a calendar option, so you can indicate when your vehicle will be available and block out the times that you need your vehicle. Turo offers vehicle lenders up to $1 million in liability coverage. 

When someone books your vehicle, you’ll receive a notification. You can then arrange when and where to meet for drop off and pick up. Your borrower will also have access to 24/7 roadside assistance. Turo pays 65% to 85% of the hire rate depending on the protection package. So, when you list your vehicle for $150 per day, you’ll receive $97.50 to $127.50.


(Save Money on Your Expenses)

Truebill Summary

  • No upfront costs for the free plan
  • Save an average of $96 per year or more
  • 5+ different ways to help you save money
  • Save money by canceling subscriptions

Truebill is one of the best money making apps as you need to do practically nothing. The app can help you to save money on your regular expenses. It monitors your bills and bank transactions to locate any potential savings. 

The app is free and available for Android and iOS. However, there is a “savings fee” Truebill is able to negotiate savings on your expenses. This commission is a hefty 40%. But, if the company is unable to save you anything, there is no fee. 

Truebill removes all the hassle of trying to negotiate better rates and savings. So, you can sit back and simply make money. 

(Buy and Sell Locally)

5Miles is a marketplace that allows you to sell goods and services. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and displays all goods and services within five miles of your location. This is great if you want to sell your unwanted items from work during your lunch break. You can easily reset your current location to create a new 5 mile search radius. 

There are charges that apply to listings. You get five free listings, but after this you need to pay up to $4.99 per month. 

Money App

(Earn Cash for Easy Tasks)

Money App is a GPT platform where you can earn cash for a variety of tasks. This includes completing surveys, watching videos, checking “hot” offers, sharing and more. You can complete all activities directly through the Money App

You’ll earn credits for each task. You can monitor your balance on the Money App and request cash out to your PayPal account. Payouts are normally completed within 48 hours. 


(Sell Your Unwanted Quality Clothing)

ThredUp is an online thrift store where you can buy and sell preowned clothing. If you have lots of unwanted clothing in good condition in your closet, this could be one of the best money making apps for you. 

You can list your clothing and receive up to 80 percent of the selling price. The higher the value of your item, the higher the percentage you’ll earn. 

The ThredUp app is available for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to manage your listings on the go. 


(Earn up to $15 Per Hour Carpooling)

Kango is a platform offering sitters and drivers for busy parents. The company has stringent requirements for team members. You’ll need to pass a background check, have childcare experience, be fingerprinted and pass a DMV record check. 

You can work flexible hours and manage your workload through the app on your Android or iOS device. 

You can earn an hourly rate for your services, with bonuses for peak hours.


(Bet on Your Fitness Goals)

StepBet is an Android and iOS app that encourages users to reach their step goals with financial incentives. There are mini games and challenges where you put your own money to bet on your success. 

The bets range from $10 to $100 and you need to reach your goals every day for multiple weeks. If you miss your goals, you’ll lose your money. However, if you reach your goals, the pool of money is split with the other winners. 

You need to sync the app with an electronic pedometer such as a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch. 


(Find the Best Possible Prices To Save Money on Your Online Shopping)

If you like online shopping, you’re likely to be aware that it can be very time consuming to try and find the best prices. This is where the Wikibuy app can help. This app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

When you put an item in your Amazon or Walmart card, Wikibuy will look for a better price for this particular item. It also searches for coupon codes that could apply to your purchase.

Wikibuy is completely free with no subscription fees or charges. 


(Earn Price Drop Refunds on Your Online Purchases)

Earny Summary

  • It has a price monitoring tool
  • Get compensation for late deliveries
  • App is straightforward to use
  • Price protection helps you get refunds

The Earny app helps you to automatically get money back on your online purchases. Most companies have policies about price drops and refunds. So, Earny acts on your behalf checking for price drops and applying for refunds.

Earny is available for iOS and Android devices. You can sign up for free and then decide whether you want to pay a monthly subscription ($4.99 p/m) or get a discounted annual subscription ($36.97 per year).

To justify these subscription costs, Earny will scan your inbox for your purchase receipts and continually checks the latest online retailer prices. 


(Earn Cash Taking Pictures)

Iconzoomer is an interesting app that provides assignments directly on your phone. This may be something as random as taking a picture of your shoes or photographing your lunch.

All you need to do is complete the assignment and upload the photo.You’ll earn 5 to 10 credits for each picture you take. Once you reach 200 credits, you can redeem them for a $10 gift card or $10 PayPal payment.


(Earn Up to $100 Completing Gigs)

The Gigwalk app for Android or iOS can help you to find jobs or “gigs” in your local area. The beauty of this is that you can choose gigs to suit your commitments and schedule. 

All you need to do is download the app and register your account. This just requires answering a few questions. You’ll need to provide a valid email address and link your PayPal account. You can manage your gigs directly through the app. There are gigs across the USA and Canada. Gigs vary from running errands to carpentry or electrician jobs. You can make $3 to $100 per gig.

Curious Cat

(Earn Up to $1 Per Survey)

Curious Cat is an iOS and Android app, where you can earn up to $1 per survey. The app makes finding surveys easy and you can see how many points are on offer before you start.

When you click on a survey, Curious Cat will redirect you to the appropriate survey partner. Most survey partners are mobile responsive, so you can complete the surveys on your phone.

Surveys are typically worth 40 to 100 points. 1 point has a value of 1 cent. When you reach 100, you can cash out and receive $1.  

Field Agent

(Earn Up to $15 Per Job in Your Local Area)

Field Agent Summary

  • Earn between $3 to $15 for every job
  • 10+ different types of jobs available
  • 3 to 5 day processing time for payouts
  • Get 10% of what your referrals earn

Field Agent is an “on demand platform” offering jobs in your local area. The company works with brands to provide digital marketing insights and mobile research. 

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can receive up to $15 per job and most jobs take up to 30 minutes to complete. The jobs range from in store surveys and audits to scavenger hunts. 

When you click on a job, you can see how much it will pay and the estimated time necessary. You’ll also see a job overview and instructions on how to complete the task.

Fetch Rewards

(Earn Points for Your Every Day Shopping)

Fetch Rewards is one of the best money making apps, as you can save money on your regular grocery shopping. The Fetch app is available for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to take pictures of your receipts and upload them to the platform. You don’t need to worry about clipping coupons or saving flyers.

You’ll receive at least 25 points for receipts from hardware stores, grocery stores, pet stores and wholesale clubs. All other receipts will earn you at least five points. You can also boost your points by purchasing items from qualifying brands. 

The app has a “Discover” page where you can find a list of partner brands. If you shop with partner brands you can get even more points. 

1,000 points is worth approximately $1. You can redeem your points for gift cards or entries into sweepstake draws to win cash prizes.


(Get Up to 30% Cash Back When You Dine Out)

If you enjoy dining out, then the Seated app is a great option for you. This app not only makes it easy to find great restaurants, but allows you to earn rewards. You can get up to 30% on every dollar you spend. 

Seated has a “hand selected” list of restaurants across the country. This will allow you to plan a superb meal out and enjoy rewards. You can scan the restaurant lists through the app. Then once you’ve enjoyed your meal, scan your receipt to earn your cash back rewards. 


(Get Up to $35 in Free Uber Rides)

If you are a frequent Uber or Lyft user, Freebird could be one of the best money making apps for you. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. It allows you to connect your Uber or Lyft account and earn cash back when you take a ride. 

You’ll get points when you book a ride through Freebird. However, you can also earn additional points for linking a credit card (1000) connecting your Uber account (500) visiting a participating establishment (250) and linking a debit card (1000). 

Once you reach 5,000 points, you can cash out and receive $10 cash back. 


(Earn Up to 5 cents per Mile for Driving Safely)

Most of us appreciate that you shouldn’t use our phones when driving. Yet, you only need to look up during the morning commute, and you’ll see drivers not giving their full attention to the road. OnMyWay is a free app that provides financial incentives to ensure you don’t use your phone while you’re driving. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It automatically activates when you’re driving and providing your phone remains locked, you’ll earn rewards for your journey. 

You’ll accumulate virtual currency that can be convered into gift cards and PayPal cash. You can earn up to $0.05 per mile. There are also free offers and discount deals just for being part of the OnMyWay network. 


(Earn a Passive Income for Your Internet Usage Data)

MobileXpression is a market research company aiming to shape the future of the internet. While there are occasional surveys on the platform, the primary focus is collecting data about internet usage. 

The MobileXpression app is available for iOS and Android devices. After installation, the app will record data about your internet habits. This includes the links you access, the pages you view and your call lengths. 

You’ll receive credits each week that the app is active on your device. You’ll receive a $5 gift card after just one week. After this, you can expect to receive a $5 gift card every three or four weeks. 


(Earn Cash for Market Research Tasks)

Native is a premier market research company. Its Android app allows you to earn cash for performing tasks. As a “collector” you can choose tasks in your geographic area. This could be photographing an item in a local store, confirming a product is on the shelves or interviewing shoppers. 

You’ll accrue cash for each task and you can then redeem your earnings via PayPal or direct deposit. 


(Collect Points While Making Healthy Actions)

Achievement is a great app to help you get paid for taking healthy actions. You can connect your health apps and track your progress with activities such as walking, biking, sleeping and meditating. You can also log food to keep track of your healthy eating decisions.

The Achievement app also features surveys, where you can earn up to 200 point for answering basic questions. Once you accumulate 10,000 points, you can redeem them for a $10 PayPal payment or gift card. 

This is a great way to maintain your motivation to make health conscious decisions. The app is available on Android and iOS


(Save Money On Your Subscriptions and Bills)

Trim Summary

  • Use the app to save an average of $620
  • Savings account insured up to $250,000
  • Relatively low fees of just 15% charged
  • 256 bit encryption to protect your data

The Trim app can help you to save money on your subscriptions and bills. When you link your accounts, it will analyze your spending patterns to look for potential savings. It can help you eliminate unwanted subscriptions and may even help to lower your credit card APR. 

When you sign up on the Trim website, you’ll be prompted to download the app. There are two versions. The paid version costs $99 per year, but has no commissions or fees for savings. There is also a free version, which has a 33% commission on any savings the company can make on your behalf.


(Make $2,000 or More Renting Out Storage Space in Your Home)

Neigbor allows you to make some extra cash renting out space in your home to store belonging for people in your neigborhood. You can make over $2,000 renting out your basement. But, you can also rent out closets, driveways and garages. 

You can list your space for free and potential renters will reach out to you. You can discuss what needs storing and whether you can accommodate them. 

Neighbor has an app for Android and iOS


(Earn Cash for Sticking to Pacts to Improve Your Health)

If you are keen on improving your health and fitness, the Pact app can provide financial incentives. You can set healthy eating and exercise goals each week through the app. You’ll then see how much you will earn if you make a pact for multiple days.

This is only a $1 or $2, but it could help keep you motivated. 

However, the app can also help you manage your personal weight loss and management. You can check in and track workouts, take photos of your meals, and even connect with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun and other fitness tools.


(Earn Cash Completing Tasks)

Loot is an app that not only provides Daily News content, but allows you to earn cash by completing tasks. This can be something as simple as reading and sharing news, playing games or even walking daily. 

Once you accumulate $10, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or wire transfer. 


(Earn up to 40% Cash Back on Your Purchases)

Rakuten Summary

  • High cashback potential of up to 40%
  • Earn cashback at over 2500 online stores
  • 6 different ways to earn cashback
  • Get $10 for free just for signing up

Rakuten (previously Ebates) offers up to 40 percent cash back on your purchases. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. This can help you to earn cash back at over 2,500 stores. 

You’ll need to shop using the Rakuten portal. However, it will not affect your shopping experience. When you use the Rakuten link, the company receives affiliate commission which is split with you. 

There is a welcome bonus of $10 for new Rakuten members. The amount of cash back you earn will vary according to your spending habits. However, once you accumulate your cash back, you can claim your earnings via PayPal or check.


(Sell Your Skills to Potentially Earn Hundreds of Dollars a Month)

Fiverr Summary

  • Set your own prices for your services
  • Choose from over 500 service categories
  • 3 different options for cashing out
  • Protection from fradulent chargebacks

Fiverr is an online marketplace to sell your services and products. Although many people use the Fiverr website, you can access the platform through its app on Android or iOS

You can turn almost any freelancer skill into a Fiverr gig. You can also sell products you make. 

As its name suggests, Fiverr base gigs are $5. You’ll pay a 20% commission on any gigs you sell. However, you can also upsell, offering additional services for a higher fee. 

Depending on the level of competition and your skills, it is straightforward to regularly make a few hundred dollars each month.

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