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Receipt Hog Review 2024: Is it Legit and Worth it?

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Written by: Kate Starr
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Receipt Hog Review

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From scanning receipts to answering surveys to playing Hog Slots, Receipt Hog allows you to earn money anywhere you are. Receipt Hog offers multiple cashout options including PayPal, Amazon e-gift cards, and Visa e-gift cards. While the minimum withdrawal threshold is $5, it might take long to accumulate enough points. In fact, you can earn $0.025 for receipts worth up to $10.

Safe & Legit

Cashback Value

Number of Stores

Payout Process


  • Wide variety of receipts you can upload
  • Easy-to-use app
  • 5 additional ways to earn coins
  • Use the app to save your receipts


  • It can take long to collect coins
  • Can be challenging to upload long receipts

Best Receipt Hog Alternatives

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How Does Receipt Hog Work?

Receipt Hog works quite similarly to other places that give cashback from your purchases. Specifically, you’ll need to download an app and create an account. From there, you’ll see the option to upload your receipts and earn coins. 

Additionally, you can complete other tasks, such as:

  • Linking your Loyalty accounts
  • Connecting your email account to share online purchases receipts
  • Completing surveys
  • Daily Hog Slot Jackpots
  • Monthly sweepstakes
  • Referring friends to download and use the app

Once you have 1,000 coins, you can exchange that to rewards, like PayPal cash or gift cards. 

How Much Cashback You Can Get With Receipt Hog?

How much cashback you can get from Receipt Hog depends on the transaction total on your receipt. This is finalized after taxes, gift cards, coupons, or other similar discounts, are deducted. Then, you’ll earn coins based on the following total range:

Total Amount on ReceiptNumber of Coins You’ll Get
$10 or less5
$10 to $5010
$50 to $10015
$100 or more20

Note that this reward system applies only to receipts in the Coin-Receipt category. These receipts come from stores that sell consumable products. 

For Spin-Receipts, receipts you get from stores selling non-consumable products, you’ll get a single Hog Slot spin. This mini-game gives you a chance to win bonus points. 

Once you get 1,000 coins, you can convert it to cash and redeem it to your PayPal account. You can also opt for Amazon or Visa e-gift cards sent to your email. 

The Receipt Hog conversion of coins to cash is as follows:

Number of CoinsPayout Amount

Who is Receipt Hog Best for?

Receipt Hog is best for people doing their shopping on a regular basis. Through this app, you won’t need to throw receipts away, feeling as if you’re throwing actual money. If you have a regular shopping schedule, this app is definitely for you. 

Additionally, those enjoying online shopping can benefit from Receipt Hog. After all, you can link your email account and submit your online receipts. Not only do you get to enjoy your new hauls but you also get some cash right back to your purse, too.

Receipt Hog Partner Stores

Receipt Hog works with several partner stores and offer three rewards types based on the store:

  • Coin-Receipts are from stores that sell consumable products.
  • Spin-Receipts are from stores that sell non-consumable products.
  • Sweeps-Receipts are from specific stores.

Specifically, here are the store and product receipts that fall under the following categories:

Bargain or Dollar ShopsApparelGas or Petrol only
Beauty SuppliesArts and CraftsRestaurants
Corner or Convenience StoresDepartment StoresBars
ClubsElectronics StoresBakeries
Discount StoresHome FurnishingsCafes
Drugstores and PharmaciesHome Improvement
Grocery Stores and SupermarketsSports and Outdoors
Health CentersOffice Supplies
Liquor Stores
Mom-and-Pops, Newsagents, and Bodegas
Pet Supplies

Receipt Hog Features: What Does Receipt Hog Offer?

Upload Receipts from In-Store Shopping

Receipt Hog features the Receipt tab where you can take a photo of your receipts and upload those. Make sure to capture the store name, transaction date and total, and all the items on your receipt. 

Receipt Hog might decline receipts that:

  • Have ambiguous store names
  • Have missing purchased items
  • Are altered in any form or shared
  • Are cut off or faded on the required information

If you’re uploading from a restaurant receipt, make sure to upload the itemized receipt, and not the credit card slip. Additionally, you can only upload 60 receipts per week, 20 for each receipt category (coin, spin, and sweepstakes.)

Hog Slots

Another way to earn coins in the app is through Hog Slots. This feature is a slots game where you can win 2,000 coins, $100, or become a daily trip winner. Daily trip winners get the equivalent of their last shopping transaction total in coins.

To play this game, you’ll need spins, which you can get by uploading Spins-Receipts. Or, you can complete monthly challenges. By completing these monthly challenges, your increasing level rewards you with more spins.

Monthly Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is another way to earn coins on the app. You can earn sweepstakes entries by uploading qualifying receipts, such as those in the Sweeps-Receipts category. 

This feature rewards: 

  • 5 users with 5,000 coins
  • 500 users with 200 coins
  • 5,000 users get 20 coins

Earn Coins from Online Shopping

Another way to make money on the app is by connecting your online eCommerce account, like Amazon. By doing so, Receipt Hog acquires your shopping information and rewards you with five Sweepstakes entries every month.

Additionally, you’ll get a one-time reward of 36 coins when you link a shopping account to Receipt Hog.

Browser Extension

Besides the Receipt Hog smartphone app, you can also earn reward coins by installing a browser extension on your computer. Make sure that your computer’s browser is either Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. 

This feature helps Receipt Hog understand consumer behavior online. Additionally, it helps them gather information on what advertisements users see.


Answering surveys is another way to earn coins on this cashback website. You can find surveys on the app, through the Home page, or the Rewards page. In some cases, you might need to log in to your desktop or laptop to answer a survey.

Is Receipt Hog Free?

Receipt Hog is entirely free to use. In fact, be wary of websites that claim to be top cashback sites but require money to sign up. 

Receipt Hog Payout Terms and Options?

Once you have reached the 1,000 minimum coin threshold, you can redeem prizes on the app. Just choose the reward you want to exchange with your coins and answer the introductory survey. After that, you’ll need to verify your device and email address. 

Payout options include: 

  • PayPal
  • Amazon electronic gift cards
  • Visa electronic gift cards

Both e-gift card options are sent to your email address.

As for PayPal, Receipt Hog will review your payment request, taking up to seven days. After that, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your successful payout.

Receipt Hog Reviews: Is Receipt Hog Legit?

Receipt Hog is a safe and legit online rebate site. The app received 4.2 ratings on Google Play Store and 4.7 on the Apple App Store.  Meanwhile, Trustpilot users also ranked the app on 4.3.

Review WebsiteReview Score
Google Play Store4.2
Apple App Store4.7

Besides earning coins, customers liked how the app helps them keep copies of their receipts. It’s a useful feature that allows them to claim refunds. Others also liked how they can easily get payouts through PayPal and contact the support team.

On the other hand, some users had issues with the app  lagging and crashing on their devices. A few users expressed problems with rejected receipts and not getting rewards. However, Receipt Hog support was able to address these reviews. 

What Are the Receipt Hog Pros & Cons?

Receipt Hog Pros

  • There’s a wide variety of receipts you can upload
  • The app is easy to use
  • It offers other ways to earn coins besides uploading receipts
  • You can use the app to save your receipts

Receipt Hog Cons

  • Earning enough coins to redeem cash can take a long time depending on your shopping frequency
  • It can be challenging to upload long receipts

How Good is Receipt Hog Support?

Receipt Hog only offers support through email. Yet, their support team is well-commended by user reviews at Trustpilot. To contact them, you’ll need to fill out the online form and provide a valid email address.  

Besides contacting the support team, a faster way to address your concerns is by looking through the knowledge-based articles. This support section is conveniently categorized by topics, allowing you to easily look for related information. 

Ideally, you can go through the articles first to answer your questions. If you can’t find the answers there, it’s best to contact the support team.  

Receipt Hog Review Verdict: Is Receipt Hog Worth it?

Considering how the Receipt Hog app works and rewards in several ways confirm that it’s worth it. From scanning receipts to answering surveys to playing Hog Slots, Receipt Hog allows you to earn money anywhere you are.

Receipt Hog offers multiple cashout options including PayPal, Amazon e-gift cards, and Visa e-gift cards. While the minimum withdrawal threshold is $5, it might take a long to accumulate enough points. In fact, you can earn $0.025 for receipts worth up to $10.

How to Sign Up With Receipt Hog?

Here’s how you can sign up to Receipt Hog:

  1. Download the Receipt Hog app to your smartphone
  2. Launch the app and go to the Sign-Up page
  3. Enter your demographic details and email address you want to use on the app
  4. Tap the “Request to Join” button

Receipt Hog FAQ

What is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is a shopping reward site where you can make money by sharing your purchase information. Using the Receipt Hog app, users can scan receipts, connect to eCommerce websites, and answer surveys. 

A market research company, called Market Track LLC, created Receipt Hog in 2016. It works with various brands and companies, helping them collect data for market research. Research outcomes target to improve products and services.

Since then, the app became available in the United States and Canada, gaining over 200,000 users. It has also reported over $6.7 million in revenue in 2021. With its strong market share, Receipt Hog offers one of the consistent ways to make money online

How old can a receipt be?

You can only upload a receipt on the Receipt Hog app within 14 days of the receipt’s transcription date and time. 

Should I connect my email to Receipt Hog?

Connecting your email to Receipt Hog is optional. But by doing so, you can earn 100 bonus coins. You’ll also get five sweepstakes entries and a chance to access more surveys for extra coins. 

Does Receipt Hog accept online receipts?

No, Receipt Hog doesn’t accept online receipts and therefore it won’t reward you if you upload it. 

What is the purpose of Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is an app that lets you upload photos of your purchase receipts in exchange for cash rewards.

Can you use Receipt Hog in Canada?

Yes, you can use Receipt Hog in Canada. In fact, the app is exclusive for residents of the US and Canada.

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