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LifePoints Review 2022. Is LifePoints Legit?

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LifePoints Review

lifepointsus logo

LifePoints is a smartphone app that pays you cash (PayPal) or gift cards to complete surveys and small tasks such as daily challenges, behavior tracking or product testing. On average, you can expect to earn up to $20 per month, completing several surveys per week. In the last year alone, LifePoints rewarded over USD 22 million to its members in 40+ countries.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Pay per survey – you can earn 20 to 500 points per survey. Surveys are typically market research, so you’ll be asked about shopping habits, brand preferences etc.
  • Surveys length – you will be rewarded for every survey you take with LifePoints. On average, it takes 10-20 minutes to complete a survey.
  • Surveys are available in 40+ countries from the age of 14 – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Italy and more.
  • Rewards – only $5 minimum payout threshold. It takes up to 10 business days to receive PayPal payment or your online voucher.


  • Mobile app – has some technical glitches, including crashing and freezing.
  • You won’t qualify for every survey, but you will get 2 points if screened out.

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Compare to Other Survey Sites

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys logo

$0.50 – $5 on average per survey with bonus points ($1 sign up bonus)

Average survey length is 10-20 minutes and minimum payout is $5

Collect rewards in PayPal, Direct Deposit or gift cards (100+ brands)

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie logo

$1 – $3 per survey + extra ways to earn up to $100 with focus groups

Each survey time varies, but on average it takes 15 minutes to complete

Redeem rewards using PayPal, e-giftcards or bank transfer ($5 min)


Swagbucks logo

$0.50 to $1.50 per survey – earn up to $100 each month using Swagbucks

18 unique ways to earn money and free gift cards, plus $5 sign up bonus

Redeem e-gift cards from $1 or withdraw $5 minimum payment from PayPal

What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a free app that allows you to earn gift cards or cash for completing small tasks including surveys. The company partners with researchers and marketers who need to collect consumer data.

So, as a LifePoints member, you’ll be invited to share your experiences and opinions about travel, shopping and services.

Your contribution is crucial for LifePoints as it helps shape innovative products and services that can change people’s lives or make them easier. Some of the innovations LifePoints members have inspired include cash reward credit cards, airbags, antilock brakes, and baby and toddler safety car seats.

Is Lifepoints Legit?

LifePoints is part of the Global Test Market and LightSpeed Online Research companies. These companies have been in business since 1946, providing robust research solutions. Both Lightspeed and Global Test Market have a rating of B with the Better Business Bureau, but both companies have a low customer review rating.

LifePoints reviews score 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, which means most members are happily participating in LifePoints surveys.

However, LifePoints complaints usually mention poor customer service and spamming with up to 20 emails a day.

What’s more, LifePoints boasts about the following stats:

  • The platform has approximately 5 million users
  • LifePoints members are spread across 40+ countries
  • LifePoints has paid out over $22 million to members for participating in surveys

When it comes to the safety of your personal data, LifePoints states that it will never be revealed, sold or traded to any third parties.

In addition, LifePoints proudly holds one of the top positions among 200+ survey sites that we have reviewed.

How Does LifePoints Work?

LifePoints makes money by helping researchers and companies gain insight into products and services. Companies pay LifePoints for acting as an intermediary to provide opinions and feedback. The company claims that it can facilitate interaction between its users and companies to create long lasting relationships. 

Companies who have partnered with LifePoints include some household names such as Popeyes and Contiki.

You as a LifePoints member aren’t required to have any special skills to participate in paid surveys. All you need to do is provide your honest opinion about certain topics or your experience with certain products or services.

Some of LifePoints survey topics might include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Automotive
  • Clothing brands
  • Current social developments
  • New advertisements
  • How you assess newspapers or television programmes

What is LifePoints Sign Up Process?

LifePoints makes the sign-up process easy. You can sign up directly through the app without even needing to boot up your computer. You’ll be asked to supply some basic information such as your name, gender, date of birth, and address. You’ll also be asked for an email address.

You will receive a 10 points bonus for completing this basic profile information. However, you’ll need to confirm this information through email.

Users need to be at least 14 years old to participate, but LifePoints does not have any geographic restrictions.

Here is a full list of countries you can join from to LifePoints:

AustraliaFinlandMexicoFranceNetherlandsSouth Africa
AustriaFranceNetherlandsGermanyNew ZealandSpain
BelgiumGermanyNew ZealandGreeceNorwaySweden
BrazilGreeceNorwayHong KongPeruSwitzerland
CanadaHong KongChileHungaryPhilippinesTaiwan
ChileHungaryChina’s MainlandIndiaPolandThailand
China’s MainlandIndiaColombiaIndonesiaPortugalTurkey
ColombiaIndonesiaCzech RepublicItalyRomaniaUnited Kingdom
Czech RepublicItalyDenmarkMalaysiaRussiaUSA
Countries that can join LifePoints

You can sign up with LifePoints here

How Much LifePoints points are Worth?

You’ll earn a varied number of points for each task on LifePoints. However, you will need to bear in mind that LifePoints are not worth as much compared to other survey sites.

You will need to accumulate 5,500 points to earn $5. However, LifePoints suggests that you can earn approximately 5,000 per week.

Be aware that if you don’t redeem them, your LifePoints expire 3 years after you’ve collected them. It might expire sooner – after 12 months – if you don’t interact with your LifePoints account and don’t take any new surveys at all.

How Much Can You Make from LifePoints Online Surveys?

According to LifePoints reviews, surveys are a great way to accumulate points as you can earn 20 to 500 points per survey. Surveys are typically market research, so you’ll be asked about shopping habits, brand preferences etc. 

How much you’ll earn per LifePoints survey depends on 2 main factors:

  • The length of the online survey
  • The urgency of the online survey

Obviously, the more complex or urgent the survey, the higher your payout.

Typically, surveys range from a couple of minutes to up to 60 minutes, depending on the topic and complexity.

Here’s the list of type of surveys you might discover on LifePoints:

  • Review your favorite and least favorite grocery stores
  • Rate various Amazon services, such as, online store, Prime, and Audible
  • Review product designs and marketing descriptions for unreleased items
  • Rate your cell phone plan
  • Review your recent and upcoming purchases
  • Share your experiences about streaming services you use
  • Share your upcoming travel plans

One complaint about LifePoints is the sheer volume of email invitations to surveys. However, the emails aren’t really spammy, rather this can be handy to find surveys that you may qualify for. If you’re keen on completing surveys each day, you may find the mass of email invitations encouraging that new surveys are being released each day.

Getting disqualified from LifePoints surveys

There is a possibility of being screened out of a survey mid-way.

This happens typically due to multiple reasons:

  1. Sometimes LifePoints has to close the survey because the number of participants needed for a certain survey is reached quickly
  2. Some surveys require only a limited number of respondents per category – for example, from a region or age group
  3. You might not meet the company’s research criteria

However, LifePoints does not offer a partial reward for screened-out surveys. Instead, you’ll win entries into the LifePoints sweepstakes, and each quarter approximately 100 winners are chosen. 

But if that happens, don’t get discouraged, because there are over 200 sites offering surveys for money you join to find more surveys to participate in.

How to Qualify for More LifePoints Surveys?

To increase the chances of being qualified in more market researches that are relevant to your interests, you should update your personal information and keep your profile up-to-date.

Simply log into your LifePoints account to access profile surveys and fill them out to complete your profile. You can also check the status of each profile survey along with the date of the last update.

Also note that since LifePoints is present in 45 countries, the number of invitations depends on your demographic information. Therefore, how many surveys you’ll receive will vary significantly from month to month.

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on LifePoints?

Additional Ways to Make Money on LifePointsEarning Potential
Earn on the Go50 points upfront + 20 points each month
Product TestingFree product
Daily Challenges15% bonus on top of your daily survey earnings
Behavior Tracking1,000 points per month

1,000 points equals approximately $0.9

Earn on the Go

This is a location-based method of earning points. You will need to opt into the Geo Location service, but you’ll be rewarded 50 points just for doing this. You will then earn 20 points each month that the Geo Location service is kept turned on. 

This is a passive way to boost your earnings, but LifePoints reviews highlight that you will receive more earning opportunities based on this location data. It is comparable to Google Rewards, as you’ll be asked to complete surveys about the places that you have recently visited. 

Product Testing

Some brands are looking for direct feedback about particular products. You’ll be sent a product for free or be reimbursed for a purchase, you will then need to test it and provide honest feedback.

This can be a fun way to boost your LifePoints balance, but the number of points will vary according to the product and other details.

Daily Challenges

The Daily Challenge is a short survey that provides additional points. Completing the Daily Challenge will also help to match you with more surveys as your answers will be used to help LifePoints find qualifying surveys.

If you complete 30 Daily Challenges in 30 days, you’ll also receive a bonus of 15%.

Behavior Tracking

Another way to earn extra points is through recording behaviors. LifePoints may send you an email containing a behavior diary, where you’ll be asked to keep track of certain activities.

Some of LifePoint’s clients are looking for personal experience information for their products or services. You may be required to document your encounter when you’re in a supermarket or as you use a specific product. This information is used for product development and you’ll be rewarded for your time. 

For example, you may receive 1,000 points for recording the transactions you make with a credit card during a month. The amount of points earned will vary according to the complexity of the task. 


Finally, you can earn additional points with the Booster. These randomly pop up on the app as a short task that is easy to complete.

You’ll receive extra points and there are instant rewards available.

How to Redeem Points with LifePoints?


As we touched on above, there is a 5,500 point minimum threshold to cash out for a PayPal payment. This has an approximate value of $5 and you’ll receive your payment within ten working days.

If your LifePoints account email address is different from your PayPal email address, you should log into your PayPal account and add your LifePoints email address. This will ensure that you won’t encounter any issues receiving your PayPal funds.

Gift Cards

The other payment method offered with LifePoints is gift cards. There are a number of options including Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Google Play gift cards.

The cash out threshold varies for each type of card. For example, there may be a minimum threshold of $10 for Starbucks, but a Verizon mobile top up is $15. Fortunately, you can find the reward conversions your dashboard when you download the app.

Rewards are typically received within 5 days, but the company does not state an official timeframe for processing gift card rewards.


You can also have the option of donating your earnings to UNICEF, selecting this in your LifePoints catalog.

Is Your Information Safe with LifePoints?

Yes, your information is safe with LifePoints. In fact, LifePoints states that they’re strongly committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. The company doesn’t sell or give away any of your contact details or personal data to any third parties. Plus, they don’t run any advertising on their website.

The information you share through LifePoints surveys reaches LifePoints’ clients, but it never conceals individual identity.

What are the LifePoints Pros & Cons?

LifePoints Pros

  • Free to join.
  • User-friendly interface: whether you use the website or the app, the interface is very user friendly.
  • Points for screening out of the survey: if you’re screened out of a survey, you will receive an automatic entry into the LifePoints sweepstakes.
  • Extra ways to earn money: in addition to surveys, there are lots of different ways to boost your points total.
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold: $5 minimum balance for gift cards and cash.

LifePoints Cons

  • Glitches with the app: some LifePoints reviews have highlighted glitching issues with the app including crashing and freezing.
  • Points will expire: if not redeemed within 3 years after collecting them, points will expire; they’ll expire after 1 year if you don’t interact with your LifePoints account at all.

Is LifePoints Worth it?

LifePoints is a legitimate company with decades of combined experience in the market research industry through its parent and sister companies. The company offers a decent variety of surveys and other tasks to earn points and LifePoints reviews suggest that you could earn $5 or more each week.

This makes LifePoints an option for those looking to earn a little extra cash in their spare time, such as students, stay at home parents or retirees.

However, LifePoints is strictly a side gig and is not suitable for those looking to make a full time income.

Sites Like LifePoints

LifePoints vs. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Summary

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • Earn $0.50-$5 on average per survey
  • Average survey length is 15 min
  • Pays by bank transfer, PayPal & gift cards

Branded Surveys is one of the robust survey sites and excellent alternatives to LifePoints. Just like LifePoints, Branded Surveys rewards you with points for participating in online surveys that take up to 30 minutes to complete. While Branded Surveys pays you anywhere from $1 to $5 per survey, LifePoints surveys are typically worth $0.09 to $0.45. Respectively, the payout minimums for the two platforms are $10 and $5.

LifePoints vs. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Summary

  • 18 ways to earn money and e-gift cards
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Up to 10% cashback when shopping online
  • $1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal

Swagbucks is a popular platform that rewards you for completing a total of 18 different types of tasks, including online surveys. Other ways to earn monty with Swagbucks include watching videos, playing games, completing micro-tasks, and more. On the other hand, LifePoints is mainly focused on rewarding you for participating in surveys and also lets you earn money for testing products, enabling behavior tracking software on your device, and accepting daily challenges.

When it comes to getting rewarded for sharing your opinion through online surveys, both survey panels pay around the same amount per survey. For example, you can expect to earn $0.33 to $0.75 per survey with Swagbucks and $0.09 to $0.45 with LifePoints.

Both Swagbucks and LifePoints have low minimum withdrawal thresholds – $1 and $5 respectively.

LifePoints vs InboxDollars

InboxDollars Summary

  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Referral program – 30% that referral makes
  • Most of the surveys pay $0.50 to $1
  • 13 different ways to earn money

InboxDollars is one of the most popular survey sites that rewards you for providing your opinion through online surveys. However, InboxDollars wins over LifePoints in terms of payout, offering $0.50 to $1 per survey. LifePoints only offers $0.09 to $0.45 per survey. In addition, InboxDollars provides 13 other ways to earn money online, including watching videos, playing games, shopping online, reading emails, etc.

However, compared to LifePoints, InboxDollars has a pretty high minimum withdrawal threshold – $30. In the meanwhile, LifePoints has a lower payout minimum of $5.

LifePoints vs MyPoints

MyPoints Summary

  • $10 sign-up bonus with your first purchase
  • Earn $1 on average per survey you complete
  • Over 10 different ways to earn money
  • Pays by gift cards, PayPal & travel miles

Like LifePoints, MyPoints is also a legit survey site rewarding you for providing your opinion about various topics, products, and services. MyPoints surveys also take up to 30 minutes to complete and pay you between $0.27 and $2.13, which can be a little more than what LifePoints offers ($0.09 to $0.45). When it comes to redeeming your earnings with MyPoints, it has $1 minimum for gift cards, but $25 for PayPal withdrawals. In the meantime, LifePoints minimum withdrawal threshold for PayPal is $5.

Other Survey Sites Like MyPoints

How to Contact LifePoints Customer Service?

Lifepoints does not offer chat, phone or email support. The only way to contact customer service is to submit a service request through the website or app.

In addition, LifePoints typically replies to negative reviews on Trustpilot within 2 days or less. To date, have replied to 99% of their negative Trustpilot reviews, providing the explanation, or solution to their members.

Is LifePoints Free?

Yes, LifePoints is free. There are no fees to become a LifePoints member or any charges for getting selected for surveys or participating in studies.

Can You Fill LifePoints Surveys with Mobile App?

Yes, you can fill LifePoints surveys with mobile app. You can download the LifePoints app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and make money on the go.

Is LifePoints a Scam?

No, LifePoints is not a scam. It’s a legit survey panel that does what it promises – rewards you for participating in paid surveys.

How to Avoid LifePoints Scam?

While LifePoints is not a scam, you might be approached by scammers who claim to be from LifePoints.

Here’s how to avoid LifePoints scam: If you have received an offer via email, phone, or seen an advertisement offering you to work as a mystery shopper, survey agent, customer service evaluator or a rep for LifePoints, be aware that it’s a scam.

If you get any suspicious offers, remember not to make any financial transactions, such as:

  • Cashing or depositing any checks
  • Sending money to Western Union or Money Gram
  • Online financial transaction
  • Disclosing personal or bank account information

If you still become a victim of this type of scam, I suggest you contact your local law enforcement authorities to help you recover any stolen funds, secure your bank accounts, and protect your personal information.

Who Owns LifePoints Survey Company?

Lighspeed – a global analysis and research company, that’s been operating since 1940s – owns LifePoints survey company.

How to Close LifePoints Account?

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to close LifePoints account:

  1. Log in to your LifePoints account
  2. Click on ‘Account’ at the top right corner of the page
  3. Click on ‘Cancel My Membership’

Note that it might take up to 48 hours for LifePoints to update their records and get your account closed. If you get any email invitations to participate in surveys during that time, feel free to reject them.

Also note that you’ll lose any unused points once your account is closed.

Remember, after closing your LifePoints account, you can try other survey sites. Who knows, maybe another survey panel will match your preferences and interests better?!

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