7 Best Cashback Reward Sites & Apps (2020 List)

There are lots of cashback shopping sites that offer top-rated cash-back offers, exclusive deals, and other perks. Here’s our pick for top 7

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List Of Best Cashback Shopping Sites

If you make purchases online, but don’t go through cashback sites, you are overpaying.

57% of US adults have at least one reward credit card, but not many use cashback sites.

The best part?

Cashback sites do not require you to apply for a credit card and are free to use.

Today I am sharing the best cashback sites that will help you save money.

Let’s get started.

What is Cashback?

A percentage of your purchase returned to you as you complete your purchase online.

Cashback is usually compared to using a coupon. In the case of applying a coupon code right before the purchase, you lower the price and therefore pay less. In the case of Cashback, you pay more upfront, but you receive the money back for spending later .

Cashback Example: 10% cashback buying $10 socks on Amazon would cost you $10, but you would receive $1 back in the form of points or cash. Thus making the total cost $9.

Coupon Example: 10% coupon buying $10 socks on Amazon would cost you $9

As you can see, 10% Cashback is the same saving value as a 10% coupon .

What are The Best Cashback Websites?

Cashback websites make money by forwarding customers to retailers such as Amazon. Once a customer makes a purchase, Cashback websites receive a referral revenue from Amazon. That revenue is instantly transferred to a customer.

Of course, do not expect a “free lunch” in this case. Cashback websites either keep a small percentage of the referral revenue, or place an advert, therefore making some money. But that’s absolutely fair, as without cashback websites, you would not be able to save a penny.

1. TopCashback

Best Cashback Site for Amazon Purchases

Topcashback boasts 11 million members worldwide featuring Amazon and Ebay as their flagship partners. It’s easy to use, simply Browse their website, Click-through to the retailer ( such as Amazon) and Earn Cashback on a purchase. But wait, how does TopCashback survive? They have already shared their secret. TopCashback passes the advertising commission they receive from retailers for bringing a new customer, straight to you. Transparency makes this website stand out.

To see more offers check out their Cashback offers page.

2. Swagbucks

Cashback Sites To Get Gift Cards

Swagbucks already paid out $370+ million to its members. Buying via Swagbucks earns you SB rather than US dollars, but SB can be exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards or transferred to your Paypal. The best strategy is to exchange for Amazon gift cards as you get 12% more value compared to withdrawing cold hard cash.

In addition to Cashback, Swagbucks offers grocery coupons. The drawback is that you need to print them out and bring them to the store, but some savings include:

  • Save $5 when you spend over $25 on Kellogg’s products.
  • Save $4 when you spend over $20 on Keebler cookies.
  • Save $3 when you spend over $15 on Danone products.

Our Swagbucks Review includes all 18 ways to make money using Swagbucks.

3. Rakuten (Ebates)

Best Cashback Site for Ebay Purchases

Rakuten has been the parent to Ebates since 2014, but recently they changed all logos and names to Rakuten. Rakuten better represents the company and their mission as it means “optimism” in Japanese. Either way, the deals they bring are still worth considering. Simply sign up, browse and shop to get Cashback .

Rakuten now offers a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card as a wellcome sign up bonus.

Interested in more sign-up bonuses? Check 45 other companies we found that pay a sign-up bonus.

4. Ibotta

Best Cashback App

Ibotta has already paid $680+ million to its members. It works the same as other cashback sites, but offer ability to pay directly with Ibotta. The main benefit is that you can get your cashback from the Ibotta App instantly. You can also link loyalty accounts for your favourite retailers in the app to make the process even easier.

For offline shopping, choose a retailer, add products you are looking to buy and go straight to the store. You do not need to print any coupons prior to purchase. Once you buy and have received your receipt, take a photo and upload it on the app. You should see a cashback within 24 hours.

Linking a credit or debit card is another way of automating the cashback process. You can even receive a double cashback if you use an offline shopping deal, pay using an Ibotta lined credit/debit card and submit a photo of your receipt .

But that’s not all. If you enable location alerts, the Ibotta app will notify you once you are near a store that offers deals.

5. Mr. Rebates

Cashback Sites Google Chrome Extension

Mr. Rebates offers a Google Chrome extension called “Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Back Button”. The extension automatically reminds you to activate cashbacks at thousands of stores online.

Coupons are another speciality Mr. Rebates offers, but I would suggest using the Honey Chrome Extension. It automatically applies coupons as you browse online.

It is a great idea to combine coupons and cashbacks for ultimate savings . Interested in more apps that can save you money on autopilot? Check our article on the best money saving apps.

6. My Points

Oldest Cashback Site Online

My Points is another legitimate cashback site. My Points was established in 1996, which is quite a long time ago. They specialize in various activities such as surveys, cashbacks and web search. They have a minimum transfer of $25. Therefore it is mostly used for gift cards and travel miles. However, being one of the oldest cashback sites, it is definitely worth a mention.

7. BeFrugal

Best Cashback Site with Live Chat Support

Befrugal offers a sign-up bonus of $10, and works in a similar way to other popular cashback sites. A great advantage is live chat support. If you face any problems, they will try to solve them on the spot. Unsurprisingly Befrugal has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also have a great deal of retailers, but they usually offer lower rates compared to cashback sites such as Rakuten.

Which Cashback Site is for You?

I suggest downloading TopCashback, Swagbucks, Rakuten and Ibotta. Four apps should be more than enough to compare between and get the best deals out there.

If you can’t find a particular retailer, then it’s worth looking at the other three options provided: Mr. Rebates, Mypoints and Befrugal.

Let me know in the comments below, which site is your favorite?

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