i-Say Review 2020. Is Ipsos i-Say Legit?

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Online surveys have fast become recognized as a way to earn some cash, but with so many platform it can be tricky to find the right one.

In this i-Say review, we’ll explore this platform in more detail to help you make your decision.

i-Say Review Summary



i-Say is a legit company providing the opportunity to earn some cash in your spare time. If you’re consistent, you should be able to easily earn $50 a month, making it a great option for students, retirees, or stay at home parents.



  • PayPal

  • Gift Cards

  • Prepaid Visa

  • Donations

  • Legit & Safe
  • Pay Per Survey
  • Earning Potential
  • Payout Process


  • Low cashout threshold of $5
  • Mobile-friendly surveys
  • Extra promotions and special offers
  • Same-day redemption for e-gift cards


  • High disqualification rate
  • Most surveys pay up to $1
  • Slow PayPal payout – up to 3 weeks
  • Does not approve all accounts

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Is i-Say Legit?

i-Say is an online survey company where you can earn rewards for sharing your opinions. i-Say part of the Ipsos Group, one of the largest market research companies in the world. Ipsos has conducted 70 million interviews a year for thousands of clients in more than 100 countries. 

Although i-Say does not have BBB accreditation, it has received a rating of A+, and it has an excellent reputation in the online community. The only user complaints seem to be about accounts being terminated or points forfeited, but this is typically due to inactivity. 

How Does i-Say Work?

i-Say works by helping companies access honest feedback and opinions. It conducts surveys through its extensive network of participants to help companies shape their marketing and product development. 

What is i-Say Sign Up Process?

What is i-Say Sign Up Process

The i-Say sign up process is very easy, it only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be asked a number of questions to establish your demographic group. Once you’ve answered the qualifying questions, you’ll need to check your email for an account activation link to complete the set up process. 

i-Say is open to people over the age of 18, and it is available in the US, Canada, UK, Russia, Egypt, and most European countries. 

You can sign up with i-Say here

Best Paying Survey Sites

After reviewing 84 survey sites, we picked out top 3 best paying survey platforms. For maximum income sign up for several sites at once.

How Much i-Say points are Worth?

The points system is a little more complicated compared to many survey sites. The value of a point will change according to your chosen reward. If you opt for a gift card, a point is worth 1 cent, but it may be less with other rewards. 

For example, PayPal rewards work out at approximately $0.098 per point.

How Much Can You Make from i-Say Online Surveys?

How Much Can I Earn on i-Say Online Surveys

Depending on the information that you provided during the sign up process, you’ll be sent emails on the current surveys that you qualify for. You can also log into your i-Say dashboard to look at the survey options. 

You will need to be patient to receive invites to surveys, as you can expect between one and eight per month. However, if you start a survey and are screened out, you will get 5 points for your participation. The disqualification rate is about average for survey sites, and you’re likely to have a 15 to 20% success rate.

For surveys that you complete, you can earn 45 to 90 points. 

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What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on i-Say?


You can also increase your earning potential with polls. These are very simple surveys with yes or no answers. Although you won’t earn any points directly, they will provide an opportunity to play the Poll Predictor after every survey. This involves predicting who will say “yes” on the poll questions and if you are close to the percentage you’ll be awarded prizes or gifts.

Loyalty Points

Every i-Say member also qualifies for the platform loyalty program. The more surveys panels you participate in, the greater the bonus potential. For example, five surveys could earn you 25 points, while 15 surveys nets you 50 points.


There is also the chance to participate in contests. This includes a welcome draw for new members, where you could be one of 30 winners of $100. The draw takes place three times a year. 

There is a variety of contests throughout the year, creating an opportunity to win additional points. Some examples include the Click Draw, which takes place every four months and awards ten winners with 5,000 points. There is also the Swap to Shop contest, where you can swap 200 points for a competition entry. The prizes include a $5,000 gift code and five $1,000 gift codes. 

Invite Friends

You’ll also be rewarded whenever you invite a friend or family member to join the platform. You can log into your dashboard and send an invite email. You’ll receive 100 points if the individual lives in the same country as you. 

How to Redeem Points with i-Say?

How to Redeem Points with i-Say


You can redeem your i-Say points for cash through PayPal. There is a minimum cash out of 1000 points or $10, and you’ll need to be prepared for a wait of up to three weeks to receive your money. 

Gift Cards

There is also a variety of gift card options to redeem your i-Say points. This includes Starbucks, Amazon, Target, and other leading brands. 

The minimum redemption depends on the specific card. So, you can claim a $5 Starbucks card for 500 points or a $15 Target card for 1,500. However, delivery is instant, as you’ll receive a gift card code. 

Prepaid Visa Cards

You can also choose to earn an i-Say Choice prepaid visa card. The minimum cash out is 2,000 points, and you’ll need to wait up to 4 weeks for your card.


If you’re feeling generous, you can redeem your points for a charitable donation. There are a number of options, including Habitat for Humanity, Doctors without Borders, and Nature Conservancy on the platform.

What are the i-Say Pros & Cons?

i-Say Pros & Cons


  • The i-Say website has a clear interface, so you don’t need to hunt around for qualified surveys. You will also be able to clearly see what points you will earn and how long each survey will take before you begin.
  • Compared to many other survey sites, i-Say offers some great rewards
  • You just need to answer a few questions and confirm your email address, so you can get started participating in surveys within a few minutes.
  • There is also a fantastic loyalty program, where you can earn additional points, the more surveys you complete. i-Say review comments praise this feature, which can really boost your points total.
  • There is also a great tech support team at i-Say. If you have any technical issues, you can receive a quick response from a friendly, supportive team member. 
  • The i-Say website has been optimized for mobile use, so you can take surveys on the go. The website is responsive and mobile friendly, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties. 


  • Some i-Say reviews have highlighted an issue with being asked questions over and over, but this is typically a tool to ensure that you meet the demographic requirements of specific surveys.
  • i-Say does have a high disqualification rate, which means that you may struggle to complete surveys regularly.
  • It can take as long as three weeks to receive your earnings if you opt for a PayPal payment.

Is i-Say Worth it?

i-Say is a legit company providing the opportunity to earn some cash in your spare time. If you’re consistent, you should be able to easily earn $50 a month, making it a great option for students, retirees, or stay at home parents. 

However, it’s not the right platform if you’re looking for a full time income. 


How To Contact i-Say Customer Service?

You can contact the customer support team at i-Say through email, phone, or the i-Say social media channels.

Is i-Say Free?

Yes, there are no charges for setting up your profile or using the platform.

Can You Fill i-Say Surveys with Mobile App?

Yes, there is an app for Apple and Android devices, but the website is also optimized for mobile use. 

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