Is Nielsen Legit? Nielsen App Review 2021

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Nielsen Review

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Nielsen is a household name and the Nielsen app is an interesting way to earn cash in your spare time. Essentially, you are earning rewards just for allowing the app to collect data on your device.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Earn $50 a year on autopilot
  • Great customer service
  • BBB accreditation with an A+ rating
  • Possibility to win $1,000


  • There are data privacy issues
  • May slow down your device

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Nielsen is a household name, but does the Nielsen app represent a decent way to earn money in your spare time?

In our review, we’ll answer the question, “is Nielsen legit?” to help you decide.

Is Nielsen Mobile App Legit?

For decades, Nielsen has been setting the standard for global market research. The business has BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. This means that you certainly don’t need to wonder, “is Nielsen legit?” 

Additionally, Nielsen has a good reputation in the online community. Although there are some complaints about data privacy issues, many users praise the company for offering legit surveys and decent pay. 

The Nielsen group operates a number of panels and recently purchased Pinecone Research and Harris Poll Online, which further highlights its legitimacy. 

How Does Nielsen Mobile App Work?

Nielsen is looking to understand how people use their smartphones and devices. This will help companies to learn how consumers view and interact with brands. 

The list of clients who partner with Nielsen includes retailers, manufacturers, governments, and non profits. Since these organizations appreciate honest feedback and opinions, they are willing to pay Nielsen users for their time and input. 

What is Nielsen Mobile App Sign Up Process?

There are several Nielsen survey panels, and each has its own sign up link. However, the sign up process for the app is remarkably simple.

You will need to complete a sign up form that requires details such as name, address, household details, and other personal information. 

There is a short registration survey before you can download and install the app on your devices. This includes household details and more about your devices.

The Nielsen app needs to know what types of devices are used in your home. But, you’ll also need to supply details about operating systems, who uses the devices the most and the kinds of services.

You will then see a prompt to download the app.

Nielsen is open to US residents over the age of 18.

You can sign up with Nielsen Mobile App here

How Much Nielsen Mobile App points are Worth?

The Nielsen app does not have a straight conversion, since points are exchanged for gifts. 

How Much Can You Make from Nielsen Mobile App Online Surveys?

While Nielsen is more known for surveys, the Nielsen app is actually a passive data collection research tool. Just by installing it and allowing it to remain on your device, you are providing data.

This means that you don’t actually need to complete any surveys. The app runs in the background of your device collecting information about the apps and games you use. It also looks at the addresses of websites you visit and how long you stay on each page.

The app also collects data about call time and duration, text messages and file types and sizes on your device. However, It does not detail the numbers you call, the content of your texts or the contents of your files.

Nielsen guarantees the highest levels of privacy for Nielsen app users. The app is secure and safe, and your details are not shared.

The company reports collected information in aggregate data. This means that single members are not identified, rather data about groups is compiled.

Just for installing this app and allowing it to run on your device, you can earn the equivalent of $50 per year.

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Nielsen Mobile App?


Nielsen also runs a sweepstakes draw for all Nielsen app users. You receive a sweepstakes entry automatically for a monthly draw.

The prize pot is $10,000, but two winners will receive $1,000 and there are other smaller prizes.

How to Redeem Points with Nielsen Mobile App?


There is a great rewards catalog for Nielsen app users to redeem their rewards. There are physical items such as TVs, cameras, and other electronic equipment.

You can also choose gift cards for brands such as Target, Amazon, Starbucks and more. Nielsen ships rewards via USA mail within a few days of placing your order, so you should receive them within a couple of weeks.

What are the Nielsen Mobile App Pros & Cons?


  • In addition to having BBB accreditation and an A+ rating, Nielsen has decades of industry experience, which means there is no question about the answer when you ask is Nielsen legit?
  • You basically earn gifts and rewards for allowing the app to run in the background of your device
  • Nielsen has a superb customer support team, so if you have any queries or questions, you can receive help
  • There is the chance to win up to $1,000 each month in the sweepstakes draw.


  • Some reviewers have expressed concern about privacy issues. However, Nielsen is a legit company and assures users data is secure.
  • This app is only available to residents in the USA.
  • Since the app is running in the background, it may impact your battery life. While this is not related to the question “is Nielsen legit?”, it is a valid concern.
  • Some Nielsen app reviewers have complaints about being unable to redeem their rewards.

Is Nielsen Mobile App Worth it?

Nielsen is certainly a legit company with decades of industry experience. If you’re wondering, “is Nielsen legit?”, you only need to look at its BBB accreditation and rating to confirm that it is. 

The Nielsen app allows you to earn rewards just for allowing it to run in the background of your device. Additionally, there is the potential to win cash prizes.

While the Nielsen app is not an appropriate solution for those looking for a full time income, but if you’re looking to develop a side gig, it is an easy way to supplement your earnings. 

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How To Contact Nielsen Mobile App Customer Service?

You can contact Nielsen customer support via email, through social media channels, or through the app contact page.

Is Nielsen Mobile App Free?


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