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Honeygain Review 2024 – Is Honeygain App Legit?

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Written by: Kate Starr
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Honeygain Review

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Honeygain is an app that enables users to earn a passive income by sharing their internet connection with others. The platform is relatively new and was only founded in 2018. However, it has already built a strong audience since it was founded. Earning money with Honeygain is effortless and all you need to do is to set up the app, then you can sit back and let it earn some extra cash for you.



Legit & Safe

Signup Process

Ease of Use

Payout Process


  • High earning potential – earn $1 for every 10GB of data that you share with others. Top earners on the platform can earn up to $60 per month.
  • Generous referral program – get $5 for each person you refer to Honeygains, plus 10% of all their earnings from sharing their internet bandwidth.
  • Maximize earnings with more IP addresses – use Honeygains on just one network for every device that you have to maximize your potential earnings.
  • 2 payment options – cash out your earnings either via PayPal (payment usually within 2 to 3 days) or Bitcoin (payment usually within 1 week).


  • High minimum withdrawal threshold – you must have at least $20 in earnings before you can cash out. This can take up to 1 month to accumulate.
  • Not suitable if you have limited data – you need to share 200GB of data to earn enough to cash out, which may not be possible with limited data.

Honeygain Reviews: Is Honeygain Legit?

Honeygain is certainly a legit platform. If you don’t mind sharing your data with an app in the background of your device, you should not even notice that Honeygain is working. Honeygain has 4.4 stars on Trustpilot, and 2.8 on App Store.

The fact that Honeygain will not keep any of your data stored on their servers pleased most users. Others also liked the way they could earn by just sharing their data and even turning it off anytime.

However, like other apps, Honeygain has its own drawbacks. For instance, most negative reviewers claimed that Honeygain is a scam company that doesn’t pay. Some users even complained that they could not make anything despite the 3 devices that they connected.

Other than that, Honeygain is a great app that allows you to earn by just sharing your data.

How Much Can You Make from Honeygain?

You’ll receive payment based on how much internet you share. The current rate is 1 credit for every 10 MB of traffic through your network.

Each credit is worth approximately $0.01. So, you’ll need to accumulate 10 GB to earn $1. It can take you up to 48 days to reach $20.

Is Honeygain Worth it?

If you have a good internet connection and don’t mind sharing it, Honegain could be worth your time. However, since you are giving someone access to your IP, there is always some risk.

With Honeygain, you can earn a few dollars a month or more almost effortlessly. Download the app and get started.

But if you’re highly concerned about your data security and don’t want an app lurking around, you’d probably consider it a scam. Otherwise, this app could be the right option if you are well-informed and vigilant.

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How Does Honeygain Work?

Honeygain works by using your internet to conduct web searches. It essentially allows you to rent out your network connection and earn money. 

In simple terms, Honeygain is a mediator, helping its users to earn money from companies that need data.

What are the Other Ways to Make Money on Honeygain?

Content Delivery

You can also make money with Honeygain through content delivery. This involves delivering images, videos, audio, and other content using your internet connection. You’ll earn 6 credits every hour for active and running content delivery. 

Lucky Pot

As a new feature, The Lucky Pot gives you the chance to win up to 10,000 credits ($10) every day. To participate, you’ll need to be active on Honeygain.


Honeygain also has a referral program that allows you to earn a $5 bonus if anyone signs up with your link. In addition, you’ll get 10% of their earnings, forever. 

If you don’t earn any referral bonus, it’s possible that your referrals are not sharing their internet bandwidth with Honeygain.

Who is Honeygain For?

Honeygain is best for people who have an unlimited data plan or those who want to make passive income by sharing their data. With this app, they can share their unused data and earn passive income.

How to Sign Up with Honeygain?

To sign up with Honeygain:

  • Go to the website
  • Click Sign up
  • Fill the registration form by filling in your email and password
  • Confirm your email address
  • Download and install the app
  • Get a $5 sign up bonus

How to Make Money with Honeygain?

Step 1 – Run Honeygain

Once you’re connected to WiFi, the Honeygain app will run and securely share your internet without accessing your personal data. 

Step 2 – Let it gather

Your connection will then be used to gather data from the internet. 

Step 3 – Help businesses

Companies will use this data for various services. 

Step 4 – Get paid

Where Can You Use Honeygain?

Honeygain is not location-dependent. You can use the app wherever you live, anywhere in the world, provided you have a high-quality, steady internet connection.

Honeygain Hacks

The best way to boost your Honeygain earnings is to share the app with your friends. The company has a referral program, so you can earn some cash yourself and help your friends earn extra money. 

The Honeygain system will automatically update the earnings each day, so you can track your referral bonuses. 

You can also maximize your earnings by connecting more devices. Honeygain allows you to have up to five devices connected. However, the company recommends spreading your connected devices across several internet addresses. 

How to Redeem Money with Honeygain?


Honeygain pays genuine cash. There is a minimum cash-out threshold of $20. Once you reach $20 in earnings, you can redeem your earnings via Paypal. 


Honeygain also pays via Bitcoins. You can redeem your earnings once you’ve reached the payout threshold of $20.

Honeygain Passive Income Apps FAQ

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an app that uses your internet connection for data collection purposes.

In 2008, the Honeygain team developed a cutting-edge product – a crowdsourced residential proxy network. This was to ensure that they create direct value for our end-users. 

As of today, Honeygain has over 250k users that have surveyed its performance, 30% monthly user base rate, and $26.58 billion average single payout in over 150 countries.

Is Honeygain free?

Honeygain is free to sign up and use.

How to download Honeygain mobile app?

To download Honeygain, go to the download page and click download.

Where Honeygain is available?

Honeygain is available everywhere. Meaning you can use it anywhere.

Is Honeygain a scam?

Honeygain is a legit app that pays you for sharing your internet.

Is your information safe with Honeygain?

Honeygain ensures that user data is kept secure. It does not store any provider data and only retains the information necessary to track and provide payments. This includes your email address and IP address. 

How to contact Honeygain customer service?

To contact Honeygain, go to their Help Desk page and click submit. Next, fill in the form and submit your request.

Your earnings depend on the traffic demand required for Honeygain business clients, as well as the number of users in your area. 

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