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Befrugal Review: Earn Rewards for Your Shopping

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BeFrugal Review

befrugal logo

BeFrugal is a platform that rewards online shoppers with cashback for their online purchases at partner stores. The company has been around since 2009 and has developed a strong reputation as one of the best cashback platforms. BeFrugal partners with over 5000 stores to offer users coupons, promotions, deals, and cashback of up to 40%. On average, users can get between 2% and 15% cashback.



Safe & Legit


Saving Potential

Ease of Use


  • Highest cashback guarantee – if you find another site with a higher cashback rate, BeFrugal will match that rate and give you an extra 25% as a bonus.
  • Wide range of partner stores – there are over 5000 stores where you can get cashback on your spending, such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.
  • Over 5 different ways to get rewards – apart from cashback on purchases, you can also get access to coupons and deals to help you save money.
  • 6 different ways to cash out your earnings – cash out via PayPal, Venmo, check, direct deposit, Zelle, and gift cards. Minimum cash out is just $0.01.


  • Long waiting period for cashback – after your purchase, your cashback will show as pending for between 30 to 90 days before you can cash it out.
  • Only 24 hours to claim best rate guarantee – if you find a better cashback rate, BeFrugal will only match it if reported within 24 hours of purchase.

Best Cashback Sites


Swagbucks logo

18 ways to earn money – surveys, coupons, cashbacks + $5 sign up bonus

Up to 10% cashback from stores – Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, JCPenney

Most members can earn an extra $50 – $200 a month using Swagbucks


BeFrugal logo

Get 25% bonus if you find another site with a higher cashback rate

Over 5000 stores where you can get cashback up to 40% on your spending

5 different ways to get rewards and 6 different ways to cash out your earnings


TopCashback logo

20 million members earn on average $345 cash back a year (4400 retailers)

Generous cashback offers and deals – up to 65% from some of retailers

Get notifications of latest deals with mobile app or browser extension

What is Befrugal?

BeFrugal has been operating since 2009 and has its headquarters in Boston. This platform has over 5,000 retail partners, including household names such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon that allow you to earn cash back on your purchases. 

The company has established a solid reputation. 

Trustpilot 4.4/5
Google Play4.4/5
Apple Store4.6/5

Like some other cashback platforms, BeFrugal also offers deals, printable coupons, and other tools to help you to save money. This makes BeFrugal one of the best cashback site options today.

How Befrugal Works?

BeFrugal is a free platform and is easy to join. The company partners with brands to offer you up to 40% cash back. The retailers give BeFrugal commission for sending customers to their websites, and the platform shares this commission with you in the form of BeFrugal cash back. 

You may be asking, can you really earn up to 40% cash back? The answer is yes, but this is the upper end of the scale. It is more typical to earn 2% to 15% depending on the specific brand. 

To access these cash back offers, you will need to join the platform. However, BeFrugal makes this easy. You can sign up with:

  • A valid email address, 
  • Facebook profile
  • Google profile
  • Apple profile. 

BeFrugal even offers a $10 welcome bonus just for completing the sign up. 

There is even a BeFrugal app to help you access all the deals and offers on this money back site.

Earn up to 40% cash back

What is Befrugal Bonus Cash?

If you want to get the most possible cash back, you need to understand the BeFrugal Bonus Cash offers. So, what is Bonus Cash? They are limited time promo rates that pay more than the regular site rates. 

The BeFrugal website has a dedicated Bonus Cash offers section, and at the top is a list of the featured offers. As you scroll down, you can see a list of all the cash back stores with their bonus and previous rate. 

In simple terms, the Bonus Cash section is used as a marketing tool to draw your attention to the latest offers. However, you still need to double check that it offers a great deal for you. Generally, any rate over 10% is superb and hard to beat, but if it is under 10%, you may find better cash back offers elsewhere. 

Other Ways to Make Money With Befrugal

Unlike many other cash back platforms, BeFrugal also offers other ways to make money. These include:

Befrugal Deals

When you sign in to your BeFrugal account, Today’s Top Deals take pride of place on the home page. This is a list of the limited time deals Befrual has curated. These are not just cash back offers through BeFrugal, but also discounts and hot items ideal for bargain shoppers. 

Befrugal Coupons

The is an aggregate section for online coupons, printable coupons, and promo codes for restaurants and retailers. These are not exclusive to BeFrugal as you will find them on other coupon sites, but it is handy to have them in one place. 

While you directly search for coupons, BeFrugal integrates these offers into the site. So, when you’re searching for specific retailers through the main search bar, you will see the cash back and any coupons. 

What makes BeFrugal a little different from basic coupon sites is that the company guarantees all the codes are valid and will work when you visit a participating online store. If you do find a code that fails to work, if you contact BeFrugal within 24 hours, you can request a $5 account credit. 

This is not a guarantee of the best deal, but rather that you won’t waste time using invalid or expired promo codes. 

Befrugal Browser Extension

If you want to maximize your BeFrugal savings, you should install the browser extension. This is a handy feature that allows you to quickly rack up your cash back. The extension notifies you of available cash back automatically when you visit a participating site. It also shows how much cash back you can earn. 

This extension only provides an on page alert the first time you visit a retailer site. After this, you will need to click on the extension icon to activate the cash back. 

After you install the extension, BeFrugal automatically applies the best possible combination of promo codes and discounts when you check out. You can also see the offers in the extension before you make your purchase. 

How Do You Cash Out on Befrugal?

After you make a purchase, you can expect to see a credit for your cash back to your account within a week. However, if the transaction is a travel purchase, it may take as long as 60 days. 

Your cash back will stay as pending status for between 30 and 90 days. This depends on the retailer’s return policy and how often the retailer pays BeFrugal for its referral. After this pending period, you can cash out. 

Getting Paid From BeFrugal:

Unlike many cash back platforms, BeFrugal offers a variety of cash out options. 

Check$25US Only
Direct deposit$0.01US Bank Account
PayPal$0.01Verified Account
Venmo$0.01Need a US phone number
Gift cardNoneE-cards only
Zelle$0.01Need a US phone number

Typically, BeFrugal issues payments within 24 hours of the request. 

The BeFrugal Cash Back Guarantee

BeFrugal also has a unique cash back guarantee. So, if you find a site that offers a higher cash back rate after you make a purchase using BeFrugal, they will match the rate at 125%.

This is a fantastic feature, as cash back rates can vary from site to site and platform to platform. So, if you do come across a site offering a better rate, you don’t need to have buyer remorse, as you can take advantage of this guarantee. 

However, you do need to report the rate within 24 hours of your purchase. You will also need to provide significant details for your transaction, which can take extra time. Additionally, BeFrugal only allows you to use this guarantee once per merchant. 

Report higher rates within 24 hours and BeFrugal will match it at 125%

Befrugal Pros and Cons


  • Best rate guarantee: BeFrugal will pay 125% of cash back offered on other platforms
  • Easy to use: The BeFrugal dashboard is easy to use, and you can quickly check your cash back balance at any time. 
  • Impressive network: BeFrugal partners with over 5,000 brands to offer cash back and deals.
  • Other money saving tools: In addition to cash back, you can get access to coupons and other money saving deals. 
  • Low cash out requirements: Depending on your choice of cash out method, the minimum is as little as one cent. 


  • Online only: Unlike some cash back platforms, BeFrugal only applies to online purchases. So, you won’t earn cash back for your in store purchases. 
  • Spam: Some BeFrugal review comments highlight spam issues. By supplying your email, you may be subject to a lot of spam.
  • Browser extension is not faultless: Other BeFrugal review complaints warn the extension does not always alert you to cash back offers. 
  • Guarantee only applies once per retailer: The Best Rate Guarantee only applies once at each retailer. So, if you shop at retailers multiple times, you won’t be able to apply for the guarantee rate. 

Which is Better Rakuten or Befrugal?

Rakuten Summary

  • High cashback potential of up to 40%
  • Earn cashback at over 2500 online stores
  • 6 different ways to earn cashback
  • Get $10 for free just for signing up

Rakuten is likely to be the most well known BeFrugal alternatives. While these platforms may appear similar, there are some differences that you need to note before you decide which one is best for you. 

The key features of both platforms include:

Sign Up Bonus$10$10
Minimum Cash Out$5None
Cash Out TimelineQuarterlyEarnings Pending for up to 90 days
Cash Out OptionsCheck, American Express Points, PayPalPayPal, Direct Deposit, Gift cards, Check, Venmo and Zelle

While Rakuten is considered a top cashback site, it may be a little less flexible than BeFrugal. This platform also offers promotional rates such as triple cash. This could be advantageous, but you will need to precisely time your purchases for maximum cash back.

Tips to Optimize BeFrugal Cash Back:

  • Get the sign up bonus: Even if you already use other cash back platforms and are not sure how much you will use BeFrugal, be sure to get the sign up bonus. You’ll qualify for a $10 sign up bonus that you can claim after just one purchase. 
  • Install the extension: The extension will allow you to see how much cash back you can earn at a glance. This will help you to maximize your cash back. 
  • Refer family and Friends: BeFrugal has a referral program where you can earn $10 for every referral once they reach $10 in cash back . There are no limits to how many people can use your referral link.

Befrugal FAQ

Is Befrugal worth it?

If you’re already shopping online, using a cash back site is like getting money for nothing. BeFrugal is one of the best cash back platforms. It has a track record of providing some of the best cash back rates and has a massive database of participating brands. 
Although there are other options out there, with a $10 sign up bonus, it is certainly worth making a few purchases to get this free welcome cash. 

Is Befrugal safe?

BeFrugal is a legit site that has some excellent review scores. So, you should feel safe using the platform.

Is there a Befrugal app?

Yes, Befrugal has an app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. This provides almost identical features to the website on your smartphone.

BeFrugal review

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