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Fetch Rewards Review 2024: Is Fetch Rewards Legit & Worth Your Time?

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Fetch Rewards Review

fetchrewards logo

Fetch Rewards is a shopping app that rewards you with points that are redeemable for gift cards and sweepstakes every time you shop. The app lets you save on things you regularly buy, so you don’t have to change your shopping habits or increase your expenses.



Legit & Safe

Saving Potential

Cashback Value

Number of Stores


  • Easy to use – you don’t have to activate any special offers to get increased points
  • You can earn points with any grocery store receipt
  • You can earn points on over 300 product brands
  • Variety of options to use your Fetch Rewards points – gift cards, Visa and Mastercard gift cards, sweepstakes and charity donations


  • Earning points isn’t automatic – you need to upload receipts
  • No PayPal or direct deposit redemptions

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How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

Fetch Rewards is a shopping app that rewards you with points that are redeemable for gift cards and sweepstakes every time you shop.

Fetch Rewards allows you to;

  • Earn points from any store or restaurant
  • Redeem points for gift cards and other rewards
  • Enjoy extra points, special offers, and more perks from popular brands

How Much Cashback You Can Get With Fetch Rewards?

You’ll get 25 points just for scanning a receipt, but you can earn hundreds or even thousands more if you’ve purchased Fetch Rewards partner brands.

Other Ways to Earn With Fetch Rewards

Special Offers

The best way to maximize your earnings and accumulate your Fetch Rewards points is to find special, limited-time offers.

Here are some of the recent special offers and how much you could earn:

  • Dove hair care or hair styling products (500 points)
  • Brownie Brittle snacks (750 points)
  • Axe antiperspirant deodorant (1,000 points)
  • com subscriptions (5,000 points)

Refer Your Friends

Referring your friends to Fetch Rewards is rewarding as well. Once you’re signed up, you can find your referral code in your app. 

When your friend registers with your referral code and submits their first receipt, both you and your friend will receive at least 2,000 points as a bonus.

Who is Fetch Rewards Best for?

Fetch Rewards is best for people who are doing grocery shopping each week for a full household. While people who live alone can also benefit from the Fetch Rewards app, big families can benefit much more. Basically, the more qualifying items you purchase, the more Fetch Rewards points you’ll earn.

Fetch Rewards Partner Stores

Fetch Rewards app recognizes receipts from most grocery stores including minor local grocery stores. 

Here’s the list of some of the Fetch Rewards partner brands:

  • Annie’s
  • Aquafina
  • Axe
  • Betty Crocker
  • Claritin
  • Doritos
  • Dove
  • Gevalia Coffee
  • Kraft
  • Heinz
  • Hershey’s
  • Huggies
  • Lay’s
  • Lipton
  • Yoplait

Visit the Fetch Rewards ‘Brands’ section to check the full list of partner brands you can earn points with.

Fetch Rewards accepts receipts from all physical retailers including restaurants, gas stations, pet stores, clothing retailers, bodegas and more.

Fetch Rewards Features: What Does Fetch Rewards Offer?

Semi-Passive earnings

Fetch Rewards allows you to make passive income as long as you upload a receipt with an eligible product, you earn points. 

Non grocery rebates

Fetch Rewards allows you to redeem receipts from more than just grocery stores. 

Special offers

Fetch Rewards has a Discover page that lets you see special offers that you can use to earn thousands of bonus points. These offers can be for grocery items, magazine subscriptions, and more.

Fetch pay

Fetch Pay is a physical debit card you can use at any location and earn one point per $1 spent. You can also snap pictures of receipts you received when paying with Fetch Pay and get double rewards.

Activity dashboard

With the Fetch Rewards activity dashboard, you can keep track of your spending with neat graphs and monthly breakdowns. You can also see how much you’ve spent at a particular store in a particular week, month, or year.

Is Fetch Rewards Free?

Fetch Rewards app is absolutely free to use. There are no fees for joining or maintaining your account.

Fetch Rewards Payout Terms and Options?

Once you’ve earned 3,000 points ($3), you can start redeeming your points. 

Remember, that 1,000 points equals $1.

Fetch Rewards offers various ways to redeem your points including;

Gift Cards

The best option to use your earned points is to redeem them for gift cards. Gift cards are typically available in $3, $5, $10, $25 and $50 values to retail stores, restaurants, travel brands, spa and beauty and more.

Visit the Fetch’s ‘Rewards’ section to check the full list of gift cards you can redeem your points

Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards

If you prefer cash-like rewards over gift cards, you can redeem your earnings for Visa and Mastercard gift cards. You can either pay for things with Visa and Mastercard gift cards or cash out.

However, your points are more valuable if you redeem them for retail gift cards instead. A $5 Visa gift card requires 6,000 points, while a $5 retail gift card will cost you just $5,000 points.


There are monthly cash sweepstakes where you can win Visa gift cards and you can buy each entry for 100 points. 

However, I wouldn’t recommend paying for entries as there are only a few winners each month and the odds are not in your favor. Entering the sweepstakes may only be beneficial if your points are about to expire but you don’t have enough of them to redeem for gift cards.

Charity Donations

You can also donate your Fetch Rewards points to charity. Donations start at 3,000 points for a $3 contribution.

Fetch Rewards Reviews: is Fetch Rewards Legit?

Fetch Rewards is a legit app that’s safe to use. Rated 3.2 on Trustpilot, 4.6 on google play, and 4.8 on apptica, the platform has gathered both negative and positive reviews. Most users think it’s a legit app that scans receipts and rewards. Other users also liked the fact that you get over 2000 points if you sign up using a referral link.

Unfortunately, a few users had issues with the site, commenting that the app does not read receipts accurately. Other users also argued that the platform deletes points without any warning. In addition, some users have also complained about having issues when it comes to redeeming points.

What are the Fetch Rewards Pros & Cons?

Fetch Rewards Pros

  • Easy to use 
  • You can earn points with any grocery store receipt
  • You can earn points on over 300 product brands
  • Variety of options to use your Fetch Rewards points including gift cards, Visa and Mastercard gift cards, sweepstakes and charity donations

Fetch Rewards Cons

  • Earning points isn’t automatic
  • No PayPal or direct deposit redemptions

Your uploaded receipt must show an itemized list of what you bought to confirm that you did purchase them.

How Good is Fetch Rewards Support?

Fetch Rewards features an extensive resource page including frequently asked questions and articles covering a wide range of topics about the platform. In case you have any questions or issues with your Fetch Rewards account, you can email the Fetch Rewards customer service at

Fetch Rewards Review Verdict: is Fetch Rewards Worth it?

Overall, this Fetch Rewards review shows that it’s worth your time if you frequently do grocery shopping and buy goods for your home. You will earn up to 25 points equivalent to $0.025 for scanning a receipt.

While redemption methods are limited to Fetch Rewards gift cards only, it’s still quite beneficial as Fetch partners with almost every major retailer in the United States.

How to Sign Up With Fetch Rewards?

Step 1 – Download the Fetch Rewards Mobile App

Fetch Rewards is a shopping app, so logically the very first step to joining and starting earning points is to download the app on your smartphone.

Fetch Rewards app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Step 2 – Sign Up & Enter a Fetch Rewards Promo Code

Once you’ve downloaded the Fetch Rewards app, open it to sign up. You’ll be required to fill out some basic information, such as your name and date of birth.

Fetch Rewards hack: use the Fetch Rewards promo code – FETCH2K – to immediately get 2,000 free points (worth $2) on your account.

When your account is ready, you’ll be able to start earning points. All you need to do to generate Fetch Rewards points is to snap pictures of your receipts or upload your eReceipts to the app.

And what’s best about Fetch Rewards is that it gives you 14 days after your purchase to upload your receipts. This way, you don’t have to rush and upload receipts in bulk over the weekend or whenever you have time for it.

Once you upload your receipts, your points will immediately be available and you can redeem them any time.

Sites Like Fetch Rewards

CompanyFetch RewardsSwagbucksBeFrugalTopCashBack
Logo fetchrewards logo swagbucks logo befrugal logo topcashback logo
Saving potential$0.5 to $2$50 to $1000Up to 40%Up to 40%
Number of shopsOver 350Not IndicatedOver 5000Over 4500
Best forCashback and referralsSurveys, online shopping and referralsCashback, deals and couponsCashbacks

Fetch Rewards vs. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Summary

  • 18 ways to earn money and e-gift cards
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Up to 10% cashback when shopping online
  • $1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal

Swagbucks is a rewards program that you can also use to earn rewards points that can be redeemed in the form of gift cards. Like Fetch Rewards, you can earn points by shopping from Swagbucks partners. 

You can also earn points from shopping in stores. While Swagbucks partners with over 5000 stores, Fetch Rewards only work with over 350 partner stores.

Fetch Rewards vs. BeFrugal

BeFrugal Summary

  • Guaranteed to have the highest cashback
  • More than 5000 stores to get cashback
  • Over 5 different ways to get rewards
  • 6 different ways to cash out your earnings

BeFrugal is a cashback website that offers one of the highest rates plus exclusive coupons & deals for 5000+ stores. Like Fetch Rewards, BeFrugal is free to sign up and use. BeFrugal also boasts over 5000 partners stored compared to fetch Rewards, which only has over 350. 

BeFrugal also allows you to get up to 40% on cashback compared to Fetch Rewards’ saving potential of between $0.5 to $2. More so, BeFrugal is best for cashback, deals, and coupons compared to Fetch Rewards, that’s suited for cashback and referrals.

Fetch Rewards vs. TopCashBack

TopCashback Summary

  • Get 100% of all the cash back you earn
  • No minimum threshold to cash out
  • Earn cash back at over 4400 partner stores
  • Earn up to 25% cash back and discounts

TopCashBack is a mobile app that allows you to earn cashback when shopping. While Fetch Rewards allows you to save $1 to $2, you can save up to 40% with TopCashBack. 

TopCashBack also has over 4500 partners stories compared to Fetch Rewards which boasts 350+. TopCashBack is also best for cashback and coupons compared to fetch Rewards that’s designed for cashback and referrals. 

Fetch Rewards vs. Rakuten

Rakuten Summary

  • High cashback potential of up to 40%
  • Earn cashback at over 2500 online stores
  • 6 different ways to earn cashback
  • Get $10 for free just for signing up

Rakuten is one of the most popular moneyback websites and the largest competitor to Fetch Rewards. However, the 2 apps work differently. Rakuten requires you to select offers in their app first, before making the purchase. On the other hand, earning Fetch Rewards points is seamless – all you need to do is submit your receipt and special offers will apply automatically.

Plus, Rakuten releases your cash-backs quarterly while Fetch Rewards points are available for you immediately after you upload your receipts.

Fetch Rewards vs. Ibotta

Ibotta Summary

  • 2 ways to earn – app or browser extension
  • Earn up to 30% cash back on purchases
  • Get a $5 bonus by referring friends
  • Over 1500 stores you can earn cash back at

Ibotta is a cashback website that partners with a variety of stores and retailers to offer you special offers. But compared to Ibotta, Fetch Rewards is easier to use as they don’t require you to “redeem” or “activate” bonus offers each time you go shopping. 

All you need to do to get Fetch Rewards points is to scan your receipts and you’ll automatically earn bonus points whether you knew it was a ‘Special Offer’ product or not.

Fetch Rewards vs. Drop App

Drop App Summary

  • Earn $10 from Drop Flash Deal offers
  • Get your reward within 3 days of redeeming
  • Earn up to $50 from referring friends
  • 5 different ways to earn rewards

Drop app is one of the best alternatives to Fetch Rewards that lets you earn cash-backs on your regular purchases. The points exchange rate for both platforms is 1,000 to $1. However, Fetch has a greater selection of partner brands and stores than Drop, increasing your earning potential.

Nevertheless, using Drop app is more seamless as you don’t have to upload any receipts and you can use it along with Fetch to maximize your savings even more.

Other Sites Like Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards FAQ

What is Fetch Rewards?

The app lets you save on things you regularly buy, so you don’t have to change your shopping habits or increase your expenses.

Over the years, the company has established partnerships with many of the industry’s largest companies, such as KraftHeinz, Unilever, and MillerCoors, to give you more rewards on over 250 brands. It also has over 13 million active shoppers.

The way Fetch Rewards works is you need to download the app on your smartphone and upload qualifying receipts to earn points.

You can upload receipts to Fetch Rewards app from:

  • ANY grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Liquor stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Drugstores
  • Big Box and Club Membership stores
  • Pet stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Retail, clothes & fashion stores

And the best thing about the app is that Fetch rewards e-receipts, including Amazon receipts as well.

Do my Fetch Rewards points expire?

Your Fetch Rewards points don’t expire when you’re actively using the app. However, they will expire if you’re inactive for 90 days or longer. You can reset the 90-day clock of inactivity by just submitting a new receipt any time.

How long after purchase do I have to submit my receipts?

You must scan and submit your receipts within 14 days after the purchase date to earn Fetch Rewards points.

Are there any limits on how many receipts I can upload?

Fetch Rewards only lets you scan a maximum of 20 receipts within the 7-day rolling period.

Does Fetch Rewards take gas receipts?

Yes, Fetch Rewards takes most of the gas receipts. Visit your Fetch Rewards app to check the partner gas stations in your area.

Is Fetch Rewards legit?

Fetch Rewards is legit and safe to use.

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