Best 27 Side Hustle Ideas in 2020 (Make Extra Money)

Looking for the best ways to make extra money? Here are the most lucrative Side Hustle Ideas that will make you extra cash.

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Top Ideas For Side Hustle Jobs

Today, we are looking into side hustle ideas.

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is an activity that provides supplemental income in addition to one’s full-time job.

Should a Side Hustle Be a Passion?

Not necessarily, if you do side hustle to mainly supplement your income. However, if your primary intention for the side hustle is well spent time and fulfilment, choose one of your hobbies. We have gathered a list of 49 hobbies that make money.

Types of Side Hustles

  1. Online Business [5 ideas]
  2. Surveys & Microjobs [3 ideas]
  3. Online Jobs [9 ideas]
  4. Offline Jobs [6 ideas]
  5. Rent Out Your Stuff [4 ideas]

Side Hustles – Online Business

Online Bussiness Side Hustle Ideas


Blogging requires initial investment of your time, but bears fruit even if you are away from your computer. It works well if you are okay with not earning significant money for 6-12 months. Just be sure to choose a niche that is not competitive , so your blog ranks much faster on Google. Also, you need to write at least 30-50 blog posts of 1500 words to see the results. For monetization, choose advertising and affiliate programs. Read our guide on how to start a blog.


Dropshipping requires almost no investment apart from the Shopify monthly fee of $29/month and your time. Creating a webstore is the easy part, as you can simply import products to your Shopify store using the Oberlo app. Bringing traffic is the most difficult part as you are not depending on free traffic from Google. Facebook/Pinterest/Youtube ads come in handy. But, do not rush buying ads – first learn the right way to start a dropshipping business.

Sell on Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon FBA requires initial investment as you need to order and send products to the Amazon warehouse. Amazon takes care of marketing, distribution and customer service. Check this comprehensive Amazon FBA guide in order to choose the right product, supply it, send it to the Amazon warehouse, create a listing, and launch it.

Sell books on Ebay

Selling books on Ebay requires a constant feed of new books. Check local thrift stores, garage sales, or even Craigslist for bargains. And if you have an attic full of books, that’s great – you can start almost cash free. Don’t forget to ask your relatives whether they have any spare books. It is worth mentioning that textbooks, unique books, old magazines, decor books and bibles are the best sellers.

It’s easy to set up a storefront on Ebay – just follow these 4 steps to sell your first book online.

Create Online Course (Udemy)

If you have expertise in any field that people would be interested in learning, create a course. Examples: how to play the piano, how to draw, how to become a plumber, how to fly a drone, etc.

Knowledge commerce requires no investment and is usually counted as a passive income – bearing industry. Udemy is a great marketplace to upload your first course. In order to learn how to create an online course, check this Udemy course.

Side Hustles – Surveys & Microjobs

Easy Part Time Side Hustle Ideas

Online Surveys (Swagbucks)

Swagbucks is a free web rewards program through which you can earn free gift cards and money. We have written a comprehensive guide testing all 18 ways to make money using Swagbucks. Check the results on our Swagbucks Review before you dive in.

By the way, bear in mind that it’s worth signing up for more than one web rewards program, so you can pick the best deals and jobs from each site every day . Check out our list of 9 more Sites like Swagbucks.

Test Websites (User Testing)

User Testing is the most popular platform in the industry. Your human insights as a customer is what User Testing is looking for. You will need to record a 20-minute video where you review a certain application or website. Pay is great, at $10 for every review, and is paid straight into your Paypal. For alternatives, check out these websites: TestingTime, TryMyUi, UserFeel, Enroll, UserZoom, UserLytics, Validately, What Users Do.

Microjobs (Amazon Mturk)

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk lists microjobs called HITs (human intelligence tasks). Remote workers choose and complete these tasks to receive compensation. Tasks include data processing, data verification, data cleanup, information gathering, etc. Other popular microjobs sites are Clickworker and ySense.

Side Hustles – Online Jobs

Online Side Hustle Jobs

Virtual Assistant Service

It’s no longer necessary to work a 9-5 job or even leave your home to make a living. However, I would suggest starting a virtual assistant career as a side hustle, and only switching careers once you make more than you do from your day job. Once you hit 3-5 regular customers, you can expect lots of hours. If you see that you are constantly getting offered 40+ hours , consider raising your hourly rate. To begin your journey, check these virtual assistant jobs for beginners.


If you are good at fixing poorly structured text and pointing out mistakes, proofreading could be a perfect match for you. Most usual content consists of student essays, blogs, online articles, interviews, cases studies , user manuals, eBooks, press releases, newsletters and social media posts. Bear in mind that you can use tools such as Grammarly to automate most of your work.

To get started, check out our comprehensive guide, which includes tips, tricks and 30 proofreading jobs.

Remote Writing

Freelance remote writing gigs can be lucrative if you are good at writing. We gathered 50 remote working jobs to kickstart your journey in the writing industry. Check this article if you are worried about writer’s burnout – the most common problem remote writers face.

Transcribe (TranscribeMe)

Transcribing audio with TranscribeMe is one of the easiest ways to start your online career. TranscribeMe pays from $0.33 per audio minute, which is $20 per hour. You get $2 for every accurately transcribed file. Use Scribie to convert audio to text automatically and just fix the mistakes. This way you can save loads of time.

Teaching English Online (VIPKid)

If you are a North American fluent in English, you can teach children in China. VIPKid is a leading platform with potential earnings of $22 per hour. Classes run for 25-30 minutes. Make sure you have a fast internet connection.

Graphic Design (Zazzle)

Designing and selling customizable invitations and cards is the best way to make money on Zazzle, as customers usually order in hundreds if not thousands. Elke Clarke made over $850k in 5 years.

Draw Illustrations (Merch)

Merch by Amazon offers an opportunity to create t-shirt designs and sell them on Amazon marketplace. You have an initial limit of how many designs you can upload, so make sure to keep the price low in order to sell and get the limit increased. This way you can build up your portfolio more quickly . It’s great if you are looking to build more passive income, but it takes more time to earn significant income.

Photography (Fiverr)

If you have a passion for photography and are looking to monetize your hobby, put an ad on Fiverr and let people know what you can do with your camera. Ideas for your first Gig:

  • I will take any photo in New York
  • I will take photos of anything
  • I will take phenomenal food photos
  • I will take a photo of your product as I travel the world
  • I will take a photo of your brand with my dog

Videography with Drone

Sell aerial photos and video footage on stock websites, offer wedding aerial photography and videography, offer drone service to real estate advertisers, hotels, resorts, etc. The possibilities are endless . Make sure to put your ad on websites such as Fiverr or Cragslist.

Side Hustles – Offline Jobs

Side Hustle-Part Time Jobs

Charge Electric Scooters (Bird, Lime)

Download the Bird and Lime apps, collect scooters, charge them at home, and earn money. For every scooter you get $3-$7. Is it a great business? Reyes the Entrepreneur shows how to earn $5000 in a single month. Bear in mind that a car is a must, but a van would be better , as you can take more scooters in one go.

Dog Walking (Rover)

Love dogs? You have a great opportunity with Rover to help dog owners take care of their pets when they are away. Services you can provide: dog boarding, house sitting, drop-in visits, doggy day care, and dog walking. To put it into perspective, Jen Tserng grossed over $100,000 in one year with Rover.

Food Delivery Service (Postmates)

Half a million restaurants and businesses all over the USA are partnering with Postmates to distribute food to Americans. It’s a great opportunity if you are working 9-5 and looking for a weekend or evening job, as these are the busy times for Postmates. Realistically, you can earn $15 per hour plus tips making about 4 deliveries. ( And that’s after Postmates takes their 20% share.)

Driving (Lyft, Uber)

Lyft and Uber offer opportunities to become one of their drivers . You can work any hours, but evening shifts and weekends are usually the busiest times. The busier it is, the more you get paid, so it’s worth taking timing into consideration. You must have a car, so take car expenses into consideration when calculating your net revenue. On the other hand, this job is not difficult and you have a chance to meet many interesting people.

Microjobs (Taskrabbit)

Assemble IKEA furniture, mount TVs, move boxes, clean houses, fix plumbing, bring furniture upstairs, plant flowers, and so on. If you have tools and a skillset, grab an opportunity to start your online venture. Get jobs on Taskrabbit as they are partnered with IKEA and have many jobs on their platform.

Mystery Shopping (SecretShopper)

Secret Shopper pays money for you to visit physical shops, purchase and give feedback on customer experience. You will get $5-$20 for each visit. This opportunity will not provide you consistent hours, but the more gigs you sign up for, the more you can expect to receive. You can also combine this job with other side hustle ideas mentioned in this article.

Side Hustles – Rent Out Your Stuff

Rent Stuff-As-Side Hustle

Rent Out Your Car (Turo)

With Turo you can rent your car and earn money with your asset. Sign up and create a listing. Your rented car comes with $1 million in liability insurance and is protected against physical damage for collision and causes such as theft. What can you expect to earn with Turo?

  • 2015 Toyota Prius in Los Angeles – $29 per day
  • 2012 Jeep Wrangler in Atlanta – $54 per day
  • 2018 Fiat 500 in Miami – $44 per day

Rent Out a Room (AirBnB)

Having a spare room lets you rent it via AirBnB and earn, on average , $924 month according to AirBnB. If you live in a touristy place, you are lucky, as you will probably earn more. Some people even move away from city centers or touristy places to rent out their entire apartment. But, keep in mind that you would need to rent an apartment for yourself or take a risk and buy a new property. Either way, it’s great to have a chance to convert your side hustle into a business.

Rent Out Clothing (Style Lend)

Style Lend gives you the opportunity to monetize your wardrobe. It’s great if you have designer clothing, but even party dresses can make you money. 100% insurance covers minor rips, stains and tears. USPS shipping labels are sent once someone rents your clothing. Style Lend suggests pricing your clothing at 5-10% of the original purchase price. The more expensive the clothing, the more you can make.

Rent Out Stuff (Loanables)

Lend your expensive equipment, tools, electronics to other people with Loanables. Examples include: projector for $80/week, paddleboard for $150/week, inflatable water slide for $75/day, generator $250/week, etc. You will also reduce waste and make money at the same time.

Let me know in the comments below which side hustle you are going to try .

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