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To become an ultimate practical resource to make money online.


Co-Founder Tomas Gutauskas:

“At DollarBreak, we set out on a mission, to find the best apps, ways, and resources on how to make money online. The true fact is that it’s not difficult, but people don’t know where to start and nobody showed them how. If you want to earn side money, start a new career or get out of debt, you will find a practical method on DollarBreak

Co-Founder Vaidas Adomavicius:

“Personal finance is still a taboo in our society. Conversations about money make people feel embarrassed and conflicted. People want help and surely they need it, but they are afraid to talk about money because they never consider obtaining even the most basic financial skills and therefore get burnt multiple times.

This has to change and we give our part by starting a conversation and spreading financial literacy through DollarBreak”


Khatia Shiukashvili

Khatia’s successful career includes more than 5 years of experience in the global financial industry.

She has coached multiple entrepreneurs to start making money online and turn it to successful full-time businesses. From earning money as a beginner entrepreneur to advanced investing in the stock market, Khatia’s guides can help you to get more ideas on how to make more money online.

Kasera Kiyaka

Kasera has had a long career in personal finance having spent over 5 years working as a financial advisor. She has worked directly with CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

With a background in economics and now e-business and digital marketing, she has joined Dollarbreak to share her experience, to help individuals save and make more money online. Kasera’s guides can help you make sound financial decisions revolving around budgeting, spending, investment, and retirement.

Gideon Law

Gideon is an experienced investor and successful business owner with years of experience in the financial services and technology sectors. He also has almost a decade’s worth of experience as a professional writer, working primarily with US-based FinTech companies.

Gideon has joined the DollarBreak team to share his expertise with readers from around the globe and to help them make better decisions when it comes to managing their personal finances and earning money online.

Lorraine Smithills

Lorraine has had a successful career in the financial industry with a variety of roles including senior executive and national coordinator.

Today, Lorraine enjoys using this expertise as a professional writer to help people get their finances under control through her articles and blog posts. Whether you’re looking to save money, organize a budget or get the best loan deal, you can benefit from Lorraine’s tips and tricks.

Michael Barton

Michael’s career includes a quarter century in the global financial industry, ranging from trading and training to advice and sales. He has held senior positions at companies such as Goldman Sachs, SNC (Merrill Lynch), and Cargill Investor Services.

This experience helped Michael provide a unique service in his capacity as a personal financial advisor, helping retail and high net worth clients manage their money more effectively and invest more profitably.

Michael has joined DollarBreak to bring the Wall Street touch to you. To help you navigate your budget, make and save more money, and maximize your investments.

Olivia Derby

Olivia is a digital marketer turned author and editor. She has worked with banks and FinTech organizations in the USA, Europe, and the Nordics to help inspire people to take a different perspective on money and what it means to be self-employed.

Today, she works with authors and solopreneurs to help them build the businesses of their dreams and design an empire on the back of their content.

Khadija Bilal

Khadija is an investor, businesswoman, and an acclaimed financial expert with over 10 years of consulting experience.

Her expertise in financial advising has won her numerous local awards over the years. She then switched career paths and decided to pursue educational writing, now writing financial articles for DollarBreak.

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