200+ Surveys for Money: Legit Online Surveys Sites That Pay Cash

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Best Paying Survey Sites


BrandedSurveys logo

$1 sign up bonus

$0.50-$3 on average per survey

Average survey length is 15 min


InboxDollars logo

13 extra ways to earn money

$5 sign up bonus

Referral program – 30%


LifePoints logo

Earn up to $20 each month

15 minutes to complete a survey

$5 minimum payout threshold

If you’re looking for a side gig, you may have considered surveys for money.

Here I’ll explore the top sites where you can earn cash in your spare time.

200+ Surveys for Money

Branded Surveys

BrandedSurveys Summary

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • $0.50-$3 on average per survey
  • Average survey length is 15 min
  • Branded Elite Program – extra points for active members

Branded Surveys is an online platform offering rewards for participation in surveys. The platform is open to those in the USA, the UK, and Canada. 

You can expect to earn up to 300 points for each survey, and each point is worth approximately 1 cent. When you reach $10 or 1,000 points, you can redeem your earnings through PayPal or by requesting a gift card.

Branded Surveys differs from many survey platforms because you have the assurance that they will quickly process payments. It only takes two business days to receive your funds after you request payment. So, you’re not waiting weeks to receive your rewards. 


Swagbucks Summary

  • 18 ways to earn money
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Up to 10% cashback
  • $1 minimum gift card withdrawal


LifePoints Summary

  • Earn up to $20 each month
  • On average it takes 10-20 minutes to complete a survey
  • Collected points expire after 3 years if not redeemed
  • $5 minimum payout threshold

The Lifepoints community share opinions and views to help big brands with their market research needs. You can earn rewards for survey participation, but you can also earn Lifepoints for other tasks, including shopping and using local services. 

Lifepoints is unusual, as it is has a very low minimum cash out of just $5 or 550 Lifepoints. You can claim your reward via PayPal or with a gift card from major brands such as eBay, Starbucks, and Amazon.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Summary

  • $1-$3 average earnings per survey
  • Points for survey disqualification
  • Additional ways to earn up to $100
  • Browser extension to notify you of new surveys

Many consider Survey Junkie to be the most trusted surveys for money platform. This makes it a great way to earn some cash in your spare time. You’ll receive money for your honest opinions, which help brands improve products and services. 

What’s nice about Survey Junkie is that you can start making money immediately. After you sign up, Survey Junkie will match surveys to your personal profile. Each survey displays the points you’ll earn and an estimate of the time needed. This will help you to maximize your earnings. 

You’ll earn $1 for every 100 points, and you can claim your earnings via gift card or PayPal payment. 


PrizeRebel Summary

  • Most surveys pay up to $1
  • Earn as much as $50 each month
  • Rewards are sent in 24 hours
  • Up to 30% for referred user earnings

PrizeRebel not only offers surveys, but you can earn points for taking advantage of offers and watching videos. You’ll see the available points for each survey and activity to help you decide if it is worth your time. 

You can also earn bonuses for referring family members and friends. You’ll earn a commission on your referral’s earnings. So, you’ll receive 20 points for every 100 points your friend receives. This generous referral program makes PrizeRebel stand apart from many other survey sites. 

Once you’ve accumulated $5, you can receive a PayPal payment within a day or opt for gift cards from Netflix, Amazon, Kroger, and other popular brands. 


InboxDollars Summary

  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Great referral program – 30% that referral makes
  • Most of the surveys pay $0.50 to $1
  • 13 extra ways to earn money

One of the most appealing aspects of InboxDollars is the numerous opportunities to earn cash. You can not only earn cash for participating in surveys, but also shopping online, reading emails, watching videos, using search engines, signing up for offers and referring friends.  

Surveys typically earn $0.25 to $5, depending on the time it takes. Once you reach the minimum $30, you can request payment via PayPal, Tango,  prepaid Visa or check.

Your first payment will take up to 16 to process. However, after this payment, you’ll receive an upgrade to Gold Member status. Gold Members will receive quicker payments that are often processed on the same day. 


Toluna Summary

  • Get paid from $0.01 to $15 per survey
  • Receive up to 7 surveys in a single day
  • Complete surveys on iOS or Android
  • Earn extra money by playing games

Toluna has accumulated millions of members since its launch 20 years ago. In addition to offering surveys, you can accumulate points through participating in polls and testing products. 

The company also operates sweepstakes draws, where you can win prizes. You can also receive points for participating in the Toluna community and helping other users. 

Toluna has one stand out feature; it’s referral scheme. You’ll receive 500 points for every family member and friend you refer. 

When you reach 95,000 points, you can cash out for a $30 PayPal payment. 

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Summary

  • Each product survey pays $3.00
  • Average survey length is 15 min
  • Quick payment, usually within 48 hours
  • Minimum payout threshold is only $1

Pinecone Research is a little different from most surveys for money sites, since you need to receive an invite to join. You can register your interest on the Pinecone website or look out for banners when you’re searching the web.

After you receive an invite, you’ll get the chance to earn up to $5 per survey. There is also the chance the boost your earnings with product testing. However, another stand out feature of Pinecone Research is that they offer loyalty bonuses. The longer you participate, the more you can expect to earn. 

The minimum payout is just $3, and you can redeem your earnings via check, PayPal, or gift cards.

Nielsen App

Nielsen Summary

  • Earn $50 a year on autopilot
  • Great customer service
  • BBB accreditation with an A+ rating
  • Possibility to win $1,000

Nielsen has been a household name in market research for decades. The company has an A+ BBB rating and a good reputation within the online community. The Nielsen app is easy to use and is available for iOs and Android. 

The app runs silently in the background of your device, and it measures how you use your phone. While it doesn’t interfere with your personal communications, it measures your website usage, messaging, apps, and other phone utilities. You’ll earn up to $50 a year, just for allowing the app to remain on your device. 

You can redeem your earnings with gift cards for retailers such as Target, Starbucks, Amazon, and more. 


MyPoints Summary

  • Get Cashback from 1900 stores
  • $10 free Amazon card with your first purchase
  • $1 on average per survey
  • Paid so far $236 million in gift cards & PayPal cash

MyPoint is another impressive surveys for money site. This platform has paid out more than $200 million to its users, since it began operating 25 years ago. 

In addition to surveys, you can earn points playing games, watching videos, and earning cashback on your shopping.

The amount you’ll receive depends on the specific retailer. For example, you can receive 15 points for every dollar spent with Amazon. However, there are cashback rewards for Walmart, eBay, and other popular retailers.

You can redeem your accumulated points for PayPal payments, prepaid Visa cards, or gift cards. 


Vindale Research Summary

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • Pays $5 per user referred
  • Processes payments within 24 hours
  • Operates on $ amounts (not points)

Vindale research offers cash for your participation in surveys and market research. The website is easy to use and you can earn $0.25 to $50 for each survey. You can also match with other survey programs, including IPSOS and PointsClub. 

Once your earnings reach $50, you can claim your reward in the form of a PayPal payment. 

Vindale also has a Reward Codes program. It posts reward codes across social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. If you see one of these codes, you just need to copy and paste it into the reward code box on your dashboard. You’ll then receive a credit on your account.


i-Say Summary

  • Earn as much as $50 each month
  • $1 for each invited friend
  • $5 minimum payout threshold
  • Same-day redemption for e-gift cards

i-Say operates on the basis that personal opinions will make a massive difference to the world. There are over three million members of the platform, and you can join them, earning rewards for offering your honest opinions through its online surveys. 

You can earn up to 150 points per survey, and you can also participate in polls. However, where i-Say stands out is that you’ll earn 5 points even if you screen out of a survey. There is also a loyalty program, so you gain additional points, the more surveys you participate in. 

Once you accumulate 1,530 or $15, you can request a PayPal payment. But, it can take several weeks for your payment to arrive. 


iSurvey World Summary

  • Expect $1 – $2 per survey
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Low disqualification rate
  • Open to people age 16+
Is isurveyWorld worth the time

iSurveyWorld offers up to $2 for each survey. However, where the platform stands apart from other surveys for money sites is that typically, you won’t screen out after you begin a survey. This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of participating in surveys, as screening out wastes your time.

Additionally, iSurveyWorld does not use a points system. So, it is easier to track your earnings and assess which surveys are the best use of your time.

Once you reach $25 in your account, you can redeem your earnings as a PayPal transfer. Unfortunately, payments do take several weeks for iSurveyWorld process, so you will need to have a little patience. 


OneOpinion Summary

  • Surveys pay up to $5
  • Live customer support by phone
  • Periodically, you may receive an invite to participate in product testing
  • 50 points bonus if you screen out of a survey

OneOpinion is another platform that is part of the Dynata group. Most of its surveys are worth 500 to 1,000 points. However, there are occasionally longer, higher paying surveys. 

Every 10 points are worth 1 cent, and once you reach 25,000 points, you can redeem your earnings. You can choose PayPal payments, e-gift cards, or physical gift cards. 

The platform is available in the USA, Canada, and UK. Additionally, it is open to teens with parental consent. 

Survey Savvy

SurveySavvy Summary

  • Get $5 per device each month plus access to special surveys
  • Pays up to $15 per user referred
  • Minimum payout threshold is only $1
  • Available globally
Survey Savvy Surveys

Survey Savvy stands apart from many other survey sites, as it has been around for over 20 years. This platform is available worldwide, and you can supplement your earnings by downloading the SavvyConnect app. You’ll receive $5 per month for every month the app is on your device.

Like most surveys for money panels, Survey Savvy matches you with appropriate surveys. You’ll receive $1 to $3 per survey. Unfortunately, PayPal and direct deposit are not available, so you’ll need to wait up to 12 weeks for a check.

However, this company has a clear promise that they will never share or sell your personal identity data.

Survey Club

Survey Club Summary

  • Focus groups can pay as much as $200 for a couple of days of your time
  • Get paid from $0.50 to $5 per survey
  • Has qualifier filter to avoid wasting time for screening questions
  • Points for survey disqualification
Survey Club Paid Survey Site

As the name suggests, Survey Club has a primary focus on survey participation. You can earn up to $5 for each survey, depending on the time necessary. Most surveys pay less than $1. 

There is also rare opportunities to participate in clinical trials and focus groups. These offer $200 to $1,000, but you need to wait for an invite to qualify. 

What makes Survey Club a little different is that you can filter the surveys by type, length, and reward. This makes it easier to maximize your earnings and make the most of your time. 

The minimum cash out is $20, and you can receive your payment via PayPal, check, or Amazon credit.

Survey Voices

Survey Voices Summary

  • Many surveys opportunities
  • Free to sign up
  • Quick payout potential
  • Available in USA

Survey Voices is a little different to the typical survey site. It acts as the middleman between members and the various survey platforms. This type of survey aggregator site helps you to find the best platforms to maximize your earnings. 

While it is possible to search out these platforms yourself, Survey Voices claims to help members earn up to $300 in their first week. 

Your Survey Voices dashboard will display available surveys, but you’ll also see third party offers and deals. This can include free trials, but you should carefully read the terms to avoid incurring charges when the trial period ends. 


Zoombucks Summary

  • Expect $0.40 – $4 per survey
  • Takes few hours to reach $5
  • $3 low payout threshold
  • Earn additional income by watching videos or “offer walls” tasks

Zoombucks has been organizing surveys since 1946. What is cool about this platform is that the tasks are simple. From answering surveys to watching videos, you can easily earn points in your spare time. 

Once you have 3,000 points, or $3, you can redeem your earnings. Zoombucks processes payments very quickly, so you can expect to receive your cash within 48 hours. 

There are lots of payment options in the Zoombucks rewards catalog. There are gift card options for gamers, fashionistas, moms, and regular shoppers. However, if you prefer, you can opt for a PayPal payment, and it should be in your account within two days. 

Product Report Card

Product Report card Summary

  • Get paid from $0.25 to $5 per survey
  • Low surveys disqualification rate
  • Supplement your survey earnings by completing product reviews
  • Responsive customer support

Product Report Card offers surveys that pay $0.25 to $5, but there are occasional surveys that offer up to $10. However, you can also earn up to $1 for product reviews.

Once you complete your profile, you can check a list of products that you use. This will create an opportunity to write reviews of up to 500 words without needing to buy anything. 

You may also receive an invite to participate in a focus group. These pay up to $200 and require just an hour or two of your time. 

Once your account balance reaches $25, you can request payment via check or PayPal. There is also the option to redeem your earnings with an Amazon gift card or prepaid Visa card. 

Panda Research

PandaResearch Summary

  • Earn up to $50 per completed survey ($1.5 on average)
  • Invite friends & earn 10% from their earnings
  • Get paid by the 1st and 15th every month though Paypal
  • Earn additional income by reading emails

Panda Research does not require members to qualify for surveys, and you can expect as much as $3 per survey. Occasionally, there are longer surveys that offer up to $40. You can boost your Panda Research earnings with third party deals, email offers, and the referral program. 

The only possible drawback to Panda Research is the withdrawal process. Firstly, the minimum withdrawal limit is a rather steep $50, and withdrawals need to be in $50 increments. Additionally, Panda only processes payments on the 1st and 15th of each month. This means that if you only earn $47, you will need to wait until the next payment processing date to increase your balance and claim your earnings. 


Quick Thoughts Summary

  • Surveys pay typically $0.50 to $3
  • Rewards do not expire
  • Lots of surveys
  • Low $10 minimum payout
Quickthoughts Surveys

Quickthoughts is part of the Dynata group and has been around since 2013. This survey platform is based on an app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. The primary task on this app is surveys, but there are other tasks, including shopping assignments. 

Surveys take up to 30 minutes, and you can receive $0.50 to $3. Quickthoughts also offers $0.10 if you screen out of a survey. When your account balance reaches $10, you can claim your earnings through Amazon gift card codes or other vouchers. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity. 

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost Summary

  • Get paid from $0.50 to $5 per survey
  • Earn $1 for each sign up from your unique link
  • Get invite to quarterly $10,000 draw if you are screened out of survey
  • Low payout threshold of $10
Opinion Outpost Surveys

Another Dynata Group company is Opinion Outpost. You’ll need to provide some personal information during the sign up process. This information is necessary for Opinion Outpost to match you with appropriate surveys.

Every survey takes up to 15 minutes to complete, and you can expect to receive 5 to 50 points. Once you reach 100 points or $10, you can redeem your earnings with a PayPal payment or gift card. You can also choose to donate your points to charity. You’ll typically receive your reward within 72 hours. 


InboxPays Summary

  • Most of the surveys pay $0.50 to $1
  • On average it takes 10 minutes to complete survey
  • 6 ways to earn money
  • Get paid by the 1st and 15th every month though Paypal

Inboxpays offers a variety of tasks to earn cash in your spare time. In addition to participating surveys, you can earn rewards reading emails, clipping coupons, referring friends, and other activities. 

You’ll earn $0.02 to $1 per survey, but each one typically only takes a minute or two. 

The platform has a complex redemption process. The cash out is a steep $50, and $25 of this needs to come from offers. However, if you meet these conditions, you can redeem your earnings via PayPal and have cash within a few days.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Summary

  • Get paid from $0.05 to $50 per survey
  • Average survey length is 10 min
  • Potential to earn $50 to $200 for reviewing physical products
  • Minimum payout threshold is only $10

American Consumer Opinion or ACOP has millions of members and offers some great surveys for money. Shorter surveys offer up to 50 points, but there is a possibility of longer surveys that offer thousands of points.

You can also supplement your earnings with the ACOP referral program. Every point is worth one cent, and the minimum cash out is just 1,000 points. 

However, what makes ACOP stand apart is that in addition to claiming your earnings via PayPal, there are other interesting options. You can use your points to donate to charity or exchange your points for entry into sweepstake draws cash or other prizes.


GG2U Summary

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • Pay varies from $0.60 to $1.35 per survey
  • Receive 5% from your referred friend lifetime earnings
  • Get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, or eGift Cards.

Gg2u is quite a young platform in comparison to many of the other sites on our list. However, it has already earned a solid reputation in the online community.

In addition to participating in surveys for money, you can earn cash by watching videos, playing games, or signing up for third party offers. 

Most surveys offer up to $1.50 each. There is also an impressive referral program. You’ll earn 5 percent of the earnings of friends and family members you refer to the platform. 

You can convert the points you accumulate into PayPal cash with a minimum of $7. There are also gift card options for Walmart, Amazon, Target, Google Play, or other leading brands, or even Bitcoin. 

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions Summary

  • Get $1 to $5 per survey
  • Average of 2 to 6 surveys per month
  • Badge system recognition
  • Low $10 minimum cash out

Valued Opinions is part of the ResearchNow group and operates in 20 countries around the world, including the USA, Australia, and the UK. 

Surveys take up to 20 minutes and you will receive up to $5 per survey. The topics involve marketing, brands, and products. 

However, Valued Opinions does not have cash rewards. You can claim your earnings via gift cards and retail vouchers for popular brands, including Amazon and Macy’s. The minimum redemption is $10. You can expect to receive electronic vouchers within 24 hours, but if you want a physical gift card, it can take up to six weeks to arrive.

Zap Survey

Zap Surveys Summary

  • Earn $6.25 on your first survey
  • Complete surveys on iOS or Android
  • $0.45 reward for invited friend completed survey
  • Over 12 different cash out options

Zap Surveys rewards participants for their opinions with cash and gift card rewards. However, where Zap stands apart from many other surveys for money platforms is its dedication to charitable causes.

When you participate in Zap surveys, the platform pays you and donates to charities fighting child hunger around the world. For every $1 you receive, Zap donates $0.20 to charity. 

Surveys display the potential reward and how many minutes it requires. There are pre qualification questions to confirm your eligibility, but if you’re in a popular demographic, there are lots of surveys. 

You’ll need $25 or more to cash out, but you can expect to receive your rewards within a couple of days.


Surveyeah Summary

  • Earn between $0.25 and $4 per survey depending on the duration
  • Strict policy – ensures its members’ privacy
  • Most surveys last 5-20 minutes
  • Expect to receive between 2 and 4 surveys per month

Surveyeah is part of the Tradatech SRL group. This Italian online consumer panel is open to members around the world. You’ll receive rewards for participating in market research. 

Each survey is worth $0.50 to $2, depending on its duration and length. However, Surveyeah will only apply your points once the survey panel has fully closed. 

Where Surveyeah stands apart is the variety of payment options. You can receive your earnings via PayPal, Skrill, Amazon gift card, or eBook download. There is also an option to donate your earnings to charity. The minimum redemption is $20 in the USA, but this varies in other countries. 

Clear Voice Surveys

ClearVoice Surveys Summary

  • Earn $1-$20 per survey
  • Open to users age 13+
  • Win up to $1,000 in Sweepstake draws
  • Minimum cash out is a low $10

Clear Voice Surveys has been around since 2006. This panel works with thousands of companies around the world. Clear Voice matches surveys to your demographics using the information you provide during sign up. 

The platform has a variety of survey options, including online surveys, product testing and interactive surveys. These tasks typically require up to 25 minutes and you can receive up to $10. However, most surveys pay $0.25 to $1. You’ll also receive $0.10 if you screen out of a survey.

You can redeem your rewards via Payoneer, Amazon Vouchers or gift cards. There is also the opportunity to win Sweepstake prizes of up to $1,000.


Your-Surveys Summary

  • Earn around $10 per month
  • Your answers remain anonymous
  • Open to users age 13+
  • Your information will not be sold to 3rd parties

Your Surveys is open to members over the age of 13. This makes it a great option for teens who want to earn a little extra cash in their spare time. Users under the age of 18 need to provide a parental consent form, but there are no other restrictions.

Surveys can take up to 20 minutes, and you can expect to earn up to $1 per survey. You can redeem your earnings through PayPal, Payoneer, and gift cards. 


UniqueRewards Summary

  • Expect to earn $0.50 to $1 per survey
  • Earn extra by playing games, watching vidoes & reading emails
  • PayPal processed every Monday
  • Earn 10% of referral’s earnings

Unique Rewards offers a variety of tasks to earn cash in your spare time. In addition to surveys, you can receive shopping cash back, refer friends, sign up for offers, watch videos, submit captcha codes, and click ads. 

The platform also has an impressive referral program. In addition to receiving 10% of your referral’s earnings, you’ll receive $1 when they complete their first task. There is also a $50 bonus when your referral’s account balance reaches $20. 

Once you reach the $20 minimum cash out, you can redeem your earnings through PayPal or check. However, where Unique Rewards is unique is that there is an automatic upgrade to Gold Membership status when you reach this $20 level.

Gold membership increases your commission by 40%. This applies to almost all surveys, videos and offers. 


TimeBucks Summary

  • Expect to earn $0.30 to $1 per survey
  • Get paid to post on Tik Tok or Instagram
  • Multiple payout options including Bitcoin
  • Cash out at $10

Timebucks offers a variety of tasks to earn cash in your spare time. There is not only surveys, but watching videos, installing free apps, following people on Instagram, posting on TikTok, playing games, watching slideshows, and online shopping. 

Although many of these tasks are only worth a few cents, they are easy to complete. Surveys are typically worth up to $1 and can take up to 15 minutes. Once you reach $10, you can cash out via Payeer, Skrill, AirTM, or Neteller. Timebucks processes payments every week, so you can expect your earnings every Thursday

The Panel Station

The Panel Station Summary

  • Low withdrawal threshold of $10
  • Easy way to make money
  • 4 payout options – Amazon gift card, PayPal, e-vouchers, and sweepstake entries
  • Earn points even when you disqualify for a survey

Make Surveys Money

MakeSurveyMoney Summary

  • Friendly interface and user experience
  • $5 sign-up bonus
  • Multiple ways to earn extra money
  • Flexible schedule

Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn Summary

  • High sign-up bonus (you get $10 for just signing up)
  • Payout is through PayPal, which is safe and secure
  • You can join from anywhere in the world
  • You can join the platform for free

Real Surveys That Pay

Real Surveys That Pay Summary

  • Get a sign-in bonus of $2
  • The cashout minimum is only $10
  • You can cash out your earnings either through PayPal or redeem them for gift cards
  • You have the chance of earning 15% of your referrals’ earnings


Tellwut Summary

  • Fun, short surveys
  • Low payout threshold of just $10
  • Superb customer support
  • Create your own surveys and polls


InboxPounds Summary

  • Earn real cash, not points
  • Refer friends to make 10% of their earnings
  • Most surveys take 3-25 minutes to complete
  • Some surveys may pay £20 or more if you fit the demographic


eSurveyBox Summary

  • The average survey length is 5-20 minutes
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of 5,000 points ($5)
  • Receive eGift Cards instantly
  • Earn points by referring friends

Prolific Survey

Prolific Summary

  • Studies pay a minimum of $6.50 per hour
  • Surveys, games or studies about scientific research
  • Estimated completion time is visibile before you take the survey
  • Monitor new studies with Prolific Assistant chrome extension

Prolific survey is a different take on the survey platform. You’ll be paid for your participation in research studies. Researchers need help with university studies and other academic research. To date Prolific has run thousands of studies. 

You’ll receive cash incentives for participating in surveys. Prolific matches each research study with members in the appropriate demographic group. You can expect to earn at least $6.50 per hour.

The minimum payout is just $5 and Prolific process PayPal payments twice per week. 

Brand Institute

Brand Institute Summary

  • Get paid from $2 to $5 per survey
  • Medical surveys pay as much as $30
  • No minimum payouts
  • Great customer support

You can receive your payment via check or PayPal with no minimum redemption level. 

Brand Institute specializes in medical topics. While there are other types of surveys offering up to $5 per survey, the medical surveys can earn you $30. This is far higher than many of the other surveys for money options.

To join, you will need to complete a basic questionnaire, and medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will receive priority. 

Unfortunately, the downside of these higher rates is payments tend to be slower. The platform only issues payments when a survey closes, so unless you time it right, you could be waiting weeks for your payment.  

Opinion Miles Club

Opinion Miles Club Summary

  • Surveys take on average 10 to 15 minutes to complete
  • Earn 300 MileagePlus miles for completing your first survey
  • Receive 600 miles if you have a MileagePlus card or are a Premier member
  • Participate in a sweepstake for a chance of winning 100,000 MileagePlus Reward Miles


Smartapp Summary

  • Get a $5 sign-up bonus
  • Earn up to $10 per survey
  • Monthly free prize draws have 3 winners earning $100 each
  • Redeem your earnings via PayPal or Amazon gift cards


QueOpinas Summary

  • Get relevant survey links sent directly to your email inbox
  • Earn $0.8 – $1 per 20-minute survey
  • Pays real money via PayPal or Check
  • Helpful customer service

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau Summary

  • Get a $5 sign-up bonus
  • Earn as much as $10 per survey
  • Get paid via Amazon gift cards, prepaid Mastercard, iTunes gift cards, and more
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10


UpVoice Summary

  • Get a $5 sign-up bonus
  • Earn $0.17 per day surfing your favorite social media platform
  • Earn $5 for each friend you refer
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10

Survey Squad

Survey Squad Summary

  • Earn $1 to $5 per online survey
  • In-person interviews pay $100 to $300
  • Low minimum cashout threshold of $20
  • Receive payment via check, or donate to charity


GCodes Summary

  • A wide range of retailers that accept GCodes as payment
  • GCodes don’t expire for 365 days, while regular gift cards expire after 90 days
  • Many survey sites support GCodes, including Ipsos i-Say, Panel Champ, TGM Panel, and more
  • Use GCodes for purchases at major retailers like Amazon, Ulta, Burger King, Nike, and more


Saybucks Summary

  • Free to join
  • Earn $0.5 – $5 per survey
  • Get paid through PayPal
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of $10


BuzzBack Summary

  • User-friendly portal and interface
  • The average compensation is $5 per survey
  • The average survey length is 15-20 minutes
  • Option to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice

Honest Insite

Honest Insite Summary

  • Earn up to $3 per survey
  • Cash out via PayPal or gift cards
  • Backed by legitimate market research companies
  • Anyone aged 13+ is eligible to participate

Digital Reflection

Digital Reflection Summary

  • Earn Reward Dollars every month
  • Your earnings may total $200+ during your first year
  • Redeem via PayPal, Visa prepaid cards, or donate to charity
  • Additional surveys will earn you extra Reward Dollars

Rewarding Panel

Rewarding Panel Summary

  • Earn 5-100 points ($0.25 – $5) per survey
  • Earn 30 bonus points ($1.5) for referring friends
  • Monthly sweepstakes for members
  • Redeem points for gift cards or donate to charity


Maximiles Summary

  • Get a sign-up bonus of 100 Maximiles points (£0.5)
  • Great alternative for Europeans
  • Earn an average of 500 Maximiles points (£2,5) per survey
  • Over 300 reward options, including gift cards from Xbox, PlayStation, Ted Baker, and more

Populus Live

Populus Live Summary

  • Earn £1 for completing a 5-minute survey
  • User-friendly and straightforward interface
  • Surveys take on average 5 to 15 minutes to complete
  • Various withdrawal options, including checks and bank transfers


20Cogs Summary

  • Welcome bonus of £5
  • High earning potential of £200 – £700 per month
  • 20Cogs pays up to 3 times per week
  • On-time payments


HCDsurveys Summary

  • Pays 10 points $0.1 even when you screen out
  • A relatively high reward of $1 – $5 per survey
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10 (1,000 points)
  • Free and easy signup


Rewardia Summary

  • Get a sign-up bonus of 100 points ($0.10)
  • Earn 1,500 points ($1.50) per survey
  • Gain loyalty badges (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) for even more rewards
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly


Panelbase Summary

  • Get a sign-up bonus of £3
  • An average survey takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete
  • Earn an average of £0.50 – £10 per survey. Even £50 for more complex studies.
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of £10


ParentSpeak Summary

  • Payout via check after earning $10
  • Rewards of $1 for short surveys; $5 – $10 for complex surveys
  • No points involved, just real cash
  • Monthly $5 bonus credit for randomly selected contributing members


TestSpin Summary

  • Average survey payout of $1-$2
  • Focus groups can pay up to $30
  • Payout via Paypal, gift cards, or products
  • Simple and fast, free sign up

C2 Research

C2 Research Summary

  • You can earn up to $75 – $200 depending on study length/complexity
  • Simple registration via a questionnaire on their site
  • You’ll get eligible opportunities via phone or email
  • C2Research vets projects to ensure you get paid

Opini Surveys

Opini Surveys Summary

  • No points system, earn cash only
  • Rewards range from $1 – $5
  • Surveys take anywhere from 1 to 25 minutes
  • You can receive the payout via PayPal or Amazon gift cards

Engage In Depth

Engage In Depth Summary

  • You’ll get available survey opportunities via email
  • Rewards range from $50 to $250 depending on requirements
  • Payments issued out within 3-4 days after survey completion
  • No points system

Opinion Now

Opinion Now Summary

  • Short surveys only take up to 8 minutes, paying 500 credits ($1.17)
  • Longer surveys around 30 minutes, pay up to 3000 credits ($7)
  • Get paid cash via Paypal or payout through e-vouchers
  • High standard of privacy in their surveys/interviews


2020Panel Summary

  • Eligible to redeem rewards after 500 points ($5)
  • Discussion-based studies can pay from $50 to $300
  • More raffles on their Facebook page
  • Simple sign up


KashKick Summary

  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of $5
  • Earn 25% of all your referral’s earnings
  • Earnings for each task clearly stated before starting
  • Earn $0.5 – $2 per survey


InsideHeads Summary

  • Focus groups offer $40- $75
  • Available globally
  • Opportunities emailed directly to you
  • No minimum payout threshold


SurveyGoo Summary

  • Earn £0.80 – £2.80 per survey
  • Choice of cash or vouchers
  • Surveys last from 5 to 20 minutes
  • £10 minimum payout threshold

Leger Opinion

Leger Opinion Summary

  • Earnings available in cash, gift cards, or air miles
  • Surveys pay $0.50 – $35
  • $20 minimum payout threshold
  • You can donate earnings to charity


SurveyTaken Summary

  • Earn between $5 and $15 per survey
  • You’ll get matched to surveys, so there’s a low chance of screen out
  • You’ll receive daily survey emails
  • Lots of opportunities through partner sites


Kaboodle-MR Summary

  • Earn on average £10 – £15 for product reviews
  • Get payments in cash or Amazon vouchers
  • There’s no minimum withdrawal threshold
  • Focus on high-value tasks

Maru Voice UK

Maru Voice UK Summary

  • Earn on average £0.50 – £5 per survey
  • You’ll get credited for surveys within 24 hours
  • Get paid via PayPal or gift card
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of £10


OpinionPanel Summary

  • Get a £10 sign-up bonus
  • Available for 13 – 30-year-olds
  • Enter into a monthly prize draw for every screen out
  • Get paid through gift cards from Amazon and other retailers


CitizenMe Summary

  • Your data is kept private
  • $1 to $2 per survey on average
  • Connects to Apple Health or Google Fit
  • Get paid more for taking more extensive surveys

Tribe Surveys

Tribe Surveys Summary

  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $4
  • Email notifications for new surveys
  • Prize Draws to win fun rewards
  • Track rewards on your Members page


TalkInsights Summary

  • 2,000 points earn $20 worth of vouchers
  • Help brands and businesses with the feedback they need
  • Many useful vouchers to choose from
  • Local, national, and global reviews

Technology Advisory Board

Technology Advisory Board Summary

  • Sign up from anywhere in the world
  • Each survey earns 700 – 1,000 points ($7 to $10)
  • Reach 2,500 points to cash out $25
  • Donate your earnings to charity if preferred

TRP Surveys

TRP Surveys Summary

  • Get a $5 shopping voucher for 20 credits
  • Available for people over 16 years old
  • Earn up to $900/year for community groups
  • Access to special news blogs

Vanson Bourne Business Panel

Vanson Bourne Business Panel Summary

  • Review business and technology in the UK
  • 10 credits equal a $5 voucher
  • Earn Amazon gift cards worth $5 to $10 each
  • Learn about upcoming trends in cybersecurity

Yo Opinion

Yo Opinion Summary

  • A low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10
  • No personal “screening” requirements
  • Up to $250 monthly VIP draw
  • PayPal or direct bank transfer payout options


SurveyHoney Summary

  • Earn $3 for setting up your profile
  • Refer a friend and get 10% of their earnings
  • Complete 10+ polls per day to enter monthly draws
  • Easy and modern user interface


AskingCanadians Summary

  • 50 to 300 points per survey (100 points = $1.00 CAD)
  • Select what rewards you want to redeem for
  • Reach 500 points and get a $5 Amazon gift card
  • Convenient for Canadian residents


GooPoll Summary

  • User-friendly phone app
  • Each survey earns you $0.10 to $3.00
  • Low minimum transfer of only $10
  • Payment within 2-5 days

MaCorr Research

MaCorr Research Summary

  • Surveys enter you to earn $10, $20, $50, or $250
  • Large prize draw opportunity ($250 winner)
  • Available to U.S. and Canadian residents
  • Cash or PayPal payments


Survey Summary

  • You can make up to $150 daily, depending on the project
  • Cash payout via PayPal
  • Earn up to a $100 bonus for each referral
  • Average project payout between $5 to $25


Mobee Summary

  • The app is free to download and register
  • Earn $3 for each person that joins with your referral
  • On average, missions take 15 minutes to complete
  • Payout through PayPal or gift cards


MyOpinions Summary

  • Every survey completed is an entry into quarterly $5,000 prize draw
  • Earn 500 points ($5) for referrals
  • Surveys take 10 – 40 minutes
  • Earn 10 – 400 points ($0.1 – $4) for each survey completed

MindMover Connect

MindMover Connect Summary

  • Start taking surveys within 2 hours of free registration
  • Surveys on average worth 50-1,000 points (£0.5 – £10)
  • Payout via PayPal or Amazon gift cards
  • Participate in a discussion forum to maximize your earnings

Mint Surveys

Mint Surveys Summary

  • Get a $2 sign-up bonus
  • Get 1 point even for surveys you are screened out of
  • Redeem rewards as gift cards from popular retailers like Target
  • Each point earned is worth $0.1


SurveyNetwork Summary

  • Earn £1 upon registering
  • Each survey pays up to £10
  • Referring friends earns you 10% of whatever your friend earns
  • Surveys frequently sent from SurveyNetwork directly to you


LiveTribe Summary

  • Completing your profile earns you 750 points ($1)
  • Earn 1,000 points from referrals completing 3 surveys
  • On average, surveys pay between 700-1,100 points ($1 – $1.5)
  • Chance to win $5,000 quarterly

Darwins Data

Darwin’s Data Summary

  • Earn a $10 Tango Card upon sign-up
  • Earn $25 per survey
  • You can use Tango e-cards at over 48 major retailers
  • Option available to donate earnings to select non-profits


SurveyEveryOne Summary

  • Get a $1 sign-up bonus
  • Earn as much as $10 per survey
  • Surveys are fun and simple
  • You can cash out via PayPal

Your Opinion

Your Opinion Summary

  • Each survey is worth $2 – $3 and takes 15-20 minutes to complete
  • Participate in focus groups to earn up to $80 per hour
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of $20
  • Cash out your earnings via PayPal, or gift cards (iTunes, Xbox, cinema tickets, and more)


REDCLive Summary

  • Earn €1 per 5-minute survey
  • Get relevant survey opportunities straight in your inbox
  • It’s a legit platform
  • Payment through check (but it may take up to 45 days to get paid)


Marketing-Analytics Summary

  • You can join from anywhere in the world – the only requirement: have internet access and email address
  • Most focus groups last between 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Earn $35 per focus group
  • Get paid in cash, or redeem your earnings for vouchers

Measure Protocol

Measure Protocol Summary

  • Rewarding tasks are quick and fun
  • Surveys take on average 3-4 minutes to complete
  • Earn $0.2 to $0.8 per survey
  • Redeem your earnings via PayPal, Visa gift card, or other gift cards from top retailers

Talk Online Panel

Talk Online Panel Summary

  • Surveys take about 15 minutes to complete
  • Earn € 1 per survey
  • Withdraw your earnings via bank transfer, redeem for gift cards and vouchers, or donate to charity
  • Minimum age requirement – 15 years

TGM Panel

TGM Panel Summary

  • Earn up to $3.25 per survey and 20% of your referrals’ earnings
  • Cash out your earnings via PayPal, top-up your mobile balance, or redeem for GCodes gift cards
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10
  • Fast withdrawal processing of up to 72 hours


EngageStudies Summary

  • Most projects pay between $50 and $250 and last less than 1 hour
  • Website usability testing projects pay between $10 – $20
  • Get cash via check or PayPal
  • Various types of studies – focus groups, online discussions, website usability, and more

My View

My View Summary

  • Earn up to $1.5 per survey
  • Get $0.08 even when you don’t qualify for a survey
  • Enter monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win $200 or $1,000
  • Low withdrawal threshold – Amazon/Walmart gift card: $5, PayPal: $10

Specpan Community

Specpan Community Summary

  • Earn $5 to $20 per survey
  • Redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards or Virtual Mastercard rewards
  • Mobile and user-friendly platform
  • Get invited to relevant surveys via email

New Vista Live

New Vista Live Summary

  • Get a £5 sign-up bonus
  • Earn £1 per survey
  • Most surveys take 15 minutes to complete
  • Each survey goes through a quality check


SurveyLion Summary

  • Earn real cash – no gift cards or free products
  • Receive a check with your payments by mail
  • Earn $5 for each referral that joins the platform
  • No minimum withdrawal threshold

Viewpoint Forum

Viewpoint Forum Summary

  • Earn $3.3 to $6 per survey
  • Surveys take 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of $20
  • Get an invitation to participate in relevant surveys via email

Executive Advisory Board

Executive Advisory Board Summary

  • Earn $7 – $10 per survey and $0.1 for completing a screener survey
  • Receive an email invitation to participate whenever a relevant survey is available
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of $25
  • Withdraw cash via check or donate to charity


MDForLives Summary

  • Earn $10 – $500 per survey
  • Product testing opportunities
  • Withdraw your earnings via PayPal, Google Wallet, SnapPay, or PayTM
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android devices

Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board Summary

  • Each survey earns $7 to $10
  • Receive an email invitation to participate whenever a relevant survey is available
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of $25
  • Withdraw cash via check or donate to charity

Physicians Advisory Council

Physicians Advisory Council Summary

  • Earn $25 to $250 per survey
  • An average survey takes 10-12 minutes to complete
  • Earn additional cash prizes through drawings
  • Receive your payment by check within 4 weeks


Surveys2Cash Summary

  • Expect $1 – $5 per survey
  • Multiple survey sites in 1 place
  • Surveys take up to 30 minutes to complete
  • Redeem rewards in Amazon gift card or PayPal

Surveys2Cash is more than a survey platform; it is a survey aggregator. This means that when you sign up, you can see all the available surveys on your dashboard. You just need to click “start” to begin a survey. 

The sign up process is similar to basic survey sites. You’ll need to provide personal details to establish your demographics. Surveys2Cash will then match you with appropriate surveys and offers. 

It is possible to find many of the platforms on Surveys2Cash for yourself. However, many people appreciate being able to access different survey platforms in one location. There are also third party offers that can boost your earnings. 


Survey Rewardz Summary

  • Rate of pay from $0.50 up to $5 per survey
  • Available in USA, Canada, UK, Australia
  • $3 per referral plus 15% of lifetime earnings
  • Minimum payout threshold is only $1

Survey Rewardz is a fairly basic site offering surveys for money. However, this makes it easy to see appropriate surveys, and there are hundreds available. Depending on the length and complexity of each survey, you can expect $0.50 to $2 per survey. There are occasionally longer surveys worth up to $10.

After completing each survey, your dashboard will immediately display your rewards, making it easier to track your earnings. 

What makes Survey Rewardz really stand out is that it has an extremely low minimum payout for PayPal of only $1. You can also opt to receive your earnings via gift card from brands such as Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and more.


Mnow Summary

  • Specialist platform for medical professionals
  • Up to $100 per survey
  • Payment via check or prepaid card
  • Hosts more than 400,000 surveys annually

MNOW is a survey platform specializing in the medical industry. Dentists, doctors, nurses, and any other medical professional are encouraged to join. The platform conducts 400,000 surveys each year. 

Surveys pay up to $100 and take up to 30 minutes to complete. You will be compensated for your time with checks, vouchers, or pre paid debit cards. 

However, MNOW makes the point that it will always protect your privacy. The platform keeps your identity data fully confidential. They also abide to codes of conduct to ensure your safety. 


Shopalong Summary

  • Earn $5 – $50 on your next shopping trip with app
  • Complete assigments on iOS or Android app
  • Processes payments within 24 hours
  • Quick tasks taking just a few minutes

Shopalong encourages members to help shape future shopping experiences of manufacturers and retailers. 

You’ll receive fun assignments that range from completing surveys about products through to taking pictures and preparing shopping lists. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. This is necessary to upload receipts and check in at stores.

Each assignment has a cash reward of $5 to $50, depending on the complexity and length of the assignment. You can redeem your earnings via pre paid Visa card or PayPal payment. There is no minimum balance to request a payment. 

As a bonus, you can also use the app to track your spending, and set a budget. You can also see a personalized shopping report. 


SliceThePie Summary

  • Earn cash for reviewing products, songs, and commercials
  • Each review is typically $0.02 up to $0.20
  • Get 20% of all your referral’s review earnings for 60 days and 10% after
  • $10 minimum payout

The Slicethepie community involves writing reviews for new songs, commercials, fashion items, and other products. Reviews go to unsigned artists and product designers to provide valuable feedback. 

Slicethepie has been around since 2007 and now has over 2 million members, who have posted 10 million reviews. 

The process is very simple. You will need to listen to a music track for at least 90 seconds and then write a review. Other items require rating it out of ten or answering a few questions.

You can receive up to $0.20 for your review, but there are often bonuses. Once you reach $10, you can request a PayPal payment. These payments are made twice a week, but can take up to 5 days to process.


PointClub Summary

  • You get a $5 bonus when you sign up
  • No shortage of surveys to complete, as well as other opportunities to earn
  • Get compensated even when you don’t qualify for surveys
  • Fast payment – get your reward within 72 hours


AskWonder Summary

  • Earn up to $30 per hour
  • No minimum cash out
  • Challenging work
  • Flexible schedule


Hiving Summary

  • 5 easy ways to earn money while you’re bored
  • Earn an average of $0.3 per survey
  • 3 different payment options: get cash via PayPal, redeem your earnings for Amazon e-vouchers, or donate to charity
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $4


TreasureTrooper Summary

  • Get a $1 sign-up bonus
  • Earn 20% of what your referrals earn and 5% from your second-level referrals
  • Various payout options – PayPal, Check, gift cards, and physical product rewards
  • Request instant payouts for an additional fee of $0.5


OpinionSite Summary

  • Get a $3 sign-up bonus
  • Earn $0.1 to $1.5 per survey
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10
  • Get paid via check, PayPal, or gift cards

Survey Roundtable

Survey Roundtable Summary

  • Get a sign-up bonus of $3
  • Most surveys are worth 1,000 points ($1.00)
  • The average survey length is 20 minutes
  • Holds a Better Business Bureau accreditation with an A+ rating


SurveyBods Summary

  • Get a sign-up bonus of £1.5
  • The average survey length is less than 15 minutes
  • Loyalty bonuses and badge system available
  • Only have to be 11 years old to join (kids aged 11-16 need parental permission)

SaySo Rewards

SaySo Rewards Summary

  • $0.15 donated to partner charities for each survey
  • Surveys take only 5-15 minutes
  • Free to sign up
  • Connects you with surveys

Loop Surveys

Loop Surveys Summary

  • Get 200 points ($2) as a new member
  • Get 200 points ($2) for confirming your email
  • Payout within 24 hours after rewards redeemed
  • Get 100 points ($1) for every friend referral

Insights West

Insights West Summary

  • Short surveys in the ‘Tell us about yourself’ section earns you entry for the quarterly draw for $200
  • Variety of reward options (prepaid cards, gift cards, etc.)
  • Surveys typically take less than 15 minutes
  • Offers lots of additional sweepstakes entries


Hintsters Summary

  • Get a $5 sign-up bonus
  • Surveys need 15-20 minutes to complete
  • Get paid through PayPal
  • Safe withdrawals – requires a photo ID

Irish Opinions

Irish Opinions Summary

  • Participate in online surveys, focus groups, or product testing programs
  • Earn €1 – €2 per short survey or up to €50 for complex ones
  • €10 minimum withdrawal threshold
  • Redeem your earnings for gift cards and vouchers from Tesco, Boots, TK Maxx, and more

Daily Freebie

Daily Freebie Summary

  • Wide range of free samples
  • Keep the products sent to you for review
  • Earn additional rewards like coupons, vouchers, and sweepstakes
  • It’s completely free to use the platform

Norstat Panel

Norstat Panel Summary

  • Surveys take 1-20 minutes to complete and earn you $1.5
  • You’ll get new survey opportunities via email
  • The platform is mobile-friendly (but it doesn’t have an app)
  • Redeem your earnings for gift cards, vouchers, or lottery tickets or donate to charity


PanelOpinea Summary

  • You’ll receive surveys that are relevant to your profile via email
  • Earn $0.3 to $1 per survey, depending on its complexity
  • Earn $0.1 even when you don’t qualify for surveys
  • Cash out your earnings via PayPal

Empowered Surveys

Empowered Surveys Summary

  • Earn $0.5 to $2 per survey
  • Redeem your earnings for gift cards and movie vouchers, or donate to charity
  • Minimum redemption threshold of $20
  • Fast redemptions – within 2 days


YouGov Summary

  • $0.50 on average per survey
  • Expect up to 7 surveys per week
  • $2.85 for each referred friend
  • Redeem rewards in gift cards or PayPal

YouGov is a global research company with more than 6 million members. The platform matches surveys with user demographics, using the data you provide during sign up. You’ll receive an email invite each time an appropriate survey becomes available.

Where YouGov is quite unique is that you rarely receive an invite for an inappropriate survey. This virtually eliminates screen outs and the accompanying frustration.

Surveys take up to 15 minutes, and you’ll receive 300 to 500 points. The points system has a conversion of 1,400 points equals $1. 

In the USA, the minimum redemption is 35,000 points, which will get you a $15 gift card.

Forthright Surveys

Forthright surveys Summary

  • Instant, no minimum amount payouts
  • On average it takes 15-25 minutes to complete a survey
  • Loyalty bonus: get $2 just for your efforts
  • Alerts once new surveys are ready by email or text

Forthright Surveys makes the claim it pays better than other surveys for money sites. You can enjoy surveys that pay up to $5. You’ll receive email invites to participate in appropriate surveys. Forthright matches you with surveys using the information you provide during sign up. So, it is crucial to be honest when answering the initial sign up questions.

The email contains details of the basic survey information, including how much it is worth. Surveys are typically worth $1 to $5. There is also a loyalty bonus of $2 for every three surveys you complete. 

After completing a survey, you can request redemption of your rewards. There is no minimum redemption. However, for payments under $10, there is a $0.25 fee.


Inspired Opinions Summary

  • Higher earning potential – up to $100
  • 16 physical locations for customer support
  • Complete surveys on the phone
  • $10 minimum payout threshold

InspiredOpinions is part of the Schlesinger Group, which has been around since 1966. This platform provides an opportunity to participate in different types of market research, including surveys, focus groups, telephone surveys, and product testing. 

You can expect to receive up to 10 invitations each month to participate in surveys. However, once you become a frequent participant, you may qualify for a focus group. These require 1 to 2 hours, but can pay in excess of $100.

Once your account balance reaches 1,000, you can redeem your earnings. This can translate into a $10 Amazon e-voucher. 


Superpay Summary

  • Earn cash completing simple tasks
  • Fast and supportive customer service
  • Make money from anywhere
  • Multiple payout options


InCompass Summary

  • Earn money passively each month
  • Earn £20 in e-vouchers after your 1st month and £10 per month afterward
  • Get £5 for competing in the 7-day diary
  • Make money doing nothing but consenting to share your internet browsing data

Panel Opinion

InCompass Summary

  • Earn money passively each month
  • Earn £20 in e-vouchers after your 1st month and £10 per month afterward
  • Get £5 for competing in the 7-day diary
  • Make money doing nothing but consenting to share your internet browsing data


Viewsbank Summary

  • Earn £5 upfront by completing a research project at sign up
  • Surveys are worth £0.11 per minute
  • Payments made through PayPal
  • £12 minimum payout threshold

Science Board

Science Board Summary

  • Excellent online community of scientists
  • Over 70,000 members are present on the platform
  • Earn 1-20 credits for completing a survey (1credit = 50p)
  • Access to scientific expert knowledge

Business Intelligence Panel

Business Intelligence Panel Summary

  • Simple registration
  • Prepaid envelopes provided to send your mail
  • Payout of $50 per month
  • Additional opportunities to be entered in sweepstakes for rewards


Surveytime Summary

  • Easy to use interface
  • No minimum cash out
  • Available worldwide
  • Earn $1 per survey


Qmee Summary

  • Most surveys pay up to $1
  • App for Android and iOS
  • No minimum payout for PayPal
  • Payouts are immediately processed

Qmee allows you to earn approximately $0.50 per survey. However, you can boost your earnings with other tasks. 

For example, Qmee has a search tool. You can install this free browser extension on your computer or device. Qmee searches will then start to appear in your browser. You’ll receive rewards for your searches, so you can earn cash for your regular internet activities. 

However, where Qmee stands apart is that there is no minimum payout. So, even if you only earn $0.10, you can cash out through PayPal. 


Purprofile Summary

  • Earn $0.40-$8.20 per survey
  • Surveys take 6-40 minutes to complete
  • Multiple redemption options (PayPal, discounts, cash, gift cards)
  • Earn $2 per referred user if they complete two campaigns

Pureprofile delivers marketing solutions for hundreds of brands, and it has paid out millions to its members for their participation. 

You can participate in personalized campaigns. These include activities including online surveys, watching videos, signing up for offers, and visiting websites. There is no points system, and each task has a dollar value.

When your account balance reaches $25, you can claim your earnings via PayPal, bank transfer, or GiftPay card. However, you cannot redeem more than $50 in any 60 day period. 

The platform is open to members age 13 plus. You can also supplement your earnings by referring family and friends. You’ll receive $2 for every referral who completes two campaigns. 


Crowdology Summary

  • Get paid from $0.40 up to $10 for every survey you complete
  • Surveys take between 2 and 15 minutes to complete
  • Minimum payout threshold is only $8
  • Operates on $ amounts (not points)

Crowdology is a popular platform offering surveys for money. You’ll be answering questions about everyday issues such as online shopping or saving money, or you could be discussing topics such as television shows or products. 

Surveys typically take a few minutes, but the rewards vary according to how much time each survey will take. For example, a five minute survey may pay $0.50, but there are longer, higher paying surveys that offer $10. 

The minimum cash out is just $8, and you can redeem your rewards with PayPal payments or gift cards. There are also prize draws periodically, where you can earn cash prizes. 

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Summary

  • Get Google Play or PayPal credit for each survey you complete
  • Topics include everything from opinion polls, to hotel reviews, to merchant satisfaction surveys
  • Surveys are easy to complete
  • Available for Android & Apple users

Google is a household name, but you can help this platform to improve its services with Google Opinion Rewards. 

During set up, you will associate your Google profile with Google Opinion Rewards. This will allow the platform to apply Google Play credits as a reward for your participation. 

You’ll receive credits for every survey you participate in. However, it is important to answer honestly, as there is no right or wrong answer. 

To redeem your credits, you can simply tap “spend” on the mobile app home screen. You can then purchase anything in the Google store. So, your rewards can take the form of movies, music, books, or games. However, credits expire in one year, so don’t wait too long to redeem them.


instaGC Summary

  • Up to $1 per survey
  • Pays 10% for user referred earnings
  • Only $1 minimum cash out
  • 330+ gift cards available

InstaGC offers surveys that pay PayPal cash or gift cards. Each survey is worth points, and most surveys pay an equivalent of $1. You can also earn points completing tasks such as participating in offers, watching videos, searching the internet, and referring friends. 

A stand out feature of InstaGC is that they appear to take security very seriously. To become eligible to receive PayPal payments, you need to redeem $50 or more in gift cards. However, once you reach this point, the minimum payout for PayPal is just $1. 

Additionally, unlike many survey panels, InstaGC offers compensation should you screen out of a survey.


AttaPoll Summary

  • New surveys every day
  • Cash out from $5
  • Quick surveys up to 5 minutes
  • Available for Android & Apple users

AttaPoll is a survey app, but you can specify the length of surveys you’ll receive an invite to. You can also specify how many surveys you would like to receive each day or week. 

Every survey rewards you with credits that you can exchange for PayPal payments, or cryptocurrency. Each credit is worth 1 cent, and the minimum redemption is $3. 

However, if you prefer cryptocurrency, you will need a higher minimum redemption. Bitcoin requires 10,000 credits, but Etherum only requires 250 credits. Ipoll


QuickRewards Summary

  • No minimum payout threshold
  • You get your earnings within 24 hours of completing an offer
  • Has several earning opportunities to choose from
  • Has very simple tasks that anybody can complete


e-Research-Global Summary

  • Available options in 36 languages for over 90 countries
  • It’s free to join or take online surveys
  • Earn an average of $0.10 – $3 per survey
  • Doesn’t sell any member information to third-parties


ClickPerks Summary

  • Sign-up bonus of $25 Amazon gift card
  • Convenient redemption options (cash, gift cards)
  • The average survey duration is 15-30 minutes
  • Low minimum payout threshold of $3

Points For Surveys

Points For Surveys Summary

  • 400 points ($5) upon sign up and the first survey
  • Free sign-up
  • Surveys take only up to 15 minutes
  • Surveys available through email or app dashboard

Shopper Thoughts

Shopper Thoughts Summary

  • Earn 100 point-average per survey ($1.00)
  • Earn special badges and grow your member status
  • 1,000 points get you a $10 voucher
  • Great online community


BzzAgent Summary

  • Free products from L’Oreal, GIllete, Nestle, P&G and more
  • You get to keep the product you test
  • You’ll not be penalized for a negative review
  • Pays $10 per user referred

BzzAgent is more than the typical survey site. It offers an opportunity to try new products and get freebies in exchange for sharing your opinions and feedback.

After you sign up, you’ll receive email invitations for product testing opportunities. If you qualify, you’ll receive a package containing the products you will be testing. There are also review instructions for the post campaign survey.

However, you don’t receive cash for your input. In compensation for your time and effort, you’ll get to keep any item you review. 


E-rewards Summary

  • You can earn dining, airline miles, and tickets to events
  • Earn approximately $5 worth of e-rewards for each completed survey
  • Processes rewards within 24 hours
  • Alerts once new surveys are ready

E-Rewards is an invitation only panel. You will receive an invite by providing your email details to a partner company.

This platform offers opinion points for taking surveys. You can exchange your points for magazine subscriptions, gift cards, airline points, and hotel rewards. The list of rewards features over 30 brands, including Best Buy, Macy’s, Walmart, and more. 

You can redeem a gift card once per quarter. Electronic cards are available immediately, but physical cards take up to 6 weeks. 


Esearch Summary

  • Get paid from $1 to $5 per survey
  • Most surveys will take 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • No minimum payout
  • Sweepstake prizes available

Esearch is one of the oldest survey panels, as it has been around for more than 25 years. The platform has a million users and offers the opportunity to earn up to $5 for each survey. However, there is no minimum redemption level, so you can quickly claim your earnings through PayPal. 

Where Esearch is special is that you can join a specialty panel. There are panels specifically for mothers, teens, ethnic groups, IT professionals, sports enthusiasts, pet owners, and those suffering from chronic diseases. If you join one of these panels, you’ll have an opportunity to increase your earnings and participate in studies that can benefit others in your demographic group.  

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online Summary

  • Get $1 to $2 per survey
  • Surveys can vary from 5 minutes to 25 minutes
  • You can expect to receive 3 to 5 surveys per month
  • Receive gift cards within 24 hours

Harris Poll Online is a user friendly platform that makes it simple to join and start earning for your participation in surveys. 

You can earn an average of $1 per survey. Once you reach the $10 minimum payout, you can redeem your earnings with gift cards and vouchers. 

What makes Harris Poll Online special is that if you screen out of a survey, you will receive an entry into a sweepstakes draw. Every quarter there is a $10,000 draw. You can also receive entries for participating in short surveys that do not award points. 

Keep Rewarding

Keep Rewarding Summary

  • Plenty of GPT offers – paid surveys, micro tasks, videos, click ads, contests
  • Earn 15% of your referral’s earnings
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $1
  • Get paid via PayPal or gift cards (Amazon and more)

VuPoint Research

VuPoint Research Summary

  • Try out new products before the rest of the world
  • You can participate in in-person, online, or over-the-phone surveys
  • Locations in Portland, San Francisco, and Dallas
  • Studies can be fun and exciting

Panel Engage

Panel Engage Summary

  • Surveys take 15 – 20 minutes on average to complete
  • Earn $0.50 – $2 per survey
  • Surveys are targeted, so there’s a low chance of screen out
  • Get paid through valuable gift cards from major retailers like Amazon

Canview Connect

Canview Connect Summary

  • Get a CAD 2 sign-up bonus
  • 100 points get you CAD 1
  • Extra benefits when you refer friends
  • Easily redeem your cash monthly via cheque


Op4g Summary

  • Surveys take less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Get paid by PayPal
  • Automatic withdrawal once you have $10
  • No junk emails – only receive survey invites

Op4g is a philanthropic survey platform, allowing members to participate in research for a cause. This platform has been around for over a decade with a mission to raise funds for non profits. 

What makes Op4g special is that you can choose from more than 380 non profits to support with your survey efforts. To join, you can request an invite from the non profit you wish to support. 

Every time you participate in an Op4g survey, you can choose how much you would like to donate. The average survey payout is $3.65, so you can make a massive difference to your favorite charity. 

Once you reach $20 in any quarter, you can request a PayPal deposit or check. 


Mobile Xpression Summary

  • Earn a $5 gift card every few weeks for keeping app acitve in background
  • Get paid $0.50 per survey
  • New members receive an entry into a $100,000 sweepstake
  • Donates tree if you keep your new account active for 90 days

MobileXpression is a market researcher aiming to help shape the future of the internet. However, unlike many surveys for money sites, the primary focus of this platform is not surveys. Although there is the occasional survey, MobileXpression collects data about your internet usage.

Members download the MobileXpression app, which records data about the pages you view, the links you access, and the usage times of activities such as call lengths and text messages. 

In essence, you can earn cash going about your typical daily activities. 

You’ll receive credits for each week you have the app active on your device. You can redeem these credits for gift cards. You can expect to receive a gift card every few weeks for little to no activity. 


Marketagent Summary

  • Get paid from $0.20 to $3 per survey
  • 1000 online surveys per year
  • $1.20 for each referred friend
  • Apps available for Android & iOS

MarketAgent runs thousands of surveys each year and it has over 1.7 million members. New members receive 150 bonus points, simply for registering. You’ll then receive regular survey invitations if you keep your profile up to date. 

Surveys typically offer 20 to 250 points each, and 100 points converts to $1.20. Once you reach 200 points, you can receive a PayPal payment, but a $1 fee applies to any payment less than $15. You can also choose to donate some or all your earnings to charity. 

What makes MarketAgent special is that you’ll receive an automatic entry into a prize draw for each survey you take. This is a great way to win cash and other prizes. 

Univox Community

Univox community Summary

  • $2 sign up bonus
  • $0.02 survey disqualification reward
  • Get paid by PayPal, Amazon gift card or Tango card
  • Fast payout within 48 hours

The Univox Community has more than 3 million members and has an active forum. This features community news, contest announcements, and group discussions. This helps you to feel part of the community rather than just a survey participant. You can also use live chat to speak to other members or obtain customer support. 

You’ll earn points for every survey you complete. Each point is worth $0.01, and once you reach 2,500 points, you can request payment. You can choose to receive your earnings via PayPal, Amazon gift card, or a Reward Links e-card. You can use this last option to claim a gift card from lots of popular retailers. 


Mindswarms Summary

  • Video surveys
  • 24 hours payment
  • Up to $50 per survey
  • Android & iOS apps available

Mindswarms offers a fresh take on participating in surveys. This platform uses video surveys for market research rather than traditional online or phone surveys. Each survey requires some multiple choice questions to confirm your eligibility. Once you have approval, you’ll receive details of the survey.

Each survey has instructions to follow. You’ll typically need to record answers to as many as seven questions. You’ll usually have a set time to provide your answer to comply with the survey requirements.

You can receive up to $50 per survey, but shorter surveys tend to offer $10 per question. You can claim your reward through PayPal, and you’ll receive your payment within 24 hours of submission. 


MySoapBox Summary

  • Surveys pay typically $0.50 to $2
  • $0.25 for each referred friend
  • Surveys take 5-10 minutes to complete
  • 13+ years to join MySoapBox

MySoapBox is part of the Interview Service of America group. This platform offers instant electronic rewards for your participation. There is a variety of activities to earn points, including participating in surveys. You can expect to earn 750 to 1,500 points for each task.

Once you accumulate 25,000 points or $25, you can redeem your rewards. You can choose gift vouchers from Target, Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, and other popular retailers. 

What makes MySoapBox special is that it is highly supportive of charitable causes. Every month there is a new featured charity, and the platform donates an initial $500. You can then choose to donate some or all of your points to this cause. You can also vote on the charity for the next month. 


MOBROG Summary

  • On average you will get between $0.50 and $3 per survey.
  • Complete surveys on iOS or Android
  • Processes payments within 24 hours
  • $4 minimum payout threshold

MOBROG has been around for almost a decade and its aim is to help both start ups and international companies with their market research.

You can earn up to $3 for every survey, but longer surveys tend to provide higher rates of pay. The platform has a reasonable minimum payout of just $6.25. You can redeem your MOBROG earnings via Skrill or PayPal. 

However, there are fewer survey opportunities when you compare this platform to others. MOBROG users typically only receive one or two surveys per week. 

Surveys on the go

Surveys on the go Summary

  • Get paid from $0.50 to $2 per survey
  • Complete surveys on iOS or Android app
  • Low $10 minimum cash out
  • Processes payments within 24 hours

SOTG (Surveys on the Go) is an app with surveys on a variety of topics, including technology, sports, politics, and entertainment. The app is available on Android and iOS. 

What makes SOGT quite unique is that the app aims to make survey taking as convenient as possible. So, you can participate on the go, to maximize the earning power of your spare time. 

The surveys typically pay $1 and require a few minutes to complete. You can expect to receive a couple of invites each week. When you reach $10 in your account, you can cash out using PayPal. You can expect to receive your funds within 3 to 5 days. 


OpinionWorld Summary

  • Earn up to $3 per survey
  • 2 million survey starts every month
  • Low $10 minimum cash out
  • Payouts take less than 24 hours

OpinionWorld is part of the Dynata group that has been around since the 1970s. You’ll receive points for participation in surveys. 

You can exchange your points for rewards, including PayPal cash, Amazon vouchers, and gift cards. The minimum payout is $10, and you can expect your electronic rewards within a few hours. If you opt for a physical card, it can take up to two weeks for processing and mailing. 

However, where OpinionWorld stands apart is that it operates a loyalty program. You’ll receive bonuses for completing more surveys. So, you may receive a 10 point bonus after you complete 10 surveys, or 100 points for completing 50 surveys. 


Myiyo Summary

  • Surveys pay typically 1 – 3 EUR
  • Get paid via PayPal
  • Email alerts once new surveys are ready
  • Referral bonus is 0.50 euros

Myiyo offers surveys that offer up to 3,000 points for each survey. Surveys typically have 20 questions and take approximately 10 to 12 minutes to complete. When your account balance reaches 20,000 points, you can request a payment via PayPal. 

Unfortunately, since Myiyo is not currently available in the USA or Canada, points are converted into Euros. So, 20,000 points equals 20 Euro. In countries where PayPal is not available, such as Russia, you can receive a bank transfer. 

You can also donate your earnings to charity. Myiyo supports Three Little Birds, a charity assisting groups and individuals in need. This includes the disadvantaged and the homeless.


OpinionBar Summary

  • Surveys can be fun and game-like
  • Earn between $0.10 – $20 per survey
  • Option to donate earnings to charity
  • Receive cash payment via PayPal

Palm Research

Palm Research Summary

  • Earn an average of $0.50-$1 per survey
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10
  • Get paid via PayPal
  • High referral rates – get 10% of your friend’s earnings


SpiderMetrix Summary

  • The average survey time is 15-20 minutes
  • Variety of payout options
  • Active Facebook and Twitter pages with regular contests
  • You can chat with other members for ideas of good surveys

Power Of Opinions

Power Of Opinions Summary

  • $10 minimum withdrawal
  • Rewards start at $0.15 per survey
  • Unlimited surveys available
  • $0.05 per referral

QRS Research

QRS Market Research Summary

  • Earn £0.50 – £3 per survey
  • Get emails for each fresh opportunity
  • Minimum payout threshold of £10
  • Online focus groups and surveys only


IndiaSpeaks Summary

  • Surveys take from 20-40 minutes to complete
  • Earn 20 points (20 RS) for each referral
  • Earn 20 – 2,000 points (20 – 2,000 RS) for each survey
  • Get a chance to enter various sweepstakes


iPoll Summary

  • Operates on $ amounts (not points)
  • Most surveys pays up to $1
  • Average survey length is 10-15 minutes
  • Survey topics – technology, electronics, food, travel, sports and healthcare

iPoll is another legit survey site where you can earn cash for providing your opinions on products and services. There is also the option to earn cash testing products.

However, what makes iPoll stand apart is that members can also undertake “missions.” These are location dependent, and you’ll receive points for every mission you complete. For example, you may receive a mission to take a photo of a grocery item at Walmart. Missions typically offer $5 to $15.

The cash out level is higher than many platforms. You’ll need to accumulate $25 for a gift card, or $50 for a PayPal payment. 

Quest Mindshare

Quest Mindshare Summary

  • Expect $1 – $3 per survey
  • Minimum payout threshold is $10
  • Most surveys take about 10 minutes to complete
  • Earn extra money by watching videos or listening to music

Quest Mindshare offers mostly smaller surveys, but there are higher paying, longer surveys occasionally. Most surveys offer $1 to $2, but there is the possibility of earning up to $90. However, unlike many surveys for money sites, Quest Mindshare does not use a points system, so it is easier to track your earnings.

Once your earnings reach $12.50, you can request a payment. You can opt for a PayPal payment or gift cards from brands such as Amazon. Quest Mindshare will deliver your PayPal payments immediately into your account, so there are no delays. 


E-Poll Summary

  • Interactive video surveys
  • Get paid from $0.50 to $1.50 per survey
  • PayPal, Gift Card – payment options
  • Minimum $5 payout threshold

E-Poll has been around since 1997 and offers rewards and prizes for sharing your opinions. The company sends surveys according to your demographics. You’ll need to provide these, your age, ethnicity, household details, and income. This enables E-Poll to match you with appropriate surveys. 

Unfortunately, you will need to wait several weeks to receive survey invitations. However, surveys typically offer 200 to 1,000 points, and they can take the form of video surveys. 

Once you reach 3,500 points or $5, you can request a PayPal payment or a gift card from a list of retailers, including Best Buy, Target, Home Depot and Amazon. 


FusionCash Summary

  • Multiple Payout methods
  • $5 welcome bonus
  • Very quick tasks that only take a minute or two
  • You can earn up to $8 per referral


OpinionSquare Summary

  • The quick and easy sign-up process
  • A range of rewards selection – choose your prize from almost 20,000 items
  • Easy to get qualified for surveys
  • Earn entries into $100,000 sweepstakes

MindField Online

MindField Online Summary

  • Cash-out once your account balance reaches $5
  • Survey length averages 5-15 minutes
  • Simple survey-taking process
  • Monthly sweepstakes


Opinium Summary

  • Earn real cash rewards
  • Flexible payment methods — your choice of cash or Amazon vouchers
  • Acquire exclusive information about emerging trends
  • Option to donate your earnings to charity


Surveyon Summary

  • Each survey is worth from $0.2 to $0.6
  • Cash out your earnings via PayPal
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $1 – $2
  • Many types of surveys available


YourSayPays Summary

  • You’ll automatically enter the monthly prize draw after registering
  • Payout automatically sent to your preferred payout option after 30 days
  • £0.5 for referring a friend
  • Payment through Paypal, Amazon gift cards, or charity donation


Answerpoints Summary

  • Get a £0.50 sign-up bonus
  • Redeem your earnings for Amazon vouchers or charity donations
  • £0.50-£1.50 per survey
  • £5 minimum payout threshold

Xcel-Online Surveys

Xcel-Online Surveys Summary

  • Earn on average 5 points (5 INR) per survey
  • Minimum age requirement – 13 years (with parental permission)
  • Refer friends to earn 10 points (10 INR)
  • Withdraw your earnings via PayTM, or redeem for gift cards


Viewfruit Summary

  • Get 100 points ($0.2) for downloading the ViewFruit app
  • Cash out your earnings via PayPal
  • Earn extra points for referring your friends
  • Low minimum redemption threshold of 2,500 points ($5)

Springboard America

Springboard America Summary

  • Surveys pay up to $5
  • The disqualification rate is low
  • Instead of points, you may get entries into contests to win cash or other rewards
  • Rewards are delivered via e-mail within a week

Springboard America has been around for over a decade and provides an opportunity to influence brands around the world. You’ll receive “survey dollars” for every survey you participate in. Each survey typically earns 50 to 500 SDs.

Once you reach 5,000 SDs, you can request redemption. This is via a $50 PayPal payment or a $50 Amazon gift card. You can expect to receive your reward within a week.

Springboard America also offers other rewards. This includes entries into sweepstake draws. There are several types of sweepstakes with an annual top prize of $1,000. Additionally, there is one winner each month of the participation sweepstakes who receives $500, with 5 additional winners receiving $50. 


Paidviewpoint Summary

  • Majority surveys are worth $0.03 up to $1
  • Earn up to $25 for each person that you invite to the platform
  • Operates on $ amounts (not points)
  • Processes payments within 72 hours

PaidViewPoint is part of the AYTM group, which has millions of members globally. Most surveys on the platform are with up to $0.10, but what makes PaidViewPoint stand apart is its “Trustscores”.

The Trustscore system encourages you to stay active on the platform. The higher your score, the more surveys you’ll be offered, and the more you’ll receive for each one. 

Another area where PaidViewPoint differs from many platforms is that once you start a survey, you won’t screen out. 

The minimum payout is just $15, and you can redeem your earnings via PayPal. Payment processing is quite quick, so you typically receive your funds in just 72 hours. 

Panel Champ

Panel Champ Summary

  • Get paid from $0.05 to $1 per survey
  • Relatively low payout threshold ($12.50)
  • Gift cards, PayPal, or check to redeem points
  • Alerts by email once new surveys are ready

Panel Champ offers short surveys that will earn you cash. After each study closes, you’ll receive a dollar amount into your Panel Champ account. Once your account balance reaches $12.50, you can request payment. 

Surveys vary from 7 to 30 minutes, and you can expect up to $5. There are also music surveys occasionally that pay up to $90 per study. These are high demand surveys, so if Panel Champ does offer one to you, you will need to act quickly. 

The platform offers a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Tango cards, check, prepaid credit cards, and Amazon vouchers. 

Bizrate Rewards

Bizrate Rewards Summary

  • Earn a sign-up bonus of $0.5
  • A legit app that rewards you for sharing your opinion
  • Redeem your earnings for gift cards from Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and others
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $5


CashKarma Summary

  • Earn 300 points just by downloading the app
  • Collect rewards even if you don’t qualify for the survey
  • Bonuses awarded for every Achievement Badge earned
  • Earnings can increase up to 12.5% for each offer completed


CreationsRewards Summary

  • Surveys are worth 100 points ($0.1)
  • 10 surveys are available each day
  • Refer friends and earn 10% of their points for life
  • Redeem points for gift cards


NiceQuest Summary

  • Rewards – cosmetics, books, electronics, and even household appliances
  • Dedicated app for iOS & Android
  • First survey will arrive between 1 and 24 hours after registration
  • Points awarded if you screen out

Nicequest differs from many survey panels, as it is invite only. The platform currently has over 3 million members. You can collect NiceQuest’s currency, Shells, for participating in surveys to earn gift items.

The platform has an extensive rewards catalog that includes electronics, children’s toys, movie tickets, cosmetics, experiences. Nicequest will mail gifts to you, and you can expect it from 15 to 40 days. 

You can also choose to donate your shells to charity. Nicequest has a list of charities, including UNCHR, Unicef, Plan International, and Equality Now. You can donate as little as 40 Shells. 

Nicequest members can also receive entries into monthly prize draws. You can enter the draw with 10 Shells, and you can win prizes such as electronics, such as the latest iPhone and 5,000 Shells.

Scholarship Points

Scholarship points Summary

  • Regular draws for $1000 scholarships
  • Up to $10,000 schoolarships
  • Gives away $100,000 in scholarships to students each year
  • Earn extra entries by inviting friends

Scholarship Points is an online platform offering scholarships for students to pay for their college educations. The platform awards up to $750,000 in scholarships every year. 

Where Scholarship Points differs from many other scholarship sites is that they are essentially a market research company. This platform is able to generate revenue for the scholarships by providing surveys, and other partnership materials. 

When you participate in surveys, play games or read advertiser emails, you’ll receive points. You can then use these points to enter scholarship draws. This means that you don’t need to write essays or complete a complex user profile to qualify. 


RewardSurvey Summary

  • Get free magazines subscriptions (Health, Elle, Mens Health, Home beautiful)
  • Claim 30 points during sign up (3 magazines subscriptions)
  • Surveys typically take 5 minutes
  • Digital magazines subscriptions available

Reward Survey is a quick and easy to use platform that offers surveys in a variety of topics including sport, travel, fashion, grocery shopping, and products. However, where Reward Survey stands apart is how you redeem your rewards. 

Unlike offering cash or gift cards, you can choose magazine subscriptions. You can use your points immediately or save them for a more expensive reward. You can also use your points to gift a subscription, and there are occasionally gift cards and subscription boxes. 

Participants also receive an entry into a $25,000 sweepstakes for every day they participate on the platform. 


Betabound Summary

  • It’s free to join the beta testing platform
  • You get to enjoy new technology for free before it hit the market
  • You have an opportunity to attain expert status and enter into a category of an exclusive group of testers
  • Helpful customer service that responds in a relatively short time

Permission Research

Permission Research Summary

  • Free sign-up and software
  • Global availability
  • Getting rewarded requires little effort
  • Cash and gift cards

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards Summary

  • Earn 5 points per Bing search
  • Earn 1 point per dollar spent at the Microsoft store
  • Fun challenges on the Rewards page or through email gives bonus points
  • Bing searches can help donate to charity

Rewarding Your Opinions

Rewarding Your Opinions Summary

  • 15 Air Miles bonus upon registering and completing your first survey
  • Each survey pays up to 35 Air Miles
  • No points system
  • Surveys typically take 5-20 minutes to complete


PlanetPanel Summary

  • Simple sign-up process
  • Surveys take on average 10-20 minutes
  • Each survey earns entry into sweepstakes
  • No points system

GfK MediaView

GfK MediaView Summary

  • Earn an entry for the prize draw after gaining 10 tickets
  • Surveys completed earn you anywhere from 100-500 points
  • Weekly Prize Draw and Points Prize Draw
  • Surveys available daily

Cash Store Survey

Cash Store Survey Summary

  • Surveys only take up to 15 minutes to complete
  • Complete a survey for a chance to win prizes worth $1,000 daily, or $1,500 weekly
  • Prizes include: food, discounts on products/services, gift card balances, sweepstakes point
  • Your opinion helps the Cash Store offer improved services in the future

Rakuten Insight Surveys

Rakuten Insight Surveys Summary

  • Most surveys take 3 to 20 minutes to complete
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $5 (varies depending on the country)
  • Cash out your earnings via PayPal or Venmo (payout option may differ depending on your location)
  • Download the Rakuten Insight app on your iOS or Android devices

Panel Payday

Panel Payday Summary

  • Earn up to $75 per survey (most surveys $1 – $2)
  • Available wolrdwide
  • Access to affiliate offers
  • Payment via check or PayPal

Panel Payday acts as a clearing house, linking you with survey providers. There are two survey tiers. The first is “test” surveys, which do not have a cash reward. However, if you complete these test surveys, you will receive second tier surveys that offer cash or gift cards. 

You can expect to receive $0.50 to $2.50 for each survey, but Panel Payday claims you can earn up to $25. However, these longer, more intensive surveys are infrequent. 

The cash out requirements vary according to the partner site, but it is not unusual to be able to frequently cash out. 


Onepoll Summary

  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Regular surveys – up to 5 per day
  • Excellent customer service
  • $0.50 for every friend referred + bonuses

OnePoll is well known for its short surveys, so you don’t need to dedicate lots of your time to the platform. There are new surveys every day, which appear on your dashboard when you log into the site. 

Surveys typically pay up to $2, but you need to reach $50 before you can redeem your earnings. However, what makes OnePoll stand apart is its referral scheme.

You can refer up to 15 family members and friends, but there is a tiered reward structure. You’ll receive $0.50 for each person you sign up that completes a survey. You’ll also receive $1 when they reach $20 and additional bonuses as their earnings increase.

Green Panthera

Green Panthera Summary

  • Available Worldwide
  • Lots of available surveys
  • PayPal payout
  • $5 welcome bonus


HitPredictor Summary

  • International members aged 13+ are eligible
  • Earn a $5 gift card for reviewing 10 songs or less
  • Listen to new, unreleased music
  • Influence music trends


SurveySay Summary

  • Matches you with 40 survey sites
  • Get paid from $1 to $10 per survey
  • Surveys length from 2 to 30 minutes
  • Multiple rewards

Surveysay is another survey aggregator that has been around since 2008. When you log in, you’ll see links to survey platforms offering appropriate surveys. There are also third party offers and promotional deals. 

The rate of pay varies according to the platform. However, since all of the sites are in one location, it is easier to sort out, which offers the highest earning potential. 

Typically surveys take up to 10 minutes, and you can expect to earn $0.50 or more per survey. This provides a great way to get PayPal payments, gift cards, and other rewards. 


Shopper’s Voice Summary

  • 1 survey a year
  • Receive free samples
  • Save money with coupons & offers
  • Chance to win $500 in the Sweepstakes

Shopper’s Voice is different from many other surveys for money sites, as you’re only required to complete one annual survey. This survey is quite comprehensive, but according to your responses, you’ll receive samples, coupons, and other freebies. 

The platform also has two sweepstake draws, and you’ll receive an automatic invite for completing your annual survey. 

Shopper’s Voice also has an impressive coupon section. You can browse the coupons and print off any that appeal to save money on your grocery shopping. 

The platform is open to residents of the USA and Canada age 18 plus. However, only one person per household is eligible to join. 


USOpinionPoll Summary

  • Get matched with the highest-paying market research opportunities
  • Fun, entertaining, and thought-provoking surveys
  • Get rewarded with a range of exclusive deals and discounts from leading brands

Opinion City

Opinion City is a survey aggregator, where you can find lots of surveys and deals in one place. When you sign up to Opinion City, you’ll provide demographic information, as you would with the standard surveys for money sites. Opinion City will use these details to match you with appropriate surveys and offers. 

Most surveys pay $1 or less, but there are occasionally higher paying surveys. However, the biggest rewards tend to come from third party offers. 

Opinion City also has a weekly Facebook draw, where participants can win a $50 cash prize. 

OpinionCity Summary

  • Makes it easy to compare survey panels
  • Has section for rebate sites
  • On average it takes 10-20 minutes to complete a survey
  • Offers access to coupons & deals