Google Opinion Rewards Review 2021: Is it Legit?

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Google is a household name, but can you really make money with the Opinion Rewards app?

In this Google Opinions Rewards review, I’ll explore this app to help you discover if it is worth your time.

Google Opinion Rewards Summary

Google Opinion Rewards logo

Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. They will send you short and relevant surveys once a week. For each survey you can receive up to $1.00 in Play credit for completing it.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Get Google Play or PayPal credit for each survey you complete
  • Topics include everything from opinion polls, to hotel reviews, to merchant satisfaction surveys
  • Surveys are easy to complete
  • Available for Android & Apple users


  • Mobile app only
  • Limited to 1 or 2 surveys a week

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$0.50-$3 on average per survey

Average survey length is 15 min


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Is Google Opinion Rewards Legit?

Everyone in the world has heard of Google. They are the largest tech company around, and they have hosted a number of internet services over the years. 

Back in 2012, Google released the Google Opinion Rewards app that rewards people for participation in short surveys. At the time of this Google Opinion Rewards review, the app had over 10 million downloads and a good reputation with the online survey taking community. 

The main complaint seems to be a lack of available surveys, but this is no way limited to Google alone. Many users enjoy using Google Opinion Rewards, and they enjoy getting free content from the Google Play store as a reward for voicing their opinions.

How Does Google Opinion Rewards Work?

In our competitive world, every business is looking for an edge that makes them more relevant and profitable. For this reason, every organization, business, and industry are interested in the opinions of prospective consumers. 

Google partners with other groups that want consumer feedback on their products and services. They offer short surveys via Google Opinion Rewards, and the answers help those companies to make key decisions. 

The Google Opinion Rewards app works with many famous brands, including Lowe’s, Ikea, Chili’s and many others. Users get rewards for their efforts with cash or Google Play credits.

What is Google Opinion Rewards Sign Up Process?

Google Opinion Rewards Sign Up

Simply download the Google Opinion Rewards app and associate it with your Google payment profile. This will ensure that the Google Play credits reach your account. 

Then complete the introductory survey. The demographic questions will help the system to find surveys that are interesting and relevant for you. 

After this process, you will get a notification to complete your first paid survey, and then you will see a confirmation page. This is where you can see your first credit applied to the Google payment profile. 

All Google Opinion Rewards must be over 18 to join, and the app is available in 26 nations, including the USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Brazil, and many others.

You can sign up with Google Opinion Rewards here

How Much Google Opinion Rewards points are Worth?

The Google Opinion Rewards app pays in Google Play credits or a dollar amount. Apple users will see dollar amounts, as they are not eligible for Google Play credit.

How Much Can You Make from Google Opinion Rewards Online Surveys?

How Much Can You Make from Google Opinion Rewards Online Surveys

If you enable location settings on your device, you will receive more Google Opinion Rewards surveys. If you want to improve your chances from participating brands, visit their stores, and you may start to receive surveys from them. 

When you participate in a survey, try to be honest and frank with your opinions. I found during this Google Opinion Rewards review that the company has impressive algorithms to detect lying on surveys. 

Sometimes you may get random questions that are purely there to gauge honesty. If you’re lying, you will experience disqualification from that survey and others on the Google platform.

Most Google Opinion Rewards users receive 1-2 surveys per week, and you get a notification sent directly to your phone. Each survey typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete. You could earn $0.50-$1 for each survey that you complete. 

There are new surveys generated every week, but the availability will vary depending on your demographic group. You will see questions on a wide variety of topics, such as hotel reviews, opinion polls, product satisfaction, and many others.

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Google Opinion Rewards?


You may receive an invite to deliver feedback on the Google Opinion Rewards app. Feedback may also be necessary for a particular survey that you took part in recently. 

If you go to the app homepage, located the “Feedback” button in the upper left corner, and click it. You can find these opportunities. Google uses this data to improve the app and the quality of the surveys presented to its users. This is not a way to ask for more surveys, but it does help to highlight issues, and you can request new app features.

Apart from participating in surveys, you can also send feedback about the app or a certain survey. On the upper left of the app’s homepage, tap on the menu button then click ‘Feedback.’ 

Google considers this feedback when making changes and improvements to the app. Even though you may not receive a response for every feedback you send, Google encourages you to include any issue or request new features. 

Audience Measurement Panel

On occasion, Google Opinion Rewards will have an “Audience Measurement Panel” where volunteers receive an invite to share their social media habits. 

Volunteers are required to use their internet services with an installed “Screenwise meter”. This helps Google to learn more about their users for research purposes to help them improve their products and services. 

Each of these studies typically has a small number of volunteers that are chosen depending on their demographic group, locations, household, and other key factors. 

In some cases, a study may include thousands of people if the demographic is wide enough, and more data is necessary.

Taking part in an Audience Measurement Panel is a good earning opportunity. It is attractive if you already spend a lot of your time browsing the internet or TV. 

Frequent volunteers can earn more rewards as Google gathers data on your viewing habits, cookies, IP addresses, and more. Google will then know the website you visit, your favorite programs, how often you access the internet, and how long your sessions online last.

Participating in an Audience Measurement Panel means you can redeem their earned points at 100 times the rate for a single dollar.

Although this option was not available during my Google Opinion Rewards review, it has received praise from many app users.

How to Redeem Points with Google Opinion Rewards?

How to Redeem Points with Google Opinion Rewards

Google Play Credit

The home screen of the app has a “spend your play credit” button to tap, or this feature can be accessed is the Google store. You can choose rewards in the form of content, including games, books, movies, music, or anything else they can find on the Google Play Store.

Any earned credits expire after a year, so make sure to use them. The payout threshold a modest $2.


If you connect your PayPal account to your Google Opinion Rewards account, you can receive cash instead. The minimum payout is still $2, and this goes to your PayPal account automatically. 

Just make sure that your Google Opinion Rewards and PayPal accounts have the same email address. If the email addresses are different, the payment process slows down considerably. It could take up to 30 days to arrive. Payment notifications will go to your primary email address.

What are the Google Opinion Rewards Pros & Cons?


  • Google is a well recognized and legitimate company
  • The Google Opinion Rewards app can is available in multiple countries
  • The surveys are short and easy to complete. There are no lengthy pre-qualification questions to answer
  • The Google Opinion Rewards app is available on Android and iOS devices
  • The app is slick and easy to navigate


  • The survey taking opportunities are limited to 1-2 per week in most cases
  • Google Opinion Rewards review comments have complaints that there is no referral program
  • You need to provide a response within 24 hours, or you’ll lose the survey opportunity.
  • You also need to make sure that you use your Play Credit in a year or it will expire.

Is Google Opinion Rewards Worth it?

Many people like this app because the surveys are short and sweet, and you get a notification when they are available. So, you don’t need to check a website once or more each day to see if you have any surveys available, unlike other survey taking platforms. 

The only real drawback is that you must complete a survey within 24 hours or it expires. The chance to join a Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement Panel is another way to earn money simply by browsing the internet. 

Obviously, Google Opinion Rewards is not going to replace a full time income, but it is an interesting side gig for those with a little time on their hands.


How To Contact Google Opinion Rewards Customer Service?

The app has an extensive knowledge base area where most issues can be solved, and there is a contact form for other questions.

Is Google Opinion Rewards Free?

Yes, the Google Opinion Rewards app is free to download and use.

Can You Fill Google Opinion Rewards Surveys with Mobile App?

Both Android and iOS users can download the Google Opinion Rewards app. However, only Android users can earn Google Play credits, and iOS users must choose cash rewards instead.

Google Opinion Rewards