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Slicethepie Review 2024. Is Slicethepie Legit?

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Written by: Kate Starr
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SliceThePie Review

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Slicethepie is a unique survey site where you can earn cash for reviewing products, songs, and commercials. With Slicethepie, the more you review, the more you can earn. Using the platform for 15-20 minutes each day will probably equate to a $10 minimum payout in a couple of weeks for diligent users.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Earn cash for reviewing products, songs, and commercials
  • Each review is typically $0.02 up to $0.20
  • Get 20% of all your referral’s review earnings for 60 days and 10% after
  • $10 minimum payout


  • Complicated rating system
  • Unpredictable rewards

How Much Can You Make?

Depending on the songs or products, you can expect to earn $0.02 up to $0.20, but this can add up quickly because there are many reviews to complete. Slicethepie also offers a bonus of $0.10 on select reviews, which can boost the earnings even further.

Slicethepie Categories

There are several different review categories to choose from, such as mobile, fashion, music, and others. The review process is different within each category, and the user can select which product they want to review. 

Music category

If you choose to review some music, you must listen to a minimum of 90 seconds of each track. Then, you will be prompted to tell us what you liked and disliked about the track.

For example, perhaps you thought the vocals were great, but the drums were too loud and overpowering. Then the user leaves a rating of 1-10 for each track they listen to on the platform. There is an interesting twist; you will not see the name of the track or artist’s name until you complete your review.

Mobile and Fashion Category

The mobile and fashion categories are a little different. You will look at photographs and details for a specific product. 

Once you have looked at the material, you will see a prompt to leave comments on the design, the materials, and whether you would purchase the product in question. Then you need to leave a rating of 1-10, and you may need to answer a few extra questions. 

Each reviewer has a rating, and poor-quality reviews will impact your earnings. For example, a one-star reviewer will earn 1 cent for each review they complete. So, it pays to produce high-quality reviews on the Slicethepie platform.

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What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Slicethepie?

Invite Friends

Slicethepie users can share their referral codes with their friends and family members. You can earn extra money whenever a referral completes an online review.

You will get 20% of all your referral’s review earnings for 60 days and 10% after that for a period of 1 from when your friend leaves their first review

The “Refer a Friend” page hosts a unique referral code and link for every Slicethepie member. If you share a link, the link automatically contains the referral code, and you can earn a commission for up to a year after completing their first review. You can invite as many people to the site as you like with no limitations.

Review Commercials

You can watch commercials using the arrow keys on your keyboard to reflect how you feel as you are watching. The rate of pay is typically $0.11 up to $0.17 per commercial reviewed, and this is an immersive process.

The algorithm can be a little tricky in this section of the site, and you may often see a prompt to be specific in your opinions. The automated submission system and you may have to reword content to get the review to submit correctly.

Other Reviews

You can take reviews for brands, logos, and fashion items if they are available. These are quick to complete, it involves some free text and scoring, and they don’t offer as much money as regular reviews. These tasks can make an interesting break from a typical review, but you would have to complete many of them to make a decent amount of money.

The kind of music that Slicethepie provides is random and not based on your preferred music genre. Besides, you cannot skip the ones you don’t like.

Slicethepie Reviews: is Slicethepie Legit?

Slicethepie is definitely not a scam but a legit site that rewards users. With a rating of 3.8 on Trustpilot and 3.3 on the App Store, the platform has largely been rated positively. 

According to positive reviewers, Slicethepie is a reliable website with good earning potential. Others described it as a site that allows you to earn extra money by simply listening to music.

That said, most Slicethepie review complaints seem to involve payouts. Some people reported account closure when the reviewer had yet to reach the payout stage. This may simply be members submitting poor-quality, repetitive reviews. 

App Store3.3

Who is Slicethepie for?

Slicethepie is for music or TV fans who want to make extra money by reviewing music. The platform also works well for individuals who wish to review the latest ads, brands, products, and fashions and get paid. 

In addition, it’s for artists looking for consumer feedback to help them make an informed decision.

How Much Slicethepie Points Are Worth?

No matter where you are is in the world, you will receive rewards in American dollars.

Slicethepie Hacks

  • Make sure your reviews are of high quality
  • Go for long and complicated tasks
  • Complete the reviews as soon as they come
  • Set up your email for survey notifications
  • Update your profile regularly

How to Redeem Points With Slicethepie?


The only payment option is PayPal, but many Slicethepie review comments praise the platform for its pretty low payout level. You need just $10 to request payment. Any earnings will be transferred to your Paypal account in US dollars only, and the payment can take up to 5 days to process.

You can request a Slicethepie payout on Tuesday or Friday, and the email address you supply during sign up must match the correct Paypal account details.

What Are the Slicethepie Pros & Cons?

Slicethepie Pros

  • The Slicethepie platform is well designed and easy to use
  • The referral code scheme is generous compared to some other platforms
  • Offers prompt payouts
  • You can earn a little extra money reviewing ads and music

Slicethepie Cons

  • The payment levels can be unpredictable
  • You never truly understand how the reviewer ratings work

Is Slicethepie Worth It?

Working on the Slicethepie platform is a legitimate way to earn a little extra cash, but it will not replace a full-time income. Using the platform for 15-20 minutes each day will probably equate to a $10 minimum payout in a couple of weeks for diligent users.

Reviewing music as a hobby for pocket money will certainly draw teenagers, but many older users will probably gravitate more to the other review opportunities. As a side gig, Slicethepie is certainly worthy of consideration.

How To Sign Up With Slicethepie?

To sign up with Slicethepie;

  • Go to the website and click sign up
  • your name, address, and email address
  • Confirm your email
  • Answer a few demographic related questions
  • Include additional information such as your favorite musical genres, and whether you have kids.

You can complete reviews and start earning money as soon as an opportunity becomes available. Slicethepie platform is open to those 13 and older. Slicethepie is available in the majority of English-speaking nations including the USA, UK, and also in Germany.

Slicethepie Survey Site FAQs

What is Slicethepie?

Recently, the company partnered with fashion retailers in The United States and the United Kingdom to offer the option of reviewing products. This means people can now also give their opinions about fashion products in many categories.

Today, Slicethepie has more than 2 million dedicated members and over $1 million sent to reviewers.

How does Slicethepie work?

Launched in 2007, Slicethepie is a website that allows you to get paid for reviewing songs and products. The company aims to give aspiring musicians a chance to have their music rated and reviewed.

Slicethepie allows you to;

  • Review the latest ads, brands, products, fashions, and even music
  • Get rewarded with a small financial payment

Slicethepie works with many brands and even emerging music artists. Consumer feedback helps these entities make more informed decisions and reach a wider audience for their products and services.

While you need to listen to 90 seconds of music before submitting the review, you can start writing at the same time as you listen.

Is Slicethepie free?

Slicethepie is free to sign up and use.

How to download Slicethepie mobile app?

To download Slicethepie app, go to the App Store download and install.

Where Slicethepie is available?

Slicethepie is available in most English-speaking nations including the USA, UK, and also in Germany.

Is Slicethepie a scam?

Slicethepie is not a scam but a platform that offers legitimate ways to make extra money.

Is your information safe with Slicethepie?

Slicethepie promises not to share your personal data with third parties, so your information can be considered safe.

How to contact Slicethepie customer service?

To contact Slicethepie customer service you can email them at

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