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Toluna Review 2022. Is Toluna Surveys Legit?

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Toluna Review

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Toluna is a legitimate, well-established survey and rewards company. The company has been around since 1994 and has a proven track record of paying members for completing tasks. An average Toluna user can earn up to $30 by spending about 1 hour per day on Toluna completing surveys and other tasks that the platform offers. Toluna is available in 49 countries, including the USA, UK, and Canada.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • High survey payouts – some surveys that are more complicated and take up to an hour can pay up to $16.66. Some rare special surveys can pay even more.
  • Receive up to 7 surveys in a single day – you can get notified of new surveys via a registered phone number or by checking your email regularly.
  • Earn 500 points for each friend you refer – you can invite up to 10 friends each month to get a total of 5000 points for little to no effort.
  • Sweepstakes – you can receive extra rewards from daily sweepstakes. You also stand a chance to win up to 1 million points in the monthly sweepstakes.


  • Long wait time to receive PayPal funds – Toluna claims it can take 3 weeks for users to receive their funds but some users report longer wait times.
  • Points do expire – users who don’t actively use the platform will lose their points if they don’t cash them out within 16 months of earning them.

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Is Toluna Legit?

A cursory glance at any comprehensive Toluna review will reveal that the company was founded in 1994. Toluna has a good reputation with the online working community, and they have a 9 million strong community of dedicated users. 

In fact, the Toluna Group regularly brag about their status as the world’s largest social voting and research platform. The BBB accredits Toluna, and they have an A+ rating. The only real complaint that we’ve heard about this platform is a lack of regular surveys.

This is a common complaint about many survey taking platforms where people want to make more money. So, while there are some negative Toluna review comments, Toluna is a well established and legitimate company with a happy user base that may be a good fit for you.

How Does Toluna Work?

Toluna works with a number of high profile brands, including Amazon, Coca Cola, Expedia, Loreal and Sony Music. 

They also work with many lesser known brands on a smaller scale, but all of these companies, both large and small, have something in common. Every modern business needs to understand the needs and concerns of their customer base. 

This data is incredibly useful in many ways. It can shape a marketing campaign, provide consumer input on a new product launch, and create accurate feedback to reduce insight times. 

Toluna helps these companies by providing access to its member to answer pertinent questions in the form of simple surveys. Every research company is keen to learn this data, and as a reward for assisting in the data gathering, members are rewarded with points.

What is Toluna Sign Up Process?

The Toluna sign up process is simple and straightforward. You can sign up via your Facebook profile, or you can use the registration form on the website. One the registration form is filled, you will need to verify your new Toluna account with your email address. 

Toluna will ask for your mobile phone number. This step is optional, but Toluna review comments highlight if you do register your phone, you will get faster notifications on new survey taking opportunities. 

At the moment, Toluna is available in 49 countries, including the: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. The number of surveys that you may receive each day will depend on your location, and many members only get a single survey per day.

Every new Toluna members receives 500 points as a sign up bonus. 

How Much Toluna points are Worth?

The Toluna points conversion is 3,000 points are worth $1.

How Much Can You Make from Toluna Online Surveys?

Each member qualifies for a survey based upon the information provided when joining Toluna. A number of factors such as possessions, demographics, and interests can contribute to receiving the appropriate survey opportunities. 

A Toluna user may qualify for a survey and be disqualified part way through the process. This only occurs during partner surveys when the researcher determines that the survey taker is not the target demographic for that service or product. Toluna will usually inform the member of disqualification immediately, but sometimes there is a short delay. Toluna compensates its members by entering them into a monthly sweepstake for each survey disqualification. 

Anyone reading a Toluna review will need to know how long each survey takes and how much they could make. Each Toluna survey will take 10-20 minutes to complete, and most disqualifications take place in the first 2-3 minutes. 

So, if you experience disqualification, you don’t waste too much time, and you can move on to a different survey if one is available. Toluna also sends its own profile surveys to better understand its members. These surveys allow Toluna to tailor the available surveys to the member based on the answers given. When a member completes a profile survey accurately, they are less likely to receive a disqualification on the next paid survey.

Many of the longer surveys are in the lifestyle, food, business, and automotive categories. Completing a longer survey is worth 100 points or more based on the length and complexity of the survey. 

If you have a registered phone number and you regularly check your email, you may get up to 7 surveys in a single day. Evey more survey categories are available on the “survey center” page. Simply click a category that interests you, and you will see a number of third party surveys with a completion time estimate and how much you would earn.

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Toluna?


Toluna has a cash sweepstake each month, only active members qualify, and they must have an appropriate profile image. An active member is a member that has participated in a poll or opinion topic once in the last three months. 

Tolunga also has a daily sweepstake to earn extra points and prizes. Members can purchase extra tickets at 500 points, and winners can receive up to 1 million Tolunga points.

Product Testing

Sometimes brands offer new products for members to test for consumer feedback. A list of products is available to choose from, pick one that interests you and you will receive entry into a randomized draw. Lucky members will get the product in the mail for a full and honest review.


Each completed poll typically rewards the member with 15 points. This may not seem like a lot, but each poll only takes a few seconds to complete, and this is a great way to pick up some easy points. Certain polls don’t offer a reward, so check the point value before you begin.

Post Comments

Toluna users that post in the community can earn points, but not all content attracts a reward. Toluna ascribes value based on the quality of the post rather than the quantity. Your community post could win you a prize of up 1,000 points.


Toluna regularly launches contests that promote posting in the community. These seasonal events are fun, and you can win some rewards. As an example, a recent Valentine’s Day themed event prize was a romantic dinner for two.

Invite Friends

Toluna members can invite up to 10 friends per month, and each new recruit earns the member 500 points.

How to Redeem Points with Toluna?


Paypal users can cash their Toluna points out at $30 or 95,000 points only, and it takes around two weeks for the funds to clear.

Gift Cards

Many large brands, including Amazon, Sears, Gap, Target, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Walmart, are available as gift cards. Some gift cards start at 30,000 points ($10), but certain cards have a higher entry point, and a gift card can take up to 48 hours to arrive.


“Gifties” are virtual gifts; they cost 50-500 points depending on the gift. Each virtual purchased is also a chance to win real world object, and winners are chosen at random.

What are the Toluna Pros & Cons?


  • Reading any Toluna review will quickly highlight that the company has a very comprehensive help page for members. Everything that new users need to know is detailed there including how to access each area of the platform, how to win points and much more.
  • The Toluna platform is easy to use. Members can upload video and photos to use in their community posts
  • Toluna users can take their surveys on the go using their phones
  • If you get a product to test, you get to keep it as long as you provide the feedback


  • If you earn points, they expire with 16 months, so you need to use them. Casual users may struggle to earn 60,000 points in that period
  • The reward delivery can be slow; the member only knows when the reward will arrive after they have completed the survey. Some rewards may arrive in 1-2 days, but others may not hit your account in up to 6 weeks, which is excessive
  • Although you can send gifties to friends, some are not compatible if you and your friend are in different countries.

Is Toluna Worth it?

Toluna is a legitimate business, they have a proven track record of paying their members and providing rewards, but longer waiting times may occur. There are far more favorable reviews about Toluna than negative comments, and they have the A+ rating with BBB. There are 2,100 reviews of Toluna on Trustpilot, and they have a 3.8 rating.

The Toluna website is very user friendly, and the customer service is very good. The only downsides to using Toluna may be the longer waiting times for the rewards and the disqualification times. But, these types of complaints are fairly typical on survey taking platforms in general. 

An active Toluna user could reach the minimum payout level for Paypal or a gift card in a single month. This platform would not replace a full time income, but it may provide a little extra for a stay at home parent, a student, or a retiree. 

Toluna Alternatives

Toluna FAQ

How to contact Toluna customer service?

You can contact Toluna via phone or the contact page on their website.

Is Toluna free?

Toluna is free to join, and the platform is free to use.

Can you fill Toluna surveys with mobile app?

Yes, the Toluna app is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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