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How to Get Free Gift Cards? – Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Xbox, Visa

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Written by: Kate Starr
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Key Takeaways

  • Legitimate ways to get free gift cards include participating in online surveys, using cashback apps/sites, playing games on reward apps, referring friends to services, trading old items, and scanning grocery receipts.
  • Many major companies offer specific programs to earn gift cards, such as Amazon’s trade-in program, Microsoft Rewards for Xbox gift cards, Google Opinion Rewards for Google Play credit, and loyalty programs from retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Starbucks.
  • Free gift card code generators are not legitimate and should be avoided. They are typically scams designed to collect personal information, spread malware, or trick users into completing unwanted surveys or offers. Instead, focus on the legitimate methods outlined in the article to earn gift cards safely.

How to Get Free Gift Cards with Online Apps?

Online Surveys

Online surveys can provide a way to earn small gift card rewards in your spare time. Sign up for 3-5 reputable sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, and aim to complete 5-10 surveys per week. Expect to earn $0.50 to $3 per hour on average. Be patient; it may take 2-4 weeks to accumulate enough points for a $10-$25 gift card.

While not a significant income source, consistent participation can lead to $50-$100 in rewards over 3-6 months. Be honest in your responses, cautious with personal information, and realistic about the 1-2 hours per week you might spend on this activity.

surveys for money

Cashback Apps & Sites

If you want free gift cards without surveys, sign up for popular platforms like MyPoints or BeFrugal to earn gift cards through cashback sites.

When shopping online, always begin at the cashback site and click through to your desired retailer before making a purchase. This simple step allows the site to track your transaction and award cashback, typically 1-10% of your purchase amount.

As you shop, your cashback will accumulate in your account. You can redeem your earnings for gift cards once you reach the minimum payout threshold, usually between $10-$25. For perspective, if you spend $1000 on online purchases over 3-4 months and average 5% cashback, you could earn a $50 gift card.

Remember to use these sites for planned purchases to maximize benefits without encouraging unnecessary spending.

best cashback sites

Play Games Online

Playing games for gift cards can be a fun way to earn small rewards. Download apps like MyFreeApp or Scrambly on your smartphone and play the games they offer to earn points.

You’ll typically accumulate $1-$3 worth of points per hour of gameplay. Once you reach the cashout threshold, often $5-$10, you can redeem your points for gift cards. With consistent play of 30-60 minutes daily, you could potentially earn a $10-$25 gift card within 2-4 weeks.

Note that this method provides modest rewards and shouldn’t be considered a significant income source.

play games for money

Refer a Friend

With a large network, earning free gift cards through referral programs can be effective. Many companies offer rewards for bringing in new customers. Start by identifying services you already use and enjoy that have referral programs. Popular options include:

  • Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+
  • Delivery apps: DoorDash, Uber Eats, Instacart
  • Ride-sharing: Uber, Lyft
  • Online shopping: Amazon, eBay, Etsy
  • Financial services: PayPal, Venmo, Cash App
  • Travel: Airbnb,

These companies often provide referral links or codes to share with friends and family. When someone signs up using your referral, you typically receive a reward once they complete a specific action, like making their first purchase.

Rewards vary but often range from $5 to $25 per successful referral, usually through account credit or gift cards. For example, if you refer 5-10 friends to a service offering $10 per referral, you could earn a $50-$100 gift card within a month.

get paid to refer friends

Trade in Old Items

To get free gift cards by trading in old items, gather unwanted electronics, books, movies, or video games from your home.

Many retailers like Amazon and Best Buy offer trade-in programs where you can exchange these for store credit or gift cards, potentially earning up to $300 for valuable items. Websites like Decluttr or Gazelle specialize in electronics trade-ins, offering $50 to $200 for recent smartphones.

Local secondhand bookstores might give $1 to $5 store credit per book. You could accumulate $100 or more in gift cards with minimal effort by systematically trading in items you no longer need.

things to sell online

Scan Grocery Receipts

You can use cashback apps like InboxDollars or Upside to get free gift cards by scanning grocery receipts. Download one of these apps, then scan your grocery receipts after each shopping trip.

The apps award points or cash for specific product purchases or sometimes just for uploading any receipt. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards to popular retailers. Some apps offer bonuses for consistent use or for referring friends. While earnings per receipt are typically small, ranging from a few cents to a couple of dollars, they can add up over time.

Most apps require a minimum balance (often $10-$20) before you can cash out for gift cards.

best apps to scan receipts for money

How to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card?

Earn free Amazon gift cards by participating in Amazon’s trade-in program for electronics and books.

amazon trade in program for free gift cards

Complete tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk for small payments.

Use the Amazon Shopper Panel app to upload receipts and answer surveys.

amazon shopper panael to earn free gift cards

Join Amazon Vine if you’re a frequent reviewer to receive free products.

amazon vine free gift card

Look for Amazon’s gift card promotions when trying new services like Amazon Fresh or Amazon Music.

amazon fresh promotion

Content creators can join the Amazon Influencer Program to earn through product recommendations.

amazon influencer program free gift card

How to Get a Free Xbox Gift Card?

Maximize Microsoft Rewards to get free Xbox gift cards.

microsoft rewards gree xbox gift card

Earn points by searching with Bing, completing quizzes, and purchasing from the Microsoft Store.

search and earn free xbox gift cards

Join the Xbox Insider program to test new features and potentially receive gift cards.

xbox insider program free gift cards

Use mobile apps that reward you with Xbox gift cards for watching ads or completing tasks.

xbox free gift card

How to Get a Free Google Play Gift Card?

Get free Google Play gift cards by using Google Opinion Rewards to answer short surveys.

google opinion rewards

Join Google’s Local Guides program, contributing reviews and photos for potential Google Play credit.

google earn rewards and free google play gift card

Download apps that reward you with Google Play gift cards for purchases, including in-app actions.

Participate in beta testing programs for Android apps, as some developers reward testers.

google play for free gift card

Sign up for Google’s User Experience Research studies, which sometimes compensate with Play credit.

google user experience research studies

How to Get a Free Visa Gift Card?

Secure free Visa gift cards by participating in online focus groups and market research studies.

Join cashback websites like Fetch, which sometimes offers sign-up bonuses as Visa gift cards.

fetch free visa card

Look for credit card sign-up offers with Visa gift card welcome bonuses.

free visa gift card

Complete online surveys through platforms like Branded Surveys for Visa gift card rewards.

How to Get a Free Walmart Gift Card?

Obtain free Walmart gift cards using their app’s cashback feature on certain purchases.

Get up to $50 in a free Walmart gift card when using the One app.

Participate in Walmart’s Spark product testing program for free products and potential gift cards.

walmart free gift card with spark

Complete customer surveys on Walmart receipts for entries into gift card drawings.

Enter Walmart’s sweepstakes.

walmart sweepstakes for free walmart gift cards

How to Get a Free Best Buy Gift Card?

Acquire Best Buy gift cards, exchanging old electronics and appliances through their trade-in program.

best buy free gift cards via trade in

Join My Best Buy rewards program to earn points redeemable for gift cards.

mybestbuy free rewards

Participate in Best Buy’s Tech Insider Network programs for new services or products.

best buy tech insider network

How to Get a Free Subway Gift Card?

Free Subway gift cards are available using their app’s rewards program, earning tokens redeemable for menu items or gift cards.

subway free rewards and gift cards

Watch for National Sandwich Day promotions featuring gift card giveaways.

national sandwich day free subway gift card

Download the Pawn App to share your data for the free Subway gift card.

free subway gift card surveys

How to Get a Free Sephora Gift Card?

Grab free Sephora gift cards by joining their Beauty Insider program and redeeming points for high-value products.

sephora gift card

Attend Sephora’s in-store events with gift card prizes.

sephora events free gift cards

Check current Sephora credit card rewards.

sephora credit card gift card

Use cashback apps like BeFrugal when shopping at Sephora to earn convertible rewards to gift cards.

sephora free gift card with cashback app

Sign up for Sephora’s email newsletter to receive exclusive gift card offers.

How to Get a Free Starbucks Gift Card?

Using their app’s rewards program, you can earn stars redeemable for drinks or food to land free Starbucks gift cards.

starbucks app free rewards

Attend new store openings or renovations for local gift card giveaways.

starbukcs free gifr card newsletter

Get a free Starbucks gift card on your birthday.

How to Get a Free iTunes Gift Card?

Score free iTunes gift cards by joining Apple’s beta software program for occasional tester rewards.

apple beta software

Use Apple’s trade-in program to exchange old devices for Apple gift cards usable on iTunes.

apple trade in program for free gift card

Watch for Apple’s Back to School promotion with gift card offers on purchases.

Participate in Apple’s app development challenges for potential iTunes gift card rewards.

apple developer program for free gift card

Free Gift Cards FAQ

What are free gift card code generators, and are they legit?

Free gift card code generators are online tools or programs that claim to produce valid gift card codes for various retailers or services without requiring payment. These generators often promise users free gift cards for popular platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or gaming services.

However, it’s important to understand that these generators are not legitimate. They are typically scams or fraudulent schemes designed to:

  1. Collect personal information from users
  2. Spread malware or viruses
  3. Generate ad revenue through clicks and views
  4. Trick users into completing surveys or signing up for unwanted services

Legitimate gift card codes are unique and securely generated by the companies that issue them. Third-party websites or programs cannot randomly generate valid codes that these companies’ systems would recognize.

Using such generators can be risky, as they may:

  1. Compromise your personal and financial information
  2. Install harmful software on your device
  3. Waste your time without providing any actual value
  4. Potentially implicate you in fraudulent activities

Instead of seeking out these dubious generators, there are legitimate ways to earn gift cards mentioned in this article.

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