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RetailMeNot Review – Is It Worth Joining? (Pros and Cons)

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Written by: Kate Starr
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RetailMeNot Review

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RetailMeNot is a simple cashback platform that lets you save money in 70,000+ stores based on categories. You can even view and use available coupon codes without signing up. As for cashback, you can get nearly $10 per transaction. Plus, no matter what device you use, you can save money on your shopping. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal and Venmo as soon as you have $5 on your balance.

Safe & Legit

Cashback Value

Number of Stores

Payout Process


  • Automatically uses best coupons
  • Check deals at nearby stores/restaurants
  • Printed/in-app coupons for in-store deals
  • $5 minimum cashout requirement


  • Cashout via PayPal and Venmo only
  • Some coupons might not work

Best RetailMeNot Alternatives

New Cashback App by Raise

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Earn 4% cash back instantly

$15 minimum withdrawal amount

Accepted at over 150 brands

Best for Free Gift Cards

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$10 bonus (spend $25 first)

1,500+ of online and in-store retailers

On App store and Google Play

Best for Online Shopping

mypoints logo

$5 bonus for confirming email

$3 minimum withdrawal for some gift cards

Up to 10% cashback for shopping

Great for Earning PayPal Cash

inboxdollars logo

Cashback – rate of 1.5% to 15%

Cash paid in PayPal or gift cards

$5 bonus for confirming email

How Does RetailMeNot Work?

RetailMeNot is a shopping reward site, influencing users’ purchasing decisions through its innovative marketing solutions. These include cashback offers, coupons, and promo codes accessible through its website, browser extension, and mobile app.

RetailMeNot offers several ways to save money on your shopping. The first one is through cashback offers. Like other online rebate sites, you’ll need to create an account with RetailMeNot.

Through its website or app, you can search for your favorite stores and see any available cashback offers. Clicking the offer link activates the cashback and automatically takes you to the online store’s website. 

Once there, you’ll need to complete your purchase without closing that page. RetailMeNot usually takes 45 days to process cashback as it confirms your purchases. Your cashback will show on your RetailMeNot Wallet after the waiting period.

To redeem your RetailMeNot Wallet funds, you can either choose PayPal or Venmo.

RetailMeNot Coupons

Another way to save money on your shopping through RetailMeNot is through coupons. Through its website, you can view popular brand coupon codes and use those when checking out your purchases. 

Using the browser extension, you can also shop with coupons without manually copying and pasting codes on the checkout. What the browser extension does is that it searches for codes and cashback offers for you. 

Then, when you visit an online store, it prompts you for available coupons and cashback promos. When you go to the checkout page, it will test each coupon and cashback offer and automatically apply the best deals.  

Besides online store coupons, RetailMeNot also offers printable coupons you can use in stores. Just make sure to check the coupon’s terms and conditions before printing those out. 

How Much Cashback You Can Get With RetailMeNot?

Cashback offers depend on the online store you’re visiting. However, RetailMeNot claims that their users get nearly $10 per order.  

Who is RetailMeNot Best for?

RetailMeNot is ideal for anybody looking to save money on their online purchases. If you enjoy hunting for offers and coupons, it’s certainly one of the top cashback sites you should check out. 

RetailMeNot Partner Stores

Here are some of the RetailMeNot partner stores in various categories:

FoodFashionBeauty ProductsHome GoodsElectronics
Domino’s PizzaMacy’sUltaHobby LobbyBest Buy
Papa John’sTargetSephoraJo-AnnSamsung
McDonald’sAmazonTarteHome DepotDell
Burger KingWalmartBath & Body WorksLowesHP
IHOPKohl’s GoPro
PostmatesAdidas GameStop

RetailMeNot Features: What Does RetailMeNot Offer?

Deal Finder

Deal Finder is the RetailMeNot browser extension that makes searching and using coupons easy for you. You can install it on the following desktop computer browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

If you’re using an iPhone, you can also install Deal Finder and use it on Safari. 

With Deal Finder, you can directly visit your favorite online stores. Deal Finder will then search for the coupons and cashback offers available on the online store.  

Once you’re ready to check out, it will run those coupons and apply the ones that save you the most cash.

Online Cashback Offers

With this feature, you can activate cashback offers through the RetailMeNot website. Just search for your preferred online stores or browse different categories. 

Click on the cashback offer you wish to activate. RetailMeNot, then, redirects you to the online store’s website. You’ll need to complete your purchase in order the claim the cashback. Qualified cashback goes to your RetailMeNot wallet after 45 days. 

Coupon Codes

In some stores you might notice the Deal Finder not prompting coupons. In these cases, you can check the RetailMeNot website or app for coupon codes. Just use the search bar to look for your preferred online store. 

If coupons are available, you’ll need to copy the code and paste those on the allotted coupon box at the checkout page. 

Printable Coupons

Some partner stores also offer printable coupons. How this works is practically the same as the coupons you can cut out from flyers and magazines. Make sure to check the terms and conditions before printing these and bringing them to the physical store. 

Mobile App

The RetailMeNot mobile lets you access coupons and cashback offers on your mobile phone. For cashback offers, you’ll need to complete your shopping within the app.  

What sets the Mobile App from other features is the availability of over 19,000 in-store and restaurant coupons. You can claim these deals by scanning the in-app barcode at participating stores. 

If you enable location services on your mobile devices, you can also use RetailMeNot to look for nearby deals. 

Is RetailMeNot Free?

Yes, RetailMeNot is free to use. 

RetailMeNot Payout Terms and Options?

RetailMeNot offers two payout options: PayPal and Venmo. Once your rewards become available on your RetailMeNot Wallet, you can use either option to cash out. Both options only allow withdrawal of the full balance on your wallet. 

If you choose PayPal, you’ll need to confirm your PayPal email address. For Venmo withdrawal, you’ll need to verify your phone number. You’ll need at least $5 on your Wallet to cash out. 

RetailMeNot Reviews: is RetailMeNot Legit?

RetailMeNot is a safe and legit money-back website. The RetailMeNot Deal Finder has more than 1 million users at Chrome Web Store, with nearly five-star ratings. Its mobile app received 4.8 ratings on the Apple App Store and 4.6 at Google Play Store.

Review SiteReview Score
Chrome Web Store5
Apple App Store4.8
Google Play Store4.6

Many users liked how they got automatic coupons and save money without doing anything beyond installing the browser extension. Others also complimented the selection of retailers as they can mostly find their preferred stores. 

In contrast, some users had issues with coupons that weren’t working. Others had problems with activating cashback and redeeming rewards, as the app only showed an error message. 

What Are the RetailMeNot Pros & Cons?

RetailMeNot Pros

  • Automatically uses the best coupons on your purchases
  • You can check deals at nearby stores and restaurants using the mobile app
  • You can redeem in-store deals through printed coupons or in-app bar codes
  • It has a low minimum cashout requirement – $5

RetailMeNot Cons

  • PayPal and Venmo are the only payout options
  • Some coupons listed on the platform might not work

How Good is RetailMeNot Support?

RetailMeNot has an extensive Help page where you can look for knowledge-based articles. These can provide answers to commonly asked questions on using the platform. 

The website also offers a chat support option. When this is available, you’ll see “Chat with an Expert” at the bottom right of the page. Otherwise, you can reach out to them through a contact form. 

Contact us form requires you to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Category
  • Subject
  • Message

You can also attach files to provide more information on your concern. After completing this form, click on Create Case to submit. RetailMeNot Support will reach back to you through the email you provided so make sure to check that. 

Finally, the RetailMeNot website includes a blog section where you can find more relevant articles. Besides using the platform, you can find tips and tricks on shopping, traveling, and budgeting.  

RetailMeNot Review Verdict: is RetailMeNot Worth it?

RetailMeNot is totally worth it. Its website has a simple interface that lets you browse through more than 70,000 stores based on categories. You can even view and use available coupon codes without signing up.

As for cashback, receiving nearly $10 per transaction is no joke, as this is higher than many places that give cashback offers. 

Plus, these offers are available in the app, browser extension, or website. No matter which device you use, you can save money on your shopping. 

As for cashing out your rewards, the $5 minimum requirement is significantly lower than its competitors. It also helps that Venmo and PayPal are available payment methods as these are some of the most accessible services these days.

There are many things to love about RetailMeNot but there are also some things to improve. For example, the support team chat option is more often unavailable. Without that, only the support ticket allows users to reach out to the customer support team. 

Additionally, it can be helpful if there were more payout options. Finally, RetailMeNot should work harder on sorting its coupons catalog to remove codes that are not working anymore. 

How to Sign Up With RetailMeNot?

You can use deals and coupons without creating an account with RetailMeNot. But if you’re looking to activate cashback offers, you’ll need to sign up through these steps:

  1. Go to the signup page
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Create a password using at least eight characters. Avoid using common passwords
  4. Click on Sign up

You can also use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account to sign up.

RetailMeNot FAQ

What is RetailMeNot?

Since its launch in 2006, RetailMeNot has acquired partnerships with over 70,000 brands, bringing in over $910 million in revenue. It has also acquired more than 13 million active users. 

How long does RetailMeNot cashback take?

RetailMeNot cashback takes 45 days to process.

Does RetailMeNot have a referral program?

RetailMeNot currently does not have any referral program. 

Can you have multiple RetailMeNot accounts?

No, you can’t have multiple RetailMeNot accounts. You can only create one account at a time. 

Is RetailMeNot a public company?

Yes, RetailMeNot has been public since 2013. 

Can you use RetailMeNot coupons in-store?

Yes, you can use RetailMeNot coupons in-store. There are printable coupons you can use in-store, as well as coupons you can redeem by scanning its QR code in the mobile app.  

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