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20 Work From Smartphone Jobs In 2024 (Android & iOS)

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Best Work from Smartphone Jobs

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys logo

$0.50 – $5 on average per survey with bonus points ($1 sign up bonus)

Average survey length is 10-20 minutes and minimum payout is $5

Collect rewards in PayPal, Direct Deposit or gift cards (100+ brands)


Swagbucks logo

$0.50 to $1.50 per survey – earn up to $100 each month using Swagbucks

18 unique ways to earn money and free gift cards, plus $5 sign up bonus

Redeem e-gift cards from $1 or withdraw $5 minimum payment from PayPal

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie logo

$0.50 – $3 per survey + extra ways to earn up to $100 with focus groups

Each survey time varies, but on average it takes 15 minutes to complete

Redeem rewards using PayPal, e-giftcards or bank transfer when earned at least $5

20 Work from Smartphone Jobs

Market Research Participant With Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Summary

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • Earn $0.50-$5 on average per survey
  • Most surveys are between 10-20 minutes
  • Pays by bank transfer, PayPal & gift cards

Branded Surveys is a leading market research company based in the US. The company gathers market data through paid surveys and focus groups. It then uses this data to help businesses and companies improve their products and services.

If you are at least 18, you can join the platform to earn money as a market research participant. Teenagers between 13 and 17 can join Branded Surveys with parental approval. Thus, this makes it one of the best work-from-smartphone jobs for teens on this list.

You can expect to earn between $0.50 to $5 per survey. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal, direct deposit, or a gift card once you accumulate at least $5 in your account.

Focus Group Participant With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Summary

  • $0.50-$3 average earnings per survey
  • Get 2-3 extra points if you screened out of survey
  • Additional ways to earn up to $150
  • Install Survey Junkie extension for bonus

Although Survey Junkie is one of the largest online survey platforms in the US, it also offers alternative ways for its members to earn money.

Some of these options include:

  • Doing phone surveys
  • Product testing
  • Installing a browser extension
  • Joining an online focus group

Joining an online focus group can potentially be one of the highest-paying work-from smartphone jobs on this list. In general, you can earn between $25 to $150 per focus group you participate in. Once you have earned at least $5 on Survey Junkie, you can request to withdraw your funds via PayPal, eGift card, or bank transfer.

Gamer With InboxDollars

InboxDollars Summary

  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Referral program – 30% that referral makes
  • Most of the surveys pay $0.01 to $2.50
  • 13 different ways to earn money

InboxDollars is an online rewards platform that you can use to earn money from your smartphone. The platform connects you with various game developers who want to find new players for their mobile games.

These game developers will thus pay you between $0.50 to $5 to play their games. You can also get a $5 bonus just by signing up. Apart from paying you to play games, the platform also features many other ways to earn rewards.

Earning OpportunityEarning Potential
Completing Your Profile$5
Answering Paid Online SurveysBetween $0.01 to $2.50 per survey
Shopping Online to Earn CashbackUp to 8% cashback on your purchases
Printing Coupons$0.01 for every coupon, up to a maximum of $0.25 per day

Survey Taker With PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel Summary

  • Up to $1 on average earnings per survey
  • Earn as much as a few hundred each month
  • Rewards are sent in 24 hours
  • Up to 30% for referred user earnings

PrizeRebel is a market research company that will pay you to share your opinions about the products and services that you use. The company uses this feedback and data to help businesses improve their service offerings.

Most surveys on the platform take between 5 to 20 minutes to complete and pay up to $1 each. The longer the survey is, the more you can earn from completing it.

In addition, the platform also offers other tasks that you can do to earn money, including:

You can withdraw your earnings from the platform via PayPal or gift cards from popular stores such as Amazon, eBay, Target, and more. PrizeRebel also processes payments within 24 hours, making it one of the best work from smartphone jobs.

Food Delivery Driver With GrubHub

Grubhub Summary

  • High average earnings of up to $15 per hour+tips
  • Instant cash out for your earnings
  • Earn more from tips and peak periods
  • Deliver with car, bike, scooter, motorcycle

GrubHub is one of the top food delivery platforms in the US. Customers can order from the various restaurants available on the app. The platform will then assign a food delivery driver to deliver the food order from the restaurant to the customer’s location.

GrubHub offers a great way to work from your smartphone, with delivery jobs on the platform paying up to $15 plus tips. You can also keep 100% of all the tips that you get, allowing you to boost your earnings by providing good services.

In addition, one of the platform’s unique features is its instant cash-out feature. You can withdraw your earnings instantly after completing a delivery. There is a $0.50 fee for each withdrawal, though this fee is waived for Chase Bank users. This feature also makes delivery driver jobs on GrubHub one of the best same-day pay jobs.

Product Tester With LifePoints

LifePoints Summary

  • On average, earn up to $20 each month
  • Survey times vary – 10 min to 20 min
  • Surveys are available in 40+ countries
  • Only $5 minimum payout threshold

LifePoints is an online rewards platform that will pay you for completing various tasks. Product testing is one of the most lucrative tasks you can do to earn money.

LifePoints may send you a product to test or request that you buy a product they will reimburse you for. After using the product for a specified period, you will need to answer a survey providing your opinions and feedback on the product.

On average, you can get $0.50 to $2 per survey. Although this may seem low, you do also get a product to use for free.

Thus, while it may not be a high-paying work from smartphone job,

Investor With Acorns

Acorns Summary

  • Low account fees from just $3 per month
  • Get $5 in your account for referrals
  • Low minimum starting investment amount
  • High average return on investments of 7.5%

Investing has traditionally been one of the most well-recognized passive income ideas. However, most people think they cannot start investing since they believe it requires high initial capital.

Fortunately, Acorns provides a micro-investing app for Apple and Android phones, letting you start investing with as little as $1. The platform also automatically enables you to invest your spare change with its unique Round-Up feature. To use this feature, link your credit or debit card to the Acorns app.

Then, whenever you pay for something with your linked card, the app automatically rounds up your earnings to the nearest dollar. It will then use the difference in amounts to help you invest in a varied portfolio. According to the company’s estimates, you can earn an average annual return of 7.5% on your investments.

However, do note that all investing carries risk and there is always a chance that you may lose money on your investments.

Personal Shopper With Instacart

Instacart Summary

  • 2 different types of work available
  • Earn up to $10 per full-service order
  • Get $10 for each friend you refer
  • Work as much or as little as you want

Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery service that offers high-paying, work-from-smartphone jobs as personal shoppers.

As a personal shopper with Instacart, you can complete full-service delivery orders to earn extra income. These orders require you to visit a grocery store and purchase a customer’s groceries on their behalf. Then, you will need to deliver their groceries to their homes using your vehicle.

On average, most personal shoppers with Instacart can complete around 2 orders per hour. Each full-service order will typically earn you between $7 to $10, meaning you can earn up to $20 per hour. You also get to keep 100% of the tips you get, so you can earn more by providing speedy deliveries.

Mystery Shopper With Shopkick

Shopkick Summary

  • Sign up with promo code: DOLLARBREAK5
  • Get a $5 bonus by earning 25 kicks
  • Earn more than $1 from each store visit
  • Low minimum cash out amount of $2

Shopkick is a shopping rewards app that enables you to earn rewards for shopping in stores or online. Working as a mystery shopper with Shopkick is one of the best jobs to consider if you want to work from your smartphone.

The platform offers several different options for earning rewards:

  1. Visiting a partner store
  2. Scanning the barcodes of selected products in store
  3. Submitting receipts of your purchases at partner stores
  4. Making purchases with a linked card
  5. Shopping online at partner stores
  6. Watching videos in the app and discovering new products

On average, you can earn more than $1 from each store visit. You can also boost your earnings by scanning the barcodes for various products in the stores you visit.

Online Tutor With JobGet

JobGet Summary

  • Simple 1 click job application process
  • 4 different job filters available
  • Jobs in over 5 sectors available
  • Sign up for an account in just 5 minutes

If you are particularly talented at a language or subject in school, you can use that talent to earn some extra side income by becoming an online tutor. Online tutors teach their subjects over teleconferencing apps. In addition, they can also teach remotely, making it one of the best work from smartphone jobs.

JobGet is one of the best platforms to get online tutoring jobs. To date, the company has helped over 100,000 job seekers find employment. It also has a 1 click job application feature, where you can pre-fill your resume and details, allowing you to apply for jobs with a button.

You can earn between $15 to $30 per hour as an online tutor. Several other factors may affect your earnings.

These factors include:

  • Number of students you have
  • Size of your classes
  • The subject that you teach
  • The level that you teach
  • And more

Share Internet Data With HoneyGain

Honeygain Summary

  • Earn $1 for every 10GB of data shared
  • Get $5 for each person you refer
  • Maximize earnings with more IP addresses
  • 2 payment options – PayPal and Bitcoin

Honeygain is an internet research company paying you to share your internet data. You can earn $1 for every 10GB of internet data you share and $10 per hour by signing up for the content delivery network on the platform.

In addition, you only need to set up the app once, and the company will pay you regularly. Thus, this makes sharing your internet with Honeygain one of the best passive income ideas.

However, this earning opportunity may suit people with unlimited internet data plans. Otherwise, your earnings from Honeygain may be less than the cost of your internet service.

Rideshare Driver With Lyft

Lyft Summary

  • Your working hours are up to you
  • Instant payment with the Lyft debit card
  • 3 different ways to earn more money
  • 3rd party liability insurance offered

Becoming a rideshare driver with Lyft is a great option to make money with your smartphone if you have a driver’s license. You can either use your vehicle or rent one from the company’s partners.

As a Lyft driver, you must transport passengers in your vehicle from one location to another. The hours are flexible, and you can work whenever you want. In addition, you also spend most of your workday driving around, making this one of the most slow-paced, work-from-smartphone jobs you can get.

The app is available in over 600 cities across the United States. In some cities, you can earn up to $28 per hour during peak periods.

Pro Tip – You get to keep 100% of the tips that customers give you. Thus, you can boost your earnings by providing excellent customer service to your riders.

Share Behavioral Data With MobileXpression

Mobile Xpression Summary

  • Earn a $5 gift card every few weeks for keeping app acitve in background
  • Get paid $0.50 per survey
  • New members receive an entry into a $100,000 sweepstake
  • Donates tree if you keep your new account active for 90 days

MobileXpression is one of the best apps that lets you earn a passive income from your smartphone. It is one of the most popular market research tools for businesses worldwide. The app collects your mobile usage data, which can help companies improve their marketing efforts.

You can earn over $170 per year in passive income just by installing an app. Although you cannot withdraw your earnings in cash, you can exchange them for gift cards.

The platform offers many popular gift card redemption options, including:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • AMC Theaters
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • And many more

App Tester With AppNana

AppNana Summary

  • Sign up bonus
  • Generous referral program
  • Redeem rewards from $1
  • Available worldwide

AppNana is a popular platform you can join to get work from smartphone jobs as product testers. The platform specializes in product testing for new apps and mobile software.

Depending on the app, you can earn up to $1.25 for every app you test. Each app usually takes no more than 10 minutes to test, making this a great way to earn some extra cash on the side.

Compared to other product testing platforms, AppNana lets users easily redeem their earnings. Once you have earned at least $1, you can cash your earnings via PayPal. Alternatively, you can exchange your earnings for gift cards from popular retailers like Xbox, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

Reviewer With Mobee

Mobee Summary

  • The app is free to download and register
  • Earn $3 for each person that joins with your referral
  • On average, missions take 15 minutes to complete
  • Payout through PayPal or gift cards

Mobee is a well-renowned mystery shopping app that will pay you to provide feedback about stores nearby. Like other mystery shopping companies, Mobee uses your feedback to help these stores improve their products and services.

You can earn up to $25 for every store you visit and provide feedback. You can redeem your earnings for gift cards from Amazon, Target, and Starbucks.

Online Seller With Shopify

Shopify Summary

  • Free 14 day trial period available
  • Build a new website in under 2 hours
  • Over 100 payment gateways supported
  • Over 6000 apps to improve your store

If you have a unique product that you want to sell online, Shopify is the best platform to start your e-commerce business. Its convenient app (for Android and iOS) lets you list your products and manage your online store over your smartphone.

The amount you can earn from your online business depends on your sales, and top sellers can earn up to $10,000 per month or more.

Nonetheless, you may find that your earnings at the start will generally tend to be lower. Thus, it is important to focus on building your brand at the start. Once you are successful, you can automate your selling process and turn your online business into a source of passive income.

Tasker With Gigwalk

Gigwalk Summary

  • Competitive pay of $3 to $100
  • Pays via PayPal
  • User-friendly app and website
  • Consistent flow of gigs

Gigwalk is an app you can use as a tasker to find work from smartphone jobs. As a tasker, the types of tasks that you can get may vary depending on the company that you are working for.

Some of the different tasks that you may find on the app include:

  • Taking a picture of a menu at a restaurant
  • Writing a review of a product or service
  • Finding out the opening hours for a restaurant
  • And many more

Depending on the complexity and length of each task, the pay may vary between $3 to $90. The app is also available on Android and iOS, making it a great platform to make money from your phone.

Pro Tip – Completing gigs quickly and getting good reviews can help you receive more gig invites in the future.

Call Agent With VOIQ

VOIQ is a silicon valley technology startup hiring work-at-home call agents to make outbound calls using smartphones.

The way the platform works is relatively simple. Clients start by uploading call agent scripts and a list of leads to the VOIQ database. Call agents then call these leads using the VOIQ mobile app and speak to them using the scripts provided.

On average, you can earn around $12 per hour as a call agent with VOIQ.

Phone Shopper With Call Center QA

If you are looking for work from smartphone job, one of the best ones is as a phone shopper with Call Center QA. Phone shoppers are like mystery shoppers who call various companies to assess the quality of their customer service.

Companies’ feedback from these assessments can help them improve their services and service standards. Call Center QA is one of the best companies, regularly recruiting mystery shoppers to help call centers provide the best customer service possible.

The platform will pay you $5 for every phone shopping gig you complete. Each gig involves calling a company and filling in a one-page feedback form about your experience.

mystery shopper jobs

Social Media Influencer

If you love sharing your experiences with people and think you can influence them, becoming a social media influencer is another great option to make money from your phone.

As a social media influencer, you can earn money by promoting various brands and products on your channel through sponsored posts. Your earnings for each post may vary depending on your following size.

Number of FollowersEarning per Sponsored Post
Up to 10,000Up to $100 or more
10,000 to 100,000$200 to $500
100,000 to 1 million$500 to $3000
Over 1 millionOver $3000
  • Up to 10,000 followers – $88 /post
  • 10,000 to 100,000 followers- $200 /post
  • 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers – $670 /post
  • 1,000,000+ followers – $3,000+ /post

Can I Freelance With a Smartphone?

Yes, you can freelance with a smartphone. With the advancements in technology, many apps now enable you to work from your smartphone. Most of these work from smartphone jobs are often freelance jobs and enable you to work flexible hours. Thus, they are ideal for anyone who wants to earn some extra income.

Some of the best freelance jobs you can do include:

  • Gamer with InboxDollars
  • App Tester with AppNana
  • Survey Taker with PrizeRebel
  • Mystery Shopper with Shopkick
  • Online Tutor with JobGet

What Jobs Can You Do from Your Phone?

There are many modern jobs that you can do from your phone.

Some of the best ones include:

  • Food Delivery Driver with GrubHub
  • Personal Shopper with Instacart
  • Rideshare Driver with Lyft
  • Call Agent with VOIQ

What Apps Pay You Instantly?

Most apps will pay you once you reach a minimum payout threshold. However, some apps enable you to cash out your earnings immediately.

Some of the best smartphone apps that will pay you instantly include:

  • Lyft
  • Gigwalk
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