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MobileXpression Review 2022: Your In-depth Guide

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MobileXpression Review

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MobileXpression is part of the ComScore Group providing a reputable platform to earn cash in your spare time. While surveys are just a small part of this platform, you can earn $5 and $10 gift cards on a regular basis.

Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Earn a $5 gift card every few weeks for keeping app acitve in background
  • Get paid $0.50 per survey
  • New members receive an entry into a $100,000 sweepstake
  • Donates tree if you keep your new account active for 90 days


  • Running in the background of your device
  • Privacy concerns

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Is MobileXpression Legit?

MobileXpression is a child company of ComScore. This market research company has been around for decades and is a leader in online trends and behaviors. While MobileXpression does not have a BBB profile, ComScore has an A+ rating

As part of the comScore group, MobileXpression has a superb legacy. There have been features about the parent company in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other renowned publications. 

This legacy means that potential members can feel reassurance that the platform is legit and part of a well established industry leader. 

Within the online community, MobileXpression has an okay reputation. Some MobileXpression review comments complain about customer service issues and payment delays. However, other users praise the potential for regular earnings.

How Does MobileXpression Work?

MobileXpression makes money by providing market research data so that companies can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. The platform creates surveys according to client requirements to help them gather the information they need for their specific campaign.

The company also has the aim of trying to understand the behaviors and patterns of mobile internet use. The MobileXpression team wants participants help to shape the future of the internet.

What is MobileXpression Sign Up Process?

The sign up process for MobileXpression is a little different than many other survey sites. The first step is to register a new account. You can click the “join now” button on the website, and you will need to provide details about the phone you want to use to register your account. 

This may require going into the settings of your phone to check the model details, or if you’re an iPhone user, you can check the back of your phone. You will also need to provide some personal information to complete your profile. 

From this point, you will receive a text message from MobileXpression. This provides details on how to install the software and verify your account. You will also need to confirm that you agree to install the MobileXpression VPN on your device. 

Since the sign up process can be a little complicated, MobileXpression guides you through the steps. Ensure that you follow any instructions, including changing your Fetch New Data settings. After you complete the setup, you will need to click verify on the website to confirm the software installation is complete. 

MobileXpression is available to any users over the age of 18. You also need to have an up to date device that supports the app. You will also need internet access on your device, so it is a good idea to check your WiFi settings, or you may quickly use up your mobile data plan and run into additional charges. 

MobileXpression accepts members in any country, but the majority of members are in the USA.

How Much MobileXpression points are Worth?

The current point conversion works out as $5 for every 600 points for data collection, but surveys display ra dollar amount. 

How Much Can You Make from MobileXpression Online Surveys?

MobileXpression works a little differently than many survey panels. You’ll mostly use your mobile device for surveys, and this can take a little time to get used to. 

When surveys become available, you will see them on your dashboard. You may also receive an email notification, but MobileXpression typically sends notifications to your device through the app. 

When you receive a survey invite, it will display the cash value reward you’ll receive if you complete it. The surveys are mostly necessary to gather information partner companies require, but they typically only take a few minutes and can provide $0.50 or more for your time. 

If you don’t qualify for a survey, you’ll receive a notification immediately, so you won’t waste time without getting any rewards. 

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on MobileXpression?

Data collection

Although there are surveys to earn money in your spare time, the primary purpose of MobileXpression is data collection. This part of the app is the best way to earn money, and all you need to do is keep the app installed on your device and allow it to collect information. 

The app will run in the background of your device to collect internet usage data. This is necessary for market research purposes. MobileXpression shares this information with mobile internet industry companies to establish patterns and activities about how people use the mobile web. 

MobileXpression does take your privacy seriously. So, you can be reassured that the app will not access other phone activities such as text messages, contacts, calls and photos.

After they install the app and leave it active for at least a week, new USA members will receive a $5 Amazon gift card automatically. This will allow MobileXpression to collect sufficient data before issuing a reward.


There is also a weekly sweepstake draw. Members receive entry into the draw for a variety of prizes, including iPads, kitchen items, and digital cameras. The app needs to be installed and working correctly, so users are eligible for this weekly draw. 

New members receive an entry into a $100,000 sweepstake draw automatically. Each month, one participant will win $100, and there is a chance to win $2,500, $5,000, or another entry into the big draw.

How to Redeem Points with MobileXpression?

Gift Cards

The only way to redeem your MobileXpression earnings is via gift cards. There is a list of gift card options, including Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, and other popular brands.

Gift cards are typically received quickly, but some MobileXpression review comments have highlighted that it can take a couple of weeks to receive rewards. 


After your account has been active for 90 days, MobileXpression will donate a tree through the Trees for Knowledge program to Trees for the Future.

After this initial 90 days, MobileXpression will donate a tree every month that your account remains active. 

What are the MobileXpression Pros & Cons?


  • You’ll receive a $5 Amazon gift card a week after you register. This is for users in the USA, and rewards for residents of other countries vary.
  • You’ll earn rewards doing nothing other than leaving the app installed and running on your device.
  • There is the chance to win cash prizes with Sweepstake entries.
  • MobileXpression donates trees to Trees for the Future if you keep your account active.
  • You can easily take surveys on your mobile device, so you don’t need to use your computer.


  • The app is continually running in the background, so it may eat your data and drain your battery.
  • Some MobileXpression review comments have highlighted that there could be privacy concerns about the app and data collection.
  • Some MobileXpression review comments have reported account shut downs with no notice.
  • Not every device can run this app, so you will need to double check that yours is compatible. 

Is MobileXpression Worth it?

MobileXpression is a legit platform with a parent company that has decades of industry experience and a solid reputation. However, this platform is primarily a data collection app with a few surveys to supplement your earnings. 

This is a great way to earn a little cash by doing nothing more than allowing the app to run on your device. However, if you have privacy concerns and worry about sharing your data, this is not the right platform for you.

There is the potential to earn a $5 gift card every few weeks, making it a decent side gig for those looking to make a little cash in their spare time. Unfortunately, there is limited earning potential, so if you’re looking for a serious income, you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

MobileXpression Alternatives

MobileXpression FAQ

How to contact MobileXpression customer service?

There is a full FAQ page on the website, but you can also access customer support via email or by using the contact form.

Is MobileXpression free?


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