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How to Sell?

Sell Junk Car Online: 7 Best Platforms Buying Junk Cars

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Written by: Michael Becker
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Quick Answer

If you have a junk car that’s broken, not in good shape or simply old, Peddle is a good place to sell it. They will buy your car as it is. After you say yes to their offer, Peddle will set up a time to pick up your car and pay you on the spot.

The amount of money you can get for your car depends on the type of car, its age, how much it has been used, and its condition. Most of the time, you can expect to get between $400 and $2,000 for it.

Best for Older & Damaged Cars

Peddle logo

Buys used, damaged or junk cars

Free tow and no hidden fees

Pays by ACH trasfer or check

Top Pick for Junk Cars

Wheelzy logo

Free, no-obligation cash offers

Offers free paperwork service

Pays on the spot upon pick up

Highly Rated by Customers

CarBrain logo

Excellent customer service ratings

Honors guaranteed offer for 7 days

Can pick up a car within 48 hours

Great for Low-Mileage Cars

Carvana logo

Gives a real offer in 2 minutes

100% hassle-free online process

Free car’s Value Tracker available

7 Websites to Sell Your Junk Car Online

Car Buying WebsiteKey Features
PeddleInstant cash offer, free car tow, payment in 24-48 hours
WheelzyQuick cash offer in 30 mins, free car tow, payment in 24-48 hours
CarBrainCash offer in 30 mins, free car tow, payment in 24-48 hours
eBay MotorsListing fees from $19, quick car listing process
CarMaxGet paid upfront, no service fees
SellMaxQuick cash offer, option to sell a car without a title
JunkCarsUSGuaranteed cash offer in minutes, no service fees


Peddle Summary

  • Sell used, damaged or junk car nationwide
  • Free towing within 48 hours after offer
  • Receive payment upon car collection
  • Get free online quote – offer valid 7 days
  • Instant quote available on (855) 925 4302
  • No obligation to accept the offer

Peddle is one of the best car buying companies offering cash for junk cars. No matter what condition your used vehicle is in, Peddle will buy it from you directly. This means you won’t have to visit a junkyard to get rid of your junk or scrap car.

Peddle buys all types of cars in all conditions, including:

  • Cars with water damage
  • Non-running cars
  • Accident-damaged cars
  • Older vehicles
  • Total junk cars

In addition, you can get an instant online offer for your junk car just by submitting an online form with its basic details. If you accept the offer, Peddle will send a representative to inspect your junk car and tow it away within 48 hours. You will then receive your payment on the spot.


Wheelzy Summary

  • Wheelzy stores are open 7 days a week
  • Get offer in minutes – (855) 510-1108
  • Free towing of your car from your location
  • Instant payment via cash or check

Wheelzy is one of the most popular car-buying websites where you can sell your junk car online. Regardless of the condition that your car is in, Wheelzy will give you a fair quote for it and tow it right from your driveway for free.

Wheely will also provide a free valuation of your car in a few minutes after you submit an online form. You can either accept or decline the Wheelzy offer within 7 days with no obligations. If you accept the Wheelzy offer, you can schedule a time for a Wheelzy representative to come and pick up your junk car.

You will get paid on the spot either in cash or via a check from the Wheelzy representative who comes to pick up your junk car.


CarBrain Summary

  • Call for a free quote – (844) 407-2200
  • Get cash for your car in under 48 hours
  • CarBrain buys cars in over 7 conditions
  • Up to 7 days to accept CarBrain’s offer
carbrain points

CarBrain is a used car dealer that will buy all cars nationwide, regardless of their condition. To sell your junk car to CarBrain online, start by filling out an online application form with basic details about your car. Once you do that, the CarBrain representative will contact you with a cash offer within an hour.

You will then have up to 7 days to accept CarBrain’s offer or reject it. In addition, CarBrain will tow your junk car for free within 48 hours after you accept your offer. You can also choose a time that is convenient for you to have your junk car towed away and to receive your payment on the spot from the CarBrain representative.

eBay Motors

eBay Motors Summary

  • Sell 20+ types of vehicle and car parts
  • Low listing fees starting from just $19
  • List a car for sale in under 10 minutes
  • 2 selling options – fixed price or auction

eBay Motors offers a great way to sell your junk car online. Unlike the other websites on this list, eBay Motors is not a used car dealership. Instead, it is a peer-to-peer online marketplace. This means that you can sell your car to another private individual on this website and not to a used car dealer.

eBay Motors also enables you to sell a wide range of vehicles with low listing fees starting from just $19.

If you are familiar with prices for junk cars and junk car towing, you can potentially get a better price for your junk car on eBay Motors compared to the other websites on this list. However, the process may be more troublesome and it may be better to stick with another website if you want to get cash for your used car quickly.

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CarMax Summary

  • Instant online offer in under 2 minutes
  • Online offer is valid for up to 7 days
  • 2 options for selling – online or in-store
  • Get paid within 30 minutes on the spot

CarMax is a great used car dealership that you can sell your junk cars to as well. The company accepts cars that have engine issues or are complete junk. However, they won’t purchase a car with salvage history, frame damage, or flood damage.

Like many of the other websites to sell your junk car online on this list, CarMax also provides a free, no-obligation quote for your junk car and free towing services.

However, do note that CarMax charges a processing fee of between $100 and $400 when you sell your car to the company.


SellMax Summary

  • Easy to sell your car in any condition
  • Lost car title? No problem
  • Free service
  • Better deals than junkyards

SellMax is one of the largest used car dealerships in the US and offers a great option for you to sell your junk car online. The company’s mission is to make selling junk and scrap cars quick and hassle-free.

To sell your junk car to SellMax, simply follow these steps:

  1. First, submit the online application form by providing detailed information about your car
  2. Next, SellMax will appraise your car for free and contact you with the quote within a few minutes
  3. If you accept the offer, SellMax will tow your junk car for free and hand you the check


JunkCarsUs Summary

  • Free pickup service
  • No paperwork
  • No assessment fees
  • Buys vehicle in any condition

JunkCarsUS is an online car-buying company that specializes in purchasing junk cars, as its name suggests. Regardless of the condition of your car, JunkCarsUS will offer you a fair quote for it. If you accept their offer, they will also travel to your location and tow your junk car away for free.

To sell your junk car online to JunkCarsUS, simply do one of the following:

JunkCarsUS provides a guaranteed price offer, meaning the quote won’t change at the time of pick-up.

How to Sell a Car With Problems?

Selling a car with problems can be a challenge, but it is possible to get a fair price if you are honest and upfront about the condition of the vehicle. Here are some tips:

  1. Get a mechanic to inspect the car and give you a list of all the problems. This will help you to set a realistic price and to disclose any issues to potential buyers.
  2. Be honest about the car’s condition in your listing. Don’t try to hide any problems, as this will only backfire in the long run.
  3. Price the car fairly. Take into account the make, model, mileage, condition, and the cost of repairs.
  4. Be prepared to negotiate. Buyers will likely try to haggle, so be prepared to compromise.
  5. Consider selling to a private buyer or to a dealership. Private buyers may be willing to pay more for a car with problems, but they may also be more difficult to deal with. Dealerships may offer a lower price, but they will also take care of all the paperwork and will pick up the car from you.

Here are some additional tips that may help you to sell your car with problems:

  • Make the car look as good as possible. Wash and wax the car, and clean the interior.
  • Take good photos of the car. Be sure to photograph any damage, but also include photos of the car’s best features.
  • Write a detailed listing. In addition to disclosing the car’s problems, be sure to highlight its positive features, such as its mileage, condition, and maintenance history.
  • Advertise your car in multiple places. List it on online classifieds websites, as well as in local newspapers and car publications.
  • Be patient. It may take some time to sell a car with problems, but don’t give up. The right buyer will come along eventually.

How Do You Determine The Value of Your Junk Car?

There are several factors that determine the value of your junk car, including:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Mileage
  • Age
  • Detailed condition
  • Current market value for scrap materials 
  • Current market value for certain parts 

The best way to find out the fair price for your junk car is to request a quote from Peddle or Wheelzy.

How to Sell Your Junk Car Privately?

Selling a junk car privately is a challenging task, but not impossible. In fact, you can sell your junk car via auction on eBay Motors, or break it down for parts and sell these parts on Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

However, selling your junk car privately can take a lot of time, especially if you intend to sell it for parts. Thus, unless you are familiar with selling a junk car privately, it may be a better idea to sell it directly to an online junkyard to save you some time and effort.

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Who Buys Junk Cars?

Many used car dealerships in the US will offer you cash for your junk car. Usually, they buy junk cars to strip them for parts which they may then use to repair other cars.

Some of the best websites to sell your junk car online include Peddle and Wheelzy.

How to Get Cash for Cars?

There are two main options to get cash for cars. You can either sell your car privately on peer-to-peer marketplaces such as eBay Motors or sell it to a used car dealer like Peddle or Wheelzy. There are pros and cons to both options:

Selling OptionProsCons
Selling Your Car PrivatelyYou can get a higher price You can reach a wider audience Some dealers may not buy certain types of carsTime-consuming process You have to pay for any listing and towing fees You must arrange for delivery or collection with your buyer directly
Selling Your Car to a DealerYou can get a quote almost instantly You can enjoy free towing on your car You can get paid on the same dayYou are likely to get a lower price Some dealers may not buy certain types of cars

Can You Get $500 for Junk Cars?

It is theoretically possible to get $500 for your junk car. However, this is unlikely since most junk cars are usually not in very good condition and have limited usability. Nonetheless, if your used car only has minor damages, you may be able to get $500 for it. Check our guide on how to price your junk car.

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Michael Becker


About the author:

Michael Becker is a car enthusiast and expert who has been working in the automotive industry for over 15 years. He started his career as a salesperson at a local dealership, where he learned the ins and outs of the car market. Then he moved on to flipping cars for a profit.

Michael has also helped many of his relatives and friends to sell their cars, using his knowledge and skills to get them the best deals. He will guide you through the process and help you avoid the common pitfalls.

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