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Tellwut Review: Is This Survey Platform a Legit Gig?

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Written by: Kate Starr
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Tellwut Review

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Tellwut is a survey platform that is unlike other platforms as it has the unique feature of community surveys. Community surveys are surveys that are not commissioned for market research, but are usually short polls just for fun, created by other users. As a member, you can earn money for answering both market research surveys and community surveys, as well as for creating your own surveys.



Legit & Safe

Earning Potential

Pay Per Survey

Payout Process


  • High earnings potential – you can earn up to $5 per market research survey (USA and Canada users) and up to $0.0167 per community survey, which are usually short and fun.
  • Low minimum payout threshold – cash out your earnings via gift cards at popular stores like Target from $10 onwards, or via PayPal from $25 onwards.
  • Earn money by creating surveys – you can earn up to $0.05 for each survey you create that is approved, up to a maximum of 2 survey per week.
  • Sign up bonus – get $0.75 for free just by creating your account and providing the basic personal information needed to complete your profile.


  • Hard to qualify for surveys – it can take up to 5 minutes to answer screening questions and you can get disqualified after that with no compensation.
  • Long verification process – to withdraw your earnings, you will need to provide your ID and address documents, which can take up to 5 days to process.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Depending on your demographic, you can expect to make up to 2,000 points or $5 per external survey. 

This offers the greatest earning potential, but other ways exist.

Internal Surveys:

This is an unusual feature on a survey platform as it basically means you will be answering surveys created by other platform members. All members can create a survey and these are mostly quite short.

Internal surveys typically take less than a few minutes to complete and often contain funny content. Many of these surveys are small polls about practically any topic, from beauty trends to favorite foods. 

Completing an internal survey can earn you between 5 and 15 points, depending on its length and complexity.

External Surveys:

These are surveys from companies and organizations. Tellwut research surveys are similar to those found on other survey platforms.

External surveys are typically longer than internal surveys, but the rewards are higher. You can earn 25 to 2000 points per survey.

Once you log into the site, you’ll find the list of external surveys by clicking on the “Available Surveys” link. Tellwut may also email you when a new survey becomes available if you have opted to receive survey promotions when you created your profile.

Best Tellwut Alternatives

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$0.50 – $5 on average per survey

Surveys length up to 20 minutes

$5 minimum withdrawal

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Free coupons and daily deals

100+ gift cards available

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Take 3 surveys per day and earn $40 monthly

Bank transfer available

Best for Online Shopping

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Up to 10% cashback for shopping

Rewards for playing games

$3 minimum withdrawal

Other Ways to Make Money

What makes Tellwut interesting is that there are multiple ways to make money on the platform. This makes it easier to earn Tellwut rewards.

Create Surveys:

In addition to answering other members’ polls and surveys, you can create your own. If Tellwut approves a survey you create, you’ll earn points.

You can allow your creativity to flow when you create your survey. You can also include pictures and small videos. However, there are some rules. 

If your content is offensive or inappropriate, Tellwut will not approve it and you won’t get paid. You also need to make sure your question is unique, as if it has been asked before or is similar to another, it will not be approved. 

You can create one survey a week and you’ll earn 10 to 20 points when it is approved.

Interact with the Tellwut Network:

Tellwut is a little different from many other survey platforms in that it is also a community. Each time you answer an internal survey, you will see statistics on how other members answered. But, below each survey, there is also a discussion, where you can comment and reply. 

This can be interesting, but as with social media, it can quickly become a time suck. If you like getting involved in discussion, you may enjoy interacting with the Tellwut network, but you are unlikely to earn a lot of points. 

Referral Program:

As with many other survey sites, you can earn some extra rewards by referring family and friends. Of course, your referrals need to be from a different household, as you cannot have more than one account per household. 

Unfortunately, the Tellwut rewards for referring people are not particularly generous. You’ll earn just 25 points for each person who joins using your invite link. 

However, if your friends are likely to enjoy the platform, you can get a little bonus for helping them join. 

Tellwut Reviews: is Tellwut Legit?

Tellwut is a legit platform that pays you for taking surveys hence not a scam. Rated 4.2 on G2, and 3.8 on Sitejabber, the platform has generally been reviewed positively. 

According to most users, it provides one of the best survey experiences. Other users were also pleased with the multiple ways to contact the support team if you have a query. While many survey platforms only offer a contact form or email address, Tellwut has active social media platforms.

Unfortunately, other users are not happy with the site claiming that it’s a total waste of time. One user even commented that they could not earn anything after working on the site for over six months.


Who is Tellwut for?

Tellwut is meant for individuals who want to make extra money taking surveys, creating their own surveys, and completing other offers. This platform is also designed for companies looking for crucial data that can shape their products or help develop new services.

How Much Tellwut Points Are Worth?

Generally, 100 Tellwut points is worth $0.25. 

Tellwut Hacks

  • Take as many surveys as you can
  • Start taking surveys as soon as they come
  • Go for external surveys
  • Choose long and complicated surveys to earn more
  • Set up your email for survey notifications

How to Redeem Points With Tellwut?

You’ll receive points for activities on the Tellwut platform and you can exchange these points for different rewards. 

Unlike many survey platforms, there is no cash option via PayPal, so you are looking to earn gift cards. 

The list of available gift cards include:

  • Target
  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Tango card

The lowest value gift card you can claim is $10, but there are some larger denominations available.

Unfortunately, while generally 100 points is worth $0.25, the exact conversion depends on your redemption method. For example, a $10 Amazon gift card costs 4,000 points, but if you want a $10 Tango card, you’ll need 4,500 points. 

This means that you will need to spend a little time working out the best reward to get the most for your points and a gift card you will use. 

What Are Tellwut Pros and Cons

Tellwut Pros:

  • Many surveys are fun and take less than a minute
  • Solid customer support
  • Offers many ways to earn
  • Low payout threshold of $10. 

Tellwut Cons:

  • Many tasks pay less than  $0.06. 
  • This platform is not available worldwide.

How to Sign Up for Tellwut

To get started with Tellwut;

  • Visit the website and click create an account link
  • Choose to use Facebook or enter a valid email address and password. 
  • Consent to the platform terms and conditions
  • Confirm your email address
  • Get a 100 point sign up bonus
  • Complete your profile and start taking surveys

New members receive a 100 point sign up bonus and up to 150 points for answering profiling questions.

Who Can Join?

Unlike many survey platforms, Tellwut does not have a list of requirements to join the platform. 

You can join if you:

  • Are 18+
  • Live in USA or Canada

However, there is a stipulation that you can only have one Tellwut account per household. If the company determines that your household has multiple accounts, Tellwut will close them and you may forfeit any accumulated points.

Tellwut Review Verdict: is Tellwut Worth It?

Tellwut is definitely a reliable site with some good earning potential. If you are committed enough, you can make up to $5, which you can spend on a few necessities. 

While it may not be enough to earn you a living, if you are someone looking for an avenue to make some spare cash, Tellwut works just fine. Unfortunately, one of its major downsides is that it’s not available worldwide.

Tellwut FAQs

What is Tellwut?

Tellwut’s voter panel members provide insight and perception through surveys or posting their own questions online.

Compared to other survey platforms, Tellwut provides internal and external surveys, but you can also create your own surveys. You’ll receive points whichever option you choose. 

Tellwut’s mission is to provide the tools for anyone to conduct their own market research. The company is currently owned and operated by Tellwut Corp, a Canadian company.

How does Tellwut work?

Started in 2010 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Tellwut is an online survey platform that offers individuals a chance to earn points by providing their opinions. 

Tellwut allows you to;

  • Sign up and take both internal and external surveys
  • Create your own surveys 
  • Get rewarded for your efforts

Examples of Tellwut survey topics include categories such as Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology and more.

Is Tellwut free?

Tellwut is free to sign up and use.

How to download Tellwut mobile app?

While there is no Tellwut app, the platform is mobile-friendly. You’ll have access to all the features on the smaller screen of your device,

Where Tellwut is available?

Tellwut is only available in the US and Canada.

Is Tellwut a scam?

Tellwut is not a scam but a legit site that rewards individuals for taking surveys and performing other online tasks.

Is your information safe with Tellwut?

Tellwut does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent. 

How to contact Tellwut customer service?

To contact Tellwut customer service, go to the website and click contact us. Next, fill out the form and submit it. You can also reach them via Facebook.

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