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14 Best Places Sell Camera Equipment (Get Rid of Your Old Gear)

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14 Places to Sell Camera Equipment

KEH Camera

KEH Summary

  • Several ways to get an instant quote
  • Lets you talk to expert buyers
  • Free shipping for qualified items
  • Sends instant payments through PayPal

When you’re looking for the best place to sell used camera equipment KEH Camera has a great reputation with photographers. They offer fair prices and you can input your equipment details and get a quote immediately. 

Once you have a quote you send in your gear. The staff inspect it and you get a final quote in around 7-10 days. 

If you decide to accept the offer, you receive your money by check or via Paypal. If you reject the offer KEH will return your gear free of charge!


  • Great customer service.
  • Free returns.
  • Fair pricing.


  • The 7-10 day wait for a final quote.

Gear Focus

Gear Focus was formed by creatives that needed to buy and sell gear without being taken advantage of by scammers. 

For this reason, this is one of the best places to sell used camera equipment. They work hard to make the experience fair. 

Selling is easy. Gear Focus doesn’t take seller fees until the equipment sells and your gear is marketed to creatives just like you.


  • The 3.5% commission fees are kept low so you keep more money.
  • Accurate valuations by people that understand camera equipment.


  • A focus on selling to pros limits exposure to casual buyers.


Adorama sells new and used equipment, so this is a great option if you want to trade up to better gear. 

The company pays the shipping costs for used gear and they offer online quotes. 

If gear sent to them doesn’t pass an inspection, they will pay for the return and the insurance to cover it in transit. 

Adorama pay via cash, direct deposit or a store credit making it a flexible way to sell your gear.


  • A variety of payment methods and it’s easy to trade up with store credit.


  • Some users have complained about customer support.


MPB is a camera store where you can sell your used gear online for cash or take it as trade to buy different pieces of used gear on the platform. There is a wide selection of cameras, lenses, flashes, filters, tripod and camera bags. 

The online valuation tool offers you a quote. The company pays for shipping in the U.S. and across Europe.


  • A great place to buy a wide selection of used cameras and accessories.


  • Some users have reported they are slow when responding to queries.


B&H are one of the largest suppliers of tech and camera equipment in the world today. They have an extensive catalogue of equipment at the consumer and professional end of the spectrum. 

But, many people don’t know that B&H has a buoyant second-hand market for gear and you can get a quote quickly. This is an easy way to sell your used gear because buyers like the platform. If they need anything new to go with their used purchase, such as a lens, tripod or battery, they can easily get it on a different page.


  • B&H has a massive reach with technology buyers.
  • Quick online quotes for your gear.


  • Items are graded with a 1-10 rating which may affect your selling prices.

Fred Miranda is a forum based group that has been a popular place for photographers to buy and sell their gear for a long time. 

Making an account is free, but sellers must have a membership which costs $9 per month. 

There is a great feedback system for returning buyers and sellers which builds trust and credibility. 

The forum is easy to use, you can see all the recently listed items and if you have an account you can perform searches.


  • Scammers are extremely rare.
  • Fair trading between fellow camera enthusiasts.


  • This is quite a specialized platform so casual buyers are rare.


Craigslist Summary

  • Posts are anonymous
  • Quick and easy listing in a matter of minutes
  • Little to no seller fees, most auctions are free
  • Sell within your local area

Craigslist is a mixed bag if you want to sell camera equipment locally. Some people have positive experiences and others encounter scammers so you must be careful when arranging sales and meetings. 

This is a great option if you don’t mind dealing with people in-person and you’re happy to take cash for their gear.


  • No need to worry about shipping costs or listing fees.


  • Scammers are an ever present threat.


eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

eBay has been a popular place to sell all kinds of items for many years and it has a large number of regular users. It’s easy to search for specific gear globally which makes it an attractive option for those seeking specialized gear.

However, there are listing fees, final listing fees and PayPal fees to consider. Listing fees start at $0.35 per item, but eBay calculates all other fees as a percentage of the sales price.


  • A large base of regular users.
  • Easy to search for used camera gear.


  • The fee structure is terrible if you’re selling expensive camera equipment.

Camera Exchange

Camera Exchange is a great place to sell your used gear online. The process is easy:

  1. Simply fill out a form detailing what you want to sell, 
  2. Get an online quote, 
  3. Bring your gear in or send it. 

Once your gear arrives get paid via check or a store credit. 


  • Every item has an individual quote.


  • A turnaround requires 1-2 business days.


Grid50 is a marketplace with a focus on photography and videography. This site lists all kinds of cameras and related gear and anyone can list gear for sale like eBay or other selling platforms. 

The main difference is that Grid50 charges just 3.5% commission. This can make a huge difference when selling an expensive piece of gear. 


  • Grid50 has a dedicated user base of ready customers for used camera gear.
  • The fees are significantly lower than other sites.


  • Not a great option if you want to sell consumer grade camera gear.

Park Camera

Park Camera started as a camera shop in 1971 and over the years they have developed a well deserved reputation with professional photographers. In 2008, the company created a new bespoke showroom and started to list high quality used gear. 

Park Camera will collect gear valued at over $300.00 for free with full tracking details and a free return if you don’t like the final quote.


  • An online quote is received within 24 hours.


  • Not the best option if you want to sell non-professional gear.


OfferUp Summary

  • List and sell your items for free
  • Promote your listing from just $1.99
  • Low service fee of just 12.9% or $1.99
  • You have up to 3 days to ship your item

OfferUp is an app that’s free to download and use. It allows users to sell items locally in a similar way to Craigslist. 

One of the best things about OfferUp is that you don’t need to display personal information when you create your ad. 

All transactions are conducted on an anonymous basis via the messenger and this is a quick process.


  • Sellers list for free but OfferUp takes a 7.9% fee if the item sells.
  • Buyers pay for any shipping costs.


  • OfferUp is now charging users to “bump” items in the feed to boost visibility.

National Camera Exchange

National Camera Exchange buys used photography and videography gear. You can trade your gear for cash or take it as credit towards something else on the site. 

It’s easy to get a quote online and you can call the support team during regular work hours. 

Each piece of gear is evaluated by a photography expert and they are one of the largest camera dealers in the American Midwest.


  • Fair pricing and evaluation by camera experts.


  • Not the best option if you’re selling gear outside the U.S.

Facebook Groups

Social media has revolutionized how people interact and there are many Facebook groups dedicated to photographers buying and selling their gear. Each group has a moderator that needs to approve your application to join to prevent scammers. 

In reality, this does work to a certain extent, but scamming does occur and you do need to protect yourself. Always check a buyer’s postings to see their buying history and read the moderator rules on trading carefully.


  • A ready user base of camera enthusiasts trading used gear.


  • Scammers are operating in Facebook so tread carefully.

How to Sell Your Camera Equipment Fast?

Selling your used camera gear is easier if you follow these four simple tips:

  1. Always take care of your camera gear and accessories to protect their value. Use screen protectors on the screen, get your gear serviced regularly and use appropriate bags and cases when transporting it. If your gear is damaged get it repaired professionally and keep the documentation. When your gear is well looked after it will command a higher price when it’s time to sell it on.
  1. Before you send out any gear to a buyer or for a quote remove all batteries, memory cards and hand straps that are not part of the sale. This will ensure that you don’t lose anything that you cannot replace later.
  1. When you buy a new piece of camera gear always keep everything that comes with it. This includes items such as: cords, discs, straps, packaging, physical manuals and warranty cards. Everything that you don’t need should be stored in the original box and kept somewhere safe until it’s time to sell.
  1. Time when you sell your gear to maximize your profits. Online forums and social media tend to push certain trends in camera technology, such as the relative advantages of mirrorless vs DSLR. Newbies pay close attention to these kinds of arguments and this may affect your selling prices. If you’re going to make an upgrade subscribe to some camera manufacturer RSS feeds or their social media. This will place your finger on the pulse of upcoming gear and you can make more informed choices on when and what to buy or sell at any given moment.

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