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Get Paid to Drive in 2024: 23 Best Apps

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Written by: Kate Starr
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Best Apps to Get Paid to Drive


DoorDash logo

Earn $25 per hour plus keep 100% of your tips (4000 cities in USA)

You can use any mode of transportation: your car, bicycle or motorcycle

You have the freedom to pick and choose which orders you want to accept


GoPuff logo

Experienced delivery drivers can earn up to $21 per hour ($13 on average)

Choose when you want to work based on your schedule in 1000 cities

Delivery snacks, drinks, grocery, quick meals, cleaning supplies and more


Grubhub logo

Make around $12 per hour + tips and create your own flexible schedule

No resume, interview or delivery experience required, and no dress code

Cash your earnings out up to $500 a day (free for Chase Bank customers)

23 Apps to Get Paid to Drive

Apps to Get Paid to DriveEarning Potential
DoorDash$15 to $25 per hour
GrubHubAround $12 per hour
InstacartAround $12 per hour
GoPuff$13 to $21 per hour
ShiptUp to $22 per hour
HyreCarUp to $12,000 per year
UberAbout $154 per day
BellhopUp to $21 per hour
Thumbtack​​$40,000 to $43,000 per year
PickUpOn average $45 per trip
Roadie$8 to $50 per local trip and up to $650 on longer trips
EatStreetOn average $10 per hour
Lyft$20 to $28 per hour
Amazon Flex$18 to $25 per hour
LalamoveUp to $28.95 per hour
Veyo$15 to $25 per hour
GridwiseGet up to 50% increase in your earnings as a rideshare or delivery driver
DeliverThat$25 to $32 per hour
HopSkipDriveUp to $60 per hour
Uber EatsUp to $11 per hour
Delivery DudesUp to $20+ per hour
Favor$9 to $18 per hour
Carvertise$350 to $1,500 per campaign


DoorDash Summary

  • Flexible working hours
  • Earn up to $25 per hour + tips
  • No experience or training required
  • Daily payments available
  • Special perks and rewards for drivers
  • 10% cash back on gas surcharges

Our Experience and Earnings with DoorDash

How DoorDash Works

DoorDash is a platform that offers delivery and takeaway ordering services, from restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores.

You can drive for DoorDash as a Dasher and make money while working on your preferred schedule. The major requirements for becoming a Dasher are:

  • Having a smartphone with an internet connection to use the app
  • Having a reliable vehicle
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Social security number
  • Consent to a background check

No car requirements or work experience apply to driving on DoorDash. The average hourly earnings are up to $25 per hour.


Gopuff Summary

  • Potential to earn up to $21 per hour + tips
  • Additional ways to earn extra cash
  • Good side hustle even with a full-time job
  • Work as much or as little as you want

GoPuff is a delivery service for food, snacks, and alcohol, amongst other items. The company charges a flat delivery fee to deliver daily essentials to its users. 

You can become a GoPuff driver-partner and deliver customer orders in your city. You also get to control your income and availability by working on your terms and hours. 

As a driver-partner of this service provider, you pick up customers’ orders from a central point. As such, your activities are better coordinated as you don’t have to drive around looking for the next passenger or restaurant. You also get to keep 100% of your tips.


Grubhub Summary

  • High average earnings of up to $15 per hour+tips
  • Instant cash out for your earnings
  • Earn more from tips and peak periods
  • Deliver with car, bike, scooter, motorcycle

GrubHub enhances ordering deliveries and take-outs from restaurants. Customers use the app to search for nearby restaurants that offer delivery and take-outs according to search items. 

You can drive for GrubHub, make money, and explore the area while delivering food. You don’t need any delivery experience to deliver items with GrubHub.

The requirements for delivering with this company include: 

  • Being at least 19 years old
  • Having a valid driver’s license
  • Having a smartphone with internet activated
  • Active auto-insurance
  • Valid government ID


Instacart Summary

  • 2 different types of work available
  • Earn up to $10 per full-service order
  • Get $10 for each friend you refer
  • Work as much or as little as you want

Instacart offers delivery and pickup services from local grocery stores, with about 500 retailers available. The company offers full-service shopper work opportunities that involve shopping for customers and delivering to them.

Thus, you can get paid to drive on Instacart as a full-service shopper. This work opportunity comes with flexible hours as you can work on your preferred schedule. 

The requirements for becoming a shopper with Instacart include: 

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Having access to a reliable vehicle
  • Having a smartphone with internet activated
  • The ability to lift and carry up to 50lbs weight


Shipt Summary

  • High earnings potential in some areas
  • Get a paycheck on a weekly basis
  • Start shopping within 5 days of approval
  • Easy to apply to become a shopper

Shipt offers same-day delivery services for orders from local stores. The company engages local delivery partners called shoppers to meet customer needs. 

You can drive on Shipt as a delivery partner and earn up to $22 per hour, in addition to all the change you get to keep. 

To become a Shipt Shopper, you need to: 

  • Be at least 18 years
  • Can lift up to 40 lbs
  • Have a basic product selection knowledge 
  • Own a car that is not older than a 1997 model 


HyreCar is a car rental and buying service particularly targeted at rideshare or delivery drivers. Car owners can rent their cars to rideshare or delivery partners. On the other hand, drivers get cars to make money from at affordable prices. 

The company allows drivers to rent cars in the short and long term for rideshare and delivery services. 

Since a vehicle is a requirement for driving for many rideshare and delivery companies, Hyrecar empowers you to make money from driving. 

For example, you can get a basic functional car from Hyrecar at a cost-effective price and use it on platforms where vehicle requirements are not tight. 


PickUp offers same-day or scheduled delivery services specifically targeted at big and heavy items. The services are targeted at retail businesses and individuals to guarantee seamless shopping and customer service experiences.

Good Guys are PickUp’s delivery professionals. You can become a Good Guy and make a steady income meeting individual and business delivery needs. You get to work flexible hours and earn an average of $45 per delivery fulfilled while keeping all of your tips. 

The requirements for driving and delivering this company include: 

  • Owning an insured truck or van
  • Being able to lift at least 100 lbs
  • Being at least 18 years old


Uber Summary

  • Earn up to $1034 per week including tips
  • Receive payments up to 5 times per day
  • Earn more during surge pricing periods
  • You get to keep 100% of all rider tips

Uber is one of the most popular rideshare brands globally, with widespread availability and popularity. You can make a good income on your terms, and based on your availability, from Uber.

To become an Uber driver, you must meet a few requirements:

  • Be at least the minimum driving age in your city
  • Have at least one year of driving experience
  • Pass a background check
  • Have an active driver’s license 
  • Have a proof of residency in your city

Because of its widespread availability, Uber is still a top platform to consider to drive for money.


Bellhop offers modern moving services aimed at professionalism and accessibility. Customers book moving services and a team is assembled and sent to them to cater to their needs. 

You can sign up to offer moving and driving services through Bellhop and make money. With Bellhop, you can drive locally or for long distances with Bellhop. This driving opportunity comes with flexibility as you can work on your schedule.

The requirements for driving with this company include:

  • Owning or leasing a box truck
  • Passing a background check
  • Having a smartphone to use the Bellhop app
  • Having a cargo and liability insurance. 


Thumbtack is a platform where locals find professionals in their area and register to improve their business reach. 

You can offer all kinds of services on this platform, including those that involve driving.

On Thumbtack, you can offer driving services as standalone services or part of moving services. You can also offer driving lessons to locals. 


Roadie, a UPS company, offers flexible and straightforward opportunities for making money from driving. You get to work on your terms, based on your availability, whether as a side hustle or a steady gig.

You can deliver items locally or for long distances through Roadie. There are no minimum vehicle requirements for driving and delivering for Roadie. The average earnings from this company per trip range from $8 to $50 for local trips and as much as $650 for longer trips. 

Basic driver requirements for Roadie include a minimum age of 18, a valid US driver’s license, and a social security number. 


Lyft Summary

  • Your working hours are up to you
  • Instant payment with the Lyft debit card
  • 3 different ways to earn more money
  • 3rd party liability insurance offered

Lyft is a well-known rideshare platform with an established presence in the US and Canada. Because of its popularity, it is considered one of the options for making money from driving.

Register to drive for Lyft and work on your preferred schedule. You also get to keep all your tips when you drive for Lyft. The requirements for driving for Lyft vary from location to location. However, general requirements like the minimum driving age and valid US driver’s license apply across the board. 


EatStreet is an online food ordering service for deliveries and takeouts. Its users want a straightforward route between being hungry and getting food. 

Drivers are critical to the operations of this company. You can become an EatStreet driver, work on a flexible schedule, and make a steady income. 

As an EatStreet driver, you are a W-2 employee that delivers food for local restaurants and makes money based on your deliveries. 

Requirements for becoming a driver on this platform include: 

  • A minimum age of 18
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Two years of driving experience

Uber Eats

Uber Eats Summary

  • Flexible schedule – choose your own hours
  • You get to keep 100% of all customer tips
  • 3 different delivery options available
  • 4 bonus ways to increase your earnings

Uber Eats delivers food from partner restaurants to customers’ doorsteps across the US. The platform thus provides opportunities for you to get paid to drive.

To drive for Uber Eats, you have to be a registered Uber driver

The requirements for driving for Uber Eats are basically the same as that of Uber. However, instead of transporting people, you’ll be transporting food to your customers.


Carvertise offers rideshare and taxi advertisement services. Clients pay the company to place ads on the cars of rideshare and delivery drivers. 

Driving for Carvertise thus provides another way to make money for you as a rideshare or delivery driver through ad placements.

Carvertise places ads on your car based on your driving patterns and preferences. The ads are placed for a specific period, and payments are made monthly. 

What’s good, Carvertise wraps your car for free and the wrap doesn’t damage your car.


Lalamove is a delivery service provider that caters to the needs of individuals and businesses. The company offers on-demand delivery services that partner drivers provide.

You can sign up on Lalamove to earn extra income from driving and work onyour preferred schedule. Signing up to drive on this platform requires completing an application and onboarding process. The application requirements include having a smartphone, driver’s license, and a reliable vehicle.

After signing up to drive on Lalamove, you can choose from available orders to deliver them. As you complete orders, earnings are accrued to your account. 


Veyo provides non-emergency transportation services to revolutionize the sector. The service is technology-based and backed with real-time data and the integration of a virtual fleet. 

The company partners with drivers like you to get people to and from their medical appointments.

Requirements to start working with Veyo include:

  • Having a valid driver’s license
  • Owning a reliable vehicle with insurance
  • Passing a background check
  • Getting a CPR certification


DeliverThat, a national last-mile delivery service is committed to upholding the highest standards of restaurant delivery with its network of delivery drivers. The driver network delivers for partner restaurants from all over the country.

You can register with DeliverThat to join the network of professional drivers and earn an average of $30 per delivery while working according to your preferred schedule. 

Requirements for this driving opportunity include having a smartphone, a valid driver’s license, and a good driving record.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a package delivery service with which you can deliver Amazon packages with your vehicle and make money. 

Working with Amazon Flex is flexible compared to other options because you can reserve a block and make deliveries during that block.

You get to keep your tips from Amazon Flex, and that is another way of augmenting your income.  


Favor is a personal assistant service that allows users to order food from a wide range of local restaurants in areas where the service is available and complete various tasks. 

Partner professionals called runners carry out the food delivery and assistant services. You can sign up as a Runner to make money from driving and delivering food and running errands.

Basic requirements for signing up as a Favor Runner include: 

  • Having a smartphone to use the Favor app 
  • Having a clean personal record
  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Owning a reliable vehicle


HopSkipDrive Summary

  • Accept gigs up to 7 days in advance
  • Earn up to $50 per hour as a driver
  • Earn $1000 for your first 25 trips
  • Make a difference to childrens’ safety

HopSkipDrive specializes in the provision of safe youth transportation solutions. The solutions available from this company include personalized transportation solutions, school driver shortage solutions, small group transportation solutions, and optimized route solutions. 

The company exists to offer safe and reliable services for children and families. As a HopSkipDrive driver, you can expect to earn up to $60 per hour while working according to your preferred schedule. 

You select your preferred rides in advance, complete them, and get paid upon completing them. 

Requirements for this driving position are more specific compared to other opportunities and include: 

  • Having at least 5 years of caregiving history
  • Passing ultiple background checks
  • Good driving history


Gridwise describes itself as the #1 assistant for rideshare and delivery drivers. Although this is not an app for directly making money from driving, it is important to know about it if you offer these services. 

The app helps you to run a profitable rideshare or delivery business as a driver. It has features for tracking earnings and mileage. You also find the best places and companies to drive with. 

On Gridwise, you will also find insights to help you decide whether it is a good time to head to the airport.

Delivery Dudes

Delivery Dudes is a food ordering and delivering service for local restaurants. If you are looking for how to get paid to drive, this is another great opportunity to explore. 

Basic requirements for a Delivery Dudes driving position include having a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and a smartphone for taking orders.                               

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