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11 Best Companies that Can Buy My Car in 2023

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Best Companies that Can Buy Your Car


Peddle logo

Get your free offer instantly via online form or call on (855) 925 4302

$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towing – Peddle will take care of it

Get paid in check during the pick up for any car (damaged, junk, wrecked)


CarBrain logo

Get an offer within 2 minutes and sell your damaged car within 24 hours

Free vehicle towing and no fees to getting rid of your damaged car

The tow truck driver will arrive with your check (nationwide service)


Wheelzy logo

Quick car evaluation without the hassle – sell your car within 30 min

Choose a convenient date and time for free pick-up, as soon as next day

Get cash in hand the same day the Wheelzy agent picks up your car

11 Companies that Can Buy My Car


Wheelzy Summary

  • Wheelzy stores are open 7 days a week
  • Get offer in minutes – (855) 510-1108
  • Free towing of your car from your location
  • Instant payment via cash or check

Wheelzy is one of the best American-based online car buying sites. The company has been in operation for more than 5 years and has built a solid customer base over time. Currently, they buy over 1000 cars every month and have won the hearts of vehicle sellers as a trustworthy car buyer.

The company buys different car models, including;

  • Acura
  • Datsun
  • Audi
  • Hummer
  • BMW
  • Mini
  • Toyota
  • Subaru
  • Land Rover
  • Volkswagen

To get started with Wheelzy, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Fill an online form on the website by including vital details on your car, such as year of manufacture, make, model and submodel.
  2. After submitting the form, you’ll get an offer to sell your vehicle. 
  3. Then, the company organizes a convenient pickup time at no cost.
  4. After pickup, they’ll send cash to your account or pay by check. 
  5. Finally, the company handles the paperwork and ownership transfer.

Another option to sell your secondhand car is to drive it to the Wheelzy store, and a team member will inspect it within ten minutes. After that, they’ll offer a price and pay instantly. 

Wheelzy operates all days of the week; therefore, you can pay a quick visit anytime and sell your car.

Recent Wheelzy Offers

Hyundai (Tucson)2006200,000Doesn’t start$400
Mercury (Sable Sedan)2003150,000Doesn’t start$225
Mercedes-Benz (C)2001150,000Starts$222
Ford (Edge)2010200,000Doesn’t start$1,200
Ford (Flex)2009150,000Starts$1,000
Lexus (RX)2002300,000Doesn’t start$750
Chevrolet (Cobalt Sedan)2007200,000Doesn’t start$200
Toyota (Corolla)2003250,000Drives$555
BMW (528)2008250,000Drives$1,487


Peddle Summary

  • Sell used, damaged or junk car nationwide
  • Get instant quote on (855) 925 4302
  • Free towing within 48 hours after offer
  • Receive payment upon car collection

Peddle is a US-based company that has grown from a junk car removal service to a popular car buyer in over 50 states and cities, including Austin, Columbus, Seattle, Richmond, San Antonio, and San Jose.

To get started with Peddle, you need to create an account and complete the form with your car details.

Peddle sets apart that they won’t request your contact information before accepting the offer, which usually takes up to 7 days.

If you like their offer, you can decide on a convenient pickup time when a representative from Peddle or a towing partner will arrive to get the vehicle. 

Typically, an assessment takes less than ten minutes just to ensure your car is in good condition. After that, you’ll receive money on the spot.

Recent Peddle Offers

Toyota (Camry)2011150,000$2,225
Volvo (S40)200137000$430
Mercedes-Benz (560)199192000$1,930
BMW (528)2008126,000$1,140
Kia (Forte)2010145,000$635
Honda (CR-V)201167000$2,930
Ford (Explorer Sport Trac)2004145,000$1,170
Oldsmobile (Alero)2004162,000$400
Audi (A6)2006106,000$530


Carvana Summary

  • Get an online quote within 2 minutes
  • Free pickup wtihin 100 miles of a hub
  • Offer valid for 7 days or 250 more miles
  • Haggle-free process to sell your car

Carvana is one of the largest e-commerce platforms that sell second-hand vehicles in Arizona. It was founded in 2012 and currently has over 20,000 well-maintained vehicles for sale.

You can sell your vehicle through the website or by downloading the Carvana app on your mobile device, which will take you less than two minutes.

The company operates entirely online; therefore, after filling in the details and accepting their offer, someone inspects, pays, and tows away your vehicle.

When giving your car details, you can include mileage, zip code, premium features, accident history, mechanical issues, exterior damage, loan status, and general condition.


CarMax Summary

  • Instant online offer in under 2 minutes
  • Online offer is valid for up to 7 days
  • 2 options for selling – online or in-store
  • Get paid within 30 minutes on the spot

Carmax is one of the oldest car selling and buying companies, with over 220 retail stores located in over 41 states. As a leading car retailer, Carmax has sold over 9 million years since it was founded in 1993.

The online process is the same as other platforms such as Peddle and Wheelzy since all you need is to fill a form, get a seven-day offer, schedule an appointment, and get paid. Even though the offers are firm and non-negotiable, they may adjust the price after the verification process.

In addition, you can drive your car to a CarMax store near you for a physical appraisal. With this, you don’t need to schedule an appointment, as you can simply walk in.

The downside of CarMax is that they won’t pick up your vehicle, and you can only redeem the offer at a store nearby. However, you get instant pay after verification. 

In the case of a leased vehicle, they will liaise with the leasing company and offer to pay off the quote or equity. 

sell car to dealer


AutoNation Summary

  • Over 300 locations in the US available
  • Get an online offer within 30 minutes
  • Online offer valid for up to 7 days
  • Get paid within 24 hours for your car

Autonation is a car buying company with 300 plus retail stores and more than 26000 associates spread across the United States.

The online platform allows you to sell your car by providing its VIN code along with a short description of its physical condition. 

Typically, a certified offer will come your way within 30 minutes. Like Carmax, they don’t come to your location, but you must present your offer and car to the nearby store and get paid after inspection.

Even though they can buy cars from anyone, you can sign up with your email and access other services, including; 

  • Viewing vehicle models
  • Tracking your preferences
  • Vehicle financing and 
  • Service & parts availability
sell car to salvage yard

Kelley Blue Book

KBB Summary

  • Provides an Instant Cash Offer and purchases your car within a day
  • Helps to determine your car’s value if you want to sell it privately
  • It’s free to use the KBB valuation tool
  • No obligations – you can use the KBB valuation tool and sell your car privately

Kelley Blue Book is a leading car automotive research and valuation company in the US. The Californian-based company opened its doors in 1926 and has nationwide outreach in over 50 states.

It uses a proprietary algorithm, historical trends, market conditions, year, location, and industry development to determine the market value.

A KBB review reveals that the Kelley Blue Book website is a comprehensive database where you can access;

  • Vehicle reviews
  • Autoshop guide
  • Servies & repair guide
  • Maintenance pricing
  • Car buyers guides
  • Expert car reviews
  • Cars for sale
  • Car reviews
  • Research tools such as credit and car loans
  • Buying and selling of second-hand cars

Other than that, Kelly Blue Book buys second-hand vehicles from individuals who place an offer on its website. You can give details of your work, including the VIN or Licence plate, to get an accurate offer.

The offer lasts seven days and once you accept, drive the vehicle to the nearest dealer for verification and cash offer. You can also trade-in your vehicle for another and drive home with it the same day.

In addition, you can download the Kelly Blue Book app from Google Play or the App Store and access the service anywhere.

Example of Kelly Blue Book vehicles and prices

2015 Honda CR-V$17897
2017 Honda CR-V$22,855
2019 Toyota RAV4$29,299
2016 Honda Pilot$22,474
2016 Acura MDX$23,917
2019 AUDI Q3$30,089


CarBrain Summary

  • Get an online offer within 2 minutes
  • Get cash for your car in under 48 hours
  • CarBrain buys cars in over 7 conditions
  • Up to 7 days to accept CarBrain’s offer

Carbrain is a car retailer with over 13 years of experience serving clients all across the United States.

The company specializes in buying;

  • Well-maintained second-hand vehicles
  • Junk, unwanted, non-functional, and scrap cars.

To get started;

  • Find a car buyer in your location by entering the car details and the zip code in the search box.
  • You will get a list of buyers interested in a vehicle that fits your description.
  • After that, you’ll get an offer which you must accept within seven days.
  • Typically, you’ll receive the money within 48 hours, and after that, a representative comes to your location to tow the car.
sell car for cash

We Buy Any Car USA

We Buy Any Car Summary

  • Instant offers within minutes
  • Buys almost any vehicle
  • No fees if you have no finance on the vehicle
  • A+ BBB platform rating

We Buy Any Car USA is a family-owned business that started its operation in 1951. In over six decades, the company has made a name in car buying services and currently has over 116 locations across the United States.

With a long-standing reputation of exemplary service to its customers, you can be certain that you’ll get the right quote for your vehicle.

The first step is to fill an online evaluation with your car’s make, model of and year of manufacture. After that, you’ll get an offer, and if you accept, you can present your vehicle to the nearby branch.

You”ll receive money or check within the same day. You can also trade-in your old vehicle with a different model of your choice. is a car retailer with over 35 years of experience in the auto industry. 

The company’s mission is to facilitate quick car sales in over 200 locations spread in the US.

To sell your car, you can use the following procedure;

  • Contact the office via the customer service number 1-800-227-2893. Or, you can fill a form on the online platform with your car details. 
  • You’ll then get a no-obligation quote for your vehicle, and after accepting the offer, a representative will come to your location to tow the vehicle at no cost. Afterwards, you’ll get a check on the spot.


SellMax Summary

  • Easy to sell your car in any condition
  • Lost car title? No problem
  • Free service
  • Better deals than junkyards

SellMax is a US-based company that has been in the car buying business since 1990. Even though it’s based in San Diego, it has locations in up to 50 states where sellers can easily get a buyer for their vehicle.

The company has a reputation of not being picky and accepts all types of vehicles. Further, they’ve streamlined the entire process to deliver quick quotes, less paperwork, and convenient pick-ups. 

To get started, you can value your car by entering the details in the search box on the website. You’ll get cash the same day the staff tow your vehicle.


DamagedCars Summary

  • Get paid within 24 to 48 hours
  • No need to go junkyard & negotiate deals
  • Higher pay than any other local junkyard
  • Offer within 90 seconds

As the name suggests, DamagedCar is a US-based company that offers reasonable market value for wrecked, crashed, and damaged cars. The company has been in business for up to ten years and closed up to 1 million offers.

You can get a valid offer within 90 seconds of providing your vehicle’s details. You’ll get paid within 48 hours after a representative picks your car.

sell car parts

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