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28 Best Places To Sell Shoes Online for Cash (Used & New Ones)

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Written by: Kate Starr
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Sell Shoes for Cash Near You


OfferUp Summary

  • List and sell your items for free
  • Promote your listing from just $1.99
  • Low service fee of just 12.9% or $1.99
  • You have up to 3 days to ship your item

OfferUp is one of the biggest online marketplaces for selling used stuff locally, including shoes. 

The company provides you with an app for iPhone or Android so you can upload your listing easily. On the other hand, people interested in purchasing shoes will be able to see your listing and buy it right from the app.

Selling your shoes through OfferUp, buyers are responsible for handling shipping. However,you’ll be charged a commission – minimum $1.99 or 12.9% of the sale price.

After your item sells, you can request the buyer to pay in cash or through OfferUp app.

best place to sell sneakers


Preloved is one of the biggest online marketplaces for selling used items locally in the United Kingdom. 

The platform allows you to list your shoes for sale for free and doesn’t require any commission after your item sells.

When you sell your shoes through Preloved, you will typically meet the buyer in person to hand the item. This way, you can request cash payment. Alternatively, you can get paid via PayPal.


If you own authentic, designer shoes, Tradesy lets you sell your luxury items online easily.

After you list your item, Tradesy handles everything from payment to shipping. They will send you a prepaid, pre-packaged shipping kit together with branded packaging. 

When it comes to payout, you have two options. You can either use your earnings to buy items from Tradsey or withdraw funds to your debit card or PayPal.

While setting up a listing is free, you will be charged a commission when your shoes sell:

  • $7.50 for items that sold for less than $50
  • And a flat 19.8% for anything above $50


Depop Summary

  • Receive payments via PayPal
  • Ability to chat with the buyers
  • No limit to the type of products you can sell
  • 100% secure

Depop is an online platform that allows you to sell any type of shoes from streetwear to vintage and designer.

As Depop is focused on your success on the platform, it offers you a community of dedicated seller teams. They also provide you with photography tips that are proven to drive sales to your listing.

While listing your item on Depop is free, the platform will keep 10% commission after your shoes sell. And you can get your earnings via PayPal.


Vinted is an online marketplace allowing you to sell and swap used shoes and clothings locally.

Setting up a listing on Vinted is easy and free. Simply complete your registration to list your item – upload images, add description and set the price.

There are no fees associated with selling your shoes with Vinted and you can accept cash from your buyer in-person.

The RealReal

The RealReal is a consignment online shop catering luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.

Consigning with The RealReal, you’ll earn up to 85% of the sale by direct deposit or mailed check.


ThredUP Summary

  • Handles shipping and returns for you
  • Provides photography for items
  • Free clean out service
  • Sells items for you

ThredUp is the largest online thrift shop allowing you to sell used clothes and shoes.

This platform has the highest commission fees for selling your used shoes. Here’s the ThredUp payout structure:

Listing PriceYour Payout

You can transfer your money to your bank account via PayPal or Stripe.


Kidizen is the popular online marketplace focusing on kids’ fashion allowing you to sell your outgrown kid’s shoes.

There are two ways you can sell your kids’ shoes through Kidizen.

  • First, register as a seller to create your listing.
  • Second, connect with a scout – an expert seller, who knows how to price the item to sell it fast. This is a great option if you don’t have time and want someone to manage the process for you.

Either way, you can claim your earnings via PayPal.


buyMYheels is a perfect online marketplace to sell designer shoes from brands like Christian Louboutin, Dior, etc.

Listing your luxury shoes on buyMYheels costs £5 and there is no selling fee associated.

While the company is originally British, located in the UK, it allows you to list your shoes from anywhere in the world and sell it to the worldwide audience.

The company provides you with the Photography Guide you must follow to get your shoes listed on buyMYheels.

In order to place your shoe advertisement, first you need to complete the registration.

You will receive your payment via PayPal.


VarageSale is a virtual garage sales app allowing you to sell used or new shoes within your neighborhood. 

The platform is currently accessible in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Japan.

To create your free listing on VarageSale, simply Sign Up to upload images and description of your shoes.

There are no fees associated with selling through VarageSale.

As you typically will meet the buyer in-person to hand the shoes, you can request cash payment or any other method you prefer.


Craigslist Summary

  • Posts are anonymous
  • Quick and easy listing in a matter of minutes
  • Little to no seller fees, most auctions are free
  • Sell within your local area

Craigslist is one of the first yet biggest local online marketplaces for selling used or unwanted goods.

Creating a posting on Craigslist is free and effortless. Just upload the images of your shoes, write a short description and set the price.

While selling your shoes through Craigslist allows you to meet buyer in-person, you can ask to get paid in cash or any other payment method you prefer.

Be aware of scams when you’re selling through Craigslist and never send shoes before you receive your payment.


5Miles is a one-stop-shop neighborhood app where you can sell your shoes to people in your area. 

What’s great about 5Miles is that all users must verify their identity. Verification ensures you are dealing with real buyers and not scammers.

In order to list your shoes, simply press the orange “List It” button at the top of the 5Miles website. You will then be required to make a registration, upload images of your shoes and provide product details.


Grailed is a specialty online marketplace focusing on selling men’s high-quality shoes, including streetwear and designer pieces.

To create a listing for your shoes, you need to click the “Sell” button at the top of the website. You will be required to create your account and upload product images and details.

Once your item sells, you will receive your payment via PayPal.

Be aware that Grailed will keep a 9% commission fee.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a fashion resale retailer allowing you to sell or exchange your shoes and clothing. 

The best part about Buffalo Exchange is that they purchase your items directly, so you don’t have to seek buyers.

You can only sell your shoes to Buffalo Exchange in-person, visiting the store all over the United States. However, it’s recommended to call the company at 520-622-2711 or toll-free at 1-866-235-8255, to set the appointment first.

You will typically get paid 30% of their selling price in cash via PayPal. Or 50% in a Digital Trade Card that you can use in the Buffalo Exchange store to buy new clothing.

Uptown Cheapskate

Uptown Cheapskate is a thrift store available in over 80 locations throughout the United States.

To sell your shoes, just bring them to any of the Uptown Cheapskate stores near you. There’s no need to call in advance to make an appointment. However, you should visit the store at least one hour before it closes.

Typically, the selling process takes 30-60 minutes.

You can choose to get instant cash or 25% more in credit that you can spend in the Uptown Cheapskate store.

Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading is a thrift store available in over 30 locations within the United States. 

You have two options to sell your shoes to Crossroads: 

  • Bring shoes to your nearest Crossroads location in-person by appointment. Call your local Crossroads store to schedule an appointment.
  • If there is no Crossroads store in your location, you can request a bag to send your shoes to them.

Note that your shoes must be in a good condition – clean, without any stains or tears and odor-free. And you can bring up to 50 items at a time.

You can accept payment in cash or Crossroads store credit.

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is also a thrift store accepting used shoes and clothes in-store.

Find the Plato’s Closet location near you to bring in your items and get an instant cash.

Make sure that your shoes are clean and have no stains or tears before taking it for a trade-in.

You must have your government issued ID with you as well.

Best Places Online to Sell Sneakers


StockX is an online marketplace allowing you to easily sell your authentic sneakers like Nikes, Yeezys, Retro Jordans and others. It’s the world’s first marketplace with a live ‘bid/ask’ feature entirely focused on selling sneakers.

Listing your sneakers on StockX is as easy as just selecting your product from the preloaded catalog. No need to take pictures or write descriptions. Just a few clicks and your sneakers is live on the platform.

While setting up your listing, you’re indicating the minimum ask price for your sneakers. Buyers then place bids and when a bid and ask prices meet, the transaction happens automatically.

After your sneakers sell, you should send them to StockX so they can authenticate the product and issue your payment.

You can get payment via PayPal, Venmo, ACH bank transfer or debit card.


Klekt provides you with an online marketplace where you can sell authentic sneakers. 

Note that your sneakers must be brand new, unworn or in deadstock condition.

In order to set up the listing for your sneakers, first you need to make a registration

After your item sells, you have to ship it (for free) to Klekt for authentication. Authentication process usually takes 1-2 business days after which Klekt will release your payment via PayPal.

Sole Supremacy

Sole Supremacy will purchase your new, as well as new sneakers directly. This means, you don’t have to wait for the buyer to show interest in your item.

To get a quote for your sneakers, you should call the company at (510)792-4090 or email at solesupremacy510@gmail . com

After you get the quote, you will need to bring your sneakers to their store or send by mail for authentication. If they confirm the authenticity, you will receive payment via PayPal. If not, you will get your item back.

Flight Club

Flight Club is a platform focused on selling and buying authentic sneakers. You can sell both new, unworn sneakers and used ones through the platform.

To get your sneakers listed for sale, first you need to create a submission at After that, you’ll need to consign your item to the company so they can authenticate the item. 

If everything checks, the company will keep your sneakers to send them to the buyer when it’s sold.

After your sneakers sell Flight Club will send you money via bank transfer or PayPal. Be aware that they will keep a commission fee of 9.5% plus a $5 seller fee.


Goat is a marketplace that features authentic sneakers of any brand.

As Goat has recently merged with Flight Club, your listing made on will automatically get listed on Goat as well.

Sell Shoes on Markeplace


eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

eBay is a go-to place for many people when they want to sell used stuff.

In order to sell your shoes on eBay, just set up your eBay listing by uploading photos and filling product details.

You can get your earnings either via PayPal or direct deposit on your debit card.

Note that there is no fee when your item sells for $100 or more. However, you’ll be charged 10% of the sale if your item is worth less than $100.


Bonanza is an online shopping mall showing your listing to buyers from all over the world. 

The platform boasts for its lowest fees on the market.

Setting up a listing for your shoes on Bonanza is free. However, the company will keep:

  • 3.5% commission if your item sells for less than $500.
  • And 3.5% + a flat 1.5% of the amount over $500.

If you want to expand your shoe selling business, Bonanza gives you an opportunity to create your own branded website.

As a Bonanza seller, you can accept payments via PayPal or Stripe.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace combines over 900 small businesses including independent brands and vintage boutiques from over 50 countries.

In order to start selling on ASOS, you need to Apply for a Boutique

There are no listing fees and the company offers you 0% commission fee. A regular ASOS commission fee is 20%.

Selling on ASOS, you can accept payments via PayPal or Stripe.


Poshmark has a fashion social commerce community where you can sell your new or used shoes, clothing and accessories.

To become a Poshmark seller and set up your listing, first download the Poshmark app on your iPhone or Android.

When your shoes sell through Poshmark, the company will send you a prepaid, pre-addressed label. All you need to do is pack your shoes, include the label and drop it off at your local USPS mailbox. You can also have it picked up from your home.

For sales under $15, Poshmark will keep a flat commission of $2.95 and 20% for sales above $15.

Sell Wedding Shoes

Once Wed

Once Wed is an online marketplace for wedding dresses, shoes and other accessories. 

If you have wedding shoes that you no longer need, Once Wed is a great place to sell them.

The platform offers you the lowest commission, which is a one-time fee of $5 per item.

In order to sell your wedding shoes via Once Wed, simply create an account and set up your listing.

You may receive multiple offers for your wedding shoes. Once you choose the buyer, you will send them an invoice and ship your item only when you receive your payment.

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed is also an online marketplace for wedding clothes, including shoes and other accessories.

To list your wedding shoes on the Nearly Newlywed platform, first you need to create your seller account.

Once your shoes sell through Nearly Newlywed, you will receive a prepaid UPS shipping label to ship the shoes to the buyer.

If the buyer is satisfied with the purchase, you will get paid via PayPal or check. If she returns the item, the company will verify its condition and you will get your item back.

Is it Worth to Sell Shoes Online?

Whether you want to declutter your wardrobe or just received a pair of shoes that’s not really your size, you can make some extra cash. 

For example, you could sell authentic Nike Air for $212 while a used wedding shoes could earn you at least $70.

Of course, the more shoes you sell, the more you will profit.

How to Sell Your Shoes Online Fast?

While listing your shoes on online marketplaces is easy and fast, it doesn’t guarantee that your shoes will sell. 

Let’s see what you can do to maximize your chances and sell your shoes fast.

1. Clean Your Shoes

Whether your shoes are new or used, it probably needs at least some cleaning to make it shine. And make sure you don’t leave out the dirty soles.

Shiny clean shoes look much more attractive to potential buyers and cleaning it will definitely maximize interest in it.

2. Take Quality Photography

Good photography is the key to selling your shoes faster. Images are the first thing that a potential buyer will see on your listing. And if your images don’t catch their eye, they will probably scroll to the next shoe on the marketplace.

Don’t let this tip scare you though. When I say take quality photography, I don’t mean you have to take photos with a professional camera. In fact, your smartphone is enough.

There are some tips to take attractive images for your listing to sell your shoes faster:

  • First make sure to choose the place with plenty of daylight.
  • Next, put your shoes in front of a plain background. This can be a one-colored/neutral wall, floor, sheet or a drop-down.
  • Finally, take pictures from different angles and set the most attractive one as a cover image of your listing.

3. Research Your Competition

Researching your competition is one of the most important things to do before you publish your listing online. It will help you understand how to price your shoes to get maximum out of it while not overpricing at the same time.

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