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6 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight in 2024

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Written by: Kate Starr
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6 Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight


Healthy Wage Summary

  • Meet your weight loss goal and win cash
  • Win up to $10,000 from challenges
  • Low minimum wager amount of just $100
  • Join up to 10 challenges at once

HealthyWage is a US-based health and fitness company that offers cash prizes to encourage members to lose weight and improve their fitness. 

How does HealthyWage work?

To use HealthyWage, download the app on either the Google Play or Apple App Store. You’ll then be prompted to enter your health details (including weight, height, and more) before you can choose from various challenges. 

You will then need to select a challenge that you qualify for and place a wager. This wager will be a cash bet that you are placing. In effect, you are betting with the company that you will be able to complete the challenge. 

After you place your wager, the company’s referees will verify your weight remotely via videoconferencing. You can then start working on your challenge.

If you complete your challenge by the end of the specified timeframe, you will receive a cash prize that is more than your bet. However, if you fail to complete your challenge, you will forfeit your bet.

How much can you earn with HealthyWage?

The minimum total bet is $100. The cash prize increases with the difficulty of the challenge. The system calculates the cash prize based on your individual information. Here are some possible cash prizes that you can win. Use the prize calculator on the HealthyWage website to see how much you can win for your bet.

Amount of Weight You Want to LoseLength of BetAmount You Want To Bet Per MonthCash Prize
10lb6 months$20Between $131 to $306
20lb10 months$40Between $436 to $880
30lb14 months$60Between $838 to $1346
40lb18 months$80Between $1470 to $1926
apps that pay you to lose weight


Like HealthyWage, DietBet is also an app that encourages people to lose weight by offering a cash prize.

How does DietBet work?

DietBet works by offering members the option to place bets on weight loss challenges and games. Unlike HealthyWage, when you place a bet with DietBet, you’re not betting against the company. Instead, you are betting against other people who have also put money in a pot.

After joining a weight loss challenge, you will have to pay a fee (which goes into the pot) and submit photos of yourself weighing in for verification. 

DietBet offers two types of challenges: Kickstarter and Transformer. For Kickstarter challenges, participants will have to lose 4% of their weight in 4 weeks to qualify for a prize. For Transformer challenges, participants have to lose 10% of their body weight in 6 months. 

At the end of the stipulated period of either four weeks or six months, all participants who successfully lose the required weight will split the pot with other successful participants.

How much can you earn with DietBet?

To join a game, you will need to place a bet of $35 per month for the entire duration of the game. In return, you stand to earn back at least the amount of money you put into the pot. However, if there are participants who fail to complete the challenge, you stand to win additional cash. 

On average, most participants win 50% to 100% of the amount they put into the pot. As such, this means that you stand to win up to $175 for a 6-month Transformer challenge. 

Some challenges also offer participants bonus prizes such as extra cash or the chance to win a Peloton bike. Thus, this makes DietBet one of the best ways to get paid to lose weight.

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stickK is a platform that encourages people to lose weight. The company was founded by Dean Karlan, a professor of behavioral economics at Yale University. He founded the platform with knowledge and experience gleaned from his personal weight loss journey. 

The platform differs from other weight loss platforms because of its use of data-driven software to empower behavioral change. According to the company, having a financial intensive can increase one’s chances of success by three times. 

How does stickK work?

Unlike other apps that you can use to get paid to lose weight, Stickk does not consider itself a weight loss app. Instead, Stickk uses what it calls Commitment Contracts to drive behavioral changes. 

Users can set Commitment Contracts not just to lose weight, but also for other goals such as cleaning a room or saving. Thus, users can use stickK to change their behaviors and achieve their goals. 

How much can you earn with stickK?

Unlike the other apps on this list, Stickk does not pay you when you hit your weight loss goal. Instead, you commit to paying a friend or charity a sum of money if you fail to achieve your goal.

If you succeed in losing weight, stickK will not charge you. Thus, while you can’t exactly earn money from stickK, you can increase your chances of losing weight by attaching a financial stake. If you fail, the money you get will also be donated to charity or given to someone you chose. 


WayBetter is another app that you can use to get paid to lose weight. However, unlike most of the other apps on this list, progress on WayBetter is not tracked based on how much weight you lose. 

Instead, WayBetter markets itself as a running club. Thus, your success is measured based on how much you run. As a result, unlike other weight-loss betting apps, you can continue to earn money on RunBet simply by running and maintaining an active lifestyle, even after you have lost weight.

Therefore, helping people losing weight is not the main goal of WayBetter. Instead, WayBetter aims to help people develop a running habit, and most people who run regularly do end up losing some weight and becoming more fit.

How does WayBetter work?

WayBetter offers members access to different games that they can choose to join. Each game has its own set of goals and objectives that members commit to when they sign up to join. Members must pay a fee to participate in each game. This fee will be put into a prize pool

Once you have joined a game, you will then set out to achieve the goals and objectives of the game. Once you have completed the objectives and goals of the games, WayBetter’s referees will independently verify your results. If you are successful, you will split the prize pool equally with other successful participants.

WayBetter uses GPS-based running trackers to track the distance that you have run. Thus, this enables them to verify that you have completed the challenges. 

Alternatively, users can also run on a treadmill. To log treadmill exercises, users need to submit a sweaty photo of themselves along with an image of the distance they have logged on the treadmill. 

How much can you earn with WayBetter?

Most users on WayBetter successfully manage to complete the challenges that they join. However, some users fail. Thus, most of the time that you can complete the challenge, you will earn back the fee you paid to join, plus some extra.  

apps that pay you to walk


DoorDash Summary

  • Flexible working hours
  • Earn up to $25 per hour + tips
  • No experience or training required
  • Daily payments available
  • Special perks and rewards for drivers
  • 10% cash back on gas surcharges

Our Experience and Earnings with DoorDash

How DoorDash Works

DoorDash is a food delivery platform that offers gig workers the opportunity to earn a side income by delivering food. Unlike the other apps on this list, you are not betting on your ability to lose weight.

Nonetheless, you can still indirectly get paid to lose weight by being a DoorDash walker or cyclist. Doing so means that you either deliver food on foot or a bike. Both of these activities can enable you to burn some extra calories. In addition, you will also get paid for each delivery that you complete. 

How does DoorDash work?

To become a Dasher with the company, visit their website and fill out a registration form. You will need to provide some personal information, and the company will notify you if your application is successful.

Take note that some marketplaces only allow drivers to be Dashers. Thus, if you want to lose weight while earning money, check to see if your local marketplace allows Dashers to deliver food on foot or a bike.

Once your application has been approved, DoorDash will send you a free activation kit that includes a hot bag, a manual, and a company credit card. You can then download the app and start delivering with DoorDash. 

How much can you earn with DoorDash?

In general, new dashers earn $10 on average. However, according to the company, experienced dashers can earn up to $25 per hour. 

on foot delivery jobs


Rover is another gig platform that connects dog owners with people who are willing to walk their dogs for a fee. Again, this app does not pay you directly to lose weight. Instead, you will get paid to walk dogs and hopefully lose some weight in the process, as well as get exercise as a dog walker. 

How does it work?

To get started with Rover, you will need to sign up for an account as a dog walker. Rover will require you to provide some basic information about yourself, as well as to write a bio detailing the services you provide and your availability.

The company will then carry out a background check on you. Upon approval, you will receive a background check that will be processed by Checkr.

How much can you earn?

For dog walking services, you could charge $20 for a half an hour walk or $30 for an hour. In addition, you can also walk multiple dogs at once, meaning that you can earn up to $90 per hour just by walking three dogs at once. 

Rover also pays for other services such as house sitting and boarding dogs. However, while providing these services is a good way to earn some extra cash, you won’t be able to get paid to lose weight if you do them. 

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