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13 Best Places to Listen to Free Music in 2024 (Free Music Online)

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Written by: Kate Starr
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13 Places to Listen to Free Music


iHeartRadio is among the best free music apps, thanks to its two-in-one feature of live radio stations and personalized music streaming. The website displays live radio stations based on your preferred location and music genre. Similarly, you can create your own playlist around your favorite music and artists.

While the app allows you to stream online music for free, you’ll have limited playlists to listen to, as well as get interrupted with ads.

Subscribing to the Plus or All Access plan enables you to listen to unlimited playlists without ads, listen to music offline, download music, or replay your favorite songs.

The app is accessible via various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Chromecast, and Xbox 360.

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Pandora is one of the pioneers of free music websites that allow you to stream songs and watch videos online. The app will enable you to personalize your playlist by using online radio stations. 

The site enjoys a broad user base. In 2020, it had 58.58 million active users in the U.S. alone

In addition to Pandora’s free music, you can subscribe to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium, which cost $4.99/ month and $9.99/ month, respectively. The major difference between them is that the paid plan allows you to listen to music without the interruption of ads.

Pandora is compatible with iOS, Android devices, and desktops. 


Spotify is a free music website that can be accessed via devices such as iOS, Android, and Desktop.

The free music website’s huge fan base is mainly because it enables its users to:

  • Listen to their favorite music and discover the latest podcasts
  • To easily create their playlist or use a ready-made playlist
  • Save on data usage by activating the app’s data-saving feature

While Spotify is free to use, you can access advanced features like unlimited skips and ad-free streaming by subscribing to the Spotify Premium plan that costs $9.99/ month. Even so, you get the Premium plan free for the first month and you can cancel the subscription anytime.


SoundCloud is a free music app designed to enable you to access your favorite songs and artists, both local and international.

Sign up to stream audio and video content uploaded on the platform. To get an unlimited view of uploaded content, upgrade to the pro unlimited plan.

SoundCloud is available on various devices including iOS, Android, Web, Sonos, Xbox One, and Chromecast.


YouTube Music, a version of YouTube with a similar working model, is a platform for streaming songs and watching free music videos. You can search for your favorite music or artist and create your playlist.

Subscribing to an artist’s channel ensures that you get updates when a new song is released.

YouTube Music has the following advantages:

  • It’s available in many countries
  • It allows you to create a personalized playlist
  • You can stream music
  • It has songs covering various genres and artists

The downside, however, is that music streaming is interrupted by ads. You can avoid this by upgrading to the Premium plan that goes for $9.99/ month.


LiveXLive is an app that offers great music entertainment through a combination of live radio stations, video and audio music content, podcasts, and live concerts and festivals.

Since its inception, the app has streamed live performances from over 1800 artists worldwide, including Taylor Swift.

Previously referred to as Slacker Radio, the app is free to use. You can, however, subscribe to its Plus plan for $3.99/ month and get access to advanced features that includes unlimited skips, ad-free music streaming, and maximum audio quality.

You can access LiveXLive from almost any device that connects to the internet, including Android, iOS, Smart TV, and Smart speakers.


ReverbNation website provides a platform where aspiring artists can connect to the right audience and grow their music careers.

Since its inception in 2006, ReverbNation has been on a mission to promote artists through the following ways:

  • Connecting artists to festivals, record labels, publishers, and brands
  • Managing artists and marketing them globally
  • Listening to music and curating them to ensure artists get connected to the right audience

To get the above benefits, you can sign up on the platform for free and access your favorite songs and podcasts. You can also get access to advanced services by upgrading to the Basic or Premium plan, which costs $12.95/ month and $19.96, respectively.


Jamendo is a great platform to get royalty-free music with a pool of over 250,000 tracks that can be put to commercial use. It creates a platform where you can access music from your favorite artists.

Music listeners can discover independent artists on the platform, stream their music online, and download their favorite music to listen offline.

You can choose from several music genres: hip hop, rock, electronics, country, rap, reggae, and blues. It also has online radio stations. You can create your own playlist by choosing your favorite artists and music.

Jamendo artists operate under a common Creative license. As such, it’s legal and safe to download and use the site’s music commercially.


Audiomack is an online, youth-focused platform that allows music creators to upload their music and connect with fans. Music listeners, on the other hand, can stream their favorite music.

The platform gives you access to top hits from artists across the globe. You don’t have to pay anything to gain access. You simply have to sign up on the platform.

Audiomack is accessible via Android and iOS. is a platform that allows you to stream your favorite music via a web player. The free music app is accessible for free but offers a $3/ month subscription plan allowing you to listen to Rap, RnB, or hip-hop music without the interruption of ads pricing plan Basic Pro Plan
CostFree$3/ month
Billed Monthly or Yearly
Discounts 30% off on merchandise
Additional Discount Free for first 2 moths
Ads-free streamingNoYes
Listening StatsYesYes allows you to:

  • See what music is being listened to around the globe at any given time
  • Access the most popular tracks
  • See the current top hits
  • See all the tracks listened to by users since its inception in 2003

Additionally, you can view your tracks statistics and music history.


NoiseTrade is an online platform that allows you to listen to your favorite artists’ music for free. To get access to free music, you’ll be required to leave your email address and postal code.

Sharing of contact information allows artists to stay connected with you.

If you like an artist’s music, the app allows you to tip them using your credit card. The artist will receive the full amount you give.

You can create your own profile and playlist. You can also download your favorite music.


SoundClick is an independent online community that connects music lovers. The platform allows music creators to upload their content, connect to fans, and sell albums.

You can also get to enjoy the following:

Unlimited music streamingConnect with other users
Create your own profileDownload MP3 music
Create personalized playlists

Additionally, listeners can access various music charts that include instrumentals, rock, electronic, and hip hop charts.

Both music creators and listeners can use the platform for free. You can, however, upgrade to the Silver or Gold plans that have advanced features. The Silver plan costs $8/ month, while the Gold plan costs $15/ month.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music enables you to search and stream your favorite podcasts and music for free through your web browser. It provides access to over 75 million top-quality music content.

While the platform is free, you can upgrade to Amazon Prime membership, giving you access to unlimited, ad-free, and on-demand music.
Amazon Music provides access to current top hits. The platform can use your music history to create a personalized playlist for you, which can be streamed from the cloud. As such, getting a personalized playlist requires just a few clicks.

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