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EpicVIN Review 2024 – Is EpicVIN Legit? (BeAware of Free Trial)

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Written by: Kate Starr

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When purchasing a used car, having as much information as possible about the vehicle’s history is essential. This is where EpicVIN comes in—a comprehensive vehicle history report service that can help you uncover crucial details about a car’s past. EpicVIN offers a range of pricing options to suit your needs.

You can purchase a single report for $14.99, or opt for unlimited reports at $49.99 per month. If you require multiple reports, EpicVIN also provides a package of four reports for around $28, and a package of 16 reports for approximately $86. Additionally, EpicVIN offers a 3-day trial for $4.99, which grants you unlimited access to vehicle history reports.

However, it’s important to note that if you don’t cancel within the 3-day period, your subscription will automatically renew at $49.99 per month.

To thoroughly test EpicVIN, I signed up for the unlimited reports plan. Using EpicVIN, I generated reports for several used cars and analyzed the information provided.

For this review, I’ll share my findings, explain the various sections of the vehicle history report, and discuss the costs associated with using EpicVIN. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of whether EpicVIN is a worthwhile investment when considering the purchase of a used car.

Is EpicVIN Legit?

Numerous customer reviews indicate EpicVIN is a legitimate vehicle history report provider. Many customers have praised the service’s ease of use, competitive pricing, and detailed reports that have helped them make informed decisions when purchasing used vehicles.

However, it’s important to note that some customers have expressed concerns about EpicVIN’s trial period and subscription model.

The company offers a $1 trial for three days, which automatically converts into a monthly subscription of $49.99 if not canceled within the trial period. While EpicVIN states that these terms are clearly outlined on their website and during the purchase process, some customers feel that the information could be more prominently displayed to avoid confusion and unexpected charges.

EpicVIN has responded to many customer complaints despite these concerns, offering explanations and solutions. The company appears to be committed to providing a reliable service and addressing customer issues promptly.

In summary, while there are some concerns regarding the clarity of EpicVIN’s trial and subscription terms, the overall consensus from customer reviews suggests that EpicVIN is a legitimate and helpful service for those seeking detailed vehicle history reports.

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How Does EpicVIN Work?

EpicVIN generates detailed vehicle history reports using a car’s unique 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The platform compiles data from various sources, including NMVTIS, state motor vehicle departments, and insurance companies, to provide a comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s past.

What Vehicle History Can You Check With EpicVIN?

A vehicle history report from EpicVIN shows the following information:

  • Vehicle history
vehicle history
  • Ownership history
epicvin ownership history
  • Junk / Salvage / Insurance records
insurance records
  • Hidden damages
epicvin vehicle damages
  • Title information
epicvin title information
  • Odometer errors check
epicvin odometer check
  • Technical data
epicvin vehicle specification
  • Sales history
sales history
  • Ownership costs
ownership costs
  • Market price analysis
market price analysis
  • Stolen vehicle check
epicvin stolen vehicle
  • All history events
all history events

Can I Check My VIN History for Free?

Besides vehicle information checks, EpicVIN also offers several free tools. These include: 

  • Free VIN decoder based on the car’s model
  • Free odometer check

Finally, EpicVIN offers a license plate lookup in case you want to confirm vehicle details without using the VIN. 

Can EpicVIN Information Be Trusted?

EpicVIN includes disclaimers after each report to provide transparency about the sources, limitations, and potential gaps in the vehicle information they present. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Key points about EpicVIN reports:

  • EpicVIN may include vehicle information and photos from auto auction databases since June 2007, but not for all vehicles.
  • The information is provided “as is” without guarantees of accuracy, comprehensiveness, or completeness.
  • EpicVIN is not liable for any damages arising from the use of or reliance upon the information provided.

Key points about NMVTIS:

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a federal system that aggregates vehicle data from various sources across the United States. It is one of the key data sources used by EpicVIN in generating its vehicle history reports.

  • It is an electronic system that contains title and brand history for vehicles titled in the U.S. but does not include detailed repair history.
  • Not all states provide data to NMVTIS yet, and the timing of updates varies by state.
  • NMVTIS may not include information on all significant vehicle damage.
  • A vehicle history report is not a substitute for an independent vehicle inspection.
  • NMVTIS data includes information from state titling agencies, insurance companies, auto recyclers, and the CARS “cash for clunkers” program.

You can visit for details on interpreting NMVTIS information and understanding state vehicle labels.

Is EpicVIN Information Accurate?

I checked a Chevy Camaro that was reported as stolen on a forum I found through a Google search.

When I ran the VIN through EpicVIN, it did not find any records of theft. I also checked the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which similarly did not indicate that the car was stolen.

stolen vehicle check

However, when I used a free VIN check service, it did show a record of theft for this particular Camaro. This discrepancy suggests that some information may be missing or not updated in the EpicVIN report.

epicvin theft record

The stolen car example highlights the importance of cross-referencing multiple sources when researching a vehicle’s history. While EpicVIN provides comprehensive reports by aggregating data from various sources, there is still a possibility that some information might be incomplete or outdated.

To ensure a more thorough understanding of a vehicle’s background, I recommend using EpicVIN in conjunction with other research methods. These may include checking other VIN databases, conducting a thorough vehicle inspection, and taking the car for a test drive. By gathering information from multiple sources, you can make a more informed decision when considering a used car purchase.

How Much Does it Cost to Use EpicVIN?

1 report$14.99
4 reports$28.17
16 reports$86.34
Unlimited reports$49.99

EpicVIN offers several pricing options to accommodate different needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of their packages and prices:

  • Single Report: For $14.99, you can purchase a single vehicle history report for one car. This is a good option if you’ve already narrowed your search to a specific vehicle and need to check its history before purchasing.
  • 4 Reports Package: The four-report package might be better if you have a few different cars. At $28.17, this package brings the cost per report down to approximately $7.04.
  • 16 Reports Package: For those more actively searching for a used car and wanting to check the history of multiple vehicles, the sixteen reports package offers an even lower cost per report. At $86.34, each report in this package costs around $5.40.
  • Unlimited Reports: The unlimited reports package may be the most cost-effective solution if you check many vehicles over a while. For $49.99 per month, you can generate as many vehicle history reports as you need. This is particularly useful for those who are undecided or want to compare numerous cars before purchasing.

Can You Get a Refund from EpicVIN?

EpicVIN offers a 100% money-back guarantee. You can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the report if necessary. 

Is it Worth Checking VIN With EpicVIN?

After considering numerous customer reviews and my experience, I believe checking a vehicle’s history through EpicVIN is worth it. The detailed reports have provided valuable insights into a vehicle’s past, including accident history, ownership records, and mileage data, which are crucial when purchasing a used car.

EpicVIN offers single reports and unlimited plans, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs. You can purchase a single report if you only require a report for one vehicle. However, the unlimited plan can be a more cost-effective choice if you need multiple vehicle reports.

EpicVIN also offers a 3-day free trial for its unlimited plan, a great way to test the service. Remember to cancel before the trial period ends if you don’t want to continue with the paid subscription.

How to Check a VIN with EpicVIN?

Checking a vehicle’s history with EpicVIN is a simple process. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the EpicVIN website and locate the search bar on the homepage.
  2. Enter the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car you want to check in the search bar. The VIN is usually found on the driver’s side dashboard, visible through the windshield or the side door jamb.
  3. Click the “Check VIN” button to initiate the search process.
  4. You can choose between a single report or an unlimited plan. If you opt for the unlimited plan, you can use the 3-day free trial to test the service before committing to a paid subscription.
  5. Provide the necessary payment information and complete the transaction.
    Once the payment is processed, EpicVIN will generate a comprehensive vehicle history report based on your provided VIN.
  6. Review the report, including valuable information such as accident history, ownership records, mileage data, and more.


Who is EpicVIN best for?

EpicVIN is an ideal service for potential car buyers. Shopping for cars, even used ones, can cost you thousands of dollars. Considering that, you want to make sure you’re getting all your money’s worth by purchasing cars without hidden damages. 

Additionally, buying cars without checking their history can be risky. There might be unchecked issues that might cause unexpected expenses after it was sold. 

In this regard, private car sellers and auto dealers want to ensure the vehicles they sell won’t end up back in their garages, paying back unhappy customers. 

In the long run, creating a reputation for selling cars with accounted histories can benefit used car dealers. 

What is VIN?

vin number

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-character code given uniquely to each manufactured vehicle. It provides identity to every car from the name itself, much like a Social Security Number. 

Where to find the VIN in a vehicle?

You can find the VIN on the vehicle or the vehicle’s paperwork. Check the driver’s side dashboard and inside the door on your car. Typically, You can find it on the engine firewall and under the hood. 

On your car’s documents, you can find the VIN specifically on the title, insurance policy, and service records. 

Can I get an EpicVIN report for cars manufactured outside the US?

Yes, if the car has spent some time in the US.

Epicvin Review

epicvin logo

Epicvin is one of the most trustworthy companies to get your VIN checked. With relatively low fees, starting at $14.99 for a single report and a number of free tools offered, Epicvin is definitely worth checking out. If you don’t need a full VIN report, you can get a free VIN decoder based on the car’s model or state.



Safe & Legit


Size of Database

Data Sources


  • Easy to request reports
  • Affordable pricing starting at $14.99
  • Includes most relevant information
  • Offers free services


  • Info on the website can be overwhelming
  • Chatbot is not as helpful as expected
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Kate Starr


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