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EpicVIN Review 2024 – Plans, Pros, Cons and Alternatives

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Epicvin Review

epicvin logo

Epicvin is one of the most trustworthy companies to get your VIN checked. With relatively low fees, starting at $14.99 for a single report and a number of free tools offered, Epicvin is definitely worth checking out. If you don’t need a full VIN report, you can get a free VIN decoder based on the car’s model or state.



Safe & Legit


Size of Database

Data Sources


  • Easy to request reports
  • Affordable pricing starting at $14.99
  • Includes most relevant information
  • Offers free services


  • Info on the website can be overwhelming
  • Chatbot is not as helpful as expected

Best VIN Lookup Platforms


EpicVin logo

Affordable pricing: $14.99 for 1 report, $28.17 for 4 reports, $86.34 for 16 reports

14 days refund policy and a 100% money back guarantee

VIN checked on 70 databases and free VIN decoder available


CarVertical logo

You can buy 1 report for $9.82, 2 reports for $22.92 or 3 reports for $29.46

Over 50 million damaged cars official database reports

Blockchain-based damage-proof and recently updated reports


Bumper logo

Price starts from $1 (7 days trial), plus monthly memebership available ($19.99/month)

Easy to use mobile app and 99% accurate car valuation feature

Extra features: marketplace, vehicle comparison tool

My Experience Using EpicVIN

How Does EpicVIN Work?

EpicVIN started providing vehicle reports in 2012 and currently has headquarters in Miami, Florida. It aims to lessen certainty and fraud in the automotive industry by providing car buyers the means to make informed decisions. 

EpicVIN works like other providers of vehicle history reports. It has one of the best free VIN check tools to help you confirm if you have a valid VIN. Additionally, you can also request a vehicle history report using the license plate number and state.

Using the EpicVIN Tool

Heading over to their website, EpicVIN has a VIN lookup tool where you can enter the VIN of the car you want to check. After that, click on “Check VIN,” and the website directs you to another page. 

It’s where you can choose a package based on how many reports you want to buy. If you’re buying only one report, the price is noticeably higher than what you’ll pay for each in multiple reports. 

Upon selecting a package, you’ll need to choose your payment option between PayPal and credit or debit cards. You only need to enter your email address as that’s where they’ll send you the link to view the report. 

Within less than a minute from completing your payment, EpicVIN will send you the vehicle report. You can also access the report every time you log in to your account at the EpicVIN website. All information on the report is strictly confidential.

You can be sure to receive an accurate report since EpicVIN is powered by LLC, which is a data provider approved by NMVTIS.

EpicVIN Features

Besides vehicle information checks, EpicVIN also offers several free tools. These include: 

  • Free VIN decoder based on the car’s model
  • Free VIN check by state
  • Flood check
  • Odometer check

Finally, EpicVIN offers a license plate lookup in case you want to confirm vehicle details without using the VIN. 

If you’re looking to sell your car, EpicVIN also provides several ways for you to do so. One is by providing them details so they can make an instant offer on your vehicle. From there, you only need to provide some paperwork to finalize the sale. 

You can also use their website to list your car for free if you want to try selling it for a higher amount than EpicVIN offers. If you’re selling to get a new ride, EpicVIN also has a trade-in program that sort of rolls the selling and buying steps into one. 

Who is EpicVIN Best for?

EpicVIN is an ideal service for potential car buyers. Shopping for cars, even used ones, can cost you thousands of dollars. Considering that, you want to make sure you’re getting all your money’s worth by purchasing cars without hidden damages. 

Additionally, buying cars without checking their history can be risky. There might be unchecked issues that might cause unexpected expenses after it was sold. 

In this regard, private car sellers and auto dealers want to make sure the vehicles they’re selling won’t end up back in their garages, paying back unhappy customers. 

In the long run, creating a reputation for selling cars with accounted histories can be beneficial for used car dealers. 

What Vehicle History Can You Check With App?

A vehicle history report from EpicVIN shows the following information:

  • Past odometer readings
  • Theft vehicle check
  • Hidden damages
  • Technical data
  • Vehicle services
  • Photos of previous sales
  • Previous ownerships
  • Major accidents
  • Total loss
  • Open recalls
  • Ownership costs
  • Salvage information
  • Title brands and if branded as a lemon
  • Airbag deployment
  • Insurance information
  • Auction sales
  • Warranty information

EpicVIN Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Use EpicVIN?

1 report$14.99
4 reports$28.17
16 reports$86.34

EpicVIN offers a 100% moneyback guarantee. If necessary, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the report. 

EpicVIN Reviews: is EpicVIN Legit?

Having a vehicle history report can be advantageous if you’re looking for information to help you decide which car you’ll purchase. Fortunately, EpicVIN offers a legit and safe way to get one, and you can do so within minutes.

Review SiteReview Score
Google Play Store3.9

This vehicle history report provider has a 3.9 rating on Google Play Store. The app version of EpicVIN received reviews from users quite happy with the report they purchased. 

In contrast, there are some complaints from users about the pricing of the reports. Additionally, reviews at the Trustpilot claim that reports are inaccurate and not entirely free. 

Considering that EpicVIN only got 2.7 ratings, their customer support is quite impressive as they addressed each issue from the customers. 

What Are the EpicVIN Pros & Cons?

EpicVIN Pros

  • Easy to request reports
  • Relatively affordable pricing – starting at $14.99
  • Includes most relevant information
  • Offers free services

EpicVIN Cons

  • Information presented on the website can be overwhelming
  • Chatbot is not as helpful as expected

How Good is EpicVIN Support?

EpicVIN has a dedicated Help Center where you can check for frequently asked questions and their answers. There is also a blog section where you can read relevant articles about various car-related topics. 

If you need to contact EpicVIN, the Help Center also shows several ways:

  1. There’s a contact form you can fill out. Then, their customer support agent will reply to you via email.
  2. You can also email the company at
  3. Finally, you can call EpicVIN directly at +1 954 639 4497

There’s even a Google map showing their office location in Miami if you want to visit them. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you can also reach support by sending them a message through those platforms. 

Considering the many ways you can contact EpicVIN, it’s safe to say that they offer excellent support.

Is it Worth Checking VIN With EpicVIN?

EpicVIN is one of the most trustworthy companies to get your VIN checked. With relatively low fees, starting at $14.99 for a single report and a number of free tools offered, EpicVIN is definitely worth checking out.

If you don’t need a full VIN report, you can get a free VIN decoder based on the car’s model or state.

While most information relating to a cars’ ownership is private, many car sellers tend to hide significant issues. Accident reports, insurance information, and possible damage are details that car owners typically leave unadvertised.

Fortunately, EpicVIN makes it worth paying a little cash for all this crucial information. After all, you want to make an informed decision when purchasing your next car. The extensive list of details included in every EpicVIN report can help you decide. 

Sites Like EpicVIN

Service FeesFree CheckBest for
EpicvinStarts at $14.99YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers, private sellers
CarVerticalStarts at $18.99YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers
autoDNAStarts at $10YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers
CarFaxStarts at $29.99YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers, private sellers

EpicVIN vs. CarVertical

carVertical Summary

  • Provides accurate results
  • Only uses updated data
  • Charges are reasonable
  • Uses a blockchain-based damage-proof report

CarVertical, like EpicVIN, is an interesting service for potential used car buyers. It also offers vehicle history reports so you know what you’re in for before closing the sale. 

Additionally, you’ll find the reports you can get from CarVertical has similar content as the one you can get from EpicVIN. For example, reports from both providers include recorded car images, ownership changes, and theft records. 

It’s just that EpicVIN is more affordable and offers excellent customer support. That means that you can get the same value for less when you opt for EpicVIN vehicle history checks. 

EpicVIN vs. autoDNA

Sites like EpicVIN and autoDNA offer potential buyers free VIN number lookup tools. These help them check some general information about cars they want to purchase. 

If buyers want to learn more about specific and detailed histories of cars using their VIN, these companies also offer paid reports. The pricing for these reports varies across the two providers, with autoDNA offering the more affordable one. 

However, when it comes to the accuracy of the report, autoDNA has limited data sources. Regarding that, you might be better off purchasing EpicVIN for a higher price to get better reports. 

EpicVIN vs. CarFax

Carfax Summary

  • You can choose several dealerships and pick the best offer
  • It has a free Vehicle Reports tool to help you decide on your car pricing
  • The platform offers a history-based value tool to give you an idea of how much you can sell your car
  • Carfax connects you directly with dealerships, providing you with more room for negotiation

When it comes to companies that can provide you with the most accurate report, CarFax is surely one of the alternatives to EpicVIN. 

It aggregates information from more than 100,000 data sources in the US and Canada and is well-established in the industry. 

However, getting a single CarFax report can be costly. Since it offers as closely accurate information as EpicVIN, it might be preferable to go with the more affordable option. 


What is EpicVIN?

This company is approved by the National Motor Trade Vehicle Title Information or NMVTIS, which is a national database protecting consumers from unsafe vehicles and fraudulent transactions. 

What is VIN?

The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a 17-character code given uniquely to each manufactured vehicle. From the name itself, it provides identity to every car, much like how a Social Security Number works. 

Where to find the VIN in a vehicle?

You can find the VIN either on the vehicle or the vehicle’s paperwork. On your car, check the driver’s side dashboard and inside the door. You can also typically find it on the engine firewall and under the hood. 

On your car’s documents, you can find the VIN specifically on the title, insurance policy, and service records. 

Is EpicVIN legit?

Yes, it’s a legit and reliable vehicle data provider. 

How can I access my EpicVIN vehicle history report?

Just log in to your account at the EpicVIN website, click on My Account, and then choose My Reports. 

Can I get an EpicVIN report for cars manufactured outside the US?

Yes, if the car has spent some time in the US. 

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