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Boat History Report Review 2024 – Plans, Pros, Cons and Alternatives

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Written by: Kate Starr
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Boat History Report Review

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For $59.99 to $99.99, Boat History Report allows you to check if your boat has been involved in an Accident, seized, damaged in a hurricane, In a fire, run aground, and submerged. You can also check if your boat was involved in a collision or considered a total loss. However, it does not offer previous owner information and maintenance records. For $99.99 you can get 6 reports which you have to use in 60 days.



Safe & Legit


Size of Database

Data Sources


  • Clean simple and easy to use reports
  • Offers 70% discount for 6 reports
  • Provides online reports fast
  • Reliable customer service


  • Maintenance reports are not available
  • Previous owners records may not be available

Best Boat History Report Providers

Boat History Report

Boat History Report logo

Report costs $59.99 and 6 reports $99.99, which you have to use in 60 days

120+ million unique boat records, world’s largest boat history database

100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy

Boat Alert

Boat Alert logo

Priced at $19.99 for one report and $39.99 for ten boat history searches

Boat-Alert checks 72 public & private boat databases (state and federal)

Easy and long 60-day money back guarantee


Boatfax logo

A comprehensive Boatfax boat report with all the add-ons will cost $34

Free boat valuation is available + you can search international databases

Refund policy does not exist with Boatfax

How Does Boat History Report Work?

Boat History Report is a website that sells history reports for boats and other watercraft. If you are deciding whether to buy a boat, reviewing its history first can help you make a better decision. You can avoid buying a stolen boat or one with hidden damage that could affect its safety.

The website provides three ways for users to learn about a boat’s history. You can search for its history by providing its:

  • Hull Identification Number; or
  • State Registration Number; or
  • USCG Documentation.

What is Included in a Boat History Report?

The website relies on extensive public and private databases to determine if the vessel has a clean history or has been in an incident that could jeopardize your safety and the boat’s integrity.

A report from Boat History Report includes the following information:

  • HIN
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial Number
  • Model Year
  • USCG Documentation Data
  • United States Customs and IRS Seizure History
  • State data
  • Accident damage history
  • Hurricanes damage history
  • Fire damage history
  • Theft History
  • Run aground damage history
  • Submerged damage history
  • Total Loss
  • Registration History
  • Title History
  • Recalls
  • Technical information about the boats (including measurements and engine information)
  • Warranties
  • Insurance claims

What is Not Included in the Boat History Report?

However, some information is not included in the reports, including:

  • Maintenance and service records
  • Boat equipment check and motor VIN
  • Information about incidents that occurred outside the United States (except Canada)

Boat History Report Samples

To get a better idea of what a report from Boat History Report looks like, I purchased two reports from the website. One of the reports is for a boat that has been in an accident and has been damaged. The other report is for a clean boat that has no history of damage.

You can browse the two samples I’ve included below to give you a better idea of how to tell the different types of reports apart:

History Report for an Accident and Damaged Boat

History Report for a Clean Boat

How Much Does a Report from Boat History Report Cost?

A single report from Boat History Report will cost you $59.99. After purchasing the report, you will be able to access it for 60 days.

However, if you are considering multiple boats and have not decided which one to buy, you can consider purchasing a package of six reports from Boat History Report for $99.99. This package will enable you to check the histories of up to six different boats. Similarly to the single report, you can access each for up to 60 days.

If you purchase a package of six reports, each report costs just $16.66.

Is Boat History Report Legitimate or a Scam?

Boat History Report ReviewRating
Trustpilot4.5 out of 5 stars
Facebook5 out of 5 stars

Boat History Report is a legitimate site, and many users have given it positive reviews.

Many reviewers were satisfied that Boat History Report provided comprehensive information about the boats, enabling them to save time and effort on research. Users also praised the website for helping them avoid getting scammed by sellers who were trying to sell them stolen boats or boats with hidden damage.

However, some users complained that they did not benefit from the reports. Users reported that the reports only indicated whether a boat has a salvage title or accident history and did not indicate the actual condition of the boat.

Key Features of Boat History Report

Accident and Damage Check

Boat History Report will check various databases to find information about a boat’s accident history. If the boat has been in an accident, the information you can view will be very comprehensive.

Some of the information that you will find include:

  • Cause of the accident
  • Result of the accident
  • Reported boat damage
  • Reported property damage
  • Vessels involved in the accident
  • Location of the accident

The report will also include information about any damage the boat has experienced. This information helps you identify any potential hidden damage so that you do not end up buying a damaged vessel.

U.S. Coast Guard Documentation Data

As per regulations, owners must register boats that weigh over 5 tons with the United States Coast Guard. Boat History Report check USCG databases to find registration information about the vessel so you can ensure that it complies with all the legal requirements.

State Data

Boat History Report also works with DMV and state databases to gather more information about the boat. The data in this section includes any state registration data. Thus, you can compare this data with the information you receive from the seller to confirm that you are not getting scammed.

United States Customs & IRS Seizure

The company will also check United States Customs and IRS Seizure databases to check if the boat has been subject to any IRS or criminal seizures. You need to ensure that the boat has not been subject to such seizures because many such boats are neglected and incur severe damage.

Warranty Check

Many manufacturers also provide warranties for the vessels that they produce. You can use the warranty check feature to help you determine whether a boat you want to buy has any warranties.

Recall Check

You can also use the boat history report to check if the manufacturer has ever recalled a boat. Manufacturers may recall vessels due to safety flaws or other potential hazards. Thus, ensuring it does not have any recall history can help you avoid buying a boat with hidden damage.

Additional Info

In addition to the standard information that the website includes in all its boat history reports, it also checks private databases to find any additional information that may be relevant to a potential boat buyer. The information you can view in this section will be unique and may vary depending on the boat.

Customer Support

Boat History Report has an extensive support base, including a frequently asked questions page that covers topics such as:

  • How to use your account
  • HIN number
  • How to order a report
  • And many more

If you cannot locate the answer to your question, you can contact the company through its Help Center by filling out the contact form. Boat History Report will try to respond to all requests within 48 hours and contact you through email. 

Partnership with the NICB

Boat History Report is the only watercraft history service that has a partnership with the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Thus, all the reports you receive from Boat History Report will have accurate information about their insurance and accident claim history.

Secure Payments

The website does not process payments directly. Instead, it partners with Stripe, a legitimate payment services provider. Thus, all your payment information remains secure, and you will not risk getting scammed.

SSL Encryption

The website has a 2056-bit EV SSL certificate, meaning that all the information you submit and receive will be encrypted. Thus, your personal information and data will remain secure when you purchase a report from Boat History Report.

Free BoatUS Basic Membership

When you purchase a report from Boat History Report, you will also get a free one-year BoatUS basic membership.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from this membership include:

  • 24/7 dispatch for on-the-water and on-the-road towing
  • Discounts at marinas, repair facilities, bait & tackle shops, and more
  • Subscription to the award-winning BoatUS Magazine filled with boating travel, news, stories
  • Save on BVI charters, Star Clippers Cruises, rental cars, and hotel travel nationwide
  • Exclusive rewards at BoatUS retail partner West Marine
  • FREE BoatUS App — Call for a tow, show your location, and more

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Boat History Report offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thus, if you are unhappy with the quality of the report or the services provided, you can write to the company and get a full refund for what you paid.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Report from Boat History Report

Boat History Report Pros

  • Comprehensive reports with information about a boat’s accident history and more
  • Each report costs just $16.66 when you purchase a bundle of six reports
  • Receive your report online immediately after you pay for it
  • Get a free BoatUS basic membership when you buy a report

Boat History Report Cons

  • You will only be able to access each report for 60 days online unless you print it out or save it
  • Some information such as the boat’s maintenance records may not be available

Is Boat History Report Worth It?

Boat History Report offers a worthwhile service at a reasonable price. By purchasing a report from the company, you can find out if a boat has been involved in an accident or had any past damage. With this knowledge, you can identify whether a vessel is in good condition before you buy it.

While a single report costs $59.99, which may be expensive compared to some other websites, you can get a package of six for $99.99. Thus, the price you pay for each report will only be $16.66, which is reasonable and cheaper than many other alternatives.

However, note that you can only view each report for up to 60 days. After which, you will need to print or download the report to continue viewing it. Moreover, while the reports are comprehensive, they do not contain some information such as engine and maintenance records.

Boat History Report FAQ

What Is Boat History Report?

Boat History Report is a website that helps boat owners and prospective boat buyers find out more about the history of a boat without the hassle of searching different databases. For a fee, the website will compile all the relevant information into a single report to help you determine whether a boat is worth buying.

The company is a member of the following organizations:

  • Marine Retailers Association of America
  • National Marine Lenders Association
  • National Marine Manufacturers Association

What is HIN?

Hull Identification Numbers are unique, 12-digit numbers assigned by the manufacturers to all boats built after 1972.

How long will I have access to my boat reports?

You can access your boat reports online for up to 60 days after purchasing them. If you want to access them after 60 days, you will need to print them out or download them.

What’s the difference between the 1 and 6 report package?

If you are certain that you only want to find out the history of a single boat, then the single report package would be more suitable. On the other hand, if you are still undecided and may want to find out the history of more than one boat, then the six-report package would be more value for money.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Currently, Boat History Report accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

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