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Top 8 Exchange Platforms to Sell Gift Cards For Cash Immediately

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8 Ways to Sell Gift Cards


CardCash buys unused gift cards for slightly less than their value. They then resell them at discounted rates to savvy shoppers. 

Generally,  you could get up to 92% cash for your card. For example, CardCash would give you $78 for your neglected $100 Ulta gift card.

Alternatively, you can trade your unwanted gift card for up to 9% more. For instance, for the same $100 Ulta gift card, you could get an $80.73 Amazon or $83.46 CVS Pharmacy gift card.

Getting cash or another gift card in exchange for your unused gift card with CardCash is easy. After you enter the issuer and the value of your gift card on the website, you will see how much you’ll get. Simply click the button to get the cash and select how you want to receive your payment – check, ACH or PayPal.


Raise Summary

  • Sell partially used gift cards
  • Save money on gift cards
  • Easy to use app
  • Access discount codes

Raise is a marketplace for selling and buying gift cards. The platform lets you list your unused gift card and receive funds via direct deposit, PayPal or check when you sell.

For instance, you could get $90.16 for your unused $100 JCPenney gift card.

To sell your gift card via Raise, you need to go through simple steps:

  1. First, visit the Sell Gift Cards page and enter a retailer name.
  2. Then enter your gift card details, such as the value and serial number.
  3. Next, the selling price will auto-populate based on similar listings. However, you can override the suggestion and set your price.
  4. Finally, after you submit the listing, the Raise team will review it within 24-72 hours before publishing.
gift card exchange

Gift Card Grany

Gift Card Granny allows you to sell or exchange your unwanted gift cards.

To sell your unused gift card online, follow the simple steps below:

  1. First, enter the gift card brand and its value.
  2. Next, select the offer that suits your preferences. For example, you can get $78.6 – $85 for a $100 Target gift card via check, direct deposit or PayPal.
  3. Finally, confirm your offer by providing gift card details and get money within a few days.

Alternatively, you could find your local gift card exchange station and request an offer from them. If you accept the offer, you’ll get paid instantly.

Gift Card Spread

Gift Card Spread allows you to sell your gift cards on your terms. You select the price you want to sell your card for and don’t have to wait days to get your payment.

Selling your unwanted gift card with Gift Card Spread:

  1. First, make an offer by entering your gift card issuer and the price you want to sell it for.
  2. Then, the company representative will contact you to tell you whether they accepted your offer. They may offer you an adequate price for your gift card, which you can accept or reject.
  3. Once you agree to the offer, you will provide your payout info and gift card details.
  4. Finally, when the company verifies that they got your gift card electronically or by mail, they will issue the payment.


GiftCash offers you up to 92% cash for your unwanted gift cards.

Enter details like the merchant and the balance to get a cash offer for unused gift cards. If you like and accept the offer, you will receive cash within 5 to 15 days via ACH or on your Cryptocurrency wallet.


GiftCardBin will offer you cash for unused gift cards when you visit one of its 400 partner locations in the US and Canada.

First, find the GiftCardBin partner location near you to get an offer. Then, bring your gift card to your nearby station and request an offer. If you accept the deal, you will get an instant offer and get paid on-site.


ClipKard offers you cash for unused gift cards from over 100 brands.

However, if your gift card merchant isn’t listed on their website, you can still email them at to determine if they will purchase your card.

Selling your gift card to ClipKard:

  1. First, you need to enter the details, like the brand of the gift card and its value to get an offer. 
  2. Once you accept the offer, you need to ship your gift card to the company. ClipKard provides free USPS first-class shipping.
  3. Finally, when ClipKard confirms the delivery, you will get paid via check or PayPal within 3-10 days. Payout via PayPal is typically faster, taking approximately 3 days to get your funds.

Card Yard

Card Yard is the UK’s top gift card exchange platform for purchasing only physical gift cards. While you can sell your gift cards from anywhere worldwide, you need a UK billing address.

To sell your unwanted gift cards via Card Yard, first, you need to enter your gift card details to get an offer. If you’re happy with the offer, you must send the company your gift card. After Card Yard validates your card, they will release your payment and place your gift card on their marketplace for sale.

What Can You Do With Unwanted Gift Cards?

How many gift cards have you received in recent years lying in your drawers?

Maybe you’re not shopping at that store, or it isn’t available in your current city. Maybe the gift card you got doesn’t have enough value to add your own money to buy something with it.

In fact, you’re not the only one storing gift cards that would probably go to waste soon. 

Mercator Advisory Group has estimated that $3 billion worth of gift cards go unused each year.

Summing up the amounts of each gift card, you probably wish you could get cash for those unused gift cards.

Rather than losing money, why not profit from your unwanted gift cards? 

You won’t get the full value if you sell gift cards, but it’s better than losing 100% of it.

You can even get free gift cards for completing some simple tasks online.

Indeed, there are several ways to profit from your unwanted gift cards.

From regifting to selling them for cash, you could put your rejected gift cards to good use.

Let’s see the best ways to benefit by getting rid of them.

1. Regift Your Unwanted Gift Cards To Your Friends and Family

Maybe you don’t dine at the restaurant or shop in certain shops, but your friends or family do. Or maybe they would like to test new products or services from those certain places you rejected?

By regifting your unwanted gift cards, you not only put them to good use but also can save money on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas or even birthdays.

2. Exchange Your Unwanted Gift Cards With People You Know

Chances are people you know also have several gift cards they will never use. Maybe they let dust gather on the exact gift cards that you could put to good use. In exchange, you could be owning a valuable gift card for them.

Network with people in your office, college, gym or wherever you meet people to discover what you could exchange.

3. Purchase Items With Your Gift Cards To Sell Them

If you have a gift card for goods you don’t need, you could still purchase and sell them. While you can’t sell items for the full price, you could get 80-90% of their retail price. This is better than losing 100% of it.

Consider buying popular items from particular retailers to sell them more easily.

But how do you sell the items you just redeemed? Easy! Just list them on eBay or Craigslist. Rest assured, there will be people who would be more than happy to purchase products in a new condition with discounted prices.

4. Redeem Gift Cards For Cash

While returning gift cards to the issuing retailer is probably the best option, not all retailers accept returns.

However, there are some that do. And to qualify for the return, most retailers will ask you to provide the receipt. So you need to go to the person who gifted that card to you and request it.

The retailers may offer you the following for your unused gift card:

  • They may return the gift card giving you 90% or less of its value.
  • They may provide you an in-store credit, which will probably be worthless if you don’t shop at that store anyways.

5. Sell Gift Cards For Cash Online

Selling unwanted gift cards for cash is probably the best option.  Several websites allow you to sell or exchange your gift cards for those you will use.

Let’s say you have a $100 gift card from Target. Selling it online, you could get as much as $90.

How Can I Exchange Gift Cards for Cash?

You have two main options to exchange your unused gift cards for cash.

  1. The first is to return it to the retailer. But this option is connected with quite a lot of hassle. First, not all retailers accept returns; whoever does, requests the receipt from you.
  2. On the other hand, you can sell your gift cards online, which is a much easier way to get cash. In this article, you have seen the 9 best websites where you can list your neglected gift cards and get cash instantly in this article.

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