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How to Sell?

CarMax vs Wheelzy Offer in 2024

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Written by: Michael Becker
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Which is Better for Selling the Car?

carmax vs wheelzy which is better for selling the car

Selling your car with CarMax and Wheelzy is similar in many ways. Both CarMax and Wheelzy charge no fees for you to use their services, offer free online price quotes for your car, and have a quick turnaround time.

Overall, Wheelzy is the better car-buying company to sell your car to. Wheelzy’s price offer does not have an expiry date while CarMax’s price offer is valid for only 7 days. Wheelzy offers free car pick-up services and accepts junk cars, while CarMax does not offer such services and only accepts used and new cars in drivable condition.

Wheelzy Summary

  • Service is completely free – no hidden fees
  • Get offer in minutes – (855) 510-1108
  • Free towing of your car from your location
  • Instant payment via cash or check

CarMax Summary

  • Instant online offer in under 2 minutes
  • Online offer is valid for up to 7 days
  • 2 options for selling – online or in-store
  • Get paid within 30 minutes on the spot

CarMax vs. Wheelzy Comparison

Cars acceptedUsed & newNew, old and junk
FeesNo feesNo fees
Requesting quotesIn-person and online applicationIn-person and online application
Offer validity7 daysNo expiry
Payments offeredBank draftCash, check
PayoutSame daySame day
Car pick-upNo car pick-upFree car pick-up
Physical locations235 store locationsNationwide locations
Turnaround time24 hours24 hours
Customer servicePhone, online chat, emailOnline chat, phone

Consider Best Alternatives

Best for Older & Damaged Cars

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Buys used, damaged or junk cars

Free tow and no hidden fees

Pays by ACH trasfer or check

Top Pick for Junk Cars

Wheelzy logo

Free, no-obligation cash offers

Offers free paperwork service

Pays on the spot upon pick up

Highly Rated by Customers

CarBrain logo

Excellent customer service ratings

Honors guaranteed offer for 7 days

Can pick up a car within 48 hours

Great for Low-Mileage Cars

Carvana logo

Gives a real offer in 2 minutes

100% hassle-free online process

Free car’s Value Tracker available

Cars Accepted

carmax vs wheelzy cars accepted

CarMax accepts new and used cars in drivable condition, as well as leased cars. It will appraise the car, contact the leasing company for a payoff quote and process any equity you have. However, CarMax does have a list of vehicle companies from which it cannot purchase leased cars.  

Meanwhile, Wheelzy accepts any car in the US regardless of its make, model or condition. Wheelzy will also buy wrecked or junk cars that no longer run. 


CarMax and Wheelzy both provide a free quote when you fill out an application form online. Neither company charges any fees for selling your car.

Requesting Quotes

carmax vs wheelzy requesting quotes

CarMax and Wheelzy both provide a free quote when you fill out an application form online. Neither company charges any fees for selling your car.

Information you will need to include in a CarMax application:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Year of manufacturing
  • License plate or Vehicle Identification Number

With Wheelzy, you will be asked to include:

  • Make and model
  • Year of manufacturing
  • Sub model
  • Car zip code
  • Phone number

Offer Validity

Once you receive your offer from CarMax, it is valid for 7 days. There is no specified expiry date for offers with Wheelzy, which promises to keep offer amounts available for as long as possible.

Payments Offered

When selling your car with CarMax, you can leave with your payment in hand on the same day of making your sale. CarMax pays sellers with a bank draft which must be deposited at a bank and can take 1-4 days to show up in your bank account.

CarMax also offers a trade-in option and requires you to drop off your car at an in-person store location.

With Wheelzy, when one of their car removal experts comes to pick up your car, they will offer you payment in the form of a check or cash.


With CarMax, you will receive your payment in hand the same day that you sell your car. Once you receive your bank draft, you can head to your local bank to make your deposit. Make sure to check with your bank to see if they have a specific holy policy on deposits.

With Wheelzy, you will receive cash or a check on the date you agreed upon for a car specialist to come and pick up your car.

Car Pick-up

CarMax does not offer any pick-up services. With CarMax, you are required to drop off your car at one of their store locations for evaluation, and to complete a sale. Meanwhile, Wheelzy offers free pick-up and towing services.

Physical Locations

With CarMax, you can deliver your car to one of their 235 physical locations across the United States. Wheelzy has locations all over the United States as well.

Turnaround Time

CarMax and Wheelzy both offer a quick turnaround time for quoting and buying your car from you. It typically takes 24 hours to sell your car with both dealerships as quoting and selling your car can be done all on the same day.

Customer Service

You can contact CarMax customer service by:

  • Online chat
  • Phone: (716) 243-4850
  • Email (each store location individually)

You can contact Wheelzy’s customer service by calling (855) 510-1108 or accessing the online chat feature on their website.


CarMax has a 1.7-star rating on Trustpilot, while Wheelzy’s overall rating is 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. CarMax has a 1.1-star rating on BBB, while Wheelzy has a 3-star rating on BBB

Trustpilot Rating1.74.8
BBB Rating1.13

CarMax customers have praised the Company for its quick turnaround time, friendly customer service, and good prices for cars. However, customers have complained about CarMax changing its price offers, not disclosing damages to cars, and providing poor customer service.

Customers have praised Wheelzy for being on time for pick-ups, staying in touch with customers throughout the selling process, and for providing a seamless transaction. On the other hand, customers have complained about the tow drivers arriving late, Wheelzy not honoring their original price offer, and no-show tow drivers. 

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Michael Becker


About the author:

Michael Becker is a car enthusiast and expert who has been working in the automotive industry for over 15 years. He started his career as a salesperson at a local dealership, where he learned the ins and outs of the car market. Then he moved on to flipping cars for a profit.

Michael has also helped many of his relatives and friends to sell their cars, using his knowledge and skills to get them the best deals. He will guide you through the process and help you avoid the common pitfalls.

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