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CarBuyerUSA Review 2022: Is CarBuyerUSA Legit & Worth it?

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CarBuyerUSA Review

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CarBuyerUSA is a used car buyer that specializes in consumer direct car purchases. The company also offers a 100% digital car buying service, and they will come to your location to inspect and pick up your used car. Thus, the convenience of selling your car to CarBuyerUSA makes it one of the best platforms to get cash for your used car. Plus, all online offers are also good for 48 hours.

Legit & Safe

Offers Value

Turnaround Time

Payment Process


  • Convenient, 100% digital selling process – the only part that is in-person is when you accept their offer and they come to tow away your car for free.
  • Instant online offer – just enter the year, make, model, trim level and mileage on the online form to get an instant offer in less than 5 minutes.
  • Offers are valid for up to 48 hours – this gives you time to look around at other dealerships for a potential better offer before making up your mind.
  • Get paid instantly – the company pays via direct deposit so you get paid right away, unlike some other platforms where you have to wait 7 to 10 days.


  • Offer may be changed – your offer may be reduced after appraisal by up to 65% or more if it is found that the information you provided is not correct.
  • Customer service delays – it can sometimes take up to 48 hours or more to get in touch with customer service, making it hard to sell your car fast.

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Compare to Other Car Buying Websites


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Get your free offer instantly via online form or call on (855) 925 4302

$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towing – Peddle will take care of it

Get paid in check during the pick up for any car (damaged, junk, wrecked)


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Quick car evaluation without the hassle – sell your car within 30 min

Choose a convenient date and time for free pick-up, as soon as next day

Get cash in hand the same day the Wheelzy agent picks up your car

eBay Motors

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7.4 million visitors a month looking for cars – 15k cars sold each month

$19 – $79 listings fee + 2.35% on the portion of the sale over $7,500

Payment terms and balance payoff are all set up when you list your vehicle

What is CarBuyerUSA?

CarBuyerUSA is a Georgia-based consumer-direct vehicle buying company. The company will buy vehicles nationwide, from cars, trucks, and vans to SUVs, luxury, exotics, and fleet.

Note that CarBuyerUSA won’t buy a junk car. However, almost 1/3 of the vehicles they buy have some type of mechanical issue and many of them don’t even drive. So basically if your car is still repairable, chances are, CarBuyerUSA will purchase it.

It doesn’t matter where you are because CarBuyerUSA visits any location to pick up your car.

How Does CarBuyerUSA Work?

To simplify the process of selling your car, they’ve carefully chosen preferred facilities that meet their strict standards to work with.

After your vehicle inspection, the CarBuyerUSA representative will give you cash right on the spot. 

CarBuyerUSA has a clear work system:

  • Get an instant cash offer after you apply online
  • Accept your offer
  • Schedule an inspection appointment
  • Talk to an agent to determine the final quote for your vehicle
  • Get your car picked up, or drop it off at the nearest CarBuyerUSA locations
  • Get paid in cash or bank transfer

Who is CarBuyerUSA Best For?

CarBuyerUSA is meant for US citizens who want to sell their cars, trucks, and vans to SUVs, luxury, exotics and earn extra income.

How Much Can You Get for Your Car with CarBuyerUSA?

The table below shows what percentage of your car price will be deducted based on your vehicle issue: 

Common issues with vehicle historyTypical price adjustment (deduction)
Moderate Damage15%
Severe Damage20%
Air Bag Deployment/structural damage25%
Mileage discrepancy20%
Lemon Law / Buyback15%
Total Loss History65%
Livery / Taxi Usage15%

To set the price of your vehicle, CarBuyerUSA analyzes similar car transactions. You’ll need to enter the correct vehicle information in an online application to get an accurate price offer.

The basic information you’ll need to provide in your initial application include:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Year of manufacturing
  • Trim level
  • Mileage

However, that’s not all – here are some other factors impacting the final price of your vehicle:

  • Condition – the market value of your vehicle will vary greatly depending on the amount of wear and tear your car has experienced.
  • Vehicle history – any accidents or damage listed on a police report, municipal source, or insurance company becomes part of the vehicle’s history.

If you don’t have your vehicle history report, you’ll need to get one. The following 2 companies can help you with that information for these rates:

Obviously, crashes impact the price of your car negatively. If the vehicle was in a severe collision and the airbag was deployed, the car will have structural damage.

CarBuyerUSA pledges to buy any vehicle, anywhere in the Continental United States. Adverse conditions may be encountered when they are looking at a car’s history. These factors will affect how much CarBuyerUSA can pay for your car.

What Types of Vehicles Does CarBuyerUSA Purchase?

CarBuyerUSA can buy the following types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Trucks & SUVs
  • Luxury / Performance vehicles
  • Construction trucks
  • Landscaping vehicles
  • Damaged Vehicles

Also, the company purchases cars categorized as bad Transmission / Engine, Junk / End of life.

How Fast Can You Sell Your Car with CarBuyerUSA?

To ensure every car sale is a painless process, CarBuyerUSA allows you to sell your car within 1 week and walk away with cash in your pocket immediately.

CarBuyerUSA Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Use CarBuyerUSA?

In order to sell your new, used, or wrecked car with CarBuyerUSA, you don’t have to pay anything. The CarBuyerUSA vehicle evaluation expert determines a fair price for your vehicle based on its age, make, model, condition, and history with no extra charges.

CarBuyerUSA promises to give you better prices than its competitors. Once you receive an offer, you can take it or leave it with no obligations and no money out of your pocket.

CarBuyerUSA Payment Options

Once you accept the offer CarBuyerUSA will pay you cash or write a check when they come to pick the vehicle.

CarBuyerUSA Review: Is CarBuyerUSA Legit?

CarBuyerUSA is a legit place to sell your car. In the last 12 months alone, the company has paid out more than $1,4 billion to car sellers nationwide.

The company has an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The CarBuyerUSA also has a rating of 3.6 on Trustpilot. Most reviewers on these platforms praised the company’s customer support which they described as supportive.

CarBuyerUSA complaints on Yelp and indicate sellers have encountered issues with car payment changes during the inspection and paperwork delays. However, according to its 500+ 4 and 5-star Google reviews, people note that the whole process went pretty smoothly.

What are the CarBuyerUSA Pros & Cons?

CarBuyerUSA Pros

  • You can sell any type of vehicle – cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Fair vehicle pricing
  • You can sell new, used, or damaged car
  • Really fast sale – 24 – 48hs

CarBuyerUSA Cons

  • CarBuyerUSA can change offer during the inspection process
  • Sometimes customer service can take up to 4 days to respond

How Good Is CarBuyerUSA Support?

CarBuyerUSA has a comprehensive frequently asked questions page, blogs and other resources. You can also contact them via the contact page.

CarBuyerUSA Review Verdict: Is it Worth Selling Car with CarBuyerUSA?

Selling a car is not an easy task, and it can often be challenging to find the best deal. 

Summing up this CarBuyerUSA review, the company is worth dealing with, because:

  • It makes it easy to sell your car online, even if you don’t know how the process works.
  • CarBuyerUSA has an A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation – giving you peace of mind that the company is trustworthy.
  • It offers competitive rates that are one of the best parts of all because you’re looking for the best price.

Sites Like CarBuyerUSA

FeesPayment Terms
CarBuyerUSA$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towingGet cash in hand the same day the CarBuyerUSA agent picks up your car
Wheelzy$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towingGet cash in hand the same day the Wheelzy agent picks up your car
Peddle$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towing – Peddle will take care of itGet paid in check during the pick up for any car
eBay Motors$19 – $79 listings fee + 2.35% on the portion of the sale over $7,500Payment terms and balance payoff are all set up when you list your vehicle

CarBuyerUSA vs. Wheelzy

Wheelzy Summary

  • Wheelzy stores are open 7 days a week
  • Get offer in minutes – (855) 510-1108
  • Free towing of your car from your location
  • Instant payment via cash or check

At CarBuyerUSA, a team of professionals analyze the photos of your car; on Wheelzy, they do it with artificial intelligence to streamline processes and focus on their award-winning customer service.

Nevertheless, you can opt for instant offers on both sites or wait for online bids from other people. Besides, you can receive payments in cash as well as bank deposits.

CarBuyerUSA vs. Peddle

Peddle Summary

  • Buys used, damaged or junk car nationwide
  • Get instant quote on (855) 925 4302
  • Free towing within 48 hours after offer
  • Receive payment upon car collection

Peddle, like CarBuyerUSA, provides a similar process for selling a vehicle. Both platforms accept any type of vehicle in any state anywhere in the United States.

The only difference is that Peddle has a slightly longer track record, has more reviews, and therefore more authority in the industry.

CarBuyerUSA vs. eBay Motors

eBay Motors Summary

  • Sell 20+ types of vehicle and car parts
  • Low listing fees starting from just $19
  • List a car for sale in under 10 minutes
  • 2 selling options – fixed price or auction

Unlike CarBuyerUSA that’s only available in the USA, eBay Motors is a global online marketplace. While eBay Motors allows you to sell your car via auction or with a fixed-price listing, CarBuyrerUSA will provide you with an offer. 

One thing that makes CarBuyerUSA better is that it offers secured payment compared to eBay Motors, where you’ll need to determine which types of payment you’ll accept and handle those transactions yourself. Otherwise, both sites focus on new and used vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles. 

CarBuyerUSA vs. CarBrain

CarBrain Summary

  • Get an online offer within 2 minutes
  • Get cash for your car in under 48 hours
  • CarBrain buys cars in over 7 conditions
  • Up to 7 days to accept CarBrain’s offer

CarBrain, similar to CarBuyerUSA, offers an easy, safe, and fast service with no hidden fees. Both companies are accredited with an A+ BBB rating. The main difference is that if you’re selling a junk car, there’s a better chance you’ll get it sold for a better price with CarBuyerUSA rather than CarBrain.

Putting that aside, these two platforms, in particular, have certifications that add total authority. For example, while CarBrain belongs to the Automotive Recyclers Association, CarBuyerUSA is part of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA).

Other Sites Like CarBuyerUSA


I don’t have a title. Will CarBuyerUSA still buy it?

If you can’t find your car title, CarBuyerUSA can help you get a replacement and buy your car the same day. The company has title processing agents nationwide that expedite duplicate title applications.

The also has information available if you prefer to replace the title yourself.

Can I still get paid if the car title isn’t in my name?

If your car title isn’t in your name, you can’t sell it to CarBuyerUSA. CarBuyerUSA can only purchase vehicles from the registered owner on the title. For assistance on the steps to take a legal claim of the vehicle and title it in your name, contact your local DMV department.

Can I sell my car if it’s been crashed?

Yes, you can sell your car if it’s been crashed to CarBuyerUSA. CarBuyerUSA knows that crashes happen, and they’re ready to offer deals that will beat any other online car selling company. However, note that CarBuyerUSA doesn’t purchase junk cars. Your car needs to be repairable for the company to accept it.

Do I need an appointment for my car inspection?

Yes, CarBuyerUSA will take care of all arrangements for you. The company’s goal is to make selling your car easy and convenient for you.

How do I know if CarBuyerUSA is not a scam?

As a free car listing site, CarBuyerUSA is a licensed, bonded and insured motor vehicle agency and we have an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau hence not a scam. 

Under the Fleet Program, CarBuyerUSA focuses on vehicles that do not require a commercial driver’s license to drive.

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