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Best Place to Sell Comic Books: List of 29 Places in 2024

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29 Places to Sell Comic Books


OfferUp Summary

  • List and sell your items for free
  • Promote your listing from just $1.99
  • Low service fee of just 12.9% or $1.99
  • You have up to 3 days to ship your item

OfferUp is an online platform for buying and selling stuff online. It’s also a remarkable place to sell comics online as you’ll likely find people who know what these are worth. 

How it works is quite the same as Craigslist where you need to create a listing first. When you get potential buyers, you can arrange to meet up with them and exchange the item for cash. 

OfferUp offers a premium promotional service where you can get your listing to reach wider audiences. After your items sell through this feature, you only need to pay $1.99 or 12.9% of the final sale price. 


eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

eBay is one of the most popular eCommerce sites these days. With over 187 million users, it’s also one of the best places to look for comic book buyers online.

Through its website, you can create a free listing for comic books you want to sell. You can also choose ways to get paid and whether you want to sell for a fixed price or do it auction-style.  

Note that eBay charges selling fees at around 12.55% of the final selling price. 


Craigslist Summary

  • Posts are anonymous
  • Quick and easy listing in a matter of minutes
  • Little to no seller fees, most auctions are free
  • Sell within your local area

Craigslist is surely among the most popular choices for selling stuff online, including comic books. It’s also an excellent place to sell comic books locally as you can select a city to post your listings in. 

Craigslist charges $0 fees for almost all listings. When selling comics, you also get to decide your pricing and shipping options. Since you’ll likely find buyers within the same city, you can also opt for meet-ups. 

Another thing that makes Craigslist quite unique from other buy-and-sell sites is the anonymity it offers. Basically, you can create a listing without having to share your personal email address. 

You can choose for buyers to contact you through a Craigslist provided email, and you can use that to reply to them. 


VarageSale is a peer-to-peer marketplace for selling stuff. As such, it’s one of the best places to sell comic books online.  

What’s great about this platform is that you can create a free listing through their mobile app or website. Plus, it includes a built-in messaging app that lets you address customer questions and schedule meet-ups. 

Considering how you can use it for free, VarageSale is an ideal option if you want to know where to sell comics for the best profit. 

Heritage Auctions

Comic books are among the collectibles you can sell at Heritage Auctions. Through its website or app, you can send information about your comic book collection. They’ll make an offer and pay you after you ship your items. 

This platform also allows you to consign your comic book collection for their future auctions. In this option, you’ll need to provide information about your collection and ship it to Heritage Auctions. 

You’ll typically get the payment after your comic book collection sells. However, Heritage Auctions claims to offer cash advances in case you need the money ASAP.  

Sell My Comic Books

Sell My Comic Books offers one of the fastest ways to sell comic books online. Through its website, you can request a quote by sending a list of what you have and uploading photos of them. 

After Sell My Comic Books takes a look at your list, they’ll send you payment for the basic offer through PayPal. They’ll also arrange for FedEx to pick your collection, so you conveniently need not do anything. 

Once they examine your collection, Sell My Comic Books will make an adjusted offer usually higher than the basic offer. Since they already paid the basic offer, you’ll receive only the difference. 


GetCashForComics is a great place to sell comics online if you’re looking to get paid in cash. Plus, it claims to pay 70% to 90% of your graded comic’s value. 

You can also sell ungraded comics to them, but GetCashForComics typically asks to see these types of comics before making an offer. If you have a CGC comics, you can get offer an offer within minutes. 

To sell your comics to GetCashForComics, you’ll need to fill out an online form first. You can also send them an email or call their toll-free hotline. 

Dylan Universe Comics

Dylan Universe Comics is another website where you can sell comic books. How it works is quite similar to Sell My Comic Books. 

You’ll need to email them a list of comics you want to sell to them as well as your name, city, and state. In most cases, you’ll need to send them photos of your collection for confirmation. 

They’ll make an offer to buy your comics and send you payment through PayPal. Depending on your location, they’ll also send a FedEx label so you can ship the comics to them. Otherwise, you can opt for USPS. 

If you live in the NY Metro, Dylan Universe Comics will arrange the pickup so you don’t need to bother with shipping your comics.

Infinity Comics (

Infinity Comics is an excellent option for those looking to make money off comic book collections. You can sell collections here that include comics from the 1930s to the 1970s. 

If you have newer collections, say, comic books from the 1980s onwards, you can still sell them to Infinity Comics. 

You can also contact them through a phone number posted on their website to know if they can buy your collection. 

How much Infinity Comics pay depends on the value of your collection. But according to their website, they typically purchase collections valued at $1,000 or higher. 

Superworld Comics

Superworld Comics is a Massachusetts-based company where you can sell comic books. They’re particularly interested in collections from the 1930s onwards, particularly those from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze eras.

Quite similar to Infinity Comics, you’ll need to contact them first if you’re interested in selling. Using their online contact form, you’ll need to include details about yourself, your comic book list, and photos of each copy.

They’ll get back to you with an offer and send you cash when you accept it.

You can also set up a video meeting through Skype so you can show them your collection. This is a faster option if you want to know how much your collection is worth and proceed to sell it to Superworld Comics. 

Always Buying Comics

Always Buying Comics, also known as New Dimensions Comics, is a Pennsylvania-based comic buyer. It’s a pretty unique platform as it’s only operated by one person, Todd McDevitt. 

However, selling to Always Buying Comics is quite the same as other platforms. You’ll need to fill out an online contact form and provide details on comic books you want to sell. 

I Like Comics

I Like Comics is one of the comic book buyers online that you might want to consider. You can sell comic books from all eras, as well as graphic novels and toys to them. 

Like Infinity Comics, it’s also one of the places you can sell your comic book collection. With this option, I Like Comics will send someone to take a look at your collection and make an offer. 

However, if you’re looking to sell a couple of copies, you can use their online form to initiate a sale. You only need to provide some contact details and how many comic books you want to sell. 

Additionally, you’ll need to specify the condition of your comics and list the highlights of your collection. 

Finally, you can contact them by phone so you can confirm right away if they can buy your comic books. 

We Buy Comics

Looking for comic book buyers online is quite easier these days. All it takes is just a simple Google search and you’ll find millions of results. With such options, it’s important to have a list of the most legitimate ones. 

We Buy Comics is one of the trusted buyers you can find online. This platform is owned by a Tennessee-based company called 2nd Markets Corporation. The company has been purchasing comics since 1976.

You can find on its website a list of the comics they’re looking for. However, they also buy comics from other eras. To know if you can sell to them, you can contact them through a Go button on their website. 

This will direct you to their main buying website, Besides their contact form, you can also contact them by email through

Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics is an online platform for comic book collectors. It’s also a great place to sell comic books. Like We Buy Comics, it buys copies from different ages. 

Besides comics, you can also sell:

  • Vintage action figures
  • Toys
  • Statues
  • Graphic novels

They also buy pop culture memorabilia, as well as Star Trek, Star Wars, rock n’ roll, and political memorabilia. 

Like with other platforms, you can also reach Midtown Comics to sell your comics, through email. 

MyComicShop (Lone Star Comics)

MyComicShop is the buying arm of Lone Star Comics, an online comic shop. It started buying comics in 1961, making it one of the largest and most trusted buyers globally. 

Besides comic books, it also buys the following:

  • Graphic novels
  • Digest magazines
  • Original comic art
  • Vintage paperbacks 

What’s good about this platform is that it offers 5 options for you to sell. You can find on its website which option works for you depending on what comics you want to sell and from what era.

To give you an idea, MyComicShop has a selling option that applies only to large collections, retailer inventories, and estates.  There’s also a different selling option if you’re selling comics currently priced at $0.60 or lower. 

Reece’s Rare Comics

Reece’s Rare Comics is a website where you can sell comic books online. Like eBay, you can list your comic books here for free. Once your book sells, Reece’s Rare Comics will take a 10% commission.

Payment from sales is sent every 10th of the next month. Suppose your comic book was sold on March 21st. In that case, your payment will credit on April 10th

Note that before selling with Reece’s, you’ll need to ensure that your comic book is valued at $100 minimum. 

Minimum value$100
Site commission10%


GoCollect is an online platform that provides various resources and tools to collectors and sellers. You can find here price guides so you know how much your comic books are worth. 

There are also blogs where you can find detailed information on selling your collection online. Plus, you can check news and updates on the world of comic book collections. 

Although the platform currently works only as a reference guide, you can still use it to sell your comic books for a decent price on other platforms. 

Lee’s Comics

Lee’s Comics is also among well-established platforms to buy and sell comic books, having been launched in 1982. 

You can sell comic books from different eras, ranging from Golden Age to Bronze Age to modern comic books. However, vintage comics are the best sellers at Lee’s Comics. 

There are 3 ways for you to sell to Lee’s Comics:

  1. One is by sending them an email, including details on your comic book collection. 
  2. You can also call Lee’s Comics at (650) 965-1800. 
  3. Finally, they also have a store in Mountain View, California. By visiting the store, you can sell your comic books within the same day. 

Zapp Comics

Zapp Comics is a New Jersey-based comic book store. Despite its location, you can also sell your comic book collection even if you’re outside New Jersey. The store owner, Ben L., has over 20 years of expertise in buying comics around the country. 

Furthermore, Zapp Comics specializes in vintage comics, so you’ll surely get what your collection is worth. 

You don’t need to drive to their Wayne and Manalapan, NJ, stores to sell. Here’s how to get a quote for your comic books:

What’s great about Zapp Comics is that you can totally skip consigning your comic books. When Zapp Comics decides to buy your collection, you’ll get cash right away. 

Sparkle City Comics

Buying and selling comics online is more convenient these days through platforms like Sparkle City Comics. Like Zapp Comics, you can tell them about your collection through an online form.

There’s also a hotline you can call to inquire about selling comic books and getting free appraisals – 800-743-9205. 

Depending on the size of your comic book collection, Sparkle City Comics might even travel to you for appraisal. 

Once Sparkle City Comics decides to purchase your books, you need not worry about waiting long for the payment. They usually pay upon pickup or before sellers ship their comic books to Sparkle City Comics. 

Gary Dolgoff Comics

Gary Dolgoff Comics is one of the comic book buyers online that you can trust to get the best compensation for your collection. 

The company owner and founder, Gary Dolgoff has over 50 years of experience in the comic book buy-and-sell industry. Along with him are ten other professionals in pricing and buying comic books. 

To sell with Gary Dolgoff Comics, you can either:

  • Call at 1-866-830-4367 or 413-529-0326
  • Email at 
  • Send a fax at 413-529-9824

Once they agree to buy your collection, they’ll cover the costs to ship it or have one of their team personally pick it up.  

Besides comic books from the Golden and Silver ages, you can also sell paperbacks, magazines, vintage toys, and trading cards to Gary Dolgoff Comics. 

Nostalgia Zone

Nostalgia Zone is a Minnesota-based comic book buyer and seller. It has been in the industry for over 40 years, 12 of which are online. Through its website, you’ll find valuable resources to help you sell comics. 

Additionally, you can contact them by phone or send an email to offer your comic book collection. After they have an idea of what comic books you want to sell, you’ll usually get an offer right away. 

Nostalgia Zone pays mostly in cash, but you can also opt for trade-in, which might be a better deal if you’re into comic book buy-and-sell. After all, their trade-in offer is 10% to 25% higher than cash offers.  

CGC Comics

Certified Guaranty Company or CGC Comics is a third-party grading service. Besides comics, it provides grading to trading cards, magazines, concert posters, and other pop culture collectibles. 

Through this platform, you can check the authenticity of your collection and whether your comic books have been tampered with or restored. Additionally, CGC provides a tamper-evident holder for your collection. 

By acquiring a CGC grading, you can sell your comic books for better prices. After all, dealers and collectors trust the accuracy of grading parties such as CGC. 

Note that CGC Comics itself doesn’t purchase comic books from individual sellers. It provides proof that your comic books are authentic and worthy of higher selling prices.  

Local Comic Book Store

Local comic book stores are also excellent choices to sell comic books. After all, these stores need to replenish their inventory, too, and at times, come across rare comic book collectors. 

What’s good about opting for local stores is that you can sell your comic books one copy at a time. Most online platforms prefer to buy collections, instead of individual copies, to save on shipping costs. 

It’s also a great idea to check local comic book stores if you’re looking to sell your comic books ASAP. Plus, you’ll have better chances of buying back your comic book at the local store, for sentimental reasons. 

Garage Sale

Organizing a garage sale is a fun and easy way to sell your comic books. It works best if you have other items to sell. But if you’re selling an entire collection, this can work well on its own, too. 

It’s reasonable to assume that your market at a garage sale is quite limited, compared to online platforms, like eBay. However, you can advertise your garage sale at local newspapers to attract more potential buyers. 

What’s great about selling through a garage sale is that you don’t have to share the profits with anybody. It’s all yours. 

Besides the money, having a garage sale in your neighborhood provides you a unique opportunity to introduce a passion to the younger generation. 

In the age of social media and video platforms, seeing kids reading comics and starting their own collection can be awe-inspiring. 


Forums you can usually find on pop culture niche websites are a great place to connect with collectors and comic book enthusiasts. 

Besides having something in common to talk about, it also offers an opportunity to find buyers and sell your comic books. 

What’s great about selling on forums is that you’ll be dealing with people of the same interests and appreciation for comic books. By this, you can sell your collection for what they actually worth from a collector’s perspective. 

Plus, forums are also an excellent setup to build social networks that can be advantageous if you’re looking to start a buy-and-sell business. 

Social Media

Social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, create and use algorithms that allow people to see content relevant to their likes. They also host groups that connect people of shared interests. 

Considering how these work, it’s one of the places you can find comic book buyers online. Like in forums, these are buyers who know what they’re looking for and often, are updated with pricing and valuation. 

For that, you’ll likely find buyers willing to take your offer. 

Social Media sites are also mostly free to use. This means that finding your buyers here won’t incur any additional costs, and you get to keep your earnings to yourself. 

Comic Book Conventions

Comic Book Conventions shortly referred to as Comic-Con, are events that host different comic book stores and publishers. Collectors and dealers flock to such events as they typically find the best deals here. 

They also get to learn what’s new in the comic book universe. At the same time, they can meet and bond with fellow comic book fans. 

As a seller, you get to witness and profit from such events by getting a booth for comics you want to sell. However, big conventions typically cost thousands of dollars to rent a booth. 

If you’re selling from a private collection, you can start by selling at local comic cons. 

Neighborhood Events

Neighborhood events, such as trade shows, festivals, and flea markets attract people of all ages. Considering that, these are also places where you can sell various stuff including comic books. 

Consequently, collectors know where to look for comic books to purchase, especially vintage ones. So, chances are, you’ll meet each other at a neighborhood event. So, that’s a sure sale for you. 

Even if the collector missed your stall, you’ll always find a bored parent, or their kid, to strike a conversation with. And, you can interest them in some comic books.

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