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Free Moving Boxes: 16 Best Places to Get Free Moving Boxes

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16 Places to Get Free Moving Boxes

Liquor Stores

Boxes carrying liquor are perfect for movers as these boxes are very strong and durable. 

You can use them for carrying brittle materials like mirrors and others. Liquor stores can provide 4-10 free moving boxes per day. Just visit one in your location in the daytime as they are comparatively less crowded.


A typical Starbucks store can have 2-3 shipments of coffee per day packed in fine little cardboard boxes. And they yield on average 15-25 boxes per shipment.

You can approach the shop and get free cardboard boxes from them that can help in carrying precious little things safely while moving.

Check the nearest Starbucks location in your state here.

free coffee


Walmart is one of the best places to get free moving boxes made of cardboard and other materials in different shapes and sizes.

They generate on average 10 boxes per day, and you can get empty boxes for free. 

Check the nearest Walmart location in your state here.

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Target gets its biggest shipments on weekdays, and it will be fruitful if you visit before noon to avoid shopper rushes. 

It offers moving boxes free and keeps them ready if you inform them in advance. They get on average 10 boxes per day. 

Check the nearest Target location in your state here.


Moving boxes is the priority for those relocating for carrying cargoes. If you’re not sure where to get cardboard boxes or others for free, visiting Lowe’s could be a good idea. 

It is the leading provider of various household and office-related items, and they can also provide some free boxes for you supplementing your purchased items.

Check the nearest Lowe’s location in your state here.


Costco deals with huge numbers of boxes every day, and they repurpose many of them for use. 

However, you can also get some free moving boxes because they have excess empty boxes. They get 5-10 boxes daily on average. 

Check the nearest Costco location in your state here.


If you’re looking for moving boxes of weird shapes and sizes, then reaching out to Petco can be a convenient solution. 

As Petco gets huge numbers of boxes weekly, they can give you some on request.

Check the nearest Petco location in your state here.


Craigslist Summary

  • Posts are anonymous
  • Quick and easy listing in a matter of minutes
  • Little to no seller fees, most auctions are free
  • Sell within your local area

Craigslist offers free boxes for moving anywhere for everyone, with the biggest free section among various commercial websites. 

It’s only a matter of logging on to the Craigslist website and checking the section for free moving boxes. 

They generate an unlimited number of boxes every week, so you can easily claim as much as you need. 

Facebook Community Groups

Facebook is not only one of the most popular social networking media sites but a great place to get help. 

One of the best places to find free moving boxes is Facebook Community Groups, as some people are willing to give them away.


Offices usually handle certain numbers of deliveries every day. 

You can find the moving boxes in your own office. And if it’s not enough, you can request them from the neighboring offices. 


Any bookstore can be a repository of huge numbers of cardboard and other boxes, and nobody will use many of them again. 

They can give you the boxes free of cost instead of putting them in the dump yard. 

Bookstores getting regular shipments can generate 4-8 boxes a week. 

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are one of the best sources of free moving boxes. 

These stores get deliveries of large and small packages daily, and most of them are not going to be reused or recycled. 

You can request a number of empty boxes for moving from the store free of cost. 


Freecycle is a nonprofit movement and a network of people caring about our earth.

The organization gathers recyclable stuff including empty boxes. And if you request them, Freecycle would be glad to share a few of them with you.

Your Workplace

It may sound like a no-brainer, but you should start looking for empty boxes for moving within your house, workplace, or storage.

Since the boxes are already yours, there will be no costs, and it will also save your workplace or storage from being cluttered. 

U-Haul Customer Connect

U-Haul has arrangements for customers to leave their moving boxes. On the other hand, U-Haul offers the same boxes free of cost to use when you need them. 

It’s completely free and just a matter of visiting one of their stores and asking for the boxes. 

College Dorms

Since a lot of students are buying books and other materials online these days for use, the college dorms can be one of the best sources for finding free moving boxes. 

After taking out contents, boxes don’t have any use for students. Simply visit the college dorm near you and ask the security guard if and where you can take empty boxes.

Best Way to Find Stores that Offer Free Moving Boxes Near You

The best way to find stores that offer free moving boxes near you is to visit any store selling any type of product and ask if they can give you empty boxes.

You’d be amazed how many stores will be willing to give you the boxes they would otherwise put in the garbage.

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