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How to Sell?

CarsDirect vs TrueCar Comparison: Where Should You Sell Your Car?

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Best Ways to Sell a Car


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Get a legit offer in minutes – provide VIN, mileage and condition

$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towing – Peddle will take care of it

Get paid in check during the pick up for any car (damaged, junk, wrecked)


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Quick car evaluation without the hassle – sell your car within 30 min

Choose a convenient date and time for free pick-up, as soon as next day

Get cash in hand the same day the Wheelzy agent picks up your car


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Get an offer within 2 minutes and sell your damaged car within 48 hours

Free vehicle towing and no fees to getting rid of your damaged car

The tow truck driver will arrive with your check (nationwide service)

Which is Better for Selling the Car?

carsdirect vs truecar which is better for selling the car

Overall, CarsDirect is a better company to sell your car to than Truecar. Selling your car with Truecar and CarsDirect is similar in many ways. It’s also noteworthy that CarsDirect redirects you to Peddle and it’s best to go to the Peddle website directly.

First, CarsDirect’s offer is valid for seven days while TrueCar only gives you three days to consider your offer. It also offers a free pickup and lets you choose to get cash or check.

Truecar and CarsDirect both charge no fees, offer free online quotes, and pay you with a check in hand on the day of the sale.

CarsDirect Summary

  • Lets you research used car prices to price your car fairly
  • Connects you with Peddle to sell your car within 48 hours
  • Provides lead generation and referral services to auto dealers
  • The platform is free to use

TrueCar Summary

  • Enter VIN to instantly get a car estimate
  • Offer is good for three days
  • TrueCar pays through check
  • Offer comes from one of Certified Dealers

CarsDirect vs. Truecar Comparison

Cars acceptedNew, used, and junkUsed and new cars
FeesNo feesNo fees
Requesting quotesOnlineOnline and in person
Offer validity7 days3 days
Payments offeredCash or checkCheck from a certified dealer
PayoutSame daySame day
Car pick-upFree pickupNo mention of car pick-up
Physical locationsVarious US locationsVarious car dealership locations
Turnaround timeSame daySame day
Customer servicePhonePhone, email

Cars Accepted

carsdirect vs truecar cars accepted

Truecar accepts new and used cars that are in drivable condition, while CarsDirect accepts both new and old cars, as well as damaged cars, cars that no longer run, and cars that would be considered junk to some. 


Neither CarsDirect nor Truecar charges any fees. Both companies provide you with a free quote through their online application form. 

Requesting Quotes

carsdirect vs truecar requesting quotes

With Truecar, all you are required to provide is your car’s license plate and state in order to receive your free quote.

Truecar also accepts:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Year, make, and model of the car

CarsDirect has a more extensive application form where you will be asked to provide the year, make, model, trim, and title of your car. 

You will also be asked to answer the following questions:

  • Are the wheels mounted or inflated?
  • Does it have a key and a working battery?
  • Does it drive?
  • What is the mileage?
  • Is there any body, mirror, glass, or light damage?
  • Are there any removed or loose exterior body parts?
  • Is there any damaged or removed interior?
  • Is there any flood or fire damage?

Offer Validity

With CarsDirect, your offer is valid for 7 days while receiving it while with Truecar, your offer is only valid for 3 days.

Payments Offered

If you sell your car to CarsDirect, the dealership will provide you with a check on the same day that you bring your car into a participating dealership, or have your car picked up. Truecar will also provide you with a check in hand on the day that you bring your car into a dealership.


Both CarsDirect and Truecar will provide you with a check in hand on the day that you sell your car. A check will usually take up to 2 business days to clear however, depending on the check, some checks make take longer to clear and show up in your bank account.

Car Pick-up

CarsDirect offers free car pick-up services, and you can also choose to drop off your car at one of their participating locations. Truecar does not have any mention of pick-up services but you can drop off your car at one of their physical locations.

Physical Locations

Since CarsDirect sells cars through Peddle, you can head to any of Peddle’s in-person locations. Peddle has dealership locations all across the US. 

When it comes to cash for junk cars, you can find Peddle’s largest markets in:

  • Austin
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneaopolis
  • San Jose
  • Sacramento

When you receive your price offer, Truecar will connect you with one of their thousands of Certified Dealers.

Turnaround Time

Whether you choose to sell your car with CarsDirect or Truecar, both companies offer a very quick turnaround time for quoting and buying your car from you. It typically takes 24 hours to sell your car with both dealerships as quoting and selling your car can be done all on the same day.

Customer Service

You can contact CarsDirect customer service by calling them at 1-800-260-5857. 

To contact Truecar customer service, you can call them at 1-888-878-3227 or email their customer support team at


CarsDirect has a 2.7-star rating on Trustpilot,  while the overall rating for Truecar is a 4.1-star rating on Trustpilot. CarsDirect does not have any reviews on BBB, while Truecar has a 3.1-star rating on BBB.

Customers have praised CarsDirect for selling high-quality cars, having a quick turnaround time, and offering professional customer service. Some customers have raised complaints about CarsDirect providing poor customer service, not being able to contact customer support with complaints, and using customer and car information without permission.

Customers have praised Truecar for providing great deals, honoring rebate certificates, and providing excellent customer service. Some customers have raised complaints about Truecar not answering or returning customer phone calls, not honoring their price offers, and having misleading prices online.

Trustpilot Rating2.74.1
BBB Rating 3.1

CarsDirect & Truecar Alternatives


Peddle Summary

  • Sell used, damaged or junk car nationwide
  • Get instant quote on (855) 925 4302
  • Free towing within 48 hours after offer
  • Receive payment upon car collection

Our Experience Selling the Car to Peddle

CarsDirect sells all of its cars through Peddle. Like Truecar, Peddle provides you with an instant quote after you submit an online application form through their website. 

After receiving your offer, you will have 7 days to consider and accept the offer, while with Truecar, your offer is only valid for 3 days. Peddle offers to send a representative to pick up or tow your car for free, while with Truecar, you have to take your car to a participating dealership.

Recent Peddle offers

Toyota (Camry)2011150,000$2,225
Volvo (S40)200137,000$430
Mercedes-Benz (560)199192,000$1,930
BMW (528)2008126,000$1,140
Kia (Forte)2010145,000$635
Honda (CR-V)201167,000$2,930
Ford (Explorer Sport Trac)2004145,000$1,170
Oldsmobile (Alero)2004162,000$400
Audi (A6)2006106,000$530


Wheelzy Summary

  • Wheelzy stores are open 7 days a week
  • Get offer in minutes – (855) 510-1108
  • Free towing of your car from your location
  • Instant payment via cash or check

Wheelzy accepts cars that are damaged or considered to be junk, just like CarsDirect, while Truecar accepts cars that are used and in drivable condition and may not accept all cars. Once you accept your price offer, a Wheelzy representative will pick up or tow your car for free, like with CarsDirect. Truecar does not mention any free car pick-up or towing services.

Wheelzy has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot, and a 3-star rating on BBB, which is a higher Trustpilot rating than Truecar, and a much higher rating in comparison to CarsDirect.

Recent Wheelzy offers

Hyundai (Tucson)2006200,000Doesn’t start$400
Mercury (Sable Sedan)2003150,000Doesn’t start$225
Mercedes-Benz (C)2001150,000Starts$222
Ford (Edge)2010200,000Doesn’t start$1,200
Ford (Flex)2009150,000Starts$1,000
Lexus (RX)2002300,000Doesn’t start$750
Chevrolet (Cobalt Sedan)2007200,000Doesn’t start$200
Toyota (Corolla)2003250,000Drives$555
BMW (528)2008250,000Drives$1,487


CarBrain Summary

  • Call for a free quote – (844) 407-2200
  • Get cash for your car in under 48 hours
  • CarBrain buys cars in over 7 conditions
  • Up to 7 days to accept CarBrain’s offer

Like Carsdirect, CarBrain is a car-buying company that is available nationwide and offers a free pick-up service. It differs from Truecar because it doesn’t connect you with car dealerships, rather it will buy your car directly. 

Overall, CarBrain will give you cash for your car, regardless of its condition, within 24 to 48 hours. Simply fill out an online form to get an instant offer. If you’re happy with the offer, you can accept it and schedule a free pick-up. The company representative will then visit your driveway to pick up your car and pay you on the spot.

Recent CarBrain offers

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport201150,000Collision damage, starts, doesn’t drive$1,270
Jeep Grand201543,000Collision damage, starts, doesn’t drive$8,000
Chevrolet201350,000Collision damage, does not start$1,335
Dodge Charger2011143,448Collision damage, does not start$1,000
Nissan Altima201382,000Collision damage, starts and drives$1,725
Chevrolet Silverado2008250,000Engine damage, starts, doesn’t drive$1,750


Carvana Summary

  • Get an online quote within 2 minutes
  • Free pickup wtihin 100 miles of a hub
  • Offer valid for 7 days or 250 more miles
  • Haggle-free process to sell your car

Carvana is one of the most reliable used car dealerships in the USA.

The company offers an instant online quote, a free car pick-up if you are located within 100 miles of one of their hubs and a fast payout process.

To get an instant cash offer:

  • Add your VIN or license plate number
  • Answer basic questions about the car
  • Answer a few questions about the condition

Even though you will get an instant cash offer, you will have up to seven days or an additional 250 miles, to decide whether you want to accept the initial offer.

You can sell a car to Carvana if it has a working odometer, no major damage and can be safely driven and is made in 1992 or newer.


CarGurus Summary

  • Receive payment within 3 working days
  • Find out the market value of your car
  • List your car for sale in under 5 minutes
  • Up to $75,000 in protection for your sale

CarGurus is a unique company as it offers two different ways to sell a car.

You can sell 100% online instantly or list the car on their website and sell privately.

To get an instant cash offer:

  1. Enter your VIN or license plate number
  2. Get a cash offer in just two minutes
  3. Schedule pickup time
  4. Get paid within two business days by cash or direct deposit

To list a car on CarGurus:

  1. Add your zip code
  2. Provide the car details (make, model, year, mileage)
  3. List special features
  4. Describe the condition and history
  5. Add images
  6. Provide your contact information
  7. Pay the listing fee of $4.95
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