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How to Sell?

Sell Damaged Car: 6 Best Used Car Buying Sites Online

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Written by: Michael Becker
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Quick Answer

The best way to sell a damaged car is by using Peddle. They’ll buy your car no matter what shape it’s in. Once you agree to their price, Peddle will arrange to come get your car and they will give you the money right away.

How much money you can get for a car depends on the kind of car, how old it is, how many miles it’s been driven, and what shape it’s in. Usually, you will might between $400 and $2,000 for it.

Best for Older & Damaged Cars

Peddle logo

Buys used, damaged or junk cars

Free tow and no hidden fees

Pays by ACH trasfer or check

Top Pick for Junk Cars

Wheelzy logo

Free, no-obligation cash offers

Offers free paperwork service

Pays on the spot upon pick up

Highly Rated by Customers

CarBrain logo

Excellent customer service ratings

Honors guaranteed offer for 7 days

Can pick up a car within 48 hours

Great for Low-Mileage Cars

Carvana logo

Gives a real offer in 2 minutes

100% hassle-free online process

Free car’s Value Tracker available

Sell Damaged Car – 6 Car Buying Sites Online

1. Peddle

Peddle Summary

  • Sell used, damaged or junk car nationwide
  • Free towing within 48 hours after offer
  • Receive payment upon car collection
  • Get free online quote – offer valid 7 days
  • Instant quote available on (855) 925 4302
  • No obligation to accept the offer is one of the top choices to sell damaged car hassle-free. The company has a buyer network around the country that buys damaged, old, used, broken, scrap, or junk vehicles for parts, scrap, or resale.

In fact, there are over 70,000 happy users sharing their positive experiences with Peddle. Peddle reviews on Trustpilot total a score of 4.7 out of 5-star rating. Moreover, the company holds an A+ accreditation on the BBB with a customer review score of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Peddle publishes latest vehicles purchased with the prices paid and a running total of how many offers the company has made in the last 30 days.

How much can you expect to get for your car?

As you can see, every car is different. Even before an accident, the mileage, postcode and condition of your vehicle will affect its value. It can be difficult to estimate exactly how much you can expect for your car.

The best way to get an idea of how much you can expect is to collect a couple of quotes from different marketplaces.

How to get a quote from Peddle?

You’ll need to fill in Peddle online form, and you’ll receive an offer in seconds for vehicles in all 50 states. You can even sell a vehicle that is missing parts.

Or you can call Peddle and find out how much you can get for your old or damaged car on this number – (855) 925-4302

Here is the step by step process:

  • Tell Peddle about the car you have (Have your VIN ready)
  • Receive your offer instantly
  • Choose a convenient date for vehicle collection
  • Get paid upon collection

2. Wheelzy

Wheelzy Summary

  • Wheelzy stores are open 7 days a week
  • Get offer in minutes – (855) 510-1108
  • Free towing of your car from your location
  • Instant payment via cash or check

Like Peddle, Wheelzy is a reliable car-buying company that will buy your damaged car directly – no questions asked. All you need to do to sell your damaged vehicle to Wheelzy is to submit an online application.

Simply enter your VIN, a few details, and your car’s current condition. Once you do that, the Wheelzy representative will contact you with a quote within a few minutes.

Here’s the list of details you’ll need to provide through the online application:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Mileage
  • Year of manufacturing
  • The current condition – what damage does it have

The Wheelzy offer is valid for 7 days and you can either accept it or decline – no obligations. If you’re satisfied with the quote Wheelzy offers and accept it, you’ll need to schedule the pick-up date with the Wheelzy agent. The agent will pick up or tow your vehicle for free, leaving you with cash or a check.

Wheelzy reviews score 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, based on over 16,500 customer reviews and 4.1 on the Better Business Bureau.

It’s worth mentioning that 85% of customers on Trustpilot describe their experience with Wheelzy as “Excellent” (5 stars) and 11% as “Great” (4 stars). The remaining 4% of customers reported they weren’t happy with the Wheelzy money offers.

Like Wheelzy, Peddle provides instant offers and free pick-up or towing service. While Peddle uses AI technology to provide you a guaranteed quote, Peddle agents reevaluate your car at the time of pick-up and might change the price offer.

3. CarBrain

CarBrain Summary

  • Call for a free quote – (844) 407-2200
  • Get cash for your car in under 48 hours
  • CarBrain buys cars in over 7 conditions
  • Up to 7 days to accept CarBrain’s offer
carbrain points
Easy Ways To Sell Damaged Car

CarBrain will buy any vehicle in less than perfect condition, including broken-down, collision damaged, and “totaled” cars.

CarBrain differs from ordinary junk car buyers in the way the company uses custom-developed price technology with up-to-date market pricing to get you the best offer for your specific vehicle.

To sell damaged car to CarBrain, you need to submit an online application providing your car details. After that, the CarBrain representative should contact you within a couple of minutes to discuss the cash offer with you.

The team examines your vehicle’s current condition based on the photos you supply, location, make, model, trim, and mileage. All of these factors are considered to provide the most accurate and valuable guaranteed offer.

CarBrain offers:

  • A seamless and convenient transaction.
  • Quick payment upon collection of the car.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Free towing and transportation.
  • Secure transactions.

CarBrain Reviews

CarBrain BBB reviews score 4.72 out of 5-star rating while being accredited with an A+ rating. In addition, CarBrain reviews total 4.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot, 4.8 on Google, and 4.3 on Facebook.

86% of reviewers on Trustpilot rate CarBrain as “Excellent” (5 stars), reporting that they’ve received fast and best-in-class service. Only 2% of them rate it as “Bad” (1 star) complaining about unfair offers they received.

Overall, if you’re wondering whether or not is CarBrain trustworthy, it sure is.

4. Carmax

CarMax Summary

  • Instant online offer in under 2 minutes
  • Online offer is valid for up to 7 days
  • 2 options for selling – online or in-store
  • Get paid within 30 minutes on the spot

CarMax is one of the best car-buying companies offering fair deals for damaged cars throughout the United States.

Compared to its competitors, CarMax procedures to sell your damaged car is somewhat hassle. After you submit your online application providing your car details, you’ll need to bring your car to the CarMax outlet for an inspection.

Like other platforms on this list, CarMax also provides free appraisals for your damaged car. However, unlike others, CarMax charges you a processing fee of $100 to $400.

In addition, note that while CarMax would buy a car that’s not running or is complete junk, they won’t accept a car with:

  • Salvage history
  • Flood damage
  • Frame damage

5. is another excellent option to sell damaged car whether it’s running or not. The company will simply buy your damaged vehicle directly, avoiding you the hassle of finding a buyer.

To get a quote from CashForCars, just fill out the online form with the details about your car. These include your car’s make and model, year of manufacturing, specifications, and current condition.

In just a few minutes after you submit the application, the CashForCars agent will provide you the cash offer for your damaged car. And if you accept the deal, they’ll pick up or tow your unwanted vehicle for free, giving you your paycheck.


SellMax Summary

  • Easy to sell your car in any condition
  • Lost car title? No problem
  • Free service
  • Better deals than junkyards
How To Sell Damaged Car Online

Another provider that aims to be the best way to sell a damaged car is This platform allows you to arrange the sale of your vehicle by phone or online.

The company has a friendly approach to dealing with potential customers and claims to be One hundred percent transparent with no sudden changes to any offers or hidden fees.

SellMax will arrange a pickup date that works with your schedule, and the vehicle can be collected from your home, work, or a location of your choice in most states.

Sellmax Reviews

Although SellMax isn’t accredited by the BBB, it has an A+ rating and no logged complaints. SellMax customer reviews score 3.8 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot and 5 stars on Yelp and Facebook. Having just a couple of reviews on these review platforms, it’s not reasonable to generalize what customers like and what they complain about.

What Type of Damaged Cars Can You Sell?

Generally, you can sell a car with any type of damage. These may include:

  • Dents and scratches
  • Missing title
  • Interior damage
  • Exterior damage
  • Mechanical problems
  • Doesn’t start or run
  • Total loss
  • Totaled vehicle
  • Flood damage
  • Fire damage
  • Hail damage
  • Hurricane damage

However, different car-buying companies have different policies. So it’s best to check them first.

Can You Sell a Car With Missing Parts?

It can be quite challenging to sell a car with missing parts privately or to a local junkyard. However, car-buying companies like Peddle and Wheelzy accept cars with missing parts as well.

How to Sell a Damaged Car You Owe Money On?

There are a few ways you can sell a damaged car you owe money on. First, you can sell it privately and then use the proceeds to pay off the balance of your loan. But selling a damaged car to a private party is usually a challenging task as people tend to buy cars in good conditions.

Selling your damaged car to any car-buying company listed above is a hassle-free way to pay off the balance you owe for your car.

Can You Sell Damaged Car Without a Title?

Yes, you can sell your damaged car without a title to car-buying companies like Peddle and SellMax. But note that not all car-buying companies accept cars with lost titles.

How to Sell a Damaged Car for Parts?

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to sell car for parts:

  1. See what parts are in decent condition so you can sell them at reasonable prices. Make sure you don’t miss out any technical parts as well as accessories.
  2. Do a research to find out what’s the fair price for each part you have in your inventory.
  3. Take out all the parts you’re planning on selling.
  4. List your car parts on online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Alternatively, you can sell your car parts to your local mechanics or salvage yard.

Can You Sell a Non Running Car?

Yes, you can sell a non-running car to most car-buying companies listed in this article. These include Peddle, Wheelzy, CarBrain, CashForCars, and others.

who buys used cars running or not

How Long Does It Take to Sell Your Damaged Car?

Selling a damaged car privately can take quite a long time because most people are looking for cars that are in good condition. But car-buying companies listed above will pick up your car and give you cash within 48 hours after you accept their cash offer.

How to Sell a Car With Body Damage?

To sell a car with body damage, an insurance adjuster needs to review the type and degree of damage and declare it total. Once your totaled car is confirmed, your insurance company will give you a check with the amount they think is fair for your totaled vehicle.

However, note that the cash offer insurance companies provide is usually low. If you want to maximize the profits you can get for your totaled car, it can be a better idea to request a quote from car-buying companies like Peddle and Wheelzy.

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Michael Becker is a car enthusiast and expert who has been working in the automotive industry for over 15 years. He started his career as a salesperson at a local dealership, where he learned the ins and outs of the car market. Then he moved on to flipping cars for a profit.

Michael has also helped many of his relatives and friends to sell their cars, using his knowledge and skills to get them the best deals. He will guide you through the process and help you avoid the common pitfalls.

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