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13 Best Places to Get Birthday Freebies in 2023 (Online Sign Up)

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13 Places to Get Birthday Freebies

Birthday Freebies at Starbucks

Starbucks is a well-known American corporation with a chain of roasters and coffee houses across the globe. The company has a reward system that provides birthday gifts to its loyal customers to thank them for their support.   

As one of them, you can receive Starbucks birthday rewards by adhering to the following rules:

  • Joining the reward system at least 7 days before your birthday
  • Accruing at least a one-star earning transaction before your birthday every year
  • Offering your birthday details when registering your Starbucks rewards account information. This involves visiting the organization’s website reward page and creating your account.

You will require the following details when registering your account:

  1. Your email address, first and last name, and password
  2. And date of birth for you to receive birthday offers.

Upon successful registration, you’ll be receiving an email 2 days before your birthday reminding you about your free birthday deal.

To keep in mind is that you’ll only get your birthday freebies on a material day. This is after presenting your registered Starbucks mobile app or Starbucks Card to a barista at a participating store. 

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Dunkin’ Donuts Birthday Freebies

Dunkin’ Donuts brand is among the world’s top Quick Service Restaurant franchises serving cold and hot coffee, as well as baked products.

To enjoy free birthday gifts from the company, you first need to register with DD perks. It is then that you can slip into any participating outlets for a free:

  • Latte
  • Coolatta 
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Or coffee drink

For a refreshing birthday excursion.

To register, you’ll be requested to add your DD Card to your DD perks account. And that’s how you’ll be able to earn points and get free beverages and offers.

In case you don’t have a DD card, you can apply for it while registering.

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A&W All American Food

A&W All American Food is a fast food restaurant specializing in floats and namesake root beer paired with various delicious burgers.

To win over a free A&W Root Beer Float for your birthday celebration, you must join the A&W email or Mug Club. The only condition is that you should be 13 years and above.

And to do so, simply check out the signup tab at the top of the company’s website.

As a loyal Mug club member, you’ll be receiving a gift coupon via your email on the first day of the birthday month. You can use it to access free Root Beer Float for the whole birthday month.


IHOP is a US-based pancake house chain of restaurants specializing in breakfast foods. To appreciate its customers, the company rewards them with a birthday coupon valid for 14 days. The free birthday meals constitute a whole stack of pancakes.

As a loyal customer, you’ll get two coupons each year on the commemoration day of your IHOP signup and your birthday. To qualify for the freebie, you first need to sign up for the IHOP Birthday Club. These can answer the question, who gives free meals on your birthday? 

Waffle House Birthday Freebies

Waffle House is another American-based chain of restaurants covering 25 states across the country.

To obtain your free birthday food as a loyal customer, you need to sign up before yor birthday month. And the gift will be in the form of a coupon for a free waffle that is valid for one month.

You can redeem the coupon by printing and showcasing it to a server at any participating waffle house locations when ordering. However, it is a dine-in-only affair.  

AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres is a world-renowned entity comprising a chain of cinemas spread across the globe.

It is also one of the places to get free stuff on your birthday. And in this case, free large popcorn.

To get it, you will have to sign up for the free AMC stubs program

The provided coupon doesn’t expire till the end of your birthday month. 


Anthropologie is a US-based clothing retailer with about 200 storefronts across the country. Since 1992, the business has morphed into a one-stop destination for folks wanting a curated mix of accessories, home décor, gifts, and clothing.

You can get your free birthday stuff online from the company by signing up for the ANTHRO card (its loyalty program).

And as a result, Anthropologie will be sending you a birthday discount—a 15% off discount—at the start of every birthday month.

You only need to sign up for the program 30 days before your birthday. 

Anthropologie allows free shipping on every order above 50 dollars and access to any of its newest merchandise alongside other free surprises throughout the year.

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Krispy Creme

Krispy kreme is a US coffeehouse chain and doughnut company that offers its services across the globe.

To get your birthday month freebies from the business, you must join its Krispy Kreme Rewards system.

During the registration process, you’ll be required to enter your birthday. Using this information, the company will know when to send you a free birthday gift coupon.

A free dozen original glazed doughnuts are the free things to get on your birthday upon purchasing a dozen other doughnuts. 

ABC Liquor

ABC Liquor board is a California state-owned seller and distributor of alcoholic beverages. You can order wine, beer, and spirits online from the organization and pick up your package an hour later. The entity offers one of the best prices in the market. 

To obtain your free birthday stuff online, you need to sign up for the ABC Liquor access.

Other benefits you’ll accrue by signing up include the following:

Gain access to more than $500 in coupons and promotions each yearMore benefits such as free bottles, tasting events, discounts on beer, and 5 dollar coupons
A $10 discount for every $100 wine you buyUpon reaching the Gold key status, you’ll be in a position to exclusively access the ABC Vault that stores bottles such as weller 12, pappy, and other highly-allocated wines.
You automatically earn points when you perform an online purchaseGet informed about new items and exclusive offers


Arby’s is a chain of Sandwich shops well known for slow-roasted turkey, premium Angus beef sandwiches, and roasted beef, sliced fresh each day.

The entity provides its customers with a free 12 oz—milkshake (after any purchase) as their birthday gifts.

To merit the free birthday stuff, you need to join Arby’s email club.

In addition, you’ll instantly get a coupon for a free roast beef classic. 


Applebee’s is an American-based organization responsible for developing franchises and operating the Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurant chain.

As a customer, you’ll get free food on your birthday. However, what you get entirely depends on the area you visit. For example, you can get a free entrée, app, or dessert.

To qualify for the free stuff on your birthday, you need to join the establishment’s Eclub. And partake a drink worth$1 for the whole month for you to enjoy free food on your birthday. 

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s Southwest Grill is a casual fast-food restaurant providing Southwest food in an engaging and fun atmosphere.

The establishment will offer you a free burrito for your birthday by signing up for the Moe Rewards program.

Other than that, you have a chance of winning other prizes, such as free queso just for joining.

To redeem your birthday deals, among others, you need to have a valid ID and proof of birthday.

The gift is valid for up to seven days after your birthday. 

Aveda Birthday Freebies

Aveda is a US-based cosmetics organization owned by Estee Lauder Companies. It constitutes one of the American organizations that offer Birthday freebies. As an example, it provides its loyal customers with a free birthday gift worth $23.

For your next birthday gift, you only need to sign up for Aveda’s pure privilege reward program. In which, you’ll have to pay a one-time $10 enrollment fee to establish yourself as a member. These will enable you to enjoy birthday rewards each year.

For instance, you’ll be given one birthday gift per year as long as you have provided your birth date. In which, your gift certificate will be sent to you via email within twenty-eight days of your birth date.

You can redeem your Birthday freebies for adults or children by either:

  1. Displaying your program birthday gift certificate and membership identification at an Aveda-owned retail store like the Aveda Experience Center. Or institution or a program participating spa, salon, or retail store.


  1.  Logging into your online program account on the company’s website, purchase a product (except travel-sized ones), and issue your offer code.
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