Zap Surveys Review 2021: Is Zap Legit?

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If you’re considering survey sites as a side gig, you need to ensure you choose a legit platform.

In our Zap Surveys review, we’ll explore this platform to help you decide if it is worth your time.

Zap Surveys Summary

Zap Surveys guarantees you surveys every day that tell you the exact dollar amount you are going to earn before even starting a survey. Also. Zap Surveys is partnered with over 50 major retailers and brands to deliver up to 40% cash back!



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Earn $6.25 on your first survey
  • Complete surveys on iOS or Android
  • $0.45 reward for invited friend completed survey
  • Over 12 different cash out options


  • Poor customer support
  • $25 minimum payout

Alternative Survey Sites

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Is Zap Surveys Legit?

Zap Surveys is a recent creation by AppsThatPlay. It’s a paid survey app that gives users rewards in exchange for their honest feedback on various products and services. 

Zap Surveys has a good reputation with the online survey taking community with some minor gripes concerning glitches on the platform. However, the company has a 4.3 rating on Google Play with over 18,000 reviews and over 100,000 installs. Many Zap Surveys review comments praise the fun surveys and the company’s fast payouts.

How Does Zap Surveys Work?

How Does Zap Surveys Work

Zap Surveys partners with a number of companies that need honest consumer opinions to make informed decisions on marketing and product development. 

The company supplies surveys with key questions that the partner company needs to have answered. This is all pretty standard for a survey taking company, but Zap Surveys is a little different. 

Every time Zap Surveys pays its users, they also donate to a number of charities that tackle worldwide child hunger, through SaySo. This money doesn’t come out of the user’s earnings, Zap Surveys shoulders the cost, and that is very commendable. 

So, if you like earning money by taking surveys and you want to do some good at the same time, Zap Surveys may be the ideal fit.

What is Zap Surveys Sign Up Process?

During this Zap Surveys review, we found that the sign up process was pretty simple. This is strictly an app only platform, and new users sign up using either their email address or their Facebook account. 

For our review, I used an email account, and the only information I was required to provide was my first and last name, a password for the Zap Surveys site, and of course, my email address. 

Zap Surveys is available in the USA, UK, and Canada at the time of this review, and new users must be at least 18 years old to join. 

You can sign up with Zap Surveys here

How Much Zap Surveys points are Worth?

Zap Surveys do not use a points reward system, and you can see the value of every survey in cents. This makes it easy to track your earnings and evaluate the value of each survey.

How Much Can You Make from Zap Surveys Online Surveys?

How Much Can You Make from Zap Surveys

Many survey takers are not a great fit for every survey, and they may not meet the criteria requirements based on their demographic. This is perfectly normal in the online survey-taking arena, so it’s important to be frank and honest. 

We found that we had better results for this Zap Surveys review when we took our time with each survey and provided answers that were completely honest. 

Initially, this did lead to some disqualifications, and this can be a frustrating process with no reward. But, after a while, the Zap Surveys platform seemed to deliver surveys better suited to my interests, and the disqualification rate dropped significantly. 

Most of the surveys fall into the 5-20 minute range, with earnings of $0.25 up to $1 for each survey. The length and earnings vary depending on the complexity of the material and the availability as determined demographic groups. 

There is a massive variety of surveys on offer, such as feelings about products, advertising opinions, and travel preferences, to name a few. 

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What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Zap Surveys?

Location Rewards

A location reward is spontaneous. You’ll receive a reward when you’re in a participating store. These types of rewards are at many major retailers, but you have to share your location with Zap Surveys to make this work. 

If the partner company has a promotion and you’re in the vicinity, you will get a notification from Zap Surveys. When you open the notification, you can get up to $0.25 to spend there.

There are over 200 partner companies involved in the scheme, including Whole Foods, McDonald’s, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Log In Streak

New Zap Surveys users can take the 45 day challenge to earn an extra $0.75. Simply log into the app each day, tap the day number (1-45) for the full 45 days, and earn the money.

This isn’t a lot of extra cash, but you need to log in regularly to check for surveys anyway, and it doesn’t take much time or extra effort.

Challenge Daily Pick’n Win 

When you click on the Daily Pick ‘n Win section, you are claiming a ticket for a daily prize draw. Each day a prize of $7.50 is up for grabs, and Zap Surveys chooses 20 winners every day.

Social Media Shares

Sharing your Zap Surveys on Twitter and Facebook will earn you an easy $0.50.

Invite Friends

If you look under the “More” tab on your Zap Surveys homepage, you will find a unique referral code. If you refer someone else to the site, you earn an easy $0.15, and the new Zap Surveys member earns $0.75 for themselves.

How to Redeem Points with Zap Surveys?

How to Redeem Points with Zap Surveys


The minimum cash out threshold for Zap Surveys is $25. Your earning are paid directly into your Paypal account, and the funds take up to a day to clear.

Gift Cards

Again, the minimum cash out is $25, and the rewards are in the form of an Amazon e-gift card. Generally, you’ll receive your e-gift cards within a day, but during this Zap Surveys review, we did encounter an issue that delayed the gift card for a couple of days. Zap Surveys have assured us that this is a rare occurrence, but it can happen from time to time.


Zap Surveys supports charities that work hard to prevent global child hunger. For every $1 that you earn with the company, they donate $0.20 to this worthy cause.

What are the Zap Surveys Pros & Cons?


  • W found during this Zap Surveys review that the app was clean and very easy to navigate
  • Every survey clearly displays the estimated time and how much the user can make
  • The automatic donations to children’s charities is a very classy touch
  • There are many ways to make some extra cash


  • The cash out threshold of $25 is a little high for an online survey company
  • The site can be a little buggy from time to time
  • Some Zap Surveys review comments highlight that surveys may not open and you may have to uninstall and reinstall the app
  • It’s really difficult to contact any kind of customer support

Is Zap Surveys Worth it?

Hopefully, we’ve proven during this Zap Surveys review that this is a legit platform to take surveys and make some extra money. The interface is very smooth, but the site can be buggy on occasion, and with any luck, the company can address it soon.

New users can earn $6.25 when they complete their first survey, but it can still be tricky to reach that $25 minimum cash out in less than a couple of weeks.

Obviously, Zap Surveys will not replace a full time income, but it’s an interesting side gig and a good way to generate a little money for a worthy cause at the same time.


How To Contact Zap Surveys Customer Service?

Users can contact support via email to, but a reply may not be forthcoming.

Is Zap Surveys Free?

Yes, Zap Surveys is free to join, and the app is free to use.

Can You Fill Zap Surveys Surveys with Mobile App?

Absolutely, the Zap Surveys app works well with your favorite mobile devices.

Zap Surveys