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7 Companies that Do Taste Testing for Money (Free Food)

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7 Companies that Do Taste Testing for Money

Schwan Food Company

Taste Testing for money is an easy way to get a job at the Schwan Food Company, popular food development and research company located in Marshall, Minnesota,

You can make as much as $15 to taste pizza, ice cream, breakfast, and frozen foods. Each tasting session will last 15-45 minutes. 

You are eligible to participate three times a month or at least twice a year, depending on how often your profile fits the criteria for the test they have in mind.

However, you don’t need a degree in culinary arts to become a Schwan taste tester. You must be a Minnesota resident and register your profile on their website.

McCormick Corporation

You can partake in the testing program at the McCormick Company, located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. You will be testing foods ranging from snacks to beverages. 

You don’t need to live close to the facility, as you can take the tests in your home at your convenience. Register for free on their website and be placed in the database. 

McCormick uses this database to pick participants randomly. If you’re lucky to be selected, they’ll email you questions to see if you’re eligible for the test. If your answers meet their requirements, they’ll let you know your pay and the test duration.

You can participate in up to 4 studies per year, though not more than one tasting session every three months. They conduct tests every day of the week(except weekends) from the day till evening hours. The minimum age for eligibility is 18, but parents can register their kids to their account when the company needs a child for a particular test.

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National Food Lab

For residents of Livermore, California, there’s an opportunity to get paid for taste testing at the National Food Lab Company. This food manufacturing company works on new recipes and constantly searches for food tasters to try these products. As a taste tester, you will taste foods and beverages and give honest feedback.

With a minimum payment of $25, each tasting session may last about 50 minutes to 1 hour (based on the test). Every day of the week is open from morning till evening, even on weekends! So you can participate several times a year. 

Anyone can enroll for free. You will receive notifications about upcoming tests by phone call or email. Therefore, you have to live in or near their facility at Livermore to participate.

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Contract Testing Incorporated

Contract Tasting Inc. is one of the largest sensory testing companies manufacturers use to test food products. Therefore, many food options are available, including; snacks, frozen dinners, cookies, pizza, soups, and more!

However, note that you can’t participate in their testing studies more than five times yearly. You earn a minimum of $25 to $30 per session. You could receive more depending on the type and length of the test. Most studies last about 1 hour.

To get started, create a profile with your personal information. CTI will alert you when there’s a new test that fits the profile you have given. Everyone is eligible to sign up. So, you can even include your kids.

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Solae will pay you for taste testing, not in cash but in points. You can redeem your points through gift cards; for restaurants (like Red Lobster and Starbucks), travel, and more. The company will control the condition of testing to allow participants to focus better. 

Solae is a food manufacturing company that creates soy-based products and delivers them to several countries worldwide. Each testing study takes between 5-15 minutes. If you live near St. Louis, Missouri, and don’t mind getting rewarded in points, you should check out Solae.

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Apex Life Sciences

This laboratory offers part-time and full-time opportunities to taste testers in Pleasantville, New York. If hired, you will give feedback on the food products’ color, smell, taste, texture, and appearance.

You can earn 15$ per hour working for 6 to e hours per week, making at least 360$ per month. 

Also, you have to be between the ages of 21 and 65 and have no food allergies. You are required to live within at least a 10 to 15-mile radius of the testing site, as you could get called in at any time.

If you’re a New York resident, consider this an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash comfortably! Sign up here.

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MMR is a sensory-tasting company that specializes in food product testing. Before starting the study, they will examine your senses to verify that you’re a good fit. The verification process involves taking taste and odor recognition tests and asking you to describe the attributes of food items.

Therefore, you must have no known food allergies or other allergies that may affect your senses.

You will work four days a week for a few hours each day. You also get to carry out some of the studies in the comfort of your home.

MMR is an excellent place to consider if you’re a good taste tester who enjoys eating and are interested in making some easy extra cash while at it!

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Other Ways to Get Paid For Food Testing

Work for Paid Marketing Research Trials

Marketing research is an integral part of every organization. Before releasing every product, companies hire research firms to conduct product testing using focus groups, internet surveys, or taste-testing plans. This strategy helps them to save millions of dollars on a bad investment. 

But where can you fit in?

You can work as a paid taste tester for any market research firm open everywhere nationwide! Earn $5 to $20 for short surveys and an average of $50 to $200 for longer surveys. Your job is to give them feedback on new food products, compare them against popular companies, and share your opinions on services and products before launching.

You will need to fill out a preliminary questionnaire to see if you qualify for the study. Your location, age, sex, career, marital status, if you drink alcohol or smoke, and every other relevant information about you makes up your profile. No payment is required from you. If you qualify for participation, the market research company will contact you via call or mail.

Here are some common popular marketing research studies you can participate in:

PVR Research

Herron Associates

Schlesinger Associates

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Work as a Food Critic

You can earn up to $37,720 to $100,000 per year testing food as a food critic

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that writers and authors (including food critics) earn about $61,240 per year on average.

This job could be an excellent option if you consider yourself pretty good at taste testing. You’ll get to taste different foods at restaurants and give them a review based on your opinions. You can work as a freelance critic, giving feedback on a personal blog or a social media page dedicated to your food critic career.

Sometimes, you will review the ambiance or customer service in the restaurant or hotel. You can earn a lot by taking up multiple food critic gigs. Pitch yourself to various food publications. You can start with local publications to gain your ground before landing a full-time job.

A food critic career often requires writing skills or an English, Journalism, or Communications-related degree. Apply for entry-level writing positions as a stepping stone to building your food critic career. 

Another way to get work is to complete an internship to gain relevant experience to add to your portfolio as a food critic. Begin applying for full-time critic positions after gaining some experience. Seek out paid positions on job board platforms, newspapers, and magazines.

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Become a Food Blogger

Are you a food lover looking for some extra cash while having fun? It would be best if you considered starting a food blog. This is an opportunity to turn your passion for food into a side job or even a full-time career.

The average blogger salary is over $32,800 per year, based on several anonymously submitted salaries” (Glassdoor)

To become a successful blogger, find out what is most valuable to your reader audience and provide that in your blog. You could develop recipes, take food photos and videos, write blog posts, and share them on your blog.

  • Advertising for brands.
  • Selling or recommending a product, e.g., ebooks, cookbooks, online courses.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorships from big companies.

However, you have to promote your blog to attract more visitors and increase your earnings. The traffic to your website determines your food blog’s earnings. You need to develop a marketing plan to drive traffic to your website by utilizing resources such as Google SEO optimization, email marketing, making YouTube videos, or sharing your content on other social media channels. 

Make money blogging by building good networks and consistently delivering quality content to your audience.

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