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SidelineSwap Review 2023: Features, Pros, Cons, Alternatives & More

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SidelineSwap Review

sidelineswap logo

As a platform that allows you to buy and sell affordable sports gear, SidelineSwap can be considered worth joining. Created specifically for buyers and sellers of sports gear, SidelineSwap has one of the most extensive lists of items and categories. While its items range from new to used, it’s one of the most intuitive sites. Whether you are looking for an item to buy or sell consider SidelineSwap. You’ll not only do a quick search but also get different goods to choose from. This way, you’ll enhance your selling or buying experience.

Legit & Safe

Value for Money

Earning Potential

Customer Support


  • Creating your listing is free and fast
  • Seller protection policy allows you to get paid quickly
  • Buyers pay for shipping
  • Range of starts and other categories to sell


  • 3% payment processing fee
  • High Sidelineswap seller fee of 12%

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Compare to Other Sites to Sell Stuff


Decluttr logo

Over 3 million products sold in 12 months with a year limited warranty

Sell smartphones, tablets, laptops books, watches, video games and Lego

Get a free instant item valuation, ship your item for free and get paid


Swappa logo

No fees for sellers – buyers pay no fees up $50 items. $5+ thereafter

Sell computers, home tech, cameras, phones, watches, laptops and tablets

Sell your item directly to buyer and get paid the next day via PayPal


eBay logo

180+ million buyers, easy listings and sell directly from the smartphone

List up to 200 items for free every month, and only pay when they sell

Global brand trust and seller protections in place from buyers scams

How Does SidelineSwap Work?

SidelineSwap is an online platform that connects athletes to buy, sell and learn about sports gear. Having sold hundreds of thousands of sports gear, SidelineSwap offers an extensive list of items that empowers every athlete, coach, parent, or small business to get involved.

SidelineSwap is open for sellers as well as buyers of sports goods.With SidelineSwap, you can get great deals on used  and new gear and or list your items for sale in minutes.

SidelineSwap for Sellers

  • List your items in seconds: SidelineSwap lets you list your items quickly from any device. All you need are a few pictures, some details and prices.
  • Hassle-free shipping:Since buyers pay for shipping, SidelineSwap allows you to print a shipping label, pack your item and ship.
  • Get paid:SidelineSwap also allows you to get payments upfront. Once the items have been delivered, you can transfer the funds to your bank.
  • Make an offer: This company allows you to offer using its Make an Offer option.

SidelineSwap for buyers

  • Shop great deals: Whether you’re competing in a sport or just getting started, SidelineSwap offers great deals
  • Make new offers: With SidelineSwap, you can instantly purchase using the buy option or make the seller an offer.
  • Buy with confidence:SidelineSwap guarantees, you’ll receive your item or money back.

How Much You Can Earn with SidelineSwap?

While what you can earn depends on the value of the item you sell, you can make up to $10,000 annually. You can also reduce SidelineSwap’s fees and earn more money by selling more than 6 items.

Who is SidelineSwap Best For?

SidelineSwap is a great solution for anyone looking to sell some sports equipment or appeal they don’t use anymore. These include college students, athletes, coaches, and anyone looking to buy or sell sports gear. 

What Can You Sell with SidelineSwap?

SidelineSwap offers a wide variety of categories to both buy and sell your gear. Some of these categories include

  • Baseball
  • Apparel
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  •  Lacrosse
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • skiing.

SidelineSwap also offers camping, fishing, bikes, eSports, electronics, and watersports.

SidelineSwap Benefits: What Does SidelineSwap Offer?

Low Overhead Costs

Selling online through SidelineSwap means you get to avoid the costs that come with building your website or brick-and-mortar storefront. By taking advantage of its marketing and promotional efforts, you can reduce your advertising and campaign costs.

It’s Specialized

Unlike other online markets, SidelineSwap is specific to sporting goods, and it only deals in used or new sporting equipment, accessories, and clothing. 

User Friendly

SidelineSwap has a search function that you can use to go directly to the listings of items that you need. This is especially useful when purchasing other sports accessories such as electronics. Since the website is minimalistic, you don’t have to search through a bunch of clutter when navigating the website.

Offers a Variety

With over 150,000 people selling all kinds of gear and searching for sports accessories daily, SidelineSwap offers variety.

Helpful Value Guide

SidelineSwap offers a Value Guide to help you search for a product and determine how much it can be worth if you sell it on the platform.

The Seller Protection Guarantee

SidelineSwap Seller Protection Guarantee protects you against fraud and chargeback. This guarantee also ensures that you receive the money within 72 hours of delivering your item.

Mobile App

This company provides a convenient mobile app that allows you to list, edit, remove and buy your items from the Android or iOS app.


SidelineSwap promotes your items on Facebook, Google Instagram, and other places people search for sports.SidelineSwap also has a ‘Bumps’ feature to allow you to push your item back to the top of the feed. 

While you can receive 1 free bump with every 10 items, you can purchase Bumps in packs of 10,50, and 100. To push an item back to the top, you need to click ‘Bumps” on the Action Banner or hover over the item and click bump or sell faster


SidelineSwap will notify you by text, email, or push notification to alert you of any message or offer. This way, you don’t have to worry about any missing shipments.

Vacation Mode

With SidelineSwap Vacation Mode, you can set your account in vacation mode if you’re engaged with other users or your gear cannot be purchased. Your items will become available for sale as soon as you turn the Vacation Mode on.

SidelineSwap maximum seller fee is $100 and minimum seller fee is $1.99. Since the fees are calculated per sale you can reduce it by bundling your items and  paying fewer selling fees.

SidelineSwap Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Use SidelineSwap?

While listing the items on SidelineSwap is free, you’ll be charged a seller fee based on the price.

Here is how SidelineSwap seller’s fee work;

Number of Sales0-5 Sales6+ Lifetime Sales
Seller Free12% of the listing price9% of the listing price

Additionally, SidelineSwap charges a 3% payment processing fee calculated based on the sales tax and the cost of items. If you’re buying an item you will have to bear the cost of shipping. 

SidelineSwap Requirements?

The requirements to join SidelineSwap includes;

  • Valid email address, phone number and sports items to sell
  • Minimum age of 13 years. If you’re below 18 years, you need to submit your legal name and date of birth to your guardian.
  • SidelineSwap does not tolerate sharing personal information, vulgarity, obscenity, abusive content, or taking transactions off the platform.

Alongside these, SidelineSwap encourages buyers and sellers to communicate during the transaction effectively.

SidelineSwap Payout Terms and Options

Once you’ve sold your items, all payments will appear on your SidelineSwap dashboard as pending until the buyer confirms and approves the item. But if they forget, SidelineSwap will release the balance after 72 hours. If your banking information is incorrect, you can edit it to make it valid.

SidelineSwap Reviews: Is SideSwap Legit?

SidelineSwap is a credible website with many reviews. Most customers have noted that they could sell items fast and earn money. Because of this, SidelineSwap can be considered very legit. Having a B+ Rating with Better Business Bureau, 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, and 4.5 on Google App store, most customers love that you can; 

  • Quickly create listings
  • List your items under sports and categories
  • Get paid quickly with minimal risk  for dispute
  • Leave shipping costs to the buyer.

But even with these positive compliments, SidelineSwap is not perfect, with most users claiming that their responses do not fully address their problems. With a fee of 12% of the listing price, the majority of the buyers agree that it’s expensive

What are the SidelineSwap Pros & Cons?

SidelineSwap Pros

  • Creating your listing is free and fast
  • Seller protection policy allows you to get paid quickly
  • Buyers pay for shipping
  • Range of starts and other categories to sell 

SidelineSwap Cons

  • 3% payment processing fee
  • High Sidelineswap seller fee of 12%

How Good Is SidelineSwap Support?

SidelineSwap offers very helpful customer support. In case of any questions or complaints, you can reach them via email at You can also submit a support request at and get a response within 72 hours.

SidelineSwap Review Verdict: Is SidelineSwap Worth it?

As a platform that allows you to buy and sell affordable sports gear, SidelineSwap can be considered worth joining. Created specifically for buyers and sellers of sports gear, SidelineSwap has one of the most extensive lists of items and categories. While its items range from new to used, it’s one of the most intuitive sites.

When looking for an item to sell or buy, we recommend considering SidelineSwap. You’ll not only do a quick search but also get different goods to choose from. This way, you’ll enhance your selling or buying experience.

How to Sign Up with SidelineSwap?

To sign up with SidelineSwap;

  • Go to SidelineSwap homepage and click join
  • Choose whether to continue with Facebook, Apple or Email
  • Enter your user name, valid email address and password
  • Create seller’s account, add profile picture, set your preference and upload your items

Sites Like SidelineSwap

Logo sidelineswap logo decluttr logo swappa logo ebay logo
Categories12% of the listing priceNo fees$1510% of the listing price
FeesEmailEmail and phoneContact form and direct email
SupportSportsShopping, online marketplace, food, and beveragesShopping, online marketplace, food, and beveragesShopping, online marketplace, accessories, electronics, appliances
How much you can earnOver $100,000Online marketDepends on what you are sellingUp to $1000000
Year started2012201420101995

SidelineSwap vs. Decluttr

Decluttr Summary

  • Next-day payment upon delivery of goods
  • Get the best prices for your used tech
  • 2 different payment options available
  • Get extra cash if you are a student

Decluttr is an app and website that allows you to sell your used media and electronics. Unlike SidelineSwap, where users buy directly from each other, Decluttr will enable you to buy and sell from Decluttr directly. 

While SidelineSwap focuses on athletes’ gear, Decluttr allows you to sell movies, video games, LEGOs, cell phones, computers, and tablets and sets its prices.

Decluttr also offers free shipping, something that SidelineSwap lacks. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for others to buy your stuff. In terms of similarities, both platforms are easy to use, offer an extensive range of goods and come with mobile apps.

SidelineSwap vs. Swappa

Swappa Summary

  • No fees to list and sell your products
  • Optional featured listing for just $5
  • 2 days to ship the item after getting paid
  • Instant payments via PayPal

As an online community marketplace, Swappa links buyers and sellers. Compared to SidelineSwap that sells sports items, Swappa deals in used smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, and other related accessories. 

One thing that puts Swappa ahead is that you don’t pay any direct Swappa fees. Instead, the fee is built on the price, which means you’ll pay fewer fees. On the downside, Swappa does not provide a prepaid shipping label; hence you have to go to a particular location and purchase a label.

Like SidelineSwap, you are entirely responsible for packaging and shipping fees. Both companies also provide good support, direct communication, and a return policy that allows you to return an item and get a refund. 

eBay vs. eBay

eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

Previously an online auction site, eBay allows you to resell all items, including musical accessories, guitars, tech, purses, and brand clothes. 

While both eBay and SidelineSwap have selling fees, SidelineSwap charges 12% while eBay takes 13%. 

Regarding shipping, both websites provide prepaid shipping labels that you can print at home. Overall, both websites are good marketplaces that allow you to list your items for sale and earn money.

SidelineSwap FAQ

What is SidelineSwap?

Established in 2012 by a group of former college athletes and coaches, SidelineSwap’s mission is to provide athletes with more affordable sports gear. This company also promises to offer customers the best selection of items at the best price and all the information they need to purchase.

Plus, it allows you to sell high-end brands such as Bauer, NFL, CCM, Adidas, and Nike. SidelineSwap has attracted more than 150,000 college and high school athletes with its increasing popularity. 

What’s a SidelineSwap referral code?

A “SidelineSwap” referral code is a code that gives you $5 in credits to use in purchases.

What does pending mean on SidelineSwap?

Pending refers to the money that the platform collects and holds once a buyer purchases your item. As soon as the buyer approves the sale, your dashboard moves from pending to available.

Can you return an item on SidelineSwap?

if you receive items that are broken or have defects, you can return them for a full refund.

Does SidelieSwap have a warranty?

SidelineSwaps does not make any warranty.

How do I become an elite seller on SidelineSwap?

To become an elite seller, you must have completed 50+ sales with fewer dropped sales or 25 sales with no dropped sales.

SidelineSwap has a SidelineSwap promo code issued at $5 that you can use to purchase any item from the website. Once you make a purchase of $50 your account is credited with $5.

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