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11 Best Places to Sell Bicycle Online (Get Cash Near You)

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11 Websites To Sell Bicycle

Bike Exchange

Bike Exchange is a one-stop-shop for bike lovers. It gives you an opportunity to sell, buy and learn more about bikes. 

No matter what type of bike you have – mountain, city, e-bike, kid’s bike, etc – you can sell it via Bike Exchange.

Simply place an ad by uploading a few images and a short description of your bike. 

Note that you have to pay the fee for placing an ad upfront. Here’s how much you have to pay based on your bike’s price.

When you first place your ad, it will be live for 60 days. If your bike doesn’t sell within 60 days, you can renew the ad for 50% off the original fee.

If you want to sell your bike faster, you can upgrade your listing for extra $9.95. In this case your bike will appear highlighted at the top of your category search results so that buyers can’t miss it.

Bicycle Blue Book

Bicycle Blue Book was first created with the aim to help you evaluate and set an adequate price for your used bike.

Later, the company expanded their services and currently offers you 3 ways you can get cash for your used bike:

  • Marketplace. You create a listing which will be visible on the marketplace visited by thousands of people seeking used bikes.
  • Instant payout. If you want to get cash for your bike instantly, the company will buy your bike to resell it later.
  • Trade-in. You can also trade in your older bike and get in-store credit that you can use to upgrade your bike.

When you sell your bike to or through the company, you’ll receive your money via PayPal.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Summary

  • Buyer and seller accountability as you need a Facebook account
  • Built in messaging system to keep on top of queries
  • Access to a massive marketplace
  • Ratings system maintains honesty

Facebook Marketplace offers the easiest way to sell your used bike locally.

You can list your used bicycle on Facebook Marketplace for free in seconds. Just upload a few images of your bike and a short text describing your bike’s condition.

On the other hand, Facebook algorithm will show your listing to people in your area who are seeking used bicycles.

Selling your bike via Facebook Marketplace is especially convenient because you can accept cash payment when you meet your buyer in-person.

Pink Bike

Pink Bike is the largest community of mountain bikers with over 700,000 members. 

And the platform allows you to post your ad in this large, worldwide community of riders.

The process of posting an ad of your used bike on the platform is pretty straightforward. After you sign up, you’ll see the ‘Post Ad’ button on the left side of the main window. Just click on that and follow the simple steps to publish your ad.


eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

eBay is the most popular online marketplace when it comes to used stuff.

The platform allows you to set up listing for your used bicycle easily. All you have to do is upload some photos showcasing your bike and describe its condition shortly.

While listing your used bike on eBay is free, there’s a 10% final value fee you’ll be automatically charged when your item sells.

Be aware that you are responsible for handling shipping. However, you can charge a separate fee for shipping.

When your item sells through eBay, you’ll receive your payment via PayPal.

Bicycle Czar

Bicycle Czar will buy your used bicycle (even if it’s broken) directly. This means you don’t have to seek buyers for your old bike.

There are 2 ways you can get cash for your used bike from Bicycle Czar:

  • Sell – the company will buy your used bike. If it’s broken, they will harvest the salvageable parts and pay you accordingly.
  • Trade – you can also trade in your used bike for a new one within the store.

The Bicycle Czar store is located in Santa Rosa CA, California, 24 10th street. 

You can call the company to negotiate the details at 707-540-1728 before bringing in your bike.


GoodByeCYCLE will also purchase your used bike directly.

But first, you need to fill out the form including the details of your unwanted bicycle. 

Once you send your application, the company representative will contact you with the quote. The representative will also provide you details of your next steps to get cash for your bike.

If you accept the offer, you’ll need to ship your bicycle to the company on your own.

The Pros Closet

The Pros Closet accepts bikes, as well as just a frame or wheels of your used bike.

Just select what you have to offer to the company and fill out the application indicating the details of your item.

The company representative will reach out to you with a quote for your item within 24 hours after submitting your application.

Pawn Shops

Your local pawn shops might also offer you a good price for your used bike.

Just check the pawn shops in your area and request quotes from a few of them.

To minimize the hassle, you can use the website like Pawn Guru to choose the best pawn shop for you. This website lets you post your used bike and receive offers from local pawn shops in your area. After you compare quotes from different pawn shops, you can sell your bike to the one that offered the most cash for it.

Offer Up

OfferUp Summary

  • List and sell your items for free
  • Promote your listing from just $1.99
  • Low service fee of just 12.9% or $1.99
  • You have up to 3 days to ship your item

OfferUp is one of the most trusted and simple online marketplace allowing you to list your used bike and sell it locally.

To list your bike for sale, first download the OfferUp app for iPhone or Android to upload images and description of your bike.

As you’re selling your bike locally, you can arrange the shipping and payment to your buyer.

Be aware that there’s a 12.9% commission fee you need to pay after your item sells.

Bike Soup

BikeSoup is an online marketplace for used bicycles allowing you to sell your bike worldwide.

The best thing about this company is that they charge you a small fee of £9.95 when you list your bike.

Moreover, they make the shipping process easier for you and offer an all-inclusive delivery service together with SHERPR.

How Can You Sell Your Used Bike Fast?

There are various factors affecting the selling process of your used bike. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you sell your used bike fast. 

  • Fix it. Whether your bike has visual damage or technical one, try to fix it if you can. A bike in a perfect condition will sell faster and for more price than the damaged one.
  • Clean it. It’s a proven fact that clean, shiny things look 100% more attractive than dirty ones. Make sure you clean your bike before taking photos for your listing.
  • Take many clear photos. Photos are the first thing that attract potential buyers. So make sure you take photos from different angles showcasing different details. And don’t forget that all the images need to be clear, not blurry and dark.
  • Be honest. Don’t try to hide any damage your bike has. The buyer will definitely notice it and may even open a dispute if they buy it through online platforms.
  • Set realistic prices. When you set a price for your used bike, you should be extremely realistic. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for it. All that matters is how much it’s worth now. The best way to do it is to take a look at similar listings. Check how much other people sell the very same or similar bikes.

How Do You Price Your Used Bike?

Every item, including your bike depreciates over its lifetime. 

How much your bike value decreases depend on various factors, such as its age, condition and how much longer it will last.

Let’s break down the depreciation formula of your used bike that you can use to set a realistic price for your used bike:

  1. First, write down the original price of your bicycle.
  2. Then determine how many years your used bike will still be usable for. Most reasonable time for a used bicycle would be around 5 to 10 years.
  3. Next, divide the original price of your bike by its life expectancy. For instance, if your bike’s original retail price is $500 and you expect it to work for another 5 years, you should divide $500 by 5. In this case, your bike’s depreciation would be $100 per year.
  4. Finally, subtract the depreciation expense from the retail price to get how much your used bike is worth now. For example, if your bike is 2 years old, your used bicycle would be worth $300. $500 / 5 = $100 (depreciation expense); $500 – $200 = $300 (current value of your bike after depreciation).

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