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ScoreBig Review 2024 – How Much Can You Make?

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ScoreBig Review

scorebig logo

Through ScoreBig, you don’t need to lose money over unused event tickets, since you can sell those beforehand and get cash for it. The platform offers free listing, letting you put your tickets in front of thousands of users on its marketplace. Additionally, ScoreBig will list your ticket to other ticket websites, so you don’t have to market it. ScoreBig takes a 15% commission off your first sale.

Safe & Legit

Seller Fees

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Free to list
  • Offer free shipping for hard tickets
  • Sold at a higher price than face value
  • Simple and easy-to-use platform


  • Relatively high commission rate (10-15%)
  • Limited support options

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How Does ScoreBig Work?

For customers, the ScoreBig website allows them to purchase tickets for popular events. They can search for tickets based on location and dates. The website also has a search field where customers can search the artist, team, or venue. 

Since most of the shows listed here are sold-out events, you might wonder how ScoreBig acquires those tickets. Here’s where you can make a potential income.

Suppose you have a ticket for a popular show, the Alanis Morisette concert, for example, but you won’t be able to use it. In that case, you can list that ticket on ScoreBig and sell it to other Alanis Morisette fans.

After you sign up to the platform, ScoreBig will review your ticket and create a listing on their TicketNetwork marketplace. It, then, will be broadcasted on thousands of websites, where potential buyers can see your ticket for sale.

Once your ticket sells, you’ll need to upload the PDF or electronic copy on the My Listing section when you log in to your ScoreBig account. If you’re selling a hard ticket, ScoreBig will send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send the ticket to them. 

ScoreBig will send you payment after the event. This ensures that there are no problems with the ticket and that the buyer was able to use it to enter the venue.

How Much Can You Earn With ScoreBig?

How much you can earn with ScoreBig depends on the tickets you sell. After all, you can decide how much you want to sell your tickets for. But, as best practice, you can check out how much your tickets sell on other websites. 

Also, you can use the seating map at the 3rd step of the listing process. This map shows current tickets on sale at ScoreBig. By checking this, you can decide if you want to list your tickets at competitive prices. 

Finally, keep in mind that ScoreBig is a resale website. It’s why tickets sold at ScoreBig have prices higher than their face values. 

ScoreBig Reviews: Is ScoreBig Legit?

ScoreBig is one of the affiliate companies of TicketNetwork, making it a safe and legit platform to sell tickets online. However, the platform is not yet listed on trusted review platforms, like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau. 

It did, meanwhile, receive a 3.8 rating with over 250 reviews at Sitejabber, an online review platform for small businesses. Most of the five-star ratings came from happy customers after purchasing tickets on the platform.

Some buyers, meanwhile, had issues with tickets they bought, with one claiming theirs has a different name. Despite that, none of the one-star reviews came from sellers on the website. 

Who Is ScoreBig Best for?

ScoreBig is ideal for people looking to sell tickets online, particularly, those looking to get cash for tickets they won’t be using. It’s an excellent platform to sell tickets for sold-out events since you can sell those for higher prices. 

What Can You Sell With ScoreBig?

ScoreBig lets you can sell tickets for the following events:

  • Sports 
  • Concerts
  • Theater
  • Family 

ScoreBig Benefits: What Does ScoreBig Offer?

Free Listing

Unlike many places where you can sell your stuff, ScoreBig lets you list your tickets for free. You don’t have to pay for anything upfront, and ScoreBig doesn’t charge anything for unsold tickets. 

Free Shipping

You can sell either electronic or hard copies of event tickets. For electronic copies, you need to upload them to My Listings when you log in to your ScoreBig account. Another option is by sending them through email to 

For hard tickets, ScoreBig will send you a prepaid shipping label you can use to send your tickets.  

ScoreBig Partner Program

ScoreBig offers a partner program where you can sign up and promote their platform on your website. After signing up for the program, you can add text links and banners to your website. 

When visitors click on those ScoreBig links and purchase tickets, partners can earn a 13% commission. According to their website, ScoreBig buyers buy an average of $400 worth of ticket. That guarantees a $52 sale per ticket for their partners.  

ScoreBig Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Use ScoreBig?

There are no fees for listing your tickets on ScoreBig. However, the platform takes a 15% commission for the first ticket you sold on the platform. For the succeeding tickets sold on the platform, ScoreBig will take a 10% commission.  

ScoreBig Requirements?

To start selling tickets, ScoreBig requires sellers to provide their full legal names and go through the online account creation process. Furthermore, sellers need to provide their contact information, such as email, phone number, and address.

Finally, sellers must have a valid PayPal account to receive payments. 

ScoreBig Payout Terms and Options

receiving payment with scorebig

ScoreBig processes payments through PayPal only. Specifically, ticket sellers will receive payment through PayPal, within 3 business days after the event. 

What Are the ScoreBig Pros & Cons?

ScoreBig Pros

  • Free to list 
  • Offer free shipping for hard tickets
  • Tickets sold at a higher price than face values
  • Simple and easy-to-use platform

ScoreBig Cons

  • Relatively high commission rate (10-15%)
  • Limited support options

How Good Is ScoreBig Support?

ScoreBig has a Help Center where you can find answers to most asked questions. Other questions are also categorized based on topics, so it’s easier to look for answers. 

Additionally, you can contact their support team by email at 

ScoreBig Review Verdict: Is ScoreBig Worth It?

Through ScoreBig, you don’t need to lose money over unused event tickets, since you can sell those beforehand and get cash for it. The platform offers free listing, letting you put your tickets in front of thousands of users on its marketplace. 

Additionally, ScoreBig will list your ticket to other ticket websites, so you don’t have to market it yourself. You only have to wait for it to sell and get your payment after the event. Getting your payments through PayPal is also convenient. 

When it comes to hard tickets, ScoreBig also provides free shipping, so it won’t take a chunk from your earnings. Although, ScoreBig takes a 15% commission off your first sale, so make sure to consider that when pricing your tickets. 

How to Sign Up With ScoreBig?

To sign up with ScoreBig, go to their website and scroll down to the bottom of the home page. Then, click on “Sell Tickets.” On the next page, you’ll see the “Sign up” option at the top right corner. Click on that. 

Enter the following details on the signup page:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Password

ScoreBig requires you to agree to the Terms and Conditions by ticking the checkbox next to it. 

Sites Like ScoreBig

Logo scorebig logo decluttr logo swappa logo ebay logo
Pricing10 to 15% of saleNo feesNo fees10% of sale
ShippingFreeFreeFreePay shipping
Best forTicketsUsed electronicsGently used techUsed items

ScoreBig vs. Decluttr

Decluttr Summary

  • Next-day payment upon delivery of goods
  • Get the best prices for your used tech
  • 2 different payment options available
  • Get extra cash if you are a student

If you’re looking for online selling platforms where you can sell things besides tickets, Decluttr is one of the alternatives to consider. Through its website, you can check how much your CDs, DVDs, books, and electronic devices sell. 

If you’re okay with the buyback price, you can request a buyback order from Decluttr and they’ll send you a shipping label. Similar to ScoreBig, Decluttr covers shipping fees.  But that’s the only similarity these two platforms have. 

After all, you can sell your stuff to Decluttr at a price they determine. Whereas with ScoreBig, you’ll set the price, often, higher than the face value of your ticket. 

ScoreBig vs. Swappa

Swappa Summary

  • No fees to list and sell your products
  • Optional featured listing for just $5
  • 2 days to ship the item after getting paid
  • Instant payments via PayPal

Sites like Swappa and ScoreBig connect individual sellers to their target market. These work as peer-to-peer marketplaces, which means you can sell items online on your terms. The difference between the two, however, is what you can sell.

With Swappa, your items need to be gently used electronic devices, while ScoreBig is for event tickets.  

ScoreBig vs. eBay

eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

eBay is one of the places you should check out if you want to sell used stuff online. The platform caters to various categories and things people buy. You’ll have access to millions of potential buyers on the platform. 

However, eBay charges selling and listing fees depending on what you’re selling. If you’re looking to maximize your earnings, you might want to sell on platforms with zero listing fees, like ScoreBig.

Other Sites Like ScoreBig

ScoreBig FAQ

What Is ScoreBig?

ScoreBig is an online marketplace for tickets. Founded in 2009 in California, the company allows people to buy and sell last-minute tickets for sold-out events. 

Since its launch, ScoreBig has earned around $1.39 million. 

What payment method does ScoreBig support?

ScoreBig uses PayPal as a payment method. 

How much does it cost to sell tickets on ScoreBig?

Listing at ScoreBig is free. Once your ticket sells, ScoreBig will take a 15% commission off your sale. For your succeeding sales, it will only deduct a 10% commission.

What currency are prices displayed in?

All ticket prices on the ScoreBig website are in US dollars.

How much funding has ScoreBig raised?

ScoreBig has raised $59 million in funding. 

What sites will ScoreBig list my tickets on?

ScoreBig will list your tickets to thousands of websites in the TicketNetwork marketplace. To get a complete list, you can email ScoreBig at 

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