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Best Place to Sell Copper: 4 Best Places to Consider

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Written by: Kate Starr
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4 Places to Sell Copper

Best Places to Sell CopperAssociated Fees
ScrapMonsterMembership: $0 – $250
SIMS Metal$0
Local Copper Recycling Centers$0


ScrapMonster is an online platform created by recycling professionals to help people get into this billion-dollar industry. 

Through its website, you can search for up-to-date recycling prices, news, and information. You can also look for copper buyers locally and internationally. 

To sell at ScrapMonster, navigate to its website and sign up with your email, Facebook, or Twitter account. After creating your account, you can add a listing and provide information about the copper you’re selling. 

The Scrap Marketplace also lets you search for buyers. Here you’ll find the Search Listings Features, where you can filter buyer requests by:

  • Category 
  • Country
  • Date listed

You can also browse through Sell Offers at the Scrap Marketplace section to know what your listing should look like. 

ScrapMonster offers a free membership plan with limited features, while premium plans cost around $49 to $250 monthly.  

SIMS Metal

SIMS Metal is among the business divisions of Sims limited, a global metal recycling company. It’s also one of the places you can sell copper to, as it buys all types of metal. 

You can get a quote through their website by filling out the online form. You’ll need to provide your name, region, state, phone number, and work email. 

In addition to your personal details, you’ll need to include information on the copper you’re selling, including the quantity or weight estimate and the condition. 

To receive more accurate quotes sooner, make sure to include a photo and provide the address where your scrap metal is located. 

Additionally, you can also use their website to look for local scrap yards where you can sell copper. 


RecycleNet is a straightforward website where you can sell copper online. To view listings, navigate to The Recycler’s Exchange, scroll down and look for the Copper listings. 

Unfortunately, the website has no search field so you’ll need to look for the copper section manually. 

Once you get on to the “Scrap Copper Recycling Category”, click on Add a Listing. You’ll need to select the material you’re selling from the drop-down list, choose a country, and provide your email address. 

After completing the online form, click on Submit and you can view your listing on the website. You’ll receive inquiries from interested buyers through your email so make sure to regularly check those. 

Local Copper Recycling Centers

Suppose you want to know where to sell copper besides these websites. In that case, you can also look for local copper recycling centers near you. 

Go to Google and use keywords like “copper recycling centers near me” or “copper recycling centers.” Google will generate search results that show you the name, address, and whether the shop is open.

If there’s a phone number included in the Google search results, you can contact them ahead to learn more about their shop. 

Say some recycling shops listed have reviews. In that case, you can also review those before paying them a visit. 

By going through local recycling centers, you have a better chance of selling copper faster. You might be able to negotiate better prices and sell at the shop with the highest offer. 

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How Much Does Copper Sell for in 2024

In 2024, the price of copper is subject to fluctuations influenced by global market conditions. As of late 2023, copper was trading at just over $3.70 per pound, with expectations of possibly exceeding $4 per pound in 2024. These trends are shaped by factors like the strength of the U.S. dollar, U.S. interest rates, and economic conditions in China, the world’s leading copper consumer​​.

Furthermore, market research by BMI forecasts the average yearly copper price at $8,800 per metric ton for 2024. This prediction is higher than the average price in 2023 and is supported by a decline in the strength of the US dollar and supply constraints. However, weak demand from China and limited growth in major markets are expected to cap prices. In the longer term, a sustained market deficit is anticipated due to increased demand for copper in green energy initiatives​​.

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