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zTrip Review 2023 – How Much Can You Make?

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zTrip Review

ztrip logo

zTrip works like a taxi service and ride-sharing app. As a driver, you can get the freedom to work as an independent contractor and run your ridesharing businesses. With flexible work hours and potential earnings of $21 to $34 per hour, you can easily cover the daily lease to use a zTrip vehicle. You can also build a solid clientele, further increasing your income through tips.

Safe & Legit

Earning Potential

Flexible Schedule

Payout Process


  • Flexible working hours
  • Same-day payment scheme
  • No need to use your personal car
  • Provides maintenance and repairs for cars


  • High daily lease fee
  • Limited information for potential drivers

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Compare to Other Gig Economy Jobs


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You can use any mode of transportation: your car, bicycle or motorcycle

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Experienced delivery drivers can earn up to $21 per hour ($13 on average)

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Delivery snacks, drinks, grocery, quick meals, cleaning supplies and more


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Cash your earnings out up to $500 a day (free for Chase Bank customers)

How Does zTrip Work?

zTrip is an app that allows people to book a ride. It was founded in 2016 by Bill George and has since expanded to provide ride services to over 19 states.

For customers, booking a ride with zTrip works similarly to other popular ride-sharing apps these days. They only need to download the app on their mobile devices, enter their destination and pick up a vehicle. 

From there, customers need to indicate if they need the car now or schedule the trip at a later time. After confirming their booking, customers can wait for their ride and be off to their destination. 

If you’re looking for gig economy jobs, riding for zTrip can be one of your choices. As a driver, you’ll be the one accepting rides from customers and taking them places. 

The job offers flexibility as you can choose the hours to work and even the city you want to drive in. What’s also good about driving with zTrip is that you won’t be using your car, unlike with other car-sharing platforms. 

Additionally, zTrip works quite similarly to taxi companies. After all, they’ll be providing the car and even paying for maintenance and insurance. In exchange, you’ll be paying a fee to use their car, and anything in excess will be yours.

In case you’re already working for a taxi company or have your own taxi business, you can also sign up for zTrip to expand your clientele.

How Much Can You Make With zTrip?

Drivers at zTrip make $21.91 per hour on average. Others reported earnings as much as $34 per hour. 

How much you earn depends, after all, on the city you’re driving in, as demand for ride services varies across locations. 

zTrip Reviews: Is zTrip Legit?

zTrip uses a business model that places great trust in its independent contractors and partner businesses. That makes the company a legit and safe platform to work with. 

It has a 4.3 rating on Glassdoor, with 31 reviews from its drivers and employees.

Some of the drivers liked the platform because it’s easy to use and you can make decent money by working. Others also liked that driving with zTrip is basically like running their own company due to the freedom and earning potential they enjoy. 

On the other hand, others have issues with the quick payout system for drivers. One user even considered this a negative thing since they couldn’t manage their money. Some drivers pointed out problems with dealing with customers. 

Who Is zTrip Best for?

zTrip is ideal for people looking for rides when they need them. Besides customers, the platform is also great for those looking for on-demand jobs and gigs as drivers.

And if you enjoy working with people and providing them outstanding customer service, zTrip might be your ideal stage to shine. After all, the platform includes a feature that allows customers to book their favorite drivers. 

With that, you can build a loyal client base and guarantee your earnings for a long time.

zTrip Benefits: What Does zTrip Offer?

Flexible Hours

zTrip offers rides to customers at all hours of the day. For that, you can choose to work any time you like, too. With flexible hours, you have the opportunity to maximize your earnings by working as much as you can. 

Suppose you have some unexpected personal matters to attend to or just want to take the day off. In that case, you’re also free to set up your schedule to accommodate those. 

Use a zTrip Vehicle

Signing up as a driver for zTrip means you can use their vehicle to do your work. You don’t need to use your car and worry about it getting damaged in the long run. Just note that you need to pay for a lease when you use a zTrip car. 

On the other hand, you can also sign up as a driver using your own vehicle. Doing so lowers some fees you need to pay to zTrip for their added services.    

Maintenance and Insurance

When you sign up as a zTrip driver and use their vehicle, you also need not pay for maintenance and insurance. They will cover these and ensure that your vehicle is always safe on the road.  


In case of unexpected roadside issues, you can bring your vehicle to zTrip’s local service technicians for repairs. 

zTrip Requirements

To start driving for zTrip, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Have a valid driver’s license 
  • Can legally work in your preferred city
  • Pass the background check 

zTrip Costs to Consider

By driving with zTrip using their vehicle, you don’t need to worry about costs related to its maintenance and repairs. They will also pay for the car insurance. 

You do, however, need to pay gas expenses as you go on the road. On top of that, you’ll essentially be leasing the vehicle, and that costs around $95 per day. You can easily offset these costs by working more and during surge times. 

zTrip Payout Terms and Options?

Like the flexibility of choosing your work hours, drivers at zTrip are free to opt for payment options. You can even choose to receive cash from your customers, overriding bank charges that come along with electronic payment processing. 

Although, you can also opt for credit or debit cards to better track your earnings. 

What Are the zTrip Pros & Cons?

zTrip Pros

  • Flexible working hours
  • Same-day payment scheme
  • No need to use your personal car
  • Provides maintenance and repairs for cars

zTrip Cons

  • High daily lease fee
  • Limited information for potential drivers

How Good Is zTrip Support and Knowledge Base?

Looking over zTrip’s website, there’s limited information available for potential drivers. But once you sign up with them, you’ll find out more about driving for zTrip. The platform also claims to provide 24/7 live support to its drivers. 

For non-immediate concerns, you can also contact them through an online form.  

zTrip Review Verdict: Is zTrip Worth It?

zTrip works like a taxi service and ride-sharing app. As a driver, you can get the freedom to work as an independent contractor and run your ridesharing businesses.

With flexible work hours and potential earnings of $21 to $34 per hour, you can easily cover the daily lease to use a zTrip vehicle. You can also build a solid clientele, further increasing your income through tips.

Moreover, you need not worry about your car getting damaged as you won’t need to use it at all.

How to Start Earning With zTrip?

To become a zTrip driver, you’ll need to apply through their website first. On the website homepage, click on the “Drive with zTrip” tab at the top. This will direct you to the application page, where you need to enter the following details:

  • First and last name
  • Email 
  • Phone number
  • City you want to drive in

You’ll also need to confirm that you’re at least 25 years old and whether you have a felony record. From there, you’ll receive an email that lets you schedule an interview with a zTrip team member.

Sites Like zTrip

Logo ztrip logo doordash logo grubhub logo gopuff logo
Pay per hour$21$25$12Up to $21
ScheduleSelf-selectedSelf-selectedSchedule blocksSelf-selected
Best forRidesharingGrocery deliveryFood deliverySnack delivery

zTrip vs. DoorDash

DoorDash Summary

  • Choose your own flexible working hours
  • Earn up to $25 per hour + tips
  • Get $150 when you refer a friend to join
  • You get to keep 100% of all tips

One of the high-paying gigs these days is in the delivery services, with the increased demands from people preferring to stay indoors. For that, DoorDash is one the best alternatives to zTrip, allowing you to earn money through grocery deliveries. 

Similar to zTrip, you’re free to choose when to work and how much you want to work with DoorDash. You’ll also be using an app to complete orders and communicate with your clients.

zTrip vs. GrubHub

Grubhub Summary

  • High average earnings of up to $15 per hour+tips
  • Instant cash out for your earnings
  • Earn more from tips and peak periods
  • Deliver with car, bike, scooter, motorcycle

Food deliveries take part in one of the highest paying gig jobs nowadays, like what GrubHub offers. Compared to zTrip, working with GrubHub requires you to use your vehicle. 

zTrip vs. GoPuff

Gopuff Summary

  • Potential to earn up to $21 per hour + tips
  • Additional ways to earn extra cash
  • Good side hustle even with a full-time job
  • Work as much or as little as you want

Sites like GoPuff and zTrip offer some of the best gig jobs online. Both platforms allow you to initiate an online application. But compared to zTrip, GoPuff offers limited ways to increase your income, since you’ll be relying on its app to get customer orders. 

Whereas with zTrip, you can work on your client base. That means having more people requesting your service and guaranteeing work, ergo, your income.

Other Sites Like zTrip

zTrip FAQ

What Is zTrip?

With how zTrip works, you need not worry about using your own car to drive and earn money. It’s one of the best gigs if you’re looking for ridesharing jobs that let you keep your earnings.

Moreover, the company has acquired several taxi companies, making its fleet over 35,000 cars. 

Can I pay cash with zTrip?

Yes, customers can pay cash with zTrip.

How is zTrip different from Uber?

With zTrip, you don’t have to drive your own vehicle.

Does zTrip provide you a car?

Yes, zTrip provides a car for their hired drivers. 

What cities are zTrip in?

zTrip is available in selected cities, including Denver, Boulder, Baltimore, Kansas, Minneapolis, Orlando, and Pittsburgh.

What is the minimum age requirement to drive for zTrip?

You’ll need to be at least 25 years old to drive for zTrip.

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