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We are looking for unique and information-rich personal finance guest posts from other personal finance bloggers. If you have fresh ideas and valuable information not to be found elsewhere on the Internet, then you are the right person to contact us at hello@dollarbreak.com

But before submitting a topic for suggestion please read the guidelines below:

Guest posting guidelines

  1. Topic of your guest post must be related to personal finance: financial goals, budgeting, build income, side hustles, pay off debt, investing, housing, taxes, retirement.
  2. Your post should be well-written, original, and should not have been previously published.
  3. All articles should be UNIQUE. Content should not be shared or published anywhere else before or after the submission, not even on your own site.
  4. Guest posts should be 1500-2000 words. Anything over 2,000 words should have a good reason for length. In the end, we value quality over quantity.
  5. External linking is allowed, as long as you link to other non-commercial personal finance blogs or helpful resources relevant to the content of your article (stats, quotes, interviews, etc)
  6. Provide bio – couple of phrases about yourself or your website and a link to your website.
  7. No need to worry about providing images as we will take care of it before publishing.
  8. Share your post on your social media profiles once it is published.
  9. Your published post will be shared on our social media channels.
  10. We have the right to edit your content so as to ensure that it meets all of our website’s publishing standards. 
  11. After you submit your content, you transfer all your rights and interest to the content submitted to DollarBreak including the right to publish what you submit anywhere else. You also agree to and hold DollarBreak harmless from any and all liabilities or damages that may arise from providing the content.



How to submit

Please email us the topic you have in mind and a link to some previous articles you have written. Email to hello@dollarbreak.com As we get quite a few e-mails we will get back to you within 72 hours.