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Mindset Matters

If you want to be successful – in your personal life, your working life, and your financial life – you must have the right mindset. You don’t need to accept our word for this, either. Henry Ford – one of the greatest industrialists the United States has ever seen – once said:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Success begins with your mindset. If you are determined to do something, and believe that you can, then you will find ways to succeed. Your determination to manage your money better is the key to realizing your financial goals.

Anyone can make a budget and have a plan to make more money, spend less, and invest more. But that is only 10% of the money management equation. The other 90% is how you think about money: how disciplined you are and how stubborn you can be. You must resist temptation to stick to your financial plans.

Your mindset is key to creating the life you desire and deserve. Your beliefs drive your emotions, and these determine your behavior. If you believe you can, you will.

There will be times when your belief is challenged, especially if you aren’t seeing fast results. Financial freedom does not happen overnight.

You may need to make tough, short-term lifestyle choices – for example, to save money to pay down debt. Understand that a little short-term pain results in long-term gain. Your actions determine your success.

Research from McKinsey & Company found that mindset qualities such as motivation and self-belief have a bigger impact on performance than any other factor, regardless of your background. It also found that students who receive teacher-directed instruction and have an inquiring attitude are most successful.

This is what DollarBreak delivers. You will receive all the benefits of our knowledge and experience. We’ll help you take control of your financial life and achieve the financial freedom that will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire – by helping you put the plans in place to attain your financial goals and to maintain the 90% positive mindset you need to do so.

Why Bother Taking Control of Your Money?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty: control of your money.

When you are in control of your money, your financial goals can become reality. You’ll know where and how you are spending your money, and you’ll be able to identify ways to reduce spending and stay on track financially.

As your day-to-day financial health improves – thanks to the mindset you apply to your money management – you will start to feel the burden of debt and bad financial decision lift from your shoulders. You:

  • Will have more money to invest in your future
  • Won’t be caught out by financial emergencies (like a car repair or broken aircon)
  • Can stop worrying about living from paycheck to paycheck
  • Will be able to help those you love
  • Could have more time to commit to charitable causes or giving back to your community
  • Won’t have to say no to an invite to dinner
  • Will become financially secure with the freedom to do the things that make you happy

Warren Buffett has said that the best investment any person can make is an investment in themselves. Learn how money really works, how to control your finances, save and make money, and build your financial future. Invest time in doing this.

At DollarBreak we’ll help you make better financial decisions in every part of your life. We’ll give you the knowledge you need to stop your money controlling you as you take back that control. You’re learning from inherent wisdom and practical knowledge that has been developed over decades of combined financial experience.

Our daily blog posts will help you construct a healthy financial future – one that isn’t dictated by how much you make, but by how you manage and plan your finances. Let’s take a brief look at how DollarBreak will help you.

Let’s Get You out of Debt

Debt. One of those four-letter words you want to avoid. But, like most people, you may already be in debt. In fact, Americans are becoming more indebted than they have ever been. The figures are startling. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 Planning & Progress Report, fewer than one in four people (23%) are debt free.

Imagine having no debt. How much better off would you be with no monthly debt repayments to make? What could you do with that extra money?

If you could free yourself from your credit card debt, personal loans, auto loans and student debt, you’ll break the cycle of control that your money has over you. You’ll decide how to spend your money, instead of the banks and credit companies making those decisions for you.

With your debt eliminated, you’ll have the money to save and invest in your future. You could choose to pay off your mortgage early and create even more financial potential. Or you might decide to invest toward an early retirement. When you get out of debt, your goals become achievable faster, whatever those goals are.

Our advice will help you pay off your debt to break the vicious paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, to free your money and let it work for you instead of lining the pockets of others.

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Let’s Build Your Financial Security

Northwestern Mutual also found that money is the dominant source of stress for Americans. As your debt reduces and you become increasingly financially secure, your stress levels will ease.

Financial security and the reduction in your stress levels will help make you a nicer person to be with. Your personal relationships will improve. Less stress will improve your performance at work – and that could lead to bigger bonuses and better pay that come with promotions.

Your mindset and money management skills are key to securing your financial security and all the benefits that come with it. Every day, our blog posts will provide the advice and guidance you need to work toward, become and maintain your financial security.

Let’s Help You Create Personal Wealth

Wealth doesn’t just provide the money to buy stuff. It provides real freedom. Wealth gives you control.

Your paycheck may give you the finances to meet your day-to-day expenses, but it is your long-term wealth that protects you if you lose your job, suffer unexpected medical expenses, etc.

Wealth begets wealth: it gives you the power to accumulate further wealth through investment, appreciation of the value of your home, etc.

Wealth frees you. When you have built wealth, you take financial emergencies in your stride.

Wealth allows you to live the life you desire. You won’t have to work as hard just to pay the bills. Instead, what you earn can be invested to achieve your financial goals.

We explain the secrets of the wealthy and how you can replicate them. Our tips, tricks and advice will help you accelerate to a position of wealth, then build on that for your long-term financial security. Your positive mindset and our strategies will help you develop multiple streams of income; fund and maintain and emergency fund; invest for an early, rewarding, and enjoyable retirement; and much more.

Let’s Power You Toward Financial Freedom

Who doesn’t want financial freedom – enough money to pay your living expenses for the rest of your life without having to depend on others?

You’ll achieve financial freedom when you have enough investments, savings, cash and earnings to afford your desired lifestyle. That’s not the same for everyone, but the steps to make financial freedom your reality are the same for all.

Financial freedom is achieved when you don’t need to work. You can spend more time with your family and doing the things you really want to do, when you want to do them.

When you achieve financial freedom, you get to choose. You won’t have a boss exerting pressure on you, because you no longer need to receive a paycheck. You can volunteer your time for a cause that you are passionate about. You could finally sit down and write that book you have been promising yourself to write for the last 20 years. You could travel and write a blog about your adventures.

Our system and your dedication will bring you financial freedom and all the benefits it brings. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

Let’s Help You Be a Giving Person

You know what really makes people happy? Making others happy. When you are wealthy, instead of your taxes propping up the rich, you could be the one who makes a real difference to others who are less fortunate than you.

The ability to help others is one of the greatest gifts that financial freedom gives you. When you are wealthy, a world of opportunities to provide others with opportunities they don’t have because of their own situation (often financial) becomes yours.

Your wealth could ensure your children get the best education. You could be the ‘rich’ uncle or aunt that makes their nephews’ and nieces’ dreams come true when you send them on vacation to Disneyland. You could start a business and provide jobs for local people.

Wealth gives you the opportunity to lead a more philanthropic life – like Bill Gates who, together with his wife, donated more than $35 billion since 1994.

The wealth you create could be your key to following in the footsteps of these billionaires. You may not have tens of billions to gift, but you could be the person who makes a local youth club become a reality, or a school project take off.

Money Is a Tool to Build Happiness

Money is a tool. It creates financial freedom and financial security. This allows you to enjoy your life, and to create opportunities for others.

You need a plan to manage your money and help it accumulate. But without the right mindset, your financial plans will never achieve what they promise. Common sense, discipline and positivity are the keys that unlock the power of planning and will empower you to manage your money to create the wealth you need to be truly happy.

Happiness is achieved when you no longer need to worry about money because:

  • You have enough cash in the bank to handle any financial emergency
  • Your income is enough to pay all your regular monthly expenses
  • Your disposable income allows you to follow your favorite pursuits and hobbies
  • You can save toward your future
  • You have enough money to offer support to others in your immediate network
  • You have the resources to help others in the wider community and beyond

More Money Can Make You Happier

Anyone can be rich. You can win rich. You can inherit rich. It takes a different mindset to be wealthy. You must learn how to make money, how to save money, and how to spend money to become wealthy and stay wealthy. Happiness comes from managing your money well and using it to do what makes you happy.

Money gives you choice. Not everyone is able to cope with that choice. In other words, it is what you do with your time that brings happiness. Money is the tool that buys you time. Money gives you the opportunity to cope with bad situations and create positive results.

The more money you have, the more opportunity you must be happy.

We’ll show you how you can make more money in ways that you never thought possible. We’ll help you discover how to make money from your passions. We’ll help you learn how to reduce your expenses, spend more wisely, and invest successfully toward financial freedom. With our methods and strategies and your positive mindset, you can achieve all you set out to do.

Embrace the Challenge

What does all this mean for you? Lots. Money is an enabler. It won’t make you happy – the way you use it and control it will make you happy.

The thing is this – you need to become financially secure and then move to financial freedom to have the amount of money that will enable you to benefit from real wealth – the quality of life you wish to live.

Put your mindset into action. Believe in yourself and become financially educated. Employ DollarBreak’s financial strategies and methods. Do these things, and you will become wealthy with the freedom to lead a fulfilled and happy life. DollarBreak is here to make sure you achieve your dreams through the power of making more money, saving money, and investing successfully through all your life events.

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