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Washos Pro Review: Can You Make Money Washing Cars?

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Washos Review

Washos logo

Washos is a car washing platform that connects customers with pros. This provides an opportunity for you to expand your car washing business, while Washos handles all of the client management.

Safe & Legit

Earning Potential

Service Fee

Flexible Schedule


  • Make up to $1000 per week + tips and bonuses
  • Start working in less than a week
  • No hidden fees – upfront strategy and prices
  • The platform handles all scheduling


  • Need to be able to be able to work at least 30 hours per week
  • You should have your own liability insurance

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What is Washos?

Washos is a car wash service that operates completely through an app. The app allows customers to book an appointment. It then coordinates with detailers who call at the customer’s office or home to complete the washing and detailing. 

While this is handy to get your own car clean, it creates an opportunity for independent contractors to find work. As a Washos Pro, you can build your car washing business, allowing Washos to deal with all the client organization. 

Is Washos Legit?

Washos is a relative newcomer on the marketplace. It has only been operating since 2015. This does mean that the company has not yet accumulated reviews and ratings on Trustpilot or with the BBB. 

However, Washos does have a solid rating on the Google Play store. Additionally, the company has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Yelp. This details that customers can expect a response within 20 minutes. It also has a 100% response rate  

Unfortunately, there are some complaints from Washos Pros on Glassdoor. The complaints typically relate to late payments and being sent long distances for the appointments. 

So, while Washos is a legit company, it is important to proceed with caution. 

How Much You Can Make with Washos?

Washos claims that Washo Pros can make up to $1,000 per week. There are also tips and bonuses. The company offers cleaning packages that cost up to $299. But, this does mean that you will be earning those amounts per visit. 

The company is not very transparent about how much you will earn per appointment. It appears that you will typically earn $20 or more plus tips. Bear in mind that you will need to cover your transport costs and materials for the appointment. So, if you do need to travel 10 miles to an appointment, it will significantly eat into your earnings. 

How to Become Washos Pro?

Washos is currently operating in Orange County and Los Angeles County. But, there are plans to expand into the rest of Northern and Southern California in the future.

You can sign up to become a Washos Pro online. You’ll need to complete an online application. 

This requires providing details including:

  • Your name
  • A valid email address 
  • A contact phone number
  • Your zip code
  • Confirmation that you are legally eligible to work and have a valid US bank account
  • That you have a valid driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle
  • If you are a US veteran

The application also includes a question about whether you already have a polisher/buffer, pressure washer, vacuum and generator. However, you are still eligible to work with Washos if you say none. 

Once you complete the application form, the Washos team will get in contact with you within 24 hours. If the company accepts your application, you will need to undergo an on boarding process. This involves a three day training course and onboarding session. 

After you complete this process, you will be equipped and ready to work in under one week. 

Tips for Cleaning Cars Like a Pro

Rinse Before You Start

It is common to find road grit and surface dust all over a vehicle that needs cleaning. So, don’t start immediately with soapy water. All you will do is grind these particles into the paintwork. It is far better to start by rinsing the vehicle to remove these surface materials before you start the actual washing. 

Have the Right Gear

Firstly, you need to use the right soap. It is an amateur mistake to assume that you can use regular dish soap to get that pro finish. Dish soap is designed to remove grease and oils from dirty dishes. But, on car paint, it can actually draw out the vital oils that protect the bodywork. So, ensure that you have a good quality car wash soap. 

You’ll also need plenty of microfiber cloths and mitts. Washing with a microfiber mitt will avoid trapping grit and dirt on your cleaning cloth, as it would with a sponge. Microfiber allows these particles to fall out every time you rinse. You can also use microfiber cloths to dry the vehicle, as it will remove any lingering particles of grit. Microfiber is also a great material for removing any wax haze after you finish polishing. 

Adopt a Two Bucket System

Using two buckets is a great way to efficiently wash a vehicle. You can have one bucket for your clean, soapy water while the other is for your rinse water. This will allow you to rinse your dirty wash mitt and get rid of any dirt and grit. You can then drop in into the soapy water to start again. You should also periodically empty and refill your rinse bucket to avoid bringing more grit to the paintwork. 

Address Minor Scuffs Before You Polish

While polishing will increase the shine, it will not remove any scuffs or minor scratches. So, use a scratch removal kit to deal with any minor scuffs before you polish. 

Use a Synthetic Wax

Although old style wax will look great on an antique car, it will not produce the same shiny, wet look that you can achieve with a modern synthetic wax. Additionally, paste waxes do not last as long. 

Apply the synthetic wax in small sections with a wax applicator sponge, then buff before you move on. 

Start From the Top

As you move on to the vehicle interior, be sure to start from the top. As you clean the dash, door panels and seats, you will be pushing dirt on to the floor. So, you want to start at the highest part and leave the flooring to the end. 

Vacuum as You Go

You can also make your cleaning a little easier by removing dirt and dust as you go. Use a shop vacuum and a small detail brush to clear all the nooks of the console and dash. This will save these bits of debris settling on the upholstery as you clean. 

Vacuum and Brush the Flooring

Carpeting in cars is designed to be tough. As a consequence, it tends to hold on to dirt. Vacuuming will remove dirt. But, you can get a more thorough finish by using a stiff brush to scrub the carpet as you vacuum. This will bring dirt particles to the surface, so they can be sucked away. 

Use a Vinyl Protectant

There are many vinyl protectant products that can be used to finish the dash. Unfortunately, not all products are equal, so you will need to choose one with care. Typically products containing silicone can actually leave a film on the dash that attracts dust. Additionally, they may cause shine that reflects on the windshield. Therefore, it is a good idea to seek out a non silicone and matt product that will look great and reduce glare. 

Lubricate the Door Seals

As you clean the door, you’re likely to wipe off any door seal lubricant. So, retreat the seals using a silicone spray after you finish. Just spray some product on a cloth and wipe it over the whole door seal. This will help to avoid the seal sticking and unhappy customers. 

Leave the Glass Until Last

The finishing touch of the detailing process should be to clean the glass. Chances are they now have traces of cleaning products and vinyl treatment on them. So, you’ll need to remove all these smears and ensure the glass is clear and polished.

Washos vs Going Solo

Washos can be a good way to get into car washing as a side hustle. It is a reputable company that can coordinate with customers to get you cleaning and detailing clients. However, it is not without its issues. There are complaints about Washos Pros being sent to appointments miles away, but only earning the minimum rate. 

These issues can be avoided by going solo. You can advertise your services through local flyers and door to door calling. This will ensure that you only get appointments in a particular catchment area. 

But, you will be going it alone. Many newbies find the prospect of cold calling daunting. Additionally, there are no guarantees. You may spend all day dropping flyers and not get a single call. This will not only mean that you’ve spent your time, but also a chunk of your marketing budget on those flyers. 

A great compromise is to do both. There is no reason why you can’t set up a car washing operation and also sign up to Washos. You can set your availability, so you can use Washos to fill any gaps in your schedule. 

Is Washos Worth It?

In summary of this Washos review, I can confirm that this platform is not perfect. While it can help you to connect with customers for your car washing enterprise, there are potential problems. Some Washos Pros report payment issues and being assigned appointments outside of the areas where they want to work. 

This means that while it may not be the best option to rely on completely, it could be a way to supplement your enterprise. 


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