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Via Review 2024: Is Driving with Via Worth it? Pros & Cons

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Via Review

via logo

With a good working environment and flexible working hours, Via can be a great ridesharing platform to work with. Via also pays a competitive rate of $15 to $20 per hour. In addition, Via lets you earn 5% to 20% more on share rides and more than $20 per hour in peak times. To start making money by transporting people with Via, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old with a valid US driver’s license and a minimum of one year of driving experience. Plus, you’ll need to pass a background check and have valid vehicle registration and insurance. Considering all this information, Via is definitely one of the best companies to work with as a driver.



Legit & Safe

Earning Potential

Flexible Schedule

Payout Process


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Earn 5% – 20% more on shared rides
  • Earn more than $20 during peak hours
  • Guaranteed rides with Via Blue Mode


  • Confusing GPS
  • Consistent bugs with the app

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Compare to Other Delivery Driver Jobs


DoorDash logo

Earn $25 per hour plus keep 100% of your tips (4000 cities in USA)

You can use any mode of transportation: your car, bicycle or motorcycle

You have the freedom to pick and choose which orders you want to accept


GoPuff logo

Experienced delivery drivers can earn up to $21 per hour ($13 on average)

Choose when you want to work based on your schedule in 1000 cities

Delivery snacks, drinks, grocery, quick meals, cleaning supplies and more


Grubhub logo

Make around $12 per hour + tips and create your own flexible schedule

No resume, interview or delivery experience required, and no dress code

Cash your earnings out up to $500 a day (free for Chase Bank customers)

How Does Via Work for Drivers?

Via is a New York-based ridesharing service company founded in 2012. Apart from its New York headquarters, the company has 10 other global offices across five continents and has employed 800+ riders to help the company achieve its objectives. 

Via allows you to;

  • Earn money transporting people from one place to another.
  • Get flexible working hours.
  • Choose clients to work with. 
  • Take breaks in between rides by pausing the app.
  • Track your earnings and payments.

How Much You Can Make With Via?

You can earn between $15 to $20 per hour, while full-time drivers make $1000+ per week transporting people. Moreover, you can also earn $20 per hour during peak hours. 

In addition, Via pays drivers with Flex Mode package an additional premium rate of between 5% to 20% on each passenger, depending on your driving location and the number of passengers you are transporting at a given time.

Where is Via Available?

Arlington, TexasCupertino, CaliforniaMemphis, TennesseeSalt Lake City, Utah
Denton, TexasLos Angeles, CaliforniaMiami, FloridaSeattle, Washington
Birmingham, AlabamaSunnyvale, CaliforniaSarasota, FloridaTri-Cities, Washington
Buckhead, GeorgiaWest Sacramento, CaliforniaNew York, New YorkSt. Louis, Missouri
Valdosta, GeorgiaGreen Bay, WisconsinNewton, MassachusettsWashington D.C.
Chicago, IllinoisHRT, VirginiaSalem, MassachusettsWilson, North Carolina
Detroit, MichiganRoanoke, VirginiaWorcester, MassachusettsNiagara, Canada
Muskegon, MichiganJersey City, New Jersey

Who is Via Best for?

It is best for drivers who want to make extra cash transporting people from one city to another. It is also best for customers looking for a safe and efficient way of traveling from one city to the next.

Via Benefits: What Does Via Offer?

Via offers its drivers with two work modes; Blue Mode and Flex Mode

Blue Mode

With Blue Mode, you’ll earn a guaranteed hourly rate and consistent order notification from Via support team. For example, after dropping off passengers, Via will redirect you to a terminal, where you can drive and pick up the next batch of passengers.  

This feature also allows you to take a break between rides by pausing the app. Additionally, your hourly rates are pre-commissioned; for instance, if your total is $20 in an hour, you will receive $18, Via deducts a 10% commission of service charge.

The advantage of being a Blue Mode driver is that you get stable earnings and don’t have to collect their earnings through Via’s dynamic pricing. Your payment remains the same no matter how many rides you have completed.

The company also pays more to Blue Mode drivers during peak hours when demand for their services increases. 

Overall, Blue Mode is ideal for anyone who wants to receive stable money even during commute hours.

Flex Mode

With Flex Mode, you’ll get your payment after completing each trip. You’ll earn money depending on a published rate card and also, Via doesn’t reduce rates on shared rides. Driving on Flex Mode motivates you to complete as many trips as possible since each ride activates a multiplier. 

If you opt for Flex Mode, Via provides you with dynamic pricing known as Rocket Pay. Rocket Pay is a rate multiplier on the actual fare for a location where you experience high ride demands. For example, if you expect a payment of $10, using the Pocket Pay logarithm, that amount is multiplied 1.5x, and your earnings become $15.

Via Requirements

To become a Via driver, you should meet a few requirements first:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a valid US driver’s license.
  • Have a minimum of one-year driving experience.
  • Pass a criminal background check.

Your vehicle must also meet the following requirements;

  • Have valid vehicle registration and insurance
  • Pass Chicago vehicle inspection.
  • New York City – TLC licensed vehicle of any color with a leather interior.
  • Chicago – model year 2010 or newer for non-luxury vehicles; year 2005 or newer for luxury vehicles.
  • Washington, D.C. – model year 2010 or newer with a private license plate.

Via Costs to Consider

As a Via driver, you will be responsible for;

  • General car maintenance; you will meet additional costs when repairing wear and tear on your car.
  • Car insurance; as an independent contractor, the company expects you to pay your insurance.

Via Payout Terms and Options?

Via pays you via direct bank deposit. You can request for withdrawals daily or weekly. 

Via Reviews: is Via Legit?

Via has a rating of 4.8 on App Store, 3.7 rating on Google Play and 3.8 rating on Trustpilot

Most Via drivers described the company’s working environment as the best. Other drivers also liked the flexible working schedule the company offers. However, other drivers complained that the Via app had glitches most of the time. Other drivers also reported they had issues with the GPRS. All in all, Via is a legitimate and safe company to work with.

App Store4.8
Google Play3.7

What Are the Via Pros & Cons?

Via Pros

  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Earn 5% – 20% more on shared rides.
  • Earn more than $20 during peak hours.
  • Guaranteed hourly rate Via Blue Mode.

Via Cons

  • Faulty GPRS system.
  • Consistent bugs with the app.

How Good is Via Support and Knowledge Base?

Via boasts of having comprehensive support and online knowledge base, including news and frequently asked questions pages, blogs and guides. You can also contact them via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or email to get solutions to some of your technical questions.

Via Review Verdict: is Via Worth it?

Via is a reliable gig workers website that offers a good working environment and flexible working hours. What’s more, it pays competitive hourly rates of $15 to $20 and lets you earn 5% to 20% more on shared rides. You will also earn $20 per hour during peak hours. 

Even though Via app has regularly experienced glitches and has a faulty GPRS system, it still offers drivers on-demand jobs and gigs; therefore, it is worth trying. 

How to Start Earning With Via?

Step 1: Create your profile

First, you need to create a profile and provide details about yourself and how you plan to drive with Via. This way, Via will get to know basic information about you and how much time you are willing to spend driving.

Step 2: Upload documents

Next, Via will prompt you to provide the necessary documents. These include a driving license, insurance papers, and more.

Step 3: Visit our driver center

Then visit the Via driver center to learn more about how Via works and get tips to maximize your earnings.

Step 4: Go online

Finally, you can download the Via app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and start accepting rides.

Sites Like Via

Logo via logo doordash logo grubhub logo gopuff logo
Pay Per hour$15 – $20$25$12 to $1513
Pay ScheduleWeekly or dailyWeeklyWeeklyWeekly
Best forRidesharingFood deliveryFood deliveryDelivery services

Via vs. Doordash

DoorDash Summary

  • Choose your own flexible working hours
  • Earn up to $25 per hour + tips
  • Get $150 when you refer a friend to join
  • You get to keep 100% of all tips

Like Via, DoorDash also lets you earn money driving. But unlike other companies on this list, DoorDash is a food delivery company. As a DoorDash delivery driver, you’ll be earning money by picking up your customers’ orders from certain restaurants and delivering them to their doorsteps.

Moreover, Doordash pays drivers $25 per hour compared to Via, which pays $15 to $20 per hour. While you can keep 100 percent of the customer tips on Doordash, Via pays you 5% to 20% on shared rides and additional $20 during peak hours. 

Via vs. Grubhub

GrubHub Summary

  • High average earnings of $12 per hour
  • Instant cash out for your earnings
  • Earn more from tips and peak periods
  • Deliver with car, bike, scooter, motorcycle

Grubhub and Via are gig economy apps that offer you legitimate ways of making money online. While you can make an average of $15 to $20 per hour on Via, Grubhub pays you $12 to $15 per hour. 

Like Via, Grubhub also lets you choose your working hours and clients to work with. Even though both platforms are free to sign and get started, they offer different services and have different requirements. 

Via vs. GoPuff

GoPuff Summary

  • Potential to earn up to $21 per hour
  • Additional ways to earn extra cash
  • Good side hustle even with a full-time job
  • Work as much or as little as you want

Unlike Via, GoPuff is a popular food delivery service that focuses on delivering food and groceries. Additionally, GoPuff’s net worth is 15 billion compared to Via’s net worth, which is estimated to be 3.3 billion. 

As for payment, you can expect to make $15 to $20 per hour on Via compared to GoPuff, which pays $13 per hour. Both apps provide a platform where gig workers can find jobs and gigs even though they don’t share much in common. 

Via vs. Lyft

Lyft Summary

  • Your working hours are up to you
  • Instant payment with the Lyft debit card
  • 3 different ways to earn more money
  • 3rd party liability insurance offered

Lyft is one of the most popular ridesharing apps operating in the US. However, compared to Lyft, Via is a unique company allowing you to maximize your earnings by shuttling multiple passengers who are headed in a similar direction. With Via, you’ll only be stopping to pick-up and drop-off on a corner to corner basis. Passengers simply take a walk to their destinations. This way, you’ll be making the rides more efficient by avoiding unnecessary detours. In fact, most rides on Via are shared while Lyft rides are solo.

Via vs. Uber

Uber Summary

  • Earn up to $1034 per week including tips
  • Receive payments up to 5 times per day
  • Earn more during surge pricing periods
  • You get to keep 100% of all rider tips

Uber is one of the best ridesharing alternatives to Via, allowing you to earn money by driving people around. Just like Via, Uber also offers shared rides – the UberPool program. However, while Via rewards you for taking shared rides, UberPool punishes you with a lower rate than you would earn with UberX – its standard fare rate.

PlatformPotential Earnings
Via$15 – $20 per hour
Lyft$20 – $28 per hour
Uber$15 – $30+ per hour (varies by state)

Other Sites Like Via


What is Via?

Via’s main objective is to create connected, livable cities and help more people access health, education, and employment opportunities. As a leading ridesharing company, Via has partnered with 500+ transit merchants and has offered 90+ million rides to customers. 

Is Via legit?

Via is a reliable and legitimate app that you can use to make money online working during your free hours. 

Must I meet all the requirements to work on Via?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to work if you don’t meet all the requirements according to state regulations. 

How does Via make money?

Via charges 10 percent on its drivers and riders on all normal fares with guaranteed hourly earnings.

How much can I make per hour on Via

You can expect to make $15 to $20 per hour on Via. However, the amount can be high during peak hours, and you can also earn 5% to 20% on shared rides. 

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