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10 Places to Find Highest Paying Van Driver Jobs

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Best Sites that Hire Van Drivers


GoPuff logo

Experienced delivery drivers can earn up to $21 per hour ($13 on average)

Choose when you want to work based on your schedule in 1000 cities

Delivery snacks, drinks, grocery, quick meals, cleaning supplies and more


DoorDash logo

Earn $25 per hour plus keep 100% of your tips (4000 cities in USA)

You can use any mode of transportation: your car, bicycle or motorcycle

You have the freedom to pick and choose which orders you want to accept


Grubhub logo

Make around $12 per hour + tips and create your own flexible schedule

No resume, interview or delivery experience required, and no dress code

Cash your earnings out up to $500 a day (free for Chase Bank customers)

10 Van Driver Jobs


(The largest job search platform)

ZipRecruiter Summary

  • Top-rated app and job search engine
  • Simple, 1-tap job application process
  • Over 30 different job categories
  • More than 7.5 million jobs posted each day

Powered by high-end technology, ZipRecruiter is a platform that connects you to employers that include small and medium businesses and enterprise businesses. 

Since there are thousands of different job postings on the platform, you can also find van driver jobs.

Simply enter keywords like “van driver” and your location on the job search page to find a van driver job listings in your area. 

Listings posted on the platform have all the essential details like the company details, whether it is part-time or full-time, and the salary details. Other benefits that come with the job are also highlighted in the listing. 

After finding your preferred job post, apply for the job and receive status feedback through ZipRecruiter too.  


(Earning potential: $25 to $40 per hour)

Bungii Summary

  • High pay compared to other gig economy jobs
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ability to determine your own schedule and decide when you want to work
  • Good back-end support services that help drivers resolve issues that arise during deliveries

Bungii is a reputable platform that specifically connects van drivers to clients that can be individuals and businesses. If you own a pickup truck, cargo/sprinter truck, or an SUV with a trailer that is 2006 or newer, you can sign up on Bungii for on-demand delivery driver jobs. 

When you register on Bungii, you become an independent cargo delivery service and work as a non-CDL driver. 

As a delivery driver on Bungii, you work flexible hours and earn at a rate of at least $40 per hour. Driver requirements determine your eligibility to work with Bungii. 

To offer cargo delivery services with a small van or a similar vehicle, you need to be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Able to lift and carry up to 125 points
  • An owner of a car that is at least 2006
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(Earning potential: $13+ per hour)

Roadie Summary

  • Earn an average of $15 for local trips
  • Bundle your gigs to maximize earnings
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer support
  • Keep 100% of all tips that you earn

Roadie is a platform through which you can offer same-day delivery services to individuals, small and medium businesses, and enterprise businesses. The company has the largest local same-day delivery footprint in the nation.

As a non-CDL driver with Roadie, you make money from short trips to deliver items locally. You can also travel longer distances to deliver cargo. 

Your earnings on Roadie are guaranteed, and they start at about $13 per hour. 

You should note that no minimum vehicle requirements apply to delivery driver jobs with Roadie. The company simply focuses on making efficient same-day deliveries through its network of drivers. 

Requirements for getting deliver driver jobs on Roadie are:

  • US driver’s license
  • Lower age limit of 18 years
  • A social security number

As a verified driver on the platform, you need a minimum rating of 4.0 to keep getting jobs. When you sign up on Roadie, you access opportunities to offer cargo flexible delivery services in your locality and beyond.


(Earning potential: $75 to $125 per day)

Dispatch Summary

  • It is great for jobs in the same area when techs are close by – It provides real-time notifications 
  • Customers are notified about the tech that will be working on their projects and when they will arrive 
  • It is easy to work with because of the automated functions and the mobile application
  • Your business can grow with it from the $99 subscription to $299

Delivery driver jobs are available through Dispatch, too. When you sign up on Dispatch, you become part of a team of dependable drivers that serve businesses. 

As a Dispatch driver, you deliver packages from one business to another. You could also deliver to private residences, however, you’re not required to enter private residences.  

With Dispatch, you can choose to work all day long or just a few hours, whichever you decide.

When you sign up on Dispatch, you get a sign-up bonus of $50 if you complete 10 deliveries within 30 days. Referral bonuses are also available when you refer a driver that signs up and completes 30 drives in 60 days. The driver you referred also gets a bonus. 

You can earn $75 to $125 a day according to your activity from delivery driver jobs on Dispatch.

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Amazon Flex

(Earning potential: $18 to $25 per hour)

Amazon Flex Summary

  • Earn between $18 to $25 per hour
  • Flexibility to choose delivery blocks
  • Keep 100% of all tips from customers
  • Cancel up to 45 minutes before a block

When you sign up to deliver cargo on Amazon Flex, you become part of the delivery network for fulfilling Amazon, Amazon Fresh, and Prime Now orders. You can also deliver orders from local stores that are at most 4 hours away.

You can deliver orders with a van. Other allowed vehicle types include mid-sized sedans and regular four-door cars. Like other platforms through which you can offer on-demand delivery services, Amazon Flex allows for flexible earnings as you deliver cargo according to your schedule.

After signing up on Amazon Flex, you become an independent cargo delivery driver, work according to a flexible schedule, and earn between $18 and $25 an hour. 

Note that your actual earnings as an Amazon Flex driver will depend on factors like location and tip earnings.

You keep 100% of your tip earnings on Amazon Flex. Amazon also contributes to your earnings based on the tips you receive. 

To join the Amazon Flex network and work as a delivery driver, you’ll need to meet the following requirements: 

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a valid US driver’s license
amazon delivery business


(Earning potential: $63 to $71 per hour)

GoShare Summary

  • High hourly pay – up to $109
  • Earn more by driving large vehicles
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Several driver perks

If you own a van, you can partner with GoShare, the tech-enabled logistics platform, to get delivery driver jobs. The company connects with vehicle owners and drivers to clients that range from individuals to companies.

You can sign up on GoShare if you own a cargo van, box truck, or pickup truck. As a GoShare partner, you offer on-demand delivery, haulage, and moving services in your area. 

The company connects you with clients in your area and could offer a steady source of income. You make average earnings of between $63 and $71 an hour.


(Earn over $200 per trip)

Grabr is a platform that connects you to people who’d like to shop for things that aren’t available in their hometowns. So if you have a van and travel around frequently, you could join Grabr to make money while you move around.

Shoppers create orders that include the details of the items they wish to buy and applicable rewards for the traveler. You accept the orders before your trip or when in your travel destination and help the shopper get the described item. 

You get shoppers’ items based on the details they send. After buying the item on your trip, you deliver it when you get back to your regular location. 

With Grabr, you make money helping shoppers fulfill their orders physically. It is thus a great way to subsidize travel. If you get sufficient orders, your Grabr earnings could even pay for your trip. 


(Earning potential: $17.70 per hour)

You can work as a FedEx Ground driver and deliver cargo to customers with vans. FedEx delivery driver jobs are full-time opportunities with a salary and possible benefits. Look out for openings in your area on job boards and apply accordingly.   

Requirements that qualify you to become a FedEx driver include:

  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Professional driving experience, which can come from driving for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. 
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Drug tests and background checks

FedEx delivery jobs opportunities are suitable for persons looking for full-time opportunities to make money delivering cargo with an established organization. If that’s you, begin to look out for openings and confirm the peculiar requirements in your area. 


(Earning potential: $30 to $37 per hour)

Just like FedEx, UPS offers full-time delivery driver jobs. If you are hoping to drive for UPS, you should check the UPS job board to find current job openings. 

Available opportunities for you to work as a non-CDL driver with UPS include package delivery driver and personal vehicle driver:

  • As a package delivery driver with UPS, you drive the company’s vehicle. 
  • On the other hand, you drive your own vehicle as a personal vehicle driver.

Both positions are available on a full-time basis.

General requirements for driving with UPS include:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Minimum age of 21
  • Background check and drug tests.

Physical requirements such as lifting, carrying, and lowering packages that are up to 70 pounds could also apply to UPS driver positions. When applying to be a personal vehicle, proof of the registered vehicle you will use is also required. 


(Earning potential: $5 to $20 per scooter)

Lime Juicer Summary

  • Quick sign-up process
  • Get paid instantly
  • Pick up tasks during your free time
  • User-friendly app

When you sign up to become a Lime Juicer, you make money by picking up scooters with your van, charging them, and returning them to the streets. You get to make money on a flexible schedule and on your own terms.

You get paid per task you complete as a Lime juicer. As such, you can make as much money as your schedule can allow.

Lime has a growing community of juicers that you can join to make good money as a non-CDL driver. The electric scooter company pays you from $5 to $20 to pick up scooters, recharge, and return them.

To become a Lime juicer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a car, van, or any vehicle to pick up and return scooters
  • Have a smartphone to use the Lime application

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