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15 Best UX Design Jobs (Is UX Design a Good Career?)

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15 Websites to Find UX Design Jobs

UX Magazine Jobs

UX Magazine is a free community resource. This provides insight into all facets of UX design. This community has more than 500,000 members. It provides access to exclusive content with ideas, inspiration and news for UX professionals. 

There is also a job board on the site. Membership costs nothing, so you can post a job for free or search for UX design jobs. When you apply to job listings, you can connect with hiring teams and recruiters. 


LinkedIn is a great resource to network and build your business profile. You can connect with potential employers and recruiters. However, there is also a careers pages section with job listings. 

If you don’t already have a profile, you should create one. Fortunately, this is quite easy. 

  • Fill in your detailed profile
  • Upload a professional photo
  • Describe your knowledge and skills

You can browse the job listings and even set up alerts for new postings.


Indeed is a well regarded job search platform. The company aggregates jobs from company career pages and paid listings. At any time there are approximately three million active job listings. This includes thousands of UX design jobs. 

The platform makes it easy to create your online resume. This will allow potential employers to contact you directly. You can also search the active job listings through the website or using the Indeed app. 

While Indeed may not be as popular as ZipRecruiter or Google Jobs, it is a great search engine. There are even employer reviews and a career section to further aid job seekers.


Glassdoor is thought to be one of the best job search platforms. There are listings from over one million employers. Additionally, the site features employer reviews from employees who have actually worked at the companies. While this isn’t 100% accurate, as there will always be disgruntled employees, Glassdoor doesn’t remove any reviews. 

You can search for UX design jobs or simply browse through the web categories. Glassdoor also has an app. So, you can search for a new position on the go.

UX Jobs Board

The UX Jobs Board allows you to browse the latest jobs in the industry. You can also sign up to create your own profile and connect with enterprises and companies. This platform is a community with over 7,000 professionals in the UX industry. So, world class organizations often rely on it to post their jobs. This includes start ups and high profile brands including Yahoo, Sony, Intel and Harvard. 

It’s free to create your UX Jobs Board profile. You can even port information over from your LinkedIn profile. Once you sign up, you can create an online resume that will help you gain attention from companies looking to fill job positions. 


Coroflot can help you to gain exposure for your skills and make connections for UX design jobs with design driven companies. The membership to this platform is more exclusive than some of the other sites in this list. 

To join the community, you need to submit an initial application. This includes basic information about you along with high quality, pro grade work samples. Once you submit your application, the team will review it to ensure your work meets the Coroflot standards. So, it is important to be as detailed as possible on your application. 

If your application is rejected, you will need to wait at least 30 days before you can reapply. 

As a member, you can upload your resume and create an online portfolio. What makes Coroflot really great is that you can check whether your portfolio is receiving views from potential employers. You can click the “statistics” tab to see visual graphics of your stats.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a leading board for design and creative pro jobs. It has been operating since 2005, connecting creative professionals with superb work opportunities and leading companies. You can search for freelance, full time or remote positions. The search engine also allows you to filter the jobs by keyword, location or category. 

Each listing contains a full description with a list of requirements. If you find a suitable role, you can click through to complete an application.

The Just UX Job

As the name suggests, Just UX Jobs has a focus on helping you to find UX design jobs. What makes the platform quite unique is that it is not only free to apply, but also free to post. So, both you and potential employers can enjoy free activities on the site. 

As with many other job sites, you can filter by keyword, location or category. There is also a just posted section, so you can jump on new opportunities as soon as they appear. 


ZipRecruiter Summary

  • Top-rated app and job search engine
  • Simple, 1-tap job application process
  • Over 30 different job categories
  • More than 7.5 million jobs posted each day

ZipRecruiter is another well known job platform. It has actually become one of the largest sites of its type in the USA. Today, there are more than five million job listings. This includes UX design jobs.

The search engine allows you to look for specific roles. Additionally, the platform will let you know if any potential employers are looking at your resume. 


Simply Hired collates listings for jobs from a variety of sources. This includes:

  • Niche job sites
  • General web listings
  • Company career pages
  • Job boards

The company lists positions from approximately 700,000 employers using 12 languages across 24 countries. 

The site also features a number of excellent resources for job seekers. There are guides with information on writing cover letters, creating resumes and even securing an interview. 


Remotive is a community helping remote workers to find jobs. The platform has over 25,000 members who share jobs and have access to a variety of resources including tips and tricks. You can even share links and discuss topics with like minded people. 

The platform allows you to search for UX design jobs via job title, location or keyword. You can also filter by category. 

You can browse the jobs without being a member. But, you can pay for lifetime community access and the Remotive Bootcamp. The regular price for this is $446, but there are offers and discounts available throughout the year. Once you pay for membership, there are no recurring charges. 


Angel helps job seekers to find opportunities from fast growing startups through to the Silicon Valley giants. You’ll need to set up a profile, but this is quick and easy. You can use your email address or your Google profile. Once you have signed up, your profile will unlock all the jobs on the platform. 

Your profile will share your story with startups and allow you to apply to any UX design jobs on Angel. Angel also allows you to browse and apply to any jobs privately. The company will never tell third party recruiters or your current company about your job searches. 

Angel allows you to:

  • Search for jobs with a single application
  • Connect directly with managers
  • See salary details upfront.


Dribbble is the leading community for creatives around the world. It is a networking platform for all aspects of web design including UX design. This is a fantastic resource for self promotion, and you can showcase your work. 

You can also browse the Dribble job board for UX design jobs and connect with other designers. 


Dice is a top job site in the US for tech related fields. You can search through the job listings by:

  • Employer,
  • Location
  • Type

You can upload your resume to gain attention from potential employers. You can also set notifications for specific careers.

Dice is also packed with useful tech sector information. This offers valuable insights to help you to prepare for interviews and prepare your applications. 


Upwork Summary

  • Earn up to $34 per hour as a freelancer
  • Get 10 free Connects every month
  • Get 40 extra Connects when you pass a test
  • Time tracker ensures you get paid

Upwork is a highly popular freelance platform offering access to a variety of projects including UX design jobs. 

It is free to join the platform. You’ll need to set up a profile with your skills, work samples and other details. Once Upwork approves your profile, you can start bidding on jobs. 

Be aware that there is a commission structure for each client’s completed projects. This is tiered to encourage you to maintain your working relationships 

  • 20%: Less than $500 earnings
  • 10%: $500 to $10,000 earnings
  • 5%: Over $10,000 earnings

Upwork has approximately 14 million users. But the commission structure tends to deter casual users. So, if you’re serious about freelancing, it can be a great place to find UX design jobs. 

What Does a UX Designer Do?

If you’re thinking about UX design jobs, you’ll need to know what you would be doing on a day to day basis. In simple terms, the role of a UX designer is to make technology and products enjoyable and usable. 

The UX designer typically works as part of a production team, bridging the gap between the development team and the user. Your job will involve being an advocate for the customer or end user. You must consider what is best for the user and the product’s overall user experience, without compromising on the needs of the business. 

The types of projects you will work on will dramatically vary. You could be designing mobile apps, websites, software or more. Some UX designers have a focus on service design rather than working on tangible products. So, they may design the user experience of staying in a hotel or using other services. However, when discussing UX design jobs, these typically refer to product design. 

Does UX Design Pay Well?

According to Payscale, the average salary for UX design jobs is $72,000 per year. Obviously, your pay rate will vary according to your experience, the type of project you’re working on and whether you are salaried or freelance.

What Skills Do UX Designers Need?

With its variety of tasks, a UX designer needs to have a diverse skill set.

This includes technical and “soft” skills, including:

  • Design skills such as prototyping, interpreting data, and wireframing.
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptability

When working as a UX designer, you will need to effectively collaborate with the people around you. This is from the client and developers right through to the end user. You also need to appreciate the company goals and needs of the target audience, so some business knowledge is also beneficial. 

Are UX Designers in Demand?

The internet is not going anywhere, so UX design jobs continue to be in demand. In fact, as more sites launch and competition increases, the role of the UX designer will become even more crucial. After all, if there are ten sites selling the same product, with great SEO, the site with the best user experience is likely to get all the sales. 

According to research 70% of managers reported increasing their design team headcount in recent years and anticipate further growth. This makes it even easier to become a UX designer.

Is UX Design a Good Career

UX Design jobs are set to become even more invaluable in the coming years. The internet is showing no signs of slowing down.

So, as more websites are launched, they will need the skills of a UX designer. If you’re considering a tech career, UX design is a great option. 

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